I am not a fan, or a watcher of American Idol, but can someone tell me how in the hell did Benny Hinn win it all?

Come on take a look. Can you really tell me that they are not the same person?

This is why I don't watch this show.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day weekends. I will say Team Boski had a great weekend. Lets see what was achieved:

Sleeping - Some serious sleeping in was done. An assist goes to the Chill station on Sirius Radio.

Grilling - Fired up the old grill wagon and showed a couple cuts of meat and some corn who is in control.

Yard work - Amazingly I was able to go out and make the lawn look like a partial disaster instead of a total one. The backyard is another story.

Errands - Were ran with amazing precision and a dash of flair. Okay they weren't, but it sounded good.

Drive down the coast - Sunday was too nice not to head down to the shore. Drove from Newport down to San Clemente and it was magnificent. Busy, but not too busy. Need to get that down before everyone and their mothers decided that they need to get to the beach.

Hammock time - We got a one person hammock this weekend. We wanted to see if it was any good and Monday, I took it for a test run on my front porch. It was so nice relaxing in the shade with a nice breeze and some music.

A great weekend, but know I have to get back to hunting down the employment caribou. It is a craft S.O.B.

This campus has an infestation of ninja's. Just like rats, when you see one that mean there are hundreds crawling around just out of sight.

"God! Like welcome to Ninja studies 101. I am your professor or something and like we are going to work on your nunchuk skills and stuff!

It is nice to see Ninja's looking for education, it is more respectable than those clowns and their so-called colleges.

(Thanks to Fark for the article)

Whoa! I think Ted Kennedy and Boris Yelstin want to party with this guy.

Damn, I got buzzed just reading that.

What is this guy related to Dr. Johnny Fever?


A correction.

I am moron. For some crack-induced reason I thought the Clips had closed out the Suns. They have not, so they still have time to choke.

Thank you, please return to your work.

I am still alive, but I did vote multiple times for the All-Star Game.

Got home last night from our weekend trip to the home of the World Series Champs.

It was an amazing weekend. A weekend that came within a botched double play from being off the freaking charts. It was almost like Ice Cube "Damn it was a Good Day"

(The photos are coming later this week.)

I really love what they have done with the Cell. It is a nice place to watch a game, but then I am Sox fan.

This weekend, was in a weird way kind of like me getting my world series ring from the club.

Here are a couple of the high points:

I really love what the Sox have done with the Cell. It is a nice place to watch a game, but then I may be very biased in my opinion.

Snapping a photo with the World Series Trophy (All I need now is the Stanley Cup and I will have the four majors)

Watching the Cubs lose Friday

dropping some coin to acquire more Sox Gear

Our wonderful host holding a bitchen tailgate on Sunday. These guys did not mess around. The scary thing is that they sad this was nothing. Come back during football. I will say that carne asada, beer and shots of Patron is the breakfast of championship 11AM. I almost had enough tequila to forget how cold it was.

Loved the throwbacks the Sox wore on Sunday. Wish the Cubs would have done the same, but then they are bastards.

Watching Tad go yard after the 15 minutes of "Hell at the Cell". The funniest thing about the brawl was a picture we took of Brian Anderson before the game. When you see it, it will make sense. Well it was nice to see Brian hitting something.

Hearing Nancy Faust on the Organ and being able to sing "Hey, Hey Goodbye" in person.

Seeing the Cubs get beat on Saturday.

The bootleg shirts. Some of the shirts would make a trucker blush. But the next time I go I am so going to get myself the "SoxSide Irish" shirt. I also should have gotten the very cliched "Ozzie is My Homeboy" Shirt

The only low points of series was seeing the Cubs win Sunday, that rubbed me as wrong a the Cubunie , I mean the Tribune the nice people who own the Cubs, running Barrrett's sucker punch on the front page.

All in all it was so amazing to be watching a game where the majority of the fans are on your side and looking up and seeing that last October was not a paint fumed induced dream.

Even without the sweep the city's Sox fans are coming out of the shadows to remind everyone that there are two teams in this town. The village is growing, from village to city state and now we are nearing the size of Luxembourg. Next up Estonia-sized White Sox Nation!

Thank you for indulging me and my ramblings about this team.

P.S. for those who think I have become a White Sox optimist. Fear not I am scared that this team has holes in the bullpen. Also this team needs to play a little more little ball. And I have some questions about what's next:

Do we deal McCarthy to get some help for the 7th and 8th, if things don't straighten out?

Will Hermanson come back?

How long to we wait on Anderson to hit?

and so on and so on.

Hell got another three feet of snow today. The Clippers are in the Conference Finals.

Things are truly going bad for this nation when Donald T. Sterling is running his team better than our president runs this country.

We have a Yankee payroll, but Royal execution.

Busy here at Castle Boskistein trying to get ready for our little trip. If the Sox can sweep the Cubs this weekend will pin the awesome meter. So packing all the White Sox garb I can pack. Sure it will mean getting up at 0500 hours to get to the airport, but to be able to take a seat that the game Friday will all be worth it.

I also found out I will be out of the unemployment game for a couple weeks. Hey I need the cash and I have been a retrobate long enough. We will see if this has an effect on the blogging. It could actually be a help.

Other notes, I obviously do not know jack about the NBA playoffs. It looks like the Spurs and the Pistons could be knocked out and the Heat all of a sudden look like a team to beat. But now typing this, it means it will all change.

Go Oilers, please, please beat the Ducks.

This morning worked out at my usual gym. The past few months I have gone to a place closer to my wife's office. The one by my wife's office has one problem. Nearly every morning they have the TV set to ABC, which is fine until 9. I can tolerate "Regis", barely, but at 10 "The View" is on and it is painful to hear Sam Cassell in drag, er I mean Star Jones rant. The TV is up just high enough where it not easy to change so I just have to suck it. Today though, the gym I attended this morning had the choke full o truthiness Fox News on. I would have changed it but they were a couple people paying attention so that plan was thwarted. So I was treated to Fox taking an even handed look at Al Gore's new movie premier. Then going to a commercial break to promote a show coming up on Global Warming, and there was Fox working to try to whip people up in to a "if you believe in global warming then you are letting the gay, tax and spend terrorists win" frenzy. I hate to say this but I would have been happier watching "The View". That is just sad.

We here at BoskiCorp are determined to bring you the best of the insane rambling from this allegedly witty and semi-urbane village idiot (this part we have confirmed).

Since quality is someone else's job here at BoskiCorp, we realize that this blog has sucked ass of late. Some of the content has been alright, but as for the execution of the blog, We at BoskiCorp are all for the execution of the author.

But since animal control refuses to pick Mr. Boski up we are just going to soldier on. Also if we at the Blog o' Fun were to let Mr. Boski go we know it would just lead him back to the sordid world Norwegian Caribou speculation. It is not a pretty place.

But changes will be implemented, plans followed, mistakes made and others will be blamed.

Thank you for your patronage.


Road Trip

This time next week I will be hopefully enjoying the first of a three game sweep of the White Sox over the Cubs here.

Some very wonderful people we met during the ALCS invited us back to tailgate with them for the Sunday game. So thank to my wonderful wife we are using every connection we have to make a whole weekend of it. We got tix for Saturday and Sunday and are still on the hunt for Fridays game.

It will be a weekend to bask in the afterglow of the World Series. Our new friends have also hooked us up big time with providing a place to stay, since the town is f'ing sold out because their is a hotel convention that weekend.

I just giddy, like a drunk schoolgirl.

I only care about this, because she was an El Dorado grad. Thanks to her Olympic exploits, I made the only appearance I will ever make in Sports Illustrated. Well my head is in a shot at the assembly they held for her.

I read this and all I can think that this would be the presidential version of making a sequel to Glitter. Sure Jeb might be smarter, but so is most household appliances.

I should not be too shocked by this any way. The more I think about it George and Jeb will not really have to worry about elections come 2008. The Constitution should be outsourced by that time. So it wont matter.

After reading this I wonder if Dan Quayle get down on his knees and thanks god that they found someone even dumber then even he could imagine. But then it probably pisses him off that he realizes that he smarter than George. But that anger subsides quickly because it is time for cartoons.

Taking a look at what Yahoo is offering up.

Well I see Iran sent us a nice little note. I hope someone helped George with the big words.

Wait Rummy likes the nominee for the CIA post, that must mean this guy is a winner. I have the sinking feeling that this guy having the position would be like having Anna Nicole Smith running the Department of Education.

I hope this does not slow down Bill from building that third store. I have enjoyed Big Love, even though I watch and go say "holy crap, Chet has three wives." So now we know the answer to the question Martini Ranch asked in 1988, about "How Can the Labouring Man Find Time for Self-Culture". What is scary, is I can still remember this song being played on KROQ.

I keep seeing the ads for Deadwood. Mmmmmm Deadwood.

David Blane, seriously, couldn't we have let him drown? Come on now, he just a party clown with a better agent. He left the hospital this morning, probably had the last bit of shame removed. If there is any justice, then he will be mauled by Penn and Teller.

Oh, big night on TV. Final questions of 7th Heaven are answered. I just want one answered. How did you stay on the air so long?

Okay, I have a second, why didn't Stephen Collins character just go,

"I have enough. I going to go back to the South Pacific because there are too many "Tales of the Gold Monkey" that have not been told. So sniff you jerks later!"

Gimme that and I would have been in.

Can we just give the Pistons their title now. I just do not see anyone beating them. I hate saying it, but we know it is true.

The Heat - no chance. Shaq is getting close to being the Big Retired.
Nets - You will never win with Bitch Carter (Sorry I have a deep hate of Vince that I have harbored for years from my roto league)
Cavs - You're great LeBron, but I witnessed the Wizards choking. Not you winning. You are couple years away LeBron. You need some more players around you, and Sheed and the Pistons to go ferral.

Out West

Mavs - They have come a long way with Avery Johnson as coach. They know that they are allowed to play D, but they are still soft.
Suns - I love that they are trying to play the NBA of our youths, but they do not have enough of the tall trees to hang.
Spurs - They will give the Pistons fits in the finals because of Duncan, but since he is not 100% the title will be in Motown.
Clips - Its the Clippers. If you all thought that White Sox winning meant the end of the world. If the Clips won, it would be like "crossing the streams".

Barry Bonds is one away from tying Ruth. And I can happily say, "I don't care."

Watching him, I see that he is not getting to 755 on those knees, so enjoy this you douche.

Also I realized that Barry may have already paid for his steroids use. How so Boski? Well I thought back to the 2002 series. A way too yoked up Barry could not bend over to properly field a ball that led to runners being at 2nd and 3rd and no out, instead of 1st and 2nd. And it is at this point Dusty went to the pen and brought in Nen. The rest is history. So Barry you can have all the indivdual records, but realize that your "enhancement of your skills" cost yourself and your teammates (you know the people you alienate all the time) a title. So please go suck it Barry.

Will someone please stop the Ducks and Sharks. As a Kings fan, nothing is more sickening than seeing their success. Well maybe hearing a Red Wings fan crow, which is almost as bad, but not quite. Good to see the Sabers, who I am pulling for for Eric and Slappar, take a 2-0 lead.

Well got to go, it is time for "Breakdancing with Jerry Springer"

Does anyone else see a problem when we are all paying $3 plus at the pumps and no one is getting pissed at NASCAR for holding a "sporting" event that does nothing but waste gas?

Maybe we would get people to take alternative/green fuels seriously if those pricks at NASCAR would take it up. Hey just a thought. Sadly more people listen to what Tony Stewart has to say than their elected officials.

Well I like to tell myself that, but I have been trying to get a lot done and achieving little. So much to talk about. I have been trying to bury my head in the sports pages, because looking at the papers and see how well President Douche is doing is as depressing as being a Marlins season ticket holder.

George, Dick or whoever is charge, thanks for making things even worse. You have started a civil war and allowed the two other members of the Axis of Evil to get stronger and put this country and other in harms way, both militarily and economically. So how is Healthcare and Social Secuirty coming along? (Sound of crickets) Thats what I thougth. Well I do feel better about not having kids. I look at the future and all I can see is that they are so screwed.

So what is your plan George, replace idiots at the White House with other morons. How about trying to actully do your job or outsource it to some one who can.

Man, I definitely need to go kick the ass of my college advisor. I should have inquired about changing my major to failing upwards, because look what it has done for Bush. God wouldn't it be so nice at times to be that dumb, so that nothing ever bothers you.

I think when the elections comes the Dems just need to pull out a Republican Classic. "Are you better off today than you were six years ago?" I think that thanks to the Maddness of King George that it will also work in 2008.

But I have trying to stay in the opium den of Sports, with mixed results.

The Sox continue to kick some ass and take names. Caught then when they came into town. Saw the last two games of their weekend sweep. It is fun, but I think it is getting harder and harder to sit and watch the games. I get all Rain-Man rock back and forth for three hours and I do not get the joy I should being at the stadium. But it is sure as hell better than watching them get clubbed, or blow a big lead. So at this rate, I think I am moving closer to a nice padded room.

The Draft, I have been going all Mel Kiper the last few weeks. I have been pouring through my volumes of draft info. I am still trying to figure out if this was a good or bad draft for the Broncos and the rest of the NFL. I did have a moment where my wife may have thought that marrying me may have been an error. I got into a tizzy when I learned that both ESPN and the NFL Network where covering the draft. To which I whined, "I need a second TV to watch both, I feel I missing something". I am not well.

The Lakers, just when it looks like they have figured it out they soil them selves. They had Game 6 won, and let it slip through. So it back to Phoenix for Game 7, which has a good undercard. I will take Kobe in 10 rounds, but I think the Suns win. Ending the possibility of a Lakers/Clipper matchup. Which is a really telling sign that the world was coming to an end, because the Clips would be favored.

Hockey - Thankfully I was spared the Kings flame out. I am going to put it all on Roenick. You pissed off Slappar and brought us the bad mojo. This team should have been in the playoffs. And maybe even won a round. Since the top four seeds in the West were bounced. Which makes me think that the regular season is not very meaningful. I have tried to watch, but it hurts to not see the Kings and Lucky playing. He did not deserve that, he was Mr. King. Sadly I have to be happy he won a title with Detroit. Oh I hate saying that. Thankfully the Oilers made me feel a little better by beating them. Add that the Ducks are still in just make things worse. Well this just means I have to look to Buffalo to root for since I know two lads who are trying to will them to Lord Stanleys Cup. I am planning to help the cause by trying to find Brett Hull and break that toe that caused the people Buffalo such agony.

Soccer - Well we will live through another year of having to hear Chelsea crow. I thought the Reds would have put up a fight to make a statement, but they didn't. With Rooney getting hurt it looks like this will be another World Cup the English are going to suffer through. The English have turned this into a art. It seems that they are losing players to foot injuries left and right. Right now I like Argentina. I think Brazil can be had if it is forced to play D, but then do you have to play D when you have Ronaldinho.

Thanks for listening, next up the "Rip Taylor Power Hour"

I was working on the last installment when I had to get up and walk away from the keyboard. I need to yap about something else. I promise to get back to it, someday.

Welcome back to the Bataan Death Marches of trip recaps. I promised myself I was going to finish. So once again into the breach.

Our group hopped into the Ford Odyssey and went a cross the boarder to partake a three day weekend in Dublin.

After some traffic issues we made it to Dublin. Just in time for a nice hail storm.

I know, not very interesting. When you come from the land of no snow, it is.

We stayed at the stately Oliver St. John Gogartys, in Temple Bar.

A nice little place to visit, but not sleep. Then we should have known that trying to get some sleep in a hostel in Temple Bar would go as well as our president trying to spell chrysanthemum. But it worked out, well except for the drunk snoring Italian gentleman who roomed with us. The man sounded like he was clear cutting old growth forest, in his drunken slumber. Let's just say I almost got up and yelled at the revilers across the way for being too quite. I needed them to drown out the snoring.

The Temple Bar Area was nice, very tourist, but then we came as tourist. It was also all we could secure. If we go back to Dublin, we will try to upgrade.

After unpacking and lunch we hiked over to Trinity College.

We went over to take a gander at the Book of Kells, and view this.

Throw in a Becket exhibit and I will say I was very well pleased with the tour.

Our group then scattered to the four winds. The Better Half and I then took in the sites. Took a little bus tour, walked around Temple Bar, crossed the Liffey checked out the GPO, the "Stiletto in the Ghetto" and Graffton Street. Sadly no Guinness Tour this time.

Also had a bitch of time trying to find the correct change crossing the Ha'penny bridge. Man I could for the life of me figure out how many Euros it was.

Note, one of the best parts of this trip came right after this picture, when I saw some guy sporting the Chicago White Sox World Championship Hat. I tried to flag the guy down but I failed. Sigh!

Here some more of the visual hijinks.

Mmmmmm, Guiness. Enjoying a pint on our music pub crawl.

This was outside of the hostel, apparently this is what our snoring Italian drank the night before.

Before we left town the Better Half and I took in an exhibit on Medieval Dublin, where we were rocketed back in time and where I continue to be a freaking clown

Hello nice doggie.

Just crushing in my ye' olde Kangoo.

Look it is either the Medieval version of Boba Fett or a Special Need villain from the old Batman TV Series.

As you can see, I had a tiff with one of the locals, which lead to

Yep, I was sold to a nice Viking family, I am now living in Greenland, which is not green.

All in all it was a good weekend and we made it back in one piece.

Good news is that I got this done, bad news is I still have still have London to do. I know you all sick of this. I promise this reign of terror will end soon. I may take a break from recapping.