Well, I can see that this project is off to a flying start. I was inspired to do this because of my friend Eric and his restaurant quality blog. So you actually have to sit down and actually type in the words. Damn, I that $200 Aqua Man Telepathy kit was a big waste. I hate that asshole. Oh look at me I will call the fish of the sea to help me. What they do not tell you is that Aqua Man was on the take from Red Lobster. Yeah he killed fish for profit. So enjoy that sea food platter jerk! Well even though I may be the only person to read this self indulgent, poorly edited and horribly spelt blog of random and dumb ass comments. Did I mention the abuse that grammar is going to take here. Where do I start. Well first the Earth cooled, then came the dinosaurs...Oh you have heard that one. Well I am a carbon based life form from a little hamlet in Orange County California called Placentia. No it is not the home of the afterbirth. I am the last of five kids. I love sports to the point that I will watch almost anything that has a score. I know I have a problem, but I will at least admit to it. I some how found a wonderful woman who married me even though for a while I thought I may have proved Darwin wrong. It will be twelve years this August that we first met and six years of marriage. Well I feel that I am just going to go on forever if I do not stop. I am still at work for the man as we speak. Down with Whitey! Oh wait, I am whitey. Damn it!

Well here is the begingin of my lame ass Blog. So please stand by for useless info.