this is something I have wanted to do for the longest time.

I would love to take batting practice on Fremont Street in Las Vegas. Set up home plate on the Corner of S. Casino Center Drive and Fremont right at Binions. For some reason I have a the great desire to hit baseballs and watch them hit off

Found on Flickr from this guys collection

Maybe it some deep seeded resentment of how the Irish are characterized, maybe it's some self hate. Who really knows. I just know that I have always wanted to hit baseballs there and watch them bounce off the hotel and the overhang, if I could even hit that far.

I could never hit for power. Hell I do not think I have ever really pulled a ball, baseball or softball. Everything is up the middle and to the right side. I blame Charlie Lau and Walt Hriniak for that.

I know, I know I should be committed.

Yesterday was the birthday of one of the greatest NFL QB's of all time.

John Albert Elway. ALL HAIL #7!

Also yesterday Frank Thomas clobbered his 500th Home Run.( It is sad he did not do it as a White Sox, but I am happy for him. Yes I have come down from my contempt for him after the 2005.

During the 90's it was all about these two.

I watched John Elway start the decade willing his team to a Super Bowl and coming within a Deep Thigh Bruise and a Steve Sewell fumble from another Super Bowl bid. Then go through some lean years only to see him end on top with back to back Super Bowl titles.

I also remember watching a young Frank Thomas fresh from AAA, go 1 for 4 with a walk in a White Sox 9 - 5 win at the Big A (9-1-90).

As the scrappy Sox moved within 5.5 of the A's. The same day Bobby Thigpen tied the MLB record for saves in a season (46) on his way to setting the current record of 57. Not that I remember any of that.

I watched this giant of a man who had a Ted Williams command of the strike zone develop in a terror weapon who helped put the White Sox back on the map. I watched him win two MVP's (should have had a third in 2000). Let us not forget he was putting up huge numbers in 1994 before the strike came.

I also watched Frank languish as the Sox floundered in the late 90's. Also watched him suffer through injuries and be an a-hole at times. Which I had to get a little bit of a chuckle see Frank get ejected in the 9th for arguing balls and strikes. I was happy to see Frank get a ring with the Sox, even seeing him limp through the season, it was just right to see him be apart of White Sox winning a title. Look I think Harold Baines is Mr. White Sox, but it is a title that fits Frank better.

So congrats Frank.

So you have heard me whiny not so poetic of my youth thank you for listening.

Why do people gotta to hate.

NFL Europa is no more.

Me and the 3 other sick bastards who cared about this are going to cry about this.

So don't come crying to me when one day you all wake up and realize that it's all gone. No more Rhine Fire, no more Berlin Thunder.

Time Warner it's on you. If I had the NFL Network, maybe I could have saved us all, you cheese eating bastards.

California has worst U.S. traffic: study.

When did this happen?

So you are you telling me that it's not supposed to take hours to drive from the Orange County to L.A.? Or nearly a day to drive to San Diego on a weekend?

Color me shocked. I had no inkling that the highways were overcrowded. No one ever told me.

Well I know here in Southern California we have a great public transit system that can help . . . oh wait that was scarped back in the 40's to build freeways. . .

Oh irony.

Impeachment Pie!

What a failed war that we were lied to about

Waste of billions on it

The casual nature the administration took with the destruction of a major U.S. city and no Mr. Bush just because a cities team goes to the NFC Championship Game does not mean everything is peachy.

The continued crapping upon of the Constitution. I can hear Nixon right now from the grave calling bullshit. (Yahoo News)

Speaking of overstepping the Constitution, I will have to hand it Cheney. Maybe he is just so awesome that he his own branch of government, but then since it is possible that since the Bush was not elected in 2000 and possibly 2004 that because of that it means they can work outside of the law of the land since it does not apply to them. It is amazing that I never knew about this new branch. I checked my pocket Constitution and it's not showing 4th branch of government. Maybe my copy is not been up dated yet, that or my version is a part of vast plot planned by our Founding Fathers to weigh down government with Check and Balances.

Maybe I should will go over and check Conserveapeida for some "truth".

Okay, I just checked, and I found the info and their are four branches.

1. Executive Branch - (Or the Decider Branch) It's role is to execute the Constitution. (I know I have used it before but it works)

2. Lobbislative Branch - In Abramoff We Trust!

3. Injustice Branch - I actually had a a great e-mail about what goes on in this branch, but it was deleted and you can't make me retrieve it.

4. The Dark Sith Branch - Naturally the one that Sith Lord Cheney would be in charge of.

So again I ask that someone get the Impeachment train rolling, because what more has to be done, or proven to show that this government is running far outside the law. If we can't get this rolling can we at least cut off Cheney's allowance for this outside the Executive Branch B.S.

Sorry I was watching way too much of the James Bond Marathon this weekend.

Oh my aching Thunderballs.

Roger Moore you were not awful, but you were a better Simon Templar than James Bond.

Lazenby you just did not have enough mad game, but who am I to say. I actually thought Timothy Dalton was not bad. Look Dalton was going to have a tough time being Bond. Look after you played Prince Barin from Flash Gordon the only way to go is down. He made the best of a tough situation.

Now Flash Gordon is one of the best "bad" films ever.


Campaign 2008 Coverage

or that we have Bush till January 20, 2009.

What am I thinking Bush in a landslide.

Ran across these items on a this great site. I spend time here and it gets me nice and mad.

So it seems that Bill O'Riley has been on his pogo stick about how some news outlets are reporting the news that they are out to harm America, and that he and Fox News are about serious reporting. But Keith Olbermann gives us a slice of the serious reporting BillO delivers.
Bill are you sure you got a Peabody Award, I think you may need to check it and make sure it does not say Magoo Award. (Thanks Crooks and Liar)

So let me see, Stem Cells are evil, and staying in Iraq is good. (Thanks again to Crooks and Liar)

Also ran across this one, which pisses me off to no end. So we can have billions either be wasted or just go missing in Iraq, but a program that promotes community service is seen as waste at $25 million. I really should not be shocked, but I am still pissed about it. (Thanks to Crooks and Liars for getting me to this site)

When you are finished please use the hand sanitizer.

Jimmy Kimmel has Emergency Appendectomy

Yes I am blaming you Leno, you big chinned, soulless bastard!

You are up to shit you assclam.

You are so not going to step down when your contact is up. You are going to screw over Conan like you screwed Letterman. Even though I am Kimmel guy I can't hate Conan, the man wrote for the Simpson's. Even if he was to go head-to-head with Jimmy I would hold no ill will. Which reminds me. Hey ABC, it is time to end Nightline and move Jimmy up.

So Jay why don't go get your nuts caught in a fan belt of one of the many cars you own.

I don't.

So here is more of the Adorable Stalker for you.


Those bastards from What If Sports have me hooked on the crack they peddle.

Sure I have dabbled with their game simulator. Hey, I have always wanted to see an epic battle between the 1978 Brewers and the 1937 Pirates. So till I get a time machine, can you tell me a better way?

I thought so.

So I got sucked into a baseball league. Sure they said it was free, but they always say that the first taste free.

I have assembled a team of White Sox greats and not so greats, to play in this simulated league. Think of a geekier version of fantasy baseball. It simulates 3 games a day, against other disturbed individuals like myself.

I am so hooked. When I come in to work, it is the first thing I check. When I get back from lunch. I check. When I am walking out the door I check. I tinker with the roster kicking myself for taking Scott Radinsky circa 1992. Should have sucked it up and got the 1991 model.

I am blaming the 2007 White Sox and their putridity this season for all of this. They have been playing god-awful it hurts to watch. I do not want to totally ditch baseball yet, but since the Sox are floating near the to top of the tank and only about 45% of the football preview mags have been released, I need something to hold me till football.

So in short I need professional help.

Trying to get the ink well going again: We do have ideas in the hopper:

The passing of David Halberstan

The Ducks winning the Cup and bringing much shame as a Kings fan.

Seeing a Cool Maynard Dixon exhibit up in Pasadena

How much the White Sox have sucked ass this season.

The color green

Noble Gases (Not sure if I want to go with the Periodic Chart or just monarchs breaking wind.)

My continued praying for AT&T's U-verse, or Verizon's version comes to Costa Mesa, so I can drive to or through my local Time Warner Office and give them their box back. It may be on fire at the time of return but it will be returned.)

The impact of Francois Mitterrand on French Discos in early 80's

So please stay tuned.

It looks like there is a problem with the new Atlanta Aquarium.

I think the first thing they need to do in not fill the tanks with Coke.

The wife and I were going to take a walk this morning before work. As we were going, noticed that the driver side door of the Boskimoblie was was ajar. Great, I must of been a dumb ass and not closed it properly. I get into the car and check the battery. Good news the car turned over, but wait a second. Why is the glove box open along with the center console? Looks like hobos were a foot last night and got into the car. I must have been an idiot and not locked the car. But thankfully nothing was taken. CD were not touched or my Sirius unit. But still sucks to have someone invade your space. I dodged a bullet, unlike a neighbor a couple house down, they had a wallet taken from their vehicle, that according to the police.

just watch Hell's Kitchen. This season has been the bestestest Season, and we have had only two seasons!

One word sums it up


This dude has been gold.

Hey I feel bad for the guy and I should be going to hell for laughing as hard as I do at the crying and passing out. But if it is wrong then I want no part of right. Look he bought his plane ticket, he knew what he was getting into. I say let him crash.

to some really boring basketball. And I thought San Antonio vs. Detroit would have been a snoozer.

The series so far has amount to a pile of crap that mankind has not constructed a shoe big enough to step into it, yet.

Note to you LeBron:

I am glad you have made it to the Finals, but other than the Second Half (nice elbow to Ginobli mug) in Game 2, you and the 11 other guys you are carrying look hopeless. Also another tip, it is not wise to spot team 30 points. Just saying.

The Spurs are not exactly lighting it up themselves, but it look like all they have to do is just have to put the screws the LeBron and it is game over. Thanks to this car wreck, we get Stu Scott and everyone else at ESPN trying to put lipstick on this pig. Even though I have the game on mute, Stu's voice still comes through and haunts me.

Last night I wanted to "Phil Leotardo" Mr. Chase for the ending of the Sopranos.


Where is our Wild Bunch gun fight?

Or a Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid ending?

Hell, I could have handle Tony wakes up in his room. He hears the shower. He gets up and goes to the shower door. The shower door opens up and there is Patrick Duffy to find out the last seven years had been a dream.

I have come down a bit from last night when I was ready to storm my local Time Warner Office and burn it to the ground (which does not take much with those a-holes). But after a nights sleep, I kind of get what Mr. Chase was going with by making us draw our own conclusion about what will become of Tony. We are all trying to figure out what happens next: is he coming to get popped, busted by the Feds, or forced to go to a timeshare presentation (wait that may be too gruesome)? Look it worked, we are all here yelling about it. Except I was pushing for getting popped, only for choosing that Journey song. That song is the only thing I hated about the 2005 White Sox title, but you don't need to hear that rant again.

I think we should have something more to end the series on. I personally think it should have ended with:

Tony takes care of Phil
Gets NY in line
Keeps Janice from Uncle June's cash
Clips Carlo before he could be flipped
Avoids the indictments

In short, Tony gets peace in his Kingdom.

The final scene we have a long shot of the Sopranos backyard. The camera pans in. We see Tony raking leaves. All is calm and Tony hears ducks in the distance. Two Mallards land. The ducks root around on the grass looking for food. The ducks look happy. This warms Tony's heart, since we know his fondness of animals. He watches them and feel a sense calm he hasn't had in years. He looks at the house sees Carmella. He smiles and begins to walk back to the house and. . .


The ducks plug him, take the money from the Feeder and take over the Jersey operation!

They could have it this all for a song, but do they ask?

I feel a little better about the world today.


Looks like Judge Sauer was not going to have any of these reindeer games. So they dragged her ass back to court and Judge Sauer proclaimed , "NO MORE MTV! NO MORE TWISTED SISTER (I will send you a shinny nickle if you know where that is from)! ". Well at least till she is done with her time (Thanks to TMZ).

Again I not always for laughing at other misfortunes, but this just feels so right with her.
I just now hope that the Dems will get a hint and take to Scrub and take him and his cronies to task for their crimes which dwarf this hot mess. I know a long shot, but a man can dream.


An Era Ends

Thank you Bob Barker. Thanks for teaching me about the Showcase Showdown and to never piss you off at the golf course.

Seriously I do not think I can find a broom stick big enough for this shenanigans.


This is so beyond BS. I am now truly ashamed to be a Californian. Considering what else is going on in the world I should not care, but my hate for her and her faux celeb cronies just sticks in my craw.


I forgot two other great shows from HBO.

Oz - I would to thank this show, along with my family, and social norms for reminding me that prison kind of sucks and I really don't need to find out about the scene.

Curb Your Enthusiasm - Oh Larry! Mr. David you are the most endearing assholes of our generation. Keep it up.

Carry on.

After what seems like 15 years the Sopranos ends. I will miss it. The show has been an excellent, even though it's had it moments of anger (for being off for so long) and ???? (did we need a Tony in the desert hopped up on nativie American goof balls?). But I hope HBO can keep rolling out the great programing and not allow shows to drift away (seriously Deadwood should have had another season)

But here is a quick list of my favorite HBO series from over the years

1. The Wire - If you do not agree I will have Omar come by and have a word.

2. Deadwood - Brilliant. Swearengen is my homeboy.

3. Sopranos - Should be higher, but too many delays and too many tangents they went off on. I just wonder what would have happened if the actress who played Tony's mom had lived. What direction would the story arch taken.

4. Entourage - Flat out funny, sure the "Hug it Out" maybe as overused as "Vote for Pedro", it still works and the show still is magnificent and from what I can tell from articles that it is based in a good deal of accuracy, well as much as we can get from Hollywood without threat of a court order.

5. The Chris Rock Show - I am glad for the success of Everyone Hates Chris, but I miss this show. Had some interesting guest, good musical acts and some great skits

6. Big Love - Moving up the charts, still trying to get over the fact that Chet has three wives.

7. Dennis Miller Live - I am really sad Dennis is dead and been replaced by a soulless chunk of carbon.

8. Not Necessarily the News - A forgotten classic

9. First and Ten - Bubba and Jethro you have not been forgotten.

10. Arli$$ - Yes, I enjoyed it. Hey I think Bob Whul is funny.

Not on the list

Lucky Louie - He was good as a writer for the Chris Rock Show, and is not bad as a stand up, but this show was awful

Carnivale - Never saw it, heard it was good.

The Mind of the Married Man - Awful, also it is not a good omen that the day you are going to flog your show on Good Morning America happens to be 9/11/2001.

Real Time with Bill Maher - A great show and I should watch this more, but he personally is such a pompous ass it is tough for me to even try watching him.

You don't tug on Superman's cape

You don't spit into the wind

and you do not touch Baron Von Beatitudes ride. Look buddy, you mess with the Pope you are going to get some Papal Bull Horns to the ass.


Oh Gordon.

You have another winner on your hands this year. As I have said I am not the biggest reality show fan, but since there are so many on you can't avoid it. But this season of Hell's Kitchen after one episode has been awesomely awesome.

Just go here and click on Aaron breaking down in front of Chef Ramsey.

I know I am going to hell for laughing at this guy, but watch it and tell me you do not get a chuckle from it.

Sorry folks I will watch Gordan Ramsey all day and night. Sure his teaching may boarder on the Great Santini. but the man wants people to do there best. He cares about them learning, but since his name is on the show he takes it a little seriously. What you see is not an act. The man can be an angry bastard in the kitchen. He will not give ,or take quarter.

I would be too scared to work for him, but I respect the hell out of the man, even though he played for Rangers.

has brought on a spasm of blogging fury.

Will try to keep it up.


Okay I did not dome her or hit her with my blazing batting practice fastball, which could get me work in the White Sox bullpen right now.

The Better Half and I were at an event for Project ALS. The Better Half got us in and it was a cool event for a good cause. It was on the lot at Paramount. So if you watch Everyone Hates Chris or if you watch an old episode of Fame, it was out front of that is where I accidentaly hit her. Look they had a stick ball game going and I was throwing the ball back in and she got in the way. It glanced off her and I was not asked to leave, so no biggie, but I can say I did hit her with a stick ball. Now if it was Richard Bey. I would have gone head hunting.

It was a good time, saw the studio, saw some stars and had a pleasant afternoon.

That dork would be me.

Hey here is me rubbing elbows with Karl Dorrell

and Ben Holland

Friends of the Better Half got us in and it was fun. I enjoyed it since I have a stalker-like infatuation with UCLA a school I never attended. I was not the sharpest tool in the shed and surprising a institution like UCLA is tough to get into especially when you know only 23 of the 26 letters of the alphabet. I would have been happy to just attend the university even though I do not know how UCLA, and nearly every D-I school missed out on my 5.4 40 speed and inability to even do 225 on the bench. They obviously never saw my highlight slide.

I am telling you that if coach had put me in we would have won state, No doubt in my mind . . . oh sorry I went Uncle Rico there. But I would have been so thrilled just to go and study history there.

Which leads me to a bit of sad news. One of my co-favorite professor I never took a class from passed away Dr. Eugne Weber, the other being my Better Half's Mom). Any time the The Western Tradition is on, I will watch it, even above some sporting events.

Yes, I said that.

But I am still happy that I went Cal State Fullerton, well that was up until The Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School visited. Right now I am telling people I just went to Fullerton Junior College.

Blog Pandemic?

Many it seems to be falling by the wayside, and this one has been feeling under the weather for a while. Some have just up and left and some have gone to greener pastures, but Blogflu this year has been quite potent.

I am going to try to stay on my blogging antibiotics and try to find things to write about for myself, and hopefully entertain you fine people. But looking at past entries I think some would have hoped I would have been struck down by this sooner.

Please use the virtual hand sanitizer before you leave.



Stop with the Deadliest Catch.

I need to get my life back.

Your show has snared the Better Half and I in your Lobster Pot of captivating TV.

The past week and half we have been watching this show at all hours. Yesterday I spent hours watching stuff I watched before.

The worst part of all of this is not just the lost time, but I did not take Captain Andy in my Opilio Crab Fantasy League.

I am not one to enjoy another misfortune, but I may be a little too happy that Paris Hilton is now serving time. Wait who I am kidding, I am happy.

I am only miffed about two things about this whole mess. First, she is only going to serve a couple of weeks of time. Secondly, I just could not get to Lynwood to watch here get marched in. Rats!

Now if they can just round of the Crime wave that is Lohan I will fell safer on the roads.