Cutting it a little close guys. What was once a 15 game lead got down to 1 1/2, but thankfully the Sox got themselves off the floor. I would like to take the time and thank the Royals for their comeback win on Sunday and big up to the Devil Rays for going into the Jake and punking the Tribe (Seth McClung and Danny Baez you will always be welcomed here).

The White Sox are going to be playing in October. I love the sound of that.

This season has brought me renewed love for this team, but at the same time it almost destroyed any faith I had in them completely. If this team had blown that lead and failed to make the playoffs. I think that would have been it. I know you saying what kind of fan are you? Well one who would have lost all faith. I have seen too many failures and coming up on the short end. You root for teams with guys like John Cangelosi, Jose DeLeon and Donnie Hill. That will take years off your life.

I just want what the Red Sox had last year and the Angels in '02, a magical postseason run. One that will culminate in me standing at the White Sox Spring training complex in February with a sign saying "thank you". One of those magical couple of weeks that I can always have. One that can't be taken away, to get you through those long, long seasons. The Broncos did it in '97 and I still get the chills thinking about that from time to time.

It will be tough to swallow if this team goes out quickly, but I think they still have me as a fan. A fan who does a shitload of Chicken Little the sky is falling, but still loves this team and hates the Cubs kind of fan.

So as of right now I will seek at least one more term as Mayor of White Sox Village.

What did I do on my summer vacation?

Well summer is finally over for me. As I have droned on we finished our trip to Kauai for HFH. Now I will try to give you a Steven Hawking Brief Explanation of the Universe account of your trip. With a lot less high level thinking and some pictures, which mean our president can follow along.

Warning – this blog entry will contain images that you may find disturbing.

If you should come into contact with this man be very aware, he is dangerous when arcane. If you do encounter this person please use anyshinyy object you may have to distract him and then move to a safe location immediately.

Here is Boski's trip to Kauai in 8,000 words or less.

We left on the 11th from beautiful John Wayne Airport and had a nice little flight on Aloha.

After a welcome dinner we got to our new digs for 12 days. The rest of the evening and the next day we got settled in and took a tour of one of the old plantation towns and finished up with a glorious sunset.

Just a glimpse from where we stayed.

A nice look at our statelyaccommodationss.

Here is the shower. Very rustic, but it worked.

This was our man servant Joffery, oh sure he's a gecko, but he did a wonderful job, and we only had to tip him in bugs.

Here is shot of the plantation town.

Here is me asking for directions, I think I got the directions to go to hell.

Then we took in the Kauai Museum, sadly no cameras allowed, so this is it.

Not tooshabbyy.

After that we got down to the work. This was tough but rewarding. We did not get to really work on houses. What our group mostly worked on was building a dust fence which is very important when you build on Kauai. Because here since this was a former volcano the dirt is just chock full of iron, which gives the ground a nice red. With out that fence that dirt goes everywhere and gets on everything.

Hey I at least go to see the ocean everyday.

I do not want to toot our horn, but we did a damn good job. Lets say if the East Germans had us there would still be a wall. No I am here all week folks.

Thatlovelyy red dirt it was everywhere. Oh sure it was pretty to look at but a bitch to remove from your clothes. It got on everything. I know I am going to keep finding red dirt in this house for months. This picture gives you a good sense about the red dirt and how pale I am. Especially when it comes to my feet, which I appear to treat like veal. I have joked here before that even when I do take off my socks it still looks like I have socks on.

No, that has not been doctored those are my feet.

And there was an action shot. The amazing thing is the only thing I hurt on this trip was my pride.

We did work almost 9 of the 12 days, but we did manage time to squeeze in some sites and some activities. But since it is taking meliterallyy days to do this entry since downloading pictures on dial up takesat leastt 20 minutes for a picture at minimum. This time I am notexaggeratingg. We had some nice shots of the island and our activities. Even one of me on a horse looking like I went to school on the short bus. We even have one at a really cool waterfall. Maybe for a another day. Sadly it was not too much further past that point that the digital camera took a dip in the water as we hiked out from that waterfall. But we did get a lot done and saw enough of the island that we want to come back and vacation. Team Boski did even take the time to celebrate it's 7th anniversary early, with a beautiful brunch at the Hyatt.

As I said this trip was great in that we in a small way we were helping people get closer to their homes. We met some great people who will never forget. Sadly, I can not say the trip went totally smoothly. We did have some issues with members of the team. I am not going to say we were perfect team leaders, but if I went into what issues we had, I would have an entry that was longer than a couple of my long winded posts put together. So I will try to stick with what was positive. Now it is time to get focused on Northern Ireland in Â’06.

No Sleep till Crossgar Vegas!

So put the English language on notice, because I have returned to blog and blog poorly.

We flew home late Friday and boy my arms are tired. Actually they are because of the hammering. We have been busy since we got home so I am still trying to unwind from it. So right now I am trying to formulate how I am going to tell you the tale of the trip. As well trying to prepare for the panic that this weekend will be when I watch a dream season end in an utter nightmare of shame and humiliation, which should be loads of fun.

Hello Bloggers it's your old pal Boski blogging from the 50th state. Things have been hectic doing a ton of work. I am sorry, tired and dirty, but it is worth it. I will have a lot more to share when I return.

I have not had too much access to the outside world, but I know the White Sox are in freefall and the Broncos got schooled. Maybe it is better that I am gone, and I should not come back.

But due to my sickness over the NFL here are my picks.

Balt 20-14
Pitt 27-19
Indy 30-20
Det 17-10
Minn 30-25
Phil 23-17
Buff 21-10
NE 27-20
Atl 22-20
Ari 30-28
NYJ 24-9
GB 35-24
SD 20-14 (what a fan I am, think I could show some faith)
Oak 41-37
NYG 23-17
Dall 21-12

Well I have to get ready for another day on the site. Please enjoy the Don Ho Celebrity Bowling Hour.

It is five to one and I am trying to get the finishing touches for tomorrow. For the next 12 days Team Boski is off to build houses. I know I have bored all of you with this enough. So I will not be giving you the bad puns, bizarre historical and pop culture references. But before I go here is week 1 of the NFL.

Denver 28 - 13

Cincinnati 30 -20

Buffalo 20 - 17

Pittsburgh 26 - 15

Chicago 13 - 10

Carolina 24 - 14

Minnesota 28 - 21

Jacksonville 24 - 20

New York Jets 35 - 30

Arizona 22 - 16

St. Louis 38 - 17

Detroit 30 - 27

Dallas 20 - 17

Indianapolis 23 - 19

Philadelphia 27 - 20

Well wish me luck. I will try to update while I am gone. Even if I do it will not spare you from the slide show.

Your friend

Baron Boski Von Boski

Head of FEMA asks why he is replaced.

Wow this guys has balls. Seriously Mr. Brown you have to ask this question.

Maybe it was due to:

Your reaction or inaction to this disaster.

You were not qualified.

You lied on your resume.

You got the job due to patronage

Your half-cooked ideas.

And you are trying to protect your bosses ass by limiting access to the media (thanks to Media Matters)

Mr. Brown I know you crying that you are being unfairly blamed, so I will not look at you as a scapegoat. I will see you more as a dropping from that horses ass that is your boss.

With a name like Prescott Burgess why is he playing football at Michigan? I am thinking he should be playing at Harvard or Yale. Having that name means you should play linebacker wearing a cravat and sporting topsider cleats by Nike.

Knowing we are is such great hands. Hey George if we are going to be outsourcing jobs in this country could we at least outsourcing this to someone who cares.

While driving in to work this morning I was channel surfing the ol' Sirius and came across Coldplay's White Shadow. I was disappointed at it. Not one single mention of Ken Reeves. Come on Mr. "Fair Trade" is that how you treat the greatest basketball coach at Carver High School?

Staring Payton Manning
Randy Moss
The New England Patriots
Lofi Tatupu
Mosi Tatupu
Ickey Woods
James Woods
Tiger Woods
The Cast of Fame
F. Murray Abraham


Robbie Rist as Cousin Oliver

In a Quinn Martin Production

So we march on with my distorted view of the AFC

AFC East

New England - I am of the mindset that until they are beaten they are still the team to beat this year. But that does not mean that they are a lock. I do see problems. They will have problems at LB especially inside, a tough open stretch of season and losing Weis and Cronnel. But this team still has Brady, Dillon, Seymour, Harrison (who was fined during the typing of this sentence) and most importantly Belicheck. If they get homefield then they are will go to Detroit, if not and they do not go to Pittsburgh then it will be difficult.

New York Jets - This is the team everyone is on. That this is the team to dethrone the Pats. Whoa hold on there. Yes they came within a field goal of the AFC Championship. And yes I do like Herm Edwards, but for every answer they say they have (new offense, Ty Law and a new kicker) I think there as many questions that still remain. I feel that there are a couple of things holding the Jets back this year. They will miss Ferguson and McKenzie. Next is you should punished for drafting a kicker in the 2nd round. That is as dumb as drafting an disgruntled Ohio State Player who is slow. Lastly, they are the Jets and other than Super Bowl III rarely do things go right for the Jets. This team is a definite Wild Card Contender, but the Pats are going to have to fall very hard for NYJ to pass.

Buffalo - J.P. Losman is the man at the wheel. No you could not stay at UCLA you had to bolt. Oh sorry got off-track. The Bills are going to try to parlay a great running game, excellent defense and great special teams into a post-season bid. The key is do not make Losman try to win, just managed the game till he is comfortable with the pro game. I do think though the Bill will miss Pat Williams inside. How much of a loss will be seen. Also is there a job more dangerous than a Bills Tight End. No one really wants to hold that job. I going to call it the "Curse of Keith Metzalars". Imagine if Bernie Jopruu was a Bill, he would be in an Iron Lung.

Miami - Nick Saban I hope the cash was worth it because you have a superfund site to run. Also I know he is a good coach and has a chance to do well in the NFL, but can we stop with the Belicheck Jr. Praising of him. He has to win people, look didn't the experts think Butch Davis was going to be a good coach. Yeah that went well. Note to A.J. Freely, when you are behind the Sage Rosenfeld's Experience then it is time to think about Europe or Canada.

AFC North

Baltimore - I make this pick out of fear (of upsetting Ray Lewis) and hope (that I am wrong, I do hate the Raven so). The Ravens this offseason where seen as the team to beat, great D that finally got help on Offense with Mason and the drafting of Clayton. But as the preseason came everyone remembered Kyle Boller is still the QB. He still looks awful and has horrible mechanics. Kyle those Int's as you fall back throwing from the wrong foot will not endear you to Ray. But the team will give the ball to Inmate 76356A82 (I know old joke, but I still gafaw) and hope it can keep up the level of excellence on defense. The window for this team to win with this group is closing like Giacomo at the Derby. I think this team make enough plays and makes life a bitch for a lot of teams, but will come up short in the playoffs.

Pittsburgh - The team I would like to see win this division. Last year was storybook till the Pats bashed the 2X4 on their heads. If this team can still run the ball and Big Ben can play within himself. They will win the division. They have the D to make it work. Winning in the Playoff might be another matter. Gentlemen, when you get homefield advantage use it. That is why they call it an advantage.

Cincinnati - The Bengals are the new black, or this the new brown. If that is true then what is the new blue? Oh sorry again about that. Here is another team that the critics love and I love that offense. Marvin Lewis has done the the nearly impossible and made people care about the Bengal. This is second Dennis Green making the NFL care about the Cardinals. They are loaded on O, but they will not be able to stop people. They have good corners ex-Broncos (now you guys play like you mean it) and good young safeties, but even with Crowder and Pollack that defense will be a sturdy as the Iraqi Government. So another team to add to Wow we score 30 a week, but we missed the playoffs because we gave up 30 a week.

Cleveland - Romeo Cronnel will now do his best impersonation of Anna Sullivan. Because the Browns are Helen Keller. He is doing what need to be done and will move this team up the food chain with a couple of seasons, but this season it all about moral victories.

AFC South

Indianapolis - I should not be shocked by the number of people who are picking the Colts to win it all. But kind of like the Pats, till I see them win the big one, I am going to doubt them. Dungy has done a great job building a team that terrifies you with it's offense and a defense that is built from scratch to capitalize on being ahead and rushing the QB. It is all about getting sacks and causing turnovers. But if the O ever falters this defense can pushed around. I think the team D-line weight is equal to one of Ted Washington's legs, even with Corey Simon. Manning will have a disappoint season to roto fans. He is not throwing 49 again. I am thinking 28 to 32. Look for RB's to more scores and for them to phase out the Edge. If they get homefield then they have a great shot at the Super Bowl, if not then it same old same old.

Jacksonville - Oh the Jags, on the cusp of breaking into the elite. But have they really done enough. This team is close, but still a ways off from moving up. They have to first start winning game at home. They win in Indy and GB but get shutout by Houston at home, go figure. They need Fred Taylor to be health (strange, it sounds like I have heard that before). Also they need to get some production in the passing game. Someone under the age of 36 to make catches. Is Matt Jones the answer. Why am I thinking he could be the offensive version of Mike Mamula. I think they will be in the hunt for the Wild Card. I think if they can get through the early part of their schedule they got a shot.

Houston - Another team I still trying to figure out. But I do know that David Carr is going to lose it one day go ferral on his offensive line. This team is trying to find it's identity as I try to remind myself I can not sing "Houston Oilers, Houston Oilers, Houston Oilers number 1" when I watch them. This team has some pieces and if they can find a way to get to the QB then they may see the nice side of .500, but a lot of ifs. Dom I think you may be looking for new digs when this season has finished.

Tennessee - Big changes except for the coach who is one of the best. I think we will see him do some of his best this season to make the Titans a team with a bad record that no one wants to play. Good to see McNair back, bad that by the time they give him the players to make a run we will hang it up.

AFC West

This was the hardest one to pick and not because of the Broncos, but you could make a case for each of these teams. In international football parlance this is the "group of death" The only one who is least likely is the Raiders, but I will get to that.

Kansas City - Oh I hate doing this, but they have got the O and may have done enough on D to make this work. But what good will it do they will lose at home in the playoffs again. As I mentioned with the Ravens, this is a team that's window is ready to slam shut. The offense has some age on it Len Dawson. . . I mean Trent Green is not getting any younger. Also what is up with the circulatory problem. I think the training staff will have to get him a CraftMatic Adjustable bed to help for that. But seriously the line has a lot of miles on it and even as with the potential that Larry Johnson has flashed, he is no Priest Holmes. Who is still such a weapon of terror, but has not been able to go a full 16 in awhile. Tony Gonzalez who had a great year, but was over shadow by Gates is still around. The Chefs need a WR to do something, anything. The D go some talent for Gunther. Sounds like a Movie of the Week. If he can get them on the same page is yet to be seen. He does not need them to be the 85 Bears, just good enough to get a 3 and out from time to time.

Denver - I do not know what to tell you. I am feeling better about this team than I did in July. But we will see what happens when the games count. Yes I have drunk the Kool-Aid and I am an ardent Shanahan supporter but I do have questions about some of the moves (Clarrett, Dayne, the Cleveland Browns adoption program and etc.) But I look and I see the success one moment and then disaster the next. Plus, Jake Plummer has lead them to two playoff appearances, set a team record for passing yards and is 18 - 9 in two years as the QB. Minus its Jake Plummer. Great LB's but lots of questions outside of Bailey. The D line got an infusion of new blood it is now loaded with 1 round draft picks, played well in the preseason. Minus, other than Trevor Pryce who is coming of back surgery they all played for Cleveland. So what do I expect I think they will start fast as they usually do, if they can make more hay in the red zone and create turnovers and not soil themselves on special teams they could get this division, but until they step across the threshold they will just be a wild card contender and playoff fodder.

San Diego - Marty I think you should petition the league to scrap the playoff and go to a Bowl System, because you can not win. This team caught all the breaks and was the feel good hit of the year, but I think now having to play a difficult schedule we will see them play well but they record will not be as gaudy as last year. They will be in the hunt for the wild card, but I think they come up a little short. Which means they will go 14 - 2. They do have LT and even by himself he could win 5 games.

Oakland - Al Davis tried to turn back the clock to those thrilling days of yesterday year when you could win game 48-77 every week. This offense my end up being more prolific than the Colts. Collins is in a system that fits him (still does not mean he will not throw a ton of stupid Ints). Randy is the in the right atmosphere (Hey Randy, Alzado called and he is asking if you could tone down the tude), along with Porter and Curry make for an excellent group. And finally get a chance to shine. (Why did they give him Bo's #, that is not right). But even with all that this defense still sucks or at least has the potential to suck a lot this year. Warren Sapp, funny as hell but he is done, Ted Washington just lost a foot race with the Rockies. The LB's are still not very good. The secondary is manned by talented but a headcase Woodson and rookies. Also they still need to finds a long term solution at Safety. But they do have a great punter and fat social ungifted placekicker. They will be fun to watch. Hopefully it will be losing games.

So there was my long winded AFC preview. You noticed it got longer as it went on. But now lets get to the playoffs

St. Louis
Atlanta - Wild Card
Dallas - Wild Card

Philadelphia vs Carolina in NFC Championship Game

Philadelphia NFC Champs

New England
Kansas City
New York - Wild Card
Pittsburgh - Wild Card

Indianapolis vs. New England

New England AFC Champs

Super Bowl XL New England vs Philadelphia - Another classic game and another heartbreak for the Eagles.

finally before I go here is Boski's pick for tonight's opener.

Oakland +7.5 @ New England

This one is an intriguing match-up. If Oakland can go after the Pats corners deep and get running lanes for Jordan it could be a long night for the champs. But they are the champs for a reason and will work Dillon all night against a bad Raiders front seven. Also Kerry should throw a pick for six. Raider fans you should be use to it. I see the Pats winning but the Raiders will score late and cover.

New England 34 Oakland 30

Wow! Thank you for reading that, even if you didn't but you tried you still should be comended.

The NFL is back, just as I am leaving for two weeks. Oh well I will miss weeks 1 and 2, but it is for a very good cause. When I started this little dog and pony show most of the emphasis was on my so called knowledge of football. So there were many a long winded post about the NFL season. Sadly they are coming back, maybe. I might do that on another blog or try something radical and work on making them a little more succinctly and a bit more coherent.

So we try here with the 2005 Boski NFL Preview Spectacular!

Okay it is not spectacular but here is what I have for right now.

Again in my hours of study I have come to conclusion that I really do not have much of a clue on what will happen. I feel sure about three teams (New England, Philadelphia and Indy) and they all have questions as well. So let us take a gander at the NFL and pray that this will be better than my baseball picks.

NFC East

Philadelphia - Even with the T.O. soap opera and the loss of Simon they are the class of the NFC.

Dallas - Drew Bledsoe with a questionable O-line, that is not the recipe for long term success. They are a fringe Wild Card, but at least a year away.

New York Giants - They also have line issues on both side (talent and depth) They nearly got Manning killed this pre-season and they have not cloned Strahan yet.

Washington - Team Trainwreck is about the reach the station. They had a great D last year but they did that with mirrors and the O still sucks. I see 4 - 5 wins for them. I am hoping for that or less since Denver holds their 1st pick next year.

NFC North

Minnesota - I like they got better on D. Now if Mike Tice can get off of Stub-Hub.com and commit to a running game they show win this division. It is not going to be pretty but they will do just enough.

Green Bay - This team will not get to the playoffs and will lose a number of 38 - 27 games. They do not have the players on D and their O-line is in flux. I think they NFL may give them a playoff spot just because of Farve. Look I like Farve, he is great and Hall of Famer, but could they tone done their calls to the Vatican for that Sainthood. Enough already. I think they may need to give Madden a restraining order. I think he watches Brett's games in the dark dressed like Phil Hartman's character from the Spocketts game show sketch with Jason priestly.

Detroit - They have got the parts in place and I really like this team. So why do I have listed 3rd and not making the playoffs. Two words, Joey Harrington. There will be only so much Kevin Jones can do. Harrington has been awful and he has not shown anything to say he can turn it around. Yes his line is not great, but he is regressing. Too much worrying about playing piano on MNF and not enough about getting the ball to his WR's. Now with Jeff Garcia out (as if that was really going to help) and a rookie as the #2. It might be a long year for a team that has so much potential

Chicago - Bears fans, you have a good defense and Lovie is the right guy, but pray the White Sox win the World Series. Because by the time that wears off it will be January and now one will notice the 5 - 11 record and scoring only about 14 a game. I could be wrong and the Bears look like geniuses for drafting Orton, but these are the Bears and that just does not happen

NFC South

Carolina - Oh Carolina, jump across. Yes the Falcons got to the NFC championship game, but they are second best in this division. That will be made painfully true if the Panthers can beat the Falcons. Watching a John Fox team may be boring if you are not into defense and running the ball. But he wins, look if they were 1-7 and almost snuck into the playoffs. Considering the number of injuries and they had their 2nd string FB as the feature back it is amazing. They would have caused problems if they had made the playoffs. Julius Peppers is my dark horse for NFL MVP, I think he will win Defensive Player of the year, but I think he will raise his play to that elite level this year.

Falcons - Vick is amazing, as a runner. He still has miles to go as a QB. What is not going to help is that his WR corp is thin and very green. Look the Falcon found out that "the Price is wrong bitch". They have Crumpler and Finneran. They need Jenkins and White to accelerate the learning curve. The D is good and the special teams are special, but the O holds them from the Super Bowl and division this year. The Falcons will post their first back-to-back winning seasons this year.

Tampa Bay - I really would like to know what Gruden is trying to do. Sure Cadillac is going to be good in this league, but that D is aging and you have Brian Griese as your QB. That is not making me clamor to put money on them in Vegas.

New Orleans - I was going to rant about one of the rules I have learned over the years. That they Saints will always let you down. Win games they should not win and lose the games they should. The image the fits the Saints perfectly is the game they lost to Jacksonville in 03. Down by 7 with seconds to play. Score on an improbable play rivaling the Cal-Stanford game, then lose by missing the extra point. But I wont, even thought it looks like I have. I hope this team wins and gives the fans and the people recovering from Katrina something to block the pain, but being a road team for 16 weeks takes a lot out of you.

NFC West - Do I have to pick a winner?

St. Louis - Mad Scientist Mike Martz will confound and amaze you with feats of daring and stupidity as he leads his poor tackling and horrid special teams to a 8-8 maybe 9-7 season as he pushes the offense to try to win game in an AFL fashion. I think that they safest bet you can make is the Rams and the over unless it around 80, then you might want to think about it.

Arizona - Along with the Saints, this is a team that will always let you down. Unless Dennis Green can work a miracle. Hell the guy coached Northwestern during the 80's so he up for it. I like the pieces he is bringing together. A nice D, good skilled players, but if that line can not block and Warner plays more like Blair then it will be the same old same old in the Valley of Sunburnt.

Seattle - Team Potted Meat their play at the end of last season matched the color of those uni's. Awful. They team that can not catch is in for another year of too little highs and way too many lows. They are team scitzo. Great O-Line, bad D - Line. Good DB's and WR's who can not catch (they were helped by jettisoning Koren Robinson, the roto team killer). I think this is Holmgren's last stand.

San Francisco - You are on the clock and no I do not recommend taking Matt Leinart.

Coming up Next the AFC and scrapbooking tips from Mike Ditka. (or titled I have to get back to work)

I have a feeling that this man is one of the most hated men in England.

Why do you ask.

Because those plucky kids from Northern Ireland beat England


I just wished they could have played this way throughout the qualification round, (Blowing a two goal lead vs. Wales is not acceptable) maybe just maybe they could have had an outside shot at qualification. But hey, take the victories when when they come. Oh it has been a real long time since 1986 and 1982.

Wow, I think it is starting to feel like 94 all over again for the English. Sven, I hope you updated your resume. I do not think you will be around for the Christmas party. Unless you plan to donate your head for the pike.

In the "oh no" department. It was another disappointment at Landsdowne Road, as Ireland falls to the Wine Swilling Surrender Monkeys 1-0. Rats. I thought they had got their shit together after the Euro '02 disaster. Well it appears they have not. So it looks like the island of Hibernia will be shut out from Germany. Arrrggggg!

This post was inspired by a couple things. First Kartina, next was Yahoo, then our up coming trip and "There is a Blog in My Throat". You see the devastation and it hurts, so many lives lost and so many more having their homes destroyed.

I just wanted to trumpet an organization that will working on trying to help rebuild not only homes but hope. So if along with the other wonderful organizations that people have recommended I would also like to give you a link to Habitat for Humanity.

If you already have a cause or two that you are donating to great. Also with gas any donation anyone is making to anyone is an incredibly gracious sacrifice. I am not doing this to guilt or pressure anyone. This is one maybe to look at down the road, because this going to take a long time and people will need homes.

The reason for this is that this is an organization that I truly believe in. To be a volunteer for them is something I am proud of. It is trying to work to give people not only here, but throughout the world a safe, decent, affordable homes.

I also believe in it because they have:

"an open-door policy: All who desire to be a part of this work are welcome, regardless of religious preference or background. Habitat for Humanity has always had a policy of building with people in need regardless of race or religion, and we welcome volunteers and supporters from all backgrounds. "

Thank you for your time, this is just one of my personal issues I get up on the soap box to yell about. Sorry to get preachy. I do not want to ram my thoughts or views down anyone's throats. Unless they you support Astro-Turf then you are just an evil, evil person.

So Mr. Bush you say that the "other" spot on the Supreme Court is wide open.

I know that there is a undiscovered tribe somewhere deep in the Amazon that know that this one is coming but I am going through with it.

Mr. Bush, isn't there something else that is also wide open. I believe that it is the area of your skull where your brain, or a brain, was to reside.

Thank you folks. I am here all week.


Bob "Gilligan" Denver

1935 - 2005

I think it was one too many whack to the head by the skipper.

Thank you Mr. Denver for all the hours you entertained us all. I am grateful that you did screw up all those rescues attempts. You saved me from watching things like "Mannix", "McHale's Navy" and "Gunsmoke".

Sorry to anyone who is upset by this attempt of humor, not making light of someone's passing, just trying to lighten things up.

Now back to the Many Loves of Dobbie Gillis

You know if your boss see this mess you are going to be in a hell of a lot of trouble.

This whole thing makes me think that maybe Dick Cheney is really the vice president. I think that cold hearted bastard would have done more. Hell, he would have at least tried to protect the oil rigs.

Also I thought about Kanye West comments from Friday. You are wrong Kanye. Mr. Bush does not hate African Americans. He just does not care about them, or really anyone for that fact. Well unless Uncle Karl tells him to care, or if they have a check.

Also, I will say George you do have balls to turn around when Rehnquist passes and you promote Mr. Roberts for top job. Body is not even cold. Wow that does take some to pull a move like that. I do so hope that you nominee is grilled and that he is brought down. I just have to ask WTF have you done that has gone right and do not give me we won the election b.s. either. That's right, by the sound of the crickets not a damn thing. Again thank you for helping improve the image of U.S. Grant. You are going to make him look like a saint when this is all said and done.

Again here at the Blog of Fun are trying to keep our spirits up considering what has transpired. So I tried to enjoy the Labor Day Weekend:

Here are the highlights:

Being called chief as I left the office this weekend. The security guy yelled it at me as I was walking "Hey chief, have a good weekend." Nice.

Watching football that mattered. Saturday I enjoyed football that counts. Sure it's not the pros, but in some SEC schools they get paid more. Come on people you can not tell me that Tennessee is not over the Salary Cap. Like what I saw watching the Bruins. The only thing that made me made was seeing the UCLA backup QB Koval in the game and they showed his major and where he lives. Why do you ask? Well it's because I am jealous. Life is good when you are the back up at a D-I school, you taking history at UCLA, maybe even a class with Dr. Weber and you come from Malibu. Yes, life is tough for you Mr. Koval. You have my life. I so wanted to go to UCLA. Sure I would have love to played even just one down for UCLA. But I really would have loved to gone and been apart of the History Department. I also enjoyed the hell out of the Wisconsin Bowling Green game. Nice to see the cult of Bob Stoopes trip up, again. I enjoyed all of it. Oh football I have missed you. Let us never argue again.

Time with the family - Sunday spent time with some of the family enjoying a nice BBQ in the Boski birthplace. A chance to see mom before we leave.

White Sox - I would like to thank the Tigers for all their help this weekend, and good to see them win Monday. They needed to play well in Boston at least once. Now the magic number is 17 and counting. I really want this team to achieve something. I would like to at least see a playoff win at home for first time since 1959, and no I do not count the last part of "Major league 2". That movie was awful, bad enough I think they should have let the White Sox win and just end the Major league Movie franchise. Look no one saw the third installment. I sure as hell did not even if it was a Scott Bakula tour-de-force (is that right?).

Got more off the check list for our trip, which is good, but there is so much more to do before Sunday.

The bad

Well that is pretty obvious what was not right about the weekend. Again, how did we come to this. Oh that's right I now remember. Thanks Mr. President, thanks.

Sorry about all the futzing with this blog. I will get this thing to work. Where is the hammer? I need a hammer.

Sorry to do it, but I am sick of getting spam comments asking me about insurance, laptops, and chewable viagra all in the name of Hurricane relief. So I have taken my friend Eric's advice and have put word verification on the comments. I know this affects all six of you who have commented on this blog. Thanks to you, I do not need to keep those spam comments in a desperate display for attention. But if it becomes a hassle then I will take it down, or if I feel neglected.

This can not be happening. Oh Rod how could you.

I have realized over the years that I have two problems with the phone. It use to be three, but I have learned how to dial on my own, so I am making progress.

The first problem is I keep getting called "miss" or "Mrs." For some reason I just do not project well on the phone. I try to project but it still does not work. Here is a classic exchange:

Me: "Hello, I would like to renew my subscription to the Sporting News please"

Them "Yes miss, can we have your name and your information please?"

Me: (grumbling to self) My name is Matthew Boski and my info is blah, blah, blah"

Them: "Thank you Mrs. Boski is there anything else we can do that for you today."

Me: (simmering) Nope, not today you have been helpful.

This is something that has happened not once or twice but on numerous occasions. Nothing like that to bring you down a couple pegs. That is why I have to get that Darth Vader Voice Changer Helmet. I do not think anyone on the phone will be referring to me as Mrs. Vader.

The other problem is I do not know how to end phone calls right. I know you are laughing, it should be goodbye and then hang up. But when I am dealing with people I call for jobs, or when I am working, I just always sound like a complete dweeb. It like I just don't know when I can just say bye and hang up. I always worry that I am being rude, so I delay a little bit and thank them again. Then the person on the line thanks me. And we play an awkward game of pleasantries trying to get to a definitive finish to the call. Man, all the money spent on charm school was a waste. I never had these problems with my Fisher Price phone. I should have never thrown that thing out.

Well now we get back to the "Best of Manimal".

the taste of onion. This morning like all Friday mornings they brought in bagels, so I went and grabbed one. I saw a chocolate one sitting there for the taking. Took back to my desk to enjoy it. A couple of bites no problem and then wham! Choco-onion, the new flavor sensation sweeping the nation.

Note to bagel shop employee, please keep the onion and chocolate bagels apart. The same goes with any others that are sweet. You see savory with savory and sweet with sweet. The plain bagels are the buffer. Simple it's not physics, well I did have to take a couple of classes.

Well back to the grind stone, these insurance docs are not going to fax themselves, even thought I have asked them to fax themselves or wait I think I used another f word for that.

of trying to keep myself going insane from sadness and anger over the disaster in New Orleans, Mississippi and its affect on all of us and how our leadership has failed us again. Okay breath.

Last night the Better Half and I were invited to a birthday party for a former co-worker of BH's. So we went over to the Irvine Spectrum. We wandered around, got sunglasses see post below and eventual went over to Fox Sports Grill for dinner. After wandering around it I realized that it what heaven would look like for me. Big screens and games on at every angle. So I thought about what my version of heaven would be and I realized that it would be an amalgamation of the following:

A Vegas Sports Book

The Powell Library at UCLA

and finally the Getty.

And throw in a dash of Craftsman and you have my idea of heaven. I know it might sound retarded, but that's what I going with. The thought of it has kept me from curling up into the fetal position under my desk.

Last night I picked up a pair of sunglasses, because for 842nd time I have either lost or broken a pair. I have long given up and getting a really good pair of sunglasses. I used to have a couple decent pair of Ray-Bans and I lost both. Including the pair I lost with its case while at Cal State commercial. This makes so teniative about getting prescription sunglasses. Oh that will be a pleasant day when those get destroyed or lost.

So I have gone the route of the impulse buy sunglasses from Old Navy and others of that ilk. But I still end up inadvertently abusing them or losing. Why? Why I ask? I need sunglasses, so why do I hate them so. Do I have a deep seeded fear or resentment of sunglasses. Okay there was a time I was abducted by Oakley Razor's in the late 80's.

Right now in my car I have three pairs. One that has one lens missing, which would be great if I had an eye patch. One that is banged up and scratched that I can not wear them too long because the lens scratches end up giving me headaches. The last is my new pair. I just hope the old pairs just keep their mouths shut. If they know what's good for them. I just need to get through September with these glasses. That all I am asking, is that so wrong?

I have not been able to generate some of the old time bloggy goodness. Trying to but have not been able to because, one I am really trying to get myself focused on this project and show that I can do it no matter how boring it is. Two, it is tough to write anything when I have been glued to the info coming in from New Orleans and getting angrier by the minute. As yet a again we are being let down by the Administration. I need to stop now, or I am going on a tirade of biblical proportions. Again my thoughts and prayers go out to those who are victims of this disaster. The same goes for those who are helping in any way they can, from donating money, to being on the ground helping with rescue operations.

I will try to get back the humor that you have all grown to tolerate.