Damn Gap sales person. I know $8.99 marked down from 38.99. Well at least I am not in a really crappy color. As the Better Half has pointed out. "Why do they keep making clothes in these %$#$ing colors that no one wants?" Well at this price I can buy some nice khaki's to go with me.

Well it is a big weekend for the Sox. The Cubs and their rabble of elitist fans come to the Cell. All I want is the Cubs to be shamed and beaten into submission. War Harold Baines!

We also have guests coming in tomorrow, so that will be fun. Then we get ready for Atlanta. Then sadly I will have to get back to work. I have been enjoying my time off. It takes me back to Summer Vacations of my youth. Hell I watched a little bit of Bonanza for the hell of it. Not because I liked it, it was on in the mornings and when you don't have cable you have limited choices. It also has the feel of days as a "Attractions Host" aka Ride Op at Disney. Well the big difference is I am not living like a vampire. When I would start work at 4:45. Finish at 1:30 AM. Anytime I was up before noon was a rarity.

Well I must shuffle off terrorize the employees at Sports Chalet.

Yes another day blogging from mall. Again I would like to thank the Orange County Museum of Art and their lovely lounge here at Crystal Court. Wow, I feel like Merv Griffin when he use to do his show from the Hilton in Vegas. Wait does this mean I have to sexual harass Danny Terrio of Dance Fever fame now? Err...I mean allegedly harass? As you can see I watched way too much TV as child.

Well the Spurs won, yawn. Thanks to the set up at Castle Boski, I was able to watch it. Saw nearly all of it, which again proves I will watch anythign with a score. They are both good teams, well coached, but damn it is tough to watch at points. I am just not a fan of 3 plus minutes of no scoring. Sorry, I just do not find it sintilating.

Screw the Lincoln/Douglas debates. They got nothing on Cruise vs. Lauer. Can we get the Croc Hunter to come out and capture Tom before he goes on a rampage. Wow, Tom I did not know you read so many papers on the subject. Hell I did not know you could read. Hey Tom speaking of your religion which I do not have a problem with. If you do enjoy it so much why aren't you mingling with those who are not famous and those who want to learn more? Look I can understand why you have some separation from the stars and the commoners, but the Bishops and Cardinals have to press the flesh with flock. Hey I am just saying.

Oprah we are sorry, I forgot that you are above rules. You know Oprah if you were the one holding the event and someone barged in you would have been pissed and blamed Hermes for have people intrude on you and your group. But I will retract this if there was racial comments thrown, but everyone on the planet does not know you. So would your shopping been worth the jobs of the employee who let you in. Of course not, unless they were Oprah book club members then you would have gotten them a copy of What Colour (since it is France) Is My Parachute". Why do we need to know who the hell Gayle King is? I am glad you are Oprah's friend, but I do not need to know who you are. Oh, thank God Tom Cruise is going to call and see how Oprah is doing.

How the hell do you sleep at nights you %$#%ing bastard. Yeah, Gitmo is just another Club Med.

Yes another day and a another trip the mall to blog. I only have till 4. Mom's picking me up.

I think a stake to the heart my be the best hope. After watching "American Dad" last Sunday, I think Mr. McFarland was too kind. Mr. Rove, please go make sweet love to a working table saw. I could ramble in rage, but I won't.

Hey Donald to say it was a "quagmire" would be an understatement.

Maybe they heard how great the rice pilaf and chicken was.

How can America survive with knowing?

"Kids, don't f with Grandpa today."

Boski's TV Corner

Kids if you are not watching Reno 911!, then shame on all of you.

Also I am loving this season of "Entourage". I am just waiting for Ari to say something that will top "Hug it out bitch!" Congrats to you Mr. Piven this makes up for the "Cupid" disaster. Props to the special effects people on the show. I do not know how they do it but I find Kevin Dillon funny. Boy that Spielberg is something.

The feel good hit of the summer has opened an 8 1/2 game lead over the evil Twins and 9 1/2 over the Tribe who I also hate with a passion.

We will see what this team is made of come the end of July and August. When we get into it with the Twins, Yankees, the O's, Indians and Red Sox. We will see if this team is for real.

Damn it, we can not screw this up. This team owes it to the White Sox Village to win. We have had enough I want to be able to hold something over Cubs fan other than Bartman.

The past few weeks it has been difficult to get on and bang out these pearls literary genius. Thanks to being a free agent and not having a computer to use at home. I have resorted to blogging at the Orange County Museum of Art annex at Crystal Court. Which is not too bad except having to hear same bad poems read over and over in a Russian accent, along with a bad film of a guy wandering New York City taking random shots of what he finds interesting. Don't get me wrong I do enjoy the arts and I try to have culture that is not yogurt. Well its free and there is A/C so I should not bitch, much.

Red Head IT man, please finish the healing of our computer so I do not have to be trailed by mall security any more.

I find it tough to imagine, but here you go.

I wonder if she has "God Save the Queen" in her playlist?

20 quid says she downloaded all of her music illegally.

The Better Half and I have been asked to go to Atlanta as a part of the volunteer work we do. Yes, Team Boski is out in the community trying to acts of good in the OC, for Habitat for Humanity. If you are long time reader of this virtual birdcage liner. You know that we have actually gone abroad for HFH. It is something the Better Half and I really believe in. I will not bore you with all that right now.

So we are off to Atlanta. I think I can almost say this will be the first "business trip" I have ever had. I wonder if this means I do not have to ride with the luggage? We will be there for a couple of days so we are working on what we can see and do in a limited window of time. The Braves are out of town, so no Turner Field this time. Also I found out that it cost $10 to do the CNN tour. Is it worth it? I mean do I want to drop cash to see them feed Wolf Blitzer? But it would be worth it to sucker punch Nancy Grace. I am not advocating violence against anyone, but I think since Nancy is the offspring of Satan and Pia Zidora, it would be allowed.

As I was ranting yesterday. I got to thinking about the Karen Carpenter reference. It made me think why didn't they ever do a greatest hits album for her and call it, "Karen Carpenter, the Lean Years". Again I it is just a thought. I know that this will get me a trip to hell. But then the way things are going in the world it might be better there.



Why did it take three years and nearly 2,000 American lives and countless Iraqis to see that Bush was not serious about trying to find a diplomatic solution. That this military and religious hunta sent out troops into a quagmire without the right numbers, or equipment, but the most incriminating fact. This administration had no fucking clue about what was going to be done after the fall of Sadam. All the while we are letting North Korea menace Asia (which I believe is being enabled by China, but that is this man's opinion). And we are pushing Iran into a corner which will only help the Islamic extremist in Iran. Fantastic George, wonderful job.
But will enough people care. Or will they be too busy waiting for Michael Jackson's TV show, or the Runaway Bride. Damn, look I am one who thinks that real life makes the best stories. As I have mentioned before I love reading non-fiction. But as for TV so called manufacturer's (poorly at that) reality sucks a hell of lot of ass and we have to end it. You see folks the majority of "Reality TV" is crap. You can see that TV is going the WalMart route and instead of creating a story and characters you put on some shallows show that has a Karen Carpenter thin premise and cram it with a-holes who are either the greatest actors or just another compelling argument against Darwin. What do you get. You get distorted reality done really cheap that networks can make a ton of money. How do you think Big Brother stays on. Arrrggg it is just frustrating. The worst part is I do like the Gordan Ramsey series (folks he is not acting he is that way). And Team Boski do watch car wreck TV. Yes we have watched a lot of Real World/Road Rules Challenge and others. So I will go and flog myself.


Come on.

As an alum from CSUF, it angered me to see us soil ourselves this weekend and lose the Super Regional at home. Nothing says failure like blowing a five run lead. Our baseball program is the one thing that made me feel some pride for the Tuffies. But Sunday, I was ready to tell people I did not go there only went to Fullerton JC. Great, now I have to wait for the fall and Titan Football, oh I forgot we lost that in 92. Damn.

Because I really need to know where you anger is coming from since. Is it that you hate my blogging. Fair enough, but please let me know before you go and destory what I am working on. Just a suggestion.

Well we heard back from our Red-Headed IT guy, who is working on our computer. He let us know that we did not unintentionally delete our hard drive. The only problem was the 200 GB hard drive from Fry's sucked a whole lot of ass. So right now we maybe able to retrieve documents, but we will have a problem with photos (Sucks!) But worst of all we lost a shit load of music. We will have some of the music the Better Half. But almost all of the music I downloaded, while behind a firewall instead of doing work is gone. Gone, daddy, gone, love is gone. Look I worked real hard to steal that music and now it's gone. I blame Fry's and the recording industry. Just as I was going to try to join the Dan Tobin Mix-Tape Club. Damn it!

Saw this story. But we all know that it does not say "Keep Trade Fair". What it really says is:

"Seriously, did we just name our kid Apple. Damn Gweny, I was just kidding."

Either that or,

"Wow, this shit is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S!"

WTF? Was this guy going to a Jackyl concert? If he was he should have been detained then destroyed by Animal Control. Nope, he was just a you normal wacko who kills his neighbors. Great, I am glad that we are doing a great job with the borders.

Does anyone know what horrible song they are going to use for the NBA finals commercials? I just want to be prepared.

It is times like this, I really miss Lakers vs. Celtics , and not just the EA Sports game. I miss an NBA Final that is a seven game battle royale. In which you see great defense, but teams score in the 100's because they shoot and they try a little thing called a fastbreak.

So it looks like there are more problems in 49er land. It seems that there was another not so tastful video was made. Just imagine what those tape could have been if they NFL films got their hands on them. Just imagine John Facenda doing the voice over and some Sam Spence music the 49ers could have pulled it off. You would be able to watch it and think you saw the greatest thing ever and not know that it was supposed to be offensive. You would have thought the 49ers took a bunch of sterotypes and molded these misfits into Super Bowl Champs. Hey, just a thought.

Actually the worst part is that there is another offensive tape that will trump both of these disturbing videos. Wait for it. . .

the 2004 49er Team Highlight video.

Thank you everyone, I am here all week. Then I will be blogging at a Greyhound Bus Station near you.

Finally went to see my doctor. The Better Half got tired of seeing me hobble around the house and seeing me rap my knees and ankles in ice. Got in and he took a look at me knee and let me know, "Mr. Boski, I think you need to hang up the running shoes, it looks like you have some degeneration in your knees". I am 33 years old and I felt like 63 hearing that. Look I am no Sebastian Coe, but I liked running. Even though I do not very fast or gracefully, I loved the feeling of finishing a nice run Never got that runner's high but still it made me feel that I had achieved something. Even though if you looked at me you would not know now that I do like going to the gym. I get up at 5:00 AM and go, five times a week. Oh no go ahead, I will wait till you are done laughing.

So no more running, just the bike and elipical machines from now on, along with lifting. I do not know what is more sad; that I can't go and run like I use to, or that even now I am still a better athlete than I was in High School.

Well I have to go and start looking for my Rascal. Maybe I could get it pimped out so it could be a Dizzee Rascal.

I read this and I wish to drive my car through Six Flags Over Yorba Linda. Arrrgh.

How do I feel about the nominations of Janice Rogers Brown, William Pryor and Priscilla Owen.


To get me past the last post. The Sox are now 20 games over .500. Last time they were was in 2000 when we last won the AL Central. But I am confused, was it a one inning game, because I saw the final as 2-1. Strange, next you are going to tell me that Nomo will throw a no-hitter there.

Sadly for the longest time I held hope that Blair was not a bad guy. Sure he has made some bad decisions, but a man who wanted to get something done. Well that has all ended for me. I can not believe anything he says. You went along with the Bush Administration on the WMD in Iraq. You are such a weasel that I think your own party leaked the Downing Street memo. Which has not really been discredited by Straw or MI-6, so Mr. RNC you can f yourself. Which could get me going on the whole issue about how the CIA and the Administrations ignored and bypassed any really serious debate about Iraq. Which you all know, so I will not bother. But Mr. Blair you have failed in my eyes in Northern Ireland. Great job Tony, I can see now all the hard work of the Good Friday Agreement is now out the window. Wonderful the process is going backwards. Were is the drive to get elections going and a government to sit so people can move on. Instead we are still at a stand still. The IRA needs to be disbanded, Sein Fein needs to make that happen. Because there is nothing that angers me more than see Ian Paisley look like he is correct. But even if the IRA puts down their guns and goes away there will still be a problem. The Hardliners still want things the way they were back before the Trouble's. I hear Paisley Jr. is as bad or worse than dear old dad. Who in my opinion has as much blood on his hands as the IRA. Oh he never killed anyone, but he inspired enough hatred. Also what is being done about the paramilitaries on both sides that hide behind politics, but are nothing more than hoods. So Mr. Blair where are we? What's that I hear crickets. Thanks, thanks a lot. Even if you do somehow magically make things better there, you are still a dick.

Sorry to bore everyone, had to get that out.

A question for everyone. It may be a slam dunk, but I am still going to ask.

Right now, would this administration and the cabal who support it think that Al Haig is a pot smoking hippie by their standards? Even though Al is in charge.

This just in James Watt thinks that Bush administration needs to do something about the environment.

Also, vaudeville died too soon, you know what killed it. I'll tell you. The talking pictures that's what. Sorry about that, but I think Kim Jong Il and George Bush would have made a great comedy act. Right now they would be a scream, if they did not both have nuclear weapons!

Hey Russell, look everyone loved the old phone company ad campaign of 'reach out and touch someone' , but why did you have to go all Wil Cordero all over the hotel concierge?

Jackson trail still going on. The jury deliberates. Michael's ill, Joe's Mad, Nancy Grace is still horseshit. Who cares. Look I think the bigger crime is why Tito is not a bigger star.

White Sox still in first. Mmmmmmmmmm, first place.

Shaq, sorry big man. I would enjoy this more if Kobe was not such and ass. But serves you right. No you could not stay in shape playing in L.A. But you get in great shape in Miami. Hey see it like you were still here. Eddie Jones failed in the clutch, again. Look if you are the MVP, you win that game. Hurt or not you have to play big in the big games. Russell did, Jabbar did, Duncan does. As for the finals it will go seven games and be very boring.

Well back to coal mine.

Now please enjoy VH1's Behind the Music "Bad English - Grammar was not the only problem"

But wow this blog sucks. I have to find someone else to come in and make my life more interesting. But who wants to be me? Maybe I can find a troubled harpiscord player, or an unassuming South American autocrat. I just don't know what to tell you.

Well lets see.

I think the patients should be happy they got moved. They were not forces to listen to her.

Thank goodness this was not a Catholic ceremony. "Hey honey, which cravass did we park the car next to?" I did here they held a kick ass bash at base camp.

It looks like the celebration of the Red Sox World Series continues on a grand scale.

No doubt most of these signatures will be in crayon.

Take that Rene.

A sad day for the NBA and the ABA. Did you know that two of the ABA's commishioners were on the NBA top 50 list and are both dead. There is one that will get a conversation rolling.

Hey Jamal can I borrow you phone I have to do some business.

That is it for now. Please relax and enjoy Dance Fever - The Ultimate Fighting Championship Edition.

Well he would be trying like hell to get out of his grave. No I am back for more bad blogging. Again it sucks, I have very little access here at work. They actually want me to do something here. Also the home PC has gone walkabout and is being looked at our friend. The computer decided that all of our photo's, documents and most importantly music just did not need to be on out computer any longer. We are hoping that my friend can talk our PC down from the ledge. He going to find out if the computer is bluffing, because the Better Half and myself will be pissed if all the music we downloaded is gone. Well that will teach me never to trust a Commodore 64.

So I just have my stolen moments to type away.

Well I need to let everyone know that Blogger cut me the other day. It felt I had too big of a cap number to justify my craptastic blogging. Oh sure I resigned at league minimum, but I think I will be probably cut in August to be replaced by a blog about Hello Kitty. If I am cut I may have to look to Arena Blog of CFBlog. Maybe I could be the Kurt Warner of Blogging. No wont happen, the Better Half does not have the crazy like Kurt's wife.


June 1st

The White Sox are still in first. Okay we were in first last year at this time, but this time it has a better feel to it. Again last night another walk-off, even though it should have been settled before the bottom of the 9th, but hey this team is winning the way you need to win in October.

P.S. Ozzie, it would be okay if you guys beat teams by more than a run or two. Thanks.

Please enjoy the Famous San Diego Chicken's interpretive dance.

I really enjoyed hearing Henry Kissinger, Liddy, Buchanan, and others talking about how shameful it was that Felt leaked info. I am sorry but anyone who thinks that if Felt had gone through proper channels that anything would have been done? They would have buried it and Felt somewhere in Northern Virginia. They are making it sound like if they had that Nixon and everyone would have played ball. Hell No! This was an administration that had broke the law to ensure an election that Nixon was going to win anyway. Look Nixon was a smart man who had a lot of personal issues. Not as bad as Stone makes it out to be in "Nixon". Hey Henry I do not think you have the right to call anything shameful considering your record. Great job with Vietnam. Thanks. How much blood is on your hands?

To top this, nothing like hearing some of the talking heads on Fox bashing Felt. I felt they were trying to say that Watergate was not a bad thing and it was wrong to go after the president, unless he from Arkansas or a democrat. What are they preparing us for Bush. Hell he does not have anything to fear. After watching the "press conferences" he holds. No one is going to roll on George. Even if someone does no one will listen they will be too worried about the Michael Jackson case or some other crap the "news" rolls out. Arrrrrggggggggggggggggg. Enough of that. Just wanted to share.

Thanks for watching. Coming up Great Moments of Falcon Crest.