Well this weekend was the annual Fantasy Basketball league version 12.0. Who would have thought that a league that got started because I just did not want to go to Art History would still be around. Sure we are down to nine teams but still going. Knowing that there is only nine teams keeps me from finishing 10th this year. One day I am going to figure things out and get in the money.

So with no further adieu here is your Old Dirty Bastards (former Carver High School)

Chandler, Tyson C
Foyle, Adonal C
Martin, Kenyon F
O'Neal, Jermaine F
Odom, Lamar F
Rose, Jalen F
Simmons, Bobby F
Bryant, Kobe G
Harris, Devin G
Jaric, Marko G
Terry, Jason G
Wade, Dwyane G

As you can see there is some talent there but I really missed at the end of the draft. Since it is bid auction it makes even more of a bitch. So here is shooting for 7th.

The UCLA Bruins scare and amaze me. Week after week they find a way. I just wish they could just come out and beat the teams they are supposed to. Come on as impressed I was with the ending, Stanford lost to UC Davis. But hope is still alive that UCLA will be the one to end USC's streak. The chances of it happening are very slim even if they get through to Dec 3. undefeated. I hate to say but SC is good, not as good as last year, but they are scary.

The Kings are still in first. I think as long as Avery can piss everyone else off in the league long enough we will get to the playoffs. I will say the ending of the Sharks game was total horseshit. Roenick get pulled down in front of the net and then they call a hook the other way.

The Broncos thrilled me, scared the shit out of me and thrilled me again in the span of 3 hours. A great start, then it got a little too close, but they made a stand and put it to the Eagles.

Jake Plummer has gone 5, count them 5 games without an INT, couple of had a couple today, but didn't. In fact the last one he threw was not even his fault. Jake, I hate the beard, but love the play. Keep it up Jeremiah Johnson.

Next up is a bye week, then the Raiders and then it gets all crazy down the stretch with games on Thanksgiving and a bunch of Saturday games.

Last note from the sports desk. The White Sox are still the World Champions. I will never get tired of typing that.

Sorry I have been slow to update. Thursday I freed myself from the bonds of the O.C. and travel to L.A. to bid an L.A. farewell to the Torvil and Dean of Blogging, Dan and Meaghan. Unfortunately, the Better Half could not make it so I was on my own. This was also a wonderful opportunity to meet a few other wonderful bloggers who I have the pleasure of reading. It was good to meet you Senior Slappar, even though thanks to Antonio Gates I was able to pull out a victory this weekend. I expect a virtual brick any moment now. Also enjoyed speaking to the man behind MakeMineMike. I know I spoke to others but since the 9 volt in my head was low on juice I have forgotten. Bad Boski, bad! I have made a note to take myself behind the woodshed for that gaffe. Again a wonderful evening was had by all. I think that may have been due to the fact the Vespa gang was no where to be found.


Paradise Found.

We won, we won, we won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

World Champion Chicago White Sox, I can type that and it is not a typo or a pipe dream.

Before I get started I have to do one bit of crowing. I did this at the Big A after game five of the ALCS, but instead of yelling it to a group of fans; I have you my blogging audience. Please forgive if your team is mentioned, this more for the “experts”.

Can anyone tell me where the Twins are today?
Not here.
Can anyone tell me where the Indians are today?
Not here.
Can anyone tell me where the Tigers are today?
Not here?
Can anyone tell me where the Red Sox are today?
At home.
Can anyone tell me where the Yankees are today?
At home.
Can anyone tell me where the Angels are?
At home.
Can anyone time where the Astro are?
Going home.
Can anyone time me where the Cubs are?
Sure as hell not here, but they are at home stewing in their own juices.

The experts were wrong, dead wrong. Hell, I will give myself a verbal bashing for not always being positive.

A wonderful season that started with a 1-0 victory ended with a heart pounding 1-0 victory. A game in which, I sweated, twitched and pleaded till the final out. The team that just could not stand the limelight is now basking in it. This team got on the big stage and made the best of it. They lost only one game during the month of October. Not bad, considering they stared down a monumental collapse square in the eye. But why do I have to bring up old shit.

When that last out reached the glove of Paulie (thanks to Juan Uribe, a cast off of the Rockies, who made two amazing defensive plays with all the chips on the table). I sat there in total amazement and awe. Other than hugging my delirious wife, I sat there stunned. It happened. It was no longer a wish, it was now fact. Not only for me but for all my fellow constituents. Ozzie led us to the promise land. Seeing this team do it makes this so special. This team from player 25 up to the owner was a microcosm of my fandom of the team.

An owner who took over in the early 80’s (birth)
Harold, Ozzie and I think I saw Pudge during the celebration (childhood)
GM Kenny Williams (those dark awkward teen age years when times were rough)
Frank Thomas, Joey Cora and Tim Raines (young adulthood – a time of joy and time for sorrow)
Konerko, Buehrle (the I am trying to find myself period)
The rest of the team (everything finally comes together and you see that it was all worth it)

I just stared at the TV at B.J. Chicago’s Pizza in Laguna Hills. Seeing them put up 2005 World Series Champs. My wife seeing me in this wonderful, misty (yes I got teary eye, what do you want to make of it), catatonic state kept telling me they did it and it was for real.

We paid the bill and when I got outside, I got on the unicycle of happiness and ran up and down El Toro Blvd and the parking lot yelling jumping up and down and also injuring my shoulder as I did rolls on the grass. But so worth it.

It got better even after the failed attempt to drive by Fox Sports Grill. Got home sat down to watch WGN, when my wonderful wife again made the push for Best Wife for Goofy Husband Award. She called me to the backyard. Where she proceeded to pull out a bottle of bubbly that was from our Wedding Day and proceeded to douse me with it. That is a great wife right there. I had to be the Sox, the bottle was almost ready to pop on its own.

It is simply amazing, to see WGN broadcast the celebration from Houston and in Chicago and knowing I was watching the Cubs channel (cue Nelson Munz). I got teary eyed again even watching the highlight montage with a cheesy song, which I now like since I am going to always attach it to these past few weeks.

But the journey is done, which brings me to the only bad part of this whole thing. Why did we choose “Don’t Stop Believing”? We really need to see Steve Perry get a check. Come on people we can do better. Look when CSUF won the 1995 College World Series we at least used “Honky Tonk Woman” by the Stones, since no one knows what CSUF’s fight song really is.

Sore shoulder and all I finally laid my head to rest. I was drained but happy very happy.

So as we awake this morning hope is alive. (I know it is silly and there are a lot bigger things going on and I have not forgotten that there is a lot of bad shit going on, I am talking about the hopes of sports fans. Hope should be alive for all the teams we root that are “lost causes”. Since if the sins of Black Sox can finally be put to rest maybe it can come for the others who wait.

For Bills fans that the day will come where Scott Norwood can be forgiven.

Saber fans not to be haunted by Brett Hull and his toe.

L.A. Kings fans (I know a rarity) can throw Mc Sorley’s bent stick on to the victory bonfire.

Arizona Cardinal Fan to see what football is like in late January.

Fans of Northern Ireland and Ireland to watch their teams play in a World Cup again or just even play in one together.

Astro fans to be able to hold there heads high like Jose Cruz’s fro.

The Saints to finally go marching to a Super Bowl (this one is a pipe dream since the Saints will not be the Saints soon. Say hello to your San Antonio/L.A. Whatever’s)

But hope is a live and still likes to see the underdogs win from time to time. The patience and the disappointment can be more than you want to handle, but the reward was worth it.

I must thank all of you out there who have passed on your best wishes for the Sox during the post-season. I also want to thank my favorite former Yankee fan who came out west, became an Angel fan, who really was secret St. Louis Browns fan, since that is who he saw a lot growing up in the Bronx. Thanks Dad, I going to say you had a hand in this and called in a couple favors upstairs. A wonderful father, teacher and friend, who taught me to love baseball and anything with a score.

This fall has moved baseball back into my head. Football is still in the lead, but the gap has closed greatly. Just means I have to better my sport watch skills. I think I have the drive and desire to do it.

So thank you White Sox, thank you. Thanks go from Baines, Guillen, Fisk and to all the guys like Dave Martinez, Lyle Mouton, Ivan Calderon (R.I.P.), Ron Karkovice. Even Chris Snopek, Daryl Boston, Greg Grebek and Paco Martin. Jerry Dibzinski you can come out now, you are forgiven.

Oh hell while we are here:

Top 10 White Sox Teams (during the Boski years)

1. 2005 – Did you even have to ask
2. 1993 – The first team I really got to follow and truly see win, but the playoffs killed me
3. 1983 – Winning Ugly and the South American Airline Uni’s.
4. 1994 – This team should have been the won to win it all. Great pitching and Frank Thomas killing everything. We should have won it. Stupid strike.
5. 1990 – God, this team was ugly but they won and had no business doing so. They had pitching, D and no hitting. But they hung in against a great A’s team. Scrappy bunch.
6. 2000 – These guys come out of nowhere and won. Still remember the road trip where they went 7-0 to really show this team was not fucking around.
7. 1991 – Year one of the cool uni’s and the new stadium and first full year of Frank Thomas. If they had not lost that game in Baltimore I think they fight the Twins to the end.
8. 1982 – My first Sox team by Kenner.
9. 1996 – Faded down the stretch, but they had Harold and I saw them at New Comiskey.
10. 2003 – Year One of Ozzie Ball, yes we faded, but we had a manager who did not take it sitting down. See number 1.

I look at my watch and see that we are half and hour or 35 ads for House/Bones/Prison Break.

I want this to end here and now so I can get to the savoring of finally seeing the White Sox win and so I can get back to a normal life.




People, to show you that I am not insane and you should watch this show.

Your honor(s), I rest my case.

Fisher DeBerry what the hell where you thinking?

Hey Coach DeBerry, is there any truth to the rumor that you are going to hire Barbara Bush to head recruitment?

I typed out that little message in the 4th last night sitting at bar watching the game. Damn, I love it when I am wrong. It took them a lot of time and crap load of drama to win another memorable one.

They came to play.

Last night a wonderful and terrifying ride on the White Sox Rollercoaster o' Fun. At the end of last nights game after a couple of minutes of tired celebration I told the better half, " I am getting too old for this shit".

To steal from Homer, "The White Sox, is there anything they can't do?"

Last night they gutted one out. Last night if you did not know who played for the White Sox you found out last night. It looks like the Sox did make a blockbuster deal at the trade deadline. They got Geoff Blum. Oh Kenny, you again amaze.

I know a lot of America did not see it, but this one had everything and more. I will have more, hopefully as the day moves along. Wow, that all I have right now.


Dear diary,

Well tonight looks like we get big steaming batch of "kick in the the teeth". Can't win them all.


Friday night my wife found something amazing.

The Mighty Boosh!

I almost hurt myself watching this show. Why have they been hiding this from me. I have only seen two episodes but I am hooked on the adventures of Howard Moon and Vince Noir. In one of the episodes they talked about the subject of Glam Folk. Just imagine two men on stools in cable sweaters singing "Scarborough Fair", while wearing Kiss face paint. Let that soak in.
Also the show goes over controversial point that the Human League is the
beginning of music, and everything before it was "tuning up". Please take the time to watch it if you have BBC America. If you do not either steal cable/satellite or break into a home that has it. You will be a better person for it. But then again I loved the Andy Milanokis Show.

Sunday morning we awoke to the dulcet tones of the hotel staff dropping the paper outside the door at 4:45 AM, but even though such adversity I made myself get back to sleep and by sheer will got to 9:45. But we had to get up and head deep into the heart of Bel Air to attend a service. We came along to see Millard Fuller speak and to see the NI HFH team be recognized. I will say that for Churches go Bel Air Pres does not mess around. We got in late and all the scalpers had were upper deck. After the service and some hanging out we escorted our friends back to their hotel, at which time I saw another celebrity and I am putting him on the A-List. Guillermo the head of parking lot security for the Jimmy Kimmel Show. Matt then hears the crickets. I know not a lot of people watch Jimmy Kimmel so this one may be scored as an error by the official comedic scorer. We then shared a nice lunch at the only Jerry's Deli that has a bowling alley(?????) It was good to spend time with the group in a setting where did not have to the meet and greet. After lunch it was time for us to part ways. They had one more engagement back at Bel Air and we had to head toward home since it was a school night. We wished them a "safe home". Then were off for home, but heading home meant going back to Burbank to watch Game 2.


That is how I can sum up game 2. I am glad to be on the right side of it. This was a classic, no matter who was involved. I think you got a little of everything. You had good pitching, bad pitching. Great base running and bad base running. You had drama and you had more drama. But sadly we had controversy again. Look, I will agree that the umps have not been sharp. But if any of you think this is some conspiracy to have the White Sox wins you are high. I think after 88 years we were so due for a couple of breaks, also lets not forget that the Stro's have had some help along the way. What pisses me off is that everyone will say that this is a tainted series that if, and that is still "if" we win that we were lucky. That if the Indians did not choke we would not even be here. But they made the playoff, won 99 games, beat the defending champions and took three straight on the road in the ALCS. So, I am guessing all of those were luck and the result of cheating or bad umping. (sorry practicing when the hecklers come)

My only major worry is that we may end up like the Royals who caught a break in 85 and have been awful ever since.

But enough of that, how about that game. Even though they played in shitty weather they put on a 3 act epic drama. We all thought it was over when Paul had homer to put them up 2 after Foulgate. But wouldn't figure and ex-Cub would try to screw things up. But Garner was smart to go with Vizcaino. Contact hitter against a young power pitcher. Jenks thinks he can just throw the heat by Jose was looking fastball and put it into play. He let physics do the rest. I think Podsednik intentionally threw the ball on the firstbase side, just so he could be the hero. Look, like everyone else I was just hoping for a hit, maybe a double. Certainly not an HR, but I am not going to complain. I did not think I was going to be as excited as I was after the grand slam, but when that ball got to the seats I surprising did. You know I am sitting there rapping with Joe, that is Mr. Mantegna to you and then bang! Game over. Actually I did have Mr. Mantegna sit next to, not due to looks, charm or ability to write, but because the seat next to me was open. He too was also very nice talking to everyone, even a boob like myself. White Sox games aside we enjoyed Taste Chicago and would go back when we are back in Burbank.

It was such a wonderful win and day, it made me be at ease that the Broncos lost to the Giants in a heartbreaker and the Kings (the next on the list of improbable teams to win it all that is due) lost a game they should have won. A shame after putting the hurt on the Stars earlier in the week. Hey I can not take all the sports mojo. Just need two more wins. Tonight we face Judge Roy in his court. Not going to be easy and Garland is not going to surprise them. But I was wrong last time.

P.S. Look we have some bad fans like those a-holes who attack Gamboa, as Mayor I will not condone this kind of behavior.

Sorry everyone, but I am now back to torture you with more.

This weekend again was amazing. Saw two great World Series games, helped put up dry wall, caught up with old friends and hop nobbed with mid-level to low level entertainment personalities.

It all started Saturday morning around 5:30 AM as we got our happy slappy assess out of bed and prepared to drive to Pacomia. We were off to go build with our friends from the Habitat office in Belfast. So we drove up to the 118 where all of a sudden I forgot who I was, craved jelly bellies and wanted to slow dance with Ed Meese. Then I realized I was on the Ronald Reagan Freeway. "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that rumpus room!"

We got to the site and meet our friends and saw the first and very minor celebrity of the day. Former Mrs. John Delorean herself. Makes sense she would be here, she spent time in Belfast and she has hosted them when they have come out. But next to seeing our friends from fair Belfast city, we were lucky to have the man who founded Habitat for Humanity there. It is a shame he is no longer with HFH (a long story and one I think is B.S., but that is one man's opinion), but he still cares and if you met you could not keep him away. Such a nice and genuine person who truly is doing something wonderful.

So we got to the work at hand and I realized that thank god they have real building pros out there, because a house is not getting built with me trying to assemble anything. Today I realized that I am not a very good dry-waller, but I am not too broken up over that. But after a day of toil and a wonderful lunch we were back to the wonderful Courtyard by Marriott, which actually it was nice. We scrubbed the drywall off and got ready for the moment we, well me and the wife all had been waiting for, the World Series.

So we were off to Burbank to a spot where there Sox fans. Got to the place about 5:00 grabbed a seat and sat back and took in my first White Sox World Series game. Let me tell you it was awesome.

Notes from a demented score card:

It looked like a party atmosphere at Comiskey II - electric Bugaloo. Even though on a much smaller scale Taste Chicago had a festival feel to it.

Ah the stars are out tonight. Meshach Taylor, George Wendt, Kathy Baker and the owner of taste Chicago Joe Mantenga. I told you low to mid-level stars. Again not as glamorous as the Cubs, but we have half of the Superfans (Da Bears) and Fat Tony.

God, I hate Roger Clemens. Time to move along Roger, you have had your time. To let you know how I feel about the Rocket read this.

Jermaine, it is good to see the long ball. Opposite field, nice touch.

Chasing Clemens - I wish we could have done more damage but I hope all of the Red Sox fans out there accept this small gift.

"Oh Wandy, you came and mopped up the middle innings. Oh Wandy, I need you to get give a homer."

Stupid pesky Astros can I enjoy a lead for more than an inning.

Oh wait Joe Crede will take care of that. Excuse me Mr. Crede are you channeling Greg Nettles or is it Brooks Robinson.

This Traveras character is going to be a problem.

Fox 11 out for some hard hitting fluff. Can't complain if it was not for them I would not be here watching. Downside, they put this mug on TV. There is "great" shot of me being all Rainman watching the game.

Jose is not sharp, but this tells me how good he has only allowed 3 runs and I think it was a "rough" outing. But he has been walking the wire.

Speaking of walking the wire how about the 8th Inning. Good to see that our bullpen is alive and well. Bad hair, but great pitching Mr. Cotts. I am so glad they found him a role and he has taken to it. I would have hated to see him go the way of Scott Ruffcorn.

Mrs. Boski's unwavering optimisim for the Sox.

Note to Bill Stoneman, thank you. I know he is not an Angel both on and off the field, but thank you for giving up on Mr. Jenks.

How about the fat man, he can bring it. 3 K in four batters. Tonight you stuck a blow for all the fat pitchers: Terry Forster (Former White Sox) LaMarr Hoyt (another), Rick Rueschel (Bo Jackson Homer is just about to land from the 89 All-Star Game), El Guapo, Charlie Kerfeld and Ferando Valenzuela.

Out number three and Sox win. We hooped and hollered. As retarded as it is everyone was high fiving everyone. Then mugged for the camera and then sat back and savored the win. Note Mr. Taylor, a very nice man took the time to talk baseball with Team Boski.

Then we hoped back into the car and ventured to a shindig at St. Martin of Tours for our Northern Ireland friends. They were being hosted to a Western hootinany, with line dancing. Again I thank the White Sox for making it to the World Series, it helped me avoid most of that. We got there at the end and hung out till it was time to scatter. So we weary folk from O.C. went back and crashed to end a wonderful lovely day. Even if the Sox had lost it would have been a very good day, okay just a good day. It was great to do something that makes me feel less of a bum and that will help someone.

Up next. . . Sunday , Sunday, Sunday!

What have I been telling you people.

Also why it is important for the Sox to win, it is to stick it the Cubs.

So Game One is upon us and I am already getting the butterflies. Of course Roger Clemens is pitching. Who else. I am hoping Roger soils himself and goes all crazy ala Game 4 of 1990 ALCS. But the Better Half and I are going to try to go to Burbank to watch the game. Saturday we have to be up in Pacomia. There is a group from Northern Ireland out here building and they have asked us to come up and join them. So it will be good to hang with our peeps from Belfast. Afterwards, Team Boski are going to try go to Taste Chicago in Burbank. The Better Half found out during the ALCS that it was a place for White Sox fans to watch the game. If we can't get in we will find a spot.

I promise to return to regular nonsense after the series.

Also BRG please forgive me for last weekend. I am sorry our teams had to collide on the gridiron and your Pats came up on the short end. Soon we can stop being enemies.

Last White Sox tid bit - Pierzynski is Polish for "He Hate Me".

Thanks for your patronage.

I do not know what is up with Blogger and the spacing on some of my entries. Still think that Blogger is a Cubs fan.

What a strange title. But kids, let me tell you that it is rewarding.

On a long, chilly, damp but glorious day the White Sox finally came out of the wilderness and into to the light. Team Boski did not have great seats for the game, but that did not deter us. In fact we did not even have seats. So Mr. Boski what are you saying. I am saying we paid exactly $0 for our tickets and parking. In fact we had not tickets, we crashed. But we crashed in a good name. We were manning the Habitat collection boxes for Katrina relief. So for couple of hours I was doing work for others. We did not gather too much, hey if you are going to buy a 25 dollar T-shirt, which will be on sale in a couple of days, you could drop a buck or two in the box. Hey I am just saying. Even with the bad weather our spirits were not dampened as we try to help our fellow man. As soon as our good deed was done. No one asked us to leave so we stuck around. So we watched most of the game from the concourse of the View level, no bother. It sucked out in the seats so we stayed dry. The game did not go as I hoped. I wanted an early knockout by the Sox. But even though we jumped out early the Angels hung in. The game was a little ragged. We made some mistakes on D thanks to the rain and the Angels made us pay. In fact the Angels managed to get a lead. I was fretting like usual when the we saw a sign that there was no way the Sox were going to lose. Around the 6th they showed up on the monitor that John Elway was in attendance. If that is not a sign that things are going Boski's way then I do not know. Here I am watching my White Sox who have my favorite baseball player of all time as a coach and now having Mr. Bronco Johnny Football in attendance that just sealed it. We snuck down to the concourse on the field level. Stood and watched the Sox tie it up thanks to Joe Crede homer off Escobar. Apparently he is the only guy who could hit him in this series. But in the 8th the Sox put together another rally and managed to get the lead. When the Angels brought in Rodriguez that they have to get to him now or they are going to have to hope they hold till they get to what's left in the pen. But tonight thanks to the weather K-Rod was not getting that slider to bite. So the Sox clawed and scratched and took what they could get (this time A.J. can not be blamed) and pushed another run across thanks to Crede's hit. It's 4-3 and we are 6 outs away. As we then snaked our way to the first base side, we watched the Sox pitching again dominate the Angels. Contreras, Buehrle, Garland and Garcia put the Angel bats into the sleeper hold. A hold that even the Hulkster could not get out.

When Kotchman's grounder got to Konerko and the third out was recorded it was finally real. The White Sox were going to the World Series. After wading through the masses and being directed and redirected by security we sent the next hour plus standing in the rain yelling and cheering with the other Sox fans who made the journey. I will say I was impressed with the number. Still not Yankee or Red Sox numbers, but more than I have seen over the years. Sure it was a special occasion, but still nice to see that I am not alone. I was on cloud nine. I did not care how sore my legs were from standing since 2:30 in the afternoon. Being amongst the fans, seeing the Sox celebrate is something that will be tough to top. The burgeoning small city yelled (Four More Wins!, Four More Wins), cheered (when the team came back out), mugged (for the Chicago TV stations) and sung (Na, Na, Na,Hey, Hey Goodbye) till security finally asked us to move along. But it was one of those surreal moments. It was like graduation. I spent these years rooting and following the team. Even though there were a couple of semester where I think I took a W. But I made it, I succeeded at being a fan and that fanatitism was being rewarded. I was moved to the point to yell at Jerry Reinsdorf ,"thank you." Even after the white flag and all the other failures he made things right. Team Boski then went into that good night and celebrated with other Sox fans. I caught a lot of them off guard in that I am not from Chicago. After hoisting one at the National Sports bar we headed over to the Hilton which I found out was where the team stayed. If I had only known that before 10:30 Sunday night. Had one more beer and soaked in the joy. Sadly missed Frank Thomas by 15 minutes, but still awesome to be there celebrating.

The best part of all of this was I got to see it with the person I wanted to share this moment with, my wonderful wife. Who has been there the last 12 seasons. There was only one other person I wanted to have there watching this with me. He was not a Sox fan, but he would have been happy for me and that is my Dad. I have a feeling he was looking down pulling a couple of strings. Thanks Dad, and if the Sox do win the Series, and there is DVD of the season I am going to take the laptop up to Holy Cross and watch with him.

or "Saturday Night is Alright for Game Fouring".

After a nice lie in and running some errands I began to get ready for game four. I was going thanks to my man Heffe. A good dad, husband, football coach and a hell of a guy. He had a game that afternoon which made the 5:00 game time impossible for him to make. Also he knows how much of White Sox fan I am. He was always there to give me a good ribbing back in the day. He was the other one of my friends/slash enemies I called after the Angels won the ALDS. So around four I left the humble Boski Lodge with wife. She did not have a ticket, but she wanted to go and watch the game near by so we could meet up afterwards.

So I go and pay my $20 so a spot in a lot outside of the stadium, which is only $10. Hey is this a bad omen. Also the nice weather the day before had changed to more fall. Well fall in Southern Call, breeze and clouds and we think winter here. I find my group, most ar people I have not seen in way too long. They are out tailgating watching the SC game. Apparently Saturday may have been one of those once in 100 years college football Saturdays. This tells you how much I have invested in the White Sox. I was not broken up that I did not witness much of that glorious football goodness. Even thought I did watch and enjoyed the end of the SC game. God I hate those guys, but that was a great game.

After some wonderful tacos, we get to the gate. And as we head to our seats, it seems like the Sox are doing a great reenactment of last nights first inning, by getting guys on, moving them over and then let Paulie up his price for free agencey. Another bomb and another 3 run first. The Sox were off to another fast start and great pitching performance. Although Garcia was not totally sharp he still was strong and went 9 innings and other than couple of spots he kept out of trouble. Tonight I felt better as we moved into the later innings. As soon as I saw Estaban Yan I knew we were golden. Are you telling me the Angels could not find anyone else in the farm system to take his spot. There not even a bad journeyman lefthander who could get you outs? I mean come on, what does he have on the Angels that he justifies that spot. But as the 7th ended, got a call from the BH that she was coming to the stadium to meet me. So as they Angel hopes were dashed in the 8th she made it and snuck in with her friend and we enjoyed the 9th down by the first base dugout. Not too shabby, now we sit at 3-1. I finally feel it is going our way and that we could wrap this up, but could they do it tomorrow. So the BH, our friend and I went over to grab a drink and soak in another win. Also to check scores, which to my amazement was the UCLA score. As game 4 started UCLA was down 28-7. I find out they came back and won 44 - 41. Why they hell am I not in Vegas. My teams are rolling. Man that beer was nice even with the drunk fools sitting a few tables over and the loud music, it was nice, so very nice.

One game away. One away from getting to the next and last step in ending the misery. Which seems like it could happen. But then I remember the 1986 Angels and thinking there was no way the Angels lose three in a row.

I am now going to try to recollect those three wonderful days of Black and White Bliss. No and is not a 3 day Specials Listening Marathon.

Day 1 - Friday I am in Love

At 4 o'clock on the 14th of October I ran from my cube to my car to race across this great county of ours to witness Game 3 of the ALCS. Again I would like to thank Bucky for giving up his ticket and for the King of the Desert Hooligans for getting the tickets.

At first things were not going as I hoped. The freeways sucked, so it was surface streets. Nothing like racing through Irvine and Tustin on a Friday. Since I was caught in traffic I thought was going to be screwed. My friends were waiting at the Block in Orange and walking over. At 4:30 I realized I was not going to meet them. So it was now a race just to get there before the second inning. Thanks Fox, you had to have this one start at 5 on a Friday. But thanks to my back roads travels I was able to get to less crowded section of freeway and was able to get to the Stadium around 4:50. As I saw the stadium I let out a war cry, since I was not going to be able to do it in the stadium. So I plunked down $10 bucks got a spot that I think may have been techincally in the Santa Ana River. Put on my White Sox shirt and said a prayer. Hey any little thing helps. Started my walk through the lot, which I got a couple of quizzical looks from Angels fans and got one, "Fuck the White Sox" from a moving car. Nice. But got to the gate and pulled out my freshly printed Ticketmaster ticket, which is nice in that my friends could e-mail it instead of waiting for my punk ass. But the downside is not having one of those cool ALCS tickets one that I could frame or burn depending on the outcome. The one thing I did miss and I regret is the team intro. I wanted to hear Harold Baines over the P.A. and be able to stand and cheer.

As I and my group of cherpas may the accent to our seats. I kind of went into a pregame panic/peep talk for myself. By the time I had gotten to the Hillary Step, I was getting light headed, sweating, heart racing and mouth dry. Either I was getting too worked up or I might be suffering from typhoid not sure. But grabbed a drink and met up with my friends and settled in for some fall baseball. Which did not feel like fall at all. It was broiling all day, so now as the sun was beginning its decent it was nice. It felt I was at a game in July, wish I had shorts.

So now it was game time and could we get the offense going and could Garland give us more than 5 good innings before the Angel bats wake up? Well those questions were soon answered and both were a resounding yes. Bam, the Sox get three in the first and Garland was simply fantastic. Here I am having little faith in the guy. Right now I have to do something I thought I would never do. Thank Paul Pressler. Who? He was the asshat who practically ran theme park operations into the ground and other crap. But he was the man who had final say on the Angels until they sold to Moreno. His one brilliant decision was nixing the Darrin Erstad for John Garland and Chris Singleton trade. Thank you, thank you thank you. Other than the Caberra HR in the 6th the Halo's did nothing. Speaking of Erstad how about them gunning him down at third. Garland like Buerhle, got a head of almost every batter ( I am sensing a theme). He was efficient and made the Angels pounds nearly everything into the ground. I should have been more relaxed toward the end, but not until out 27 was registered, I was not going to be at easy. That is life as "the glass is half empty and it could broken then then used to cut me" kind of optimist. For me watching the Sox the past few weeks has been getting me so wound up. I just don't watch, I go Rainman. I sit and rock back and forth. Constantly moving my hands and uttering things like,

"get on top stay on top"
"come on base hit"
"get there"
"go get it"
"make 'em work"
"oh crap, oh crap, oh crap on crap cracker"
"54 - 40 or fight!"

But tonight as much I as worried and fretted the played brilliantly and the Angels could not do anything. Not even the feces flinging monkey could not do a damn thing. Finally, shortly after 8:00 PM pacific time I witnessed the White Sox win in October, in person. Amazing.

Called the Better Half and listened to her scream with joy. I had not heard here yell like that since she got accepted to go aboard for her last semester. After bidding adieu to my man the KODH As I wander through the crowd. Walked out of the stadium and stood out front of the stadium at home plate and paused.

Could we actually do this?

I walked to my car and pondered that question. I watch the Angel fans trickle out of the lot. I listened to the fans on the post game show savoring every second of it. So much so I even went to the National Sports Bar, took a lap around the place and then headed home. Dumb, I know but when am I going to be in Haiti again.

Got home to the BH who was revved up about the game. She was nice enough to TiVo'd it. So after spending the last few hours seeing it, what do I do? Watched it, I watched the hell out of it. The win was so nice that I ignored Lou Pinella. During the viewing the BH and I began to talk about these crazy kids. To which, I came to the conclusion that they need to win, not for me, but for her. She was not a baseball fan before she met me, but she fell down the rabbit hole and became a fan, a White Sox fan. She has been really excited for this team since they hired Ozzie last year. She loves that she is seeing the players she watched in the beginning coaching the team. That this is a family and these are people who want to be here and be White Sox. Sorry I have something in my eye. She has grown attached to this team and has been the opposite of me. I still can remember a 96 game when she asked Ozzie why he tried scoring on a ground ball in the 6th the night before, in Spanish mind you. I found a gem in this one. I told myself I was not going to cry.

As I finally put head on pillow I went to sleep knowing that this was not going to be the typical White Sox post season run.

White Sox Win!

Groggy greeting from the mayors office. I stagger into work today a very happy man. The only weekends that top this are my wedding, my mom's 60th in Vegas and Super Bowl XXXII. But this was just simply fantastic. From Friday till the early hours of Monday morning having a drink with fellow White Sox fans. This as U2 (sorry Brian) sung, this was "better than the real thing." I am trying to put this all into something that might pass as readable. So again thank you for indulging me as I watch 24 years of waiting and patience come to fruition.

More to come.

Wha Happened?

that's how I will sum up game 2. You hate to see that happen, but sadly it does. Oh sure I sound calm since it was not my team at the short end. But right now I will take the win, because right now style points don't mean a damn thing. Also I have no shame.

Other than the lack of White Sox hitting, the only that angered me (near the point of Angel fans) was Lou Pinella. I swear Lou you could take just a little more time preparing and less time drinkey, drinkey (Allegedly!). With pearls like,"yeah the Angels want to try to win this in 9 innings." Seriously Lou, they want to win and do it in 9 innings that is Steven Hawkings brilliant. Did you hurt yourself thinking that one up?

Well I will not have to worry about that tonight. I realize that I have to be careful tonight, since I will be in a stadium with 45K rabid fans who are still pissed about game 2. So no airhorns, big foam hats or anything else that screams, "hey look at me I want you scorn." Tonight I am hoping to see a win, but also get out without incident. The mayor does not want to be impeached or impaled. I am someone who looks for trouble and then tells trouble that his manager needs to see him right now and runs far, far away. I just hope tonight I get the polite jabbing, good natured fan etiquette and not the beer dumping (I hope to god that it beer) yell in my face, throw me off the upper deck thunderdome treatment. Look at me I thinking like this is a Raiders game. All I know is if we win, no wild celebration, keep it cool and don't say a thing. Act is if you lost and for the home team. If we lose just keep cool and realize you will have some a-hole run up and yell. Just keep walking. Nothing should happen it Anaheim, but wait I do remember see my share of shenanigans at the Big A.

So tonight its Garland vs. Lackey. I know he won 18 games but I just don't feel totally confident in it. We have to get some early runs and more that means 2.

Last night the BH and I were coming back for seeing LCD Soundsystem. Yeah I know its a school night but the tickets were free and damn it "Daft Punk is Playing at My House". I have not been to too many shows in my life, but I do know a bad venue. The HOB in Anaheim, not a good place to see a show. But we have a good friend who works there so can't trash it too much. They just did not think things out when laying the plans out. But as we were coming home I was getting so nervous as we pass the Big A. Here they are playing on a big stage and I am going to see apart of it, for better or for worse. I had not been this nervous since Super Bowl XXXII when I went down to the S.D. to go to the NFL experience event at Jack Murphy(it will always be the Murph to me), since that will be the closest I get to seeing a Super Bowl.

Well look at the time. I have rambled about 300 words too long.

War Frank Thomas!

I am here at the new job, trying to do the best I can. But it has gone as smoothly as I had hoped. I know that I should not be surprised that I do not have everything mastered in under 2 weeks, but I feel like I flailing and flopping like any movie or TV project that has the name Steven Baldwin attached to it.

I am at that juncture where I am asking myself if I am right person for this position? I am I just being a wuss and scared of a challenge? Or am I going to hate myself and grow my self an nice healthy ulcer?

I took this job to get back in the work force and that this would be a challenge I wanted to take. Breakout of my rut and ask more of myself. So far they have told me that there is a lot to learn and that errors are to be expected, but I think I am making mistakes that are concerning them. I am trying to do everything I can, but when it seems I am progressing. Wham! Here comes a batch of screw ups that my supervisor has to fix and they have enough to worry about as it is. The making mistakes is apart of learning, but learning when it is dealing with sales and people's money then that is another matter. Next week I get thrown to the wolves. I get clients to manage and from what I have done so far filling in on the phones they may eat me alive. I know I am exaggerating a bit, but I have that sense of doom hanging over me (There being overly dramatic again).

The people here are very nice and I should not be surprised that this job is not a snap. Hey they told me this upfront. But my nervousness has jumped a couple rungs, because I do not want to let them down. I also do not want to disappoint the agency that sent me. If I "F" this up, then they will never send me anywhere that requires someone who can control their drooling (which I may be screwed as well).

I think this lunch hour I might be talking to my agency and the BH about my fears. I knew I should have not majored in the Carnival Sciences.

was the sound of a reality check hit me and the White Sox in the mouth.

It look like last nights game was a great example of Newtonian Laws if applied to baseball.

"Objects that are in motion will stay in motion while objects at rest will stay at rest."

So proving that 3 games in 3 nights was BS. The Angels are good and this team is built for the postseason (in my opinion). So this is going to be a very bumpy ride, which could be short if we can not start scoring some runs.

Now we face a must win (yes they are must wins), but they need to come to Anaheim split. Then hopefully they will show why they lead the league in road wins. Right now, thanks to good fortune I have a ticket for Friday, thanks to the King of the Desert Hooligans and former NFL punter (long story) Bucky Scribner. Now I just got word I may have a shot at Game 4 which I hope is not an elimination game. I am excited and nervous about going. I want to see this team and say I got to see a part of if it, if they win. But there is also a ton of trepidation in that the thought of plunking down a lot of cash to get mocked by fans and then watch your team lose may be a little much. Decisions, decisions.

Right now the mayor has to go make a call and see what a palate of Maalox is running at Costco.

War Harold Baines!

Thanks to last night I have added more enemies to my life. So it is Angels vs White Sox. I am very, very scared about this one. The Angels the team that use to be on the cutting edge of fan disappointment technology have come to the realization that you do not have to suck when the chips are on the table.

Right now it kind of like playing "Punch Out", we just beat Bald Bull and next up is Piston Hurricane. So if we go out there and fight like Glass Joe then I will be pissed.

I am too nervous with trying to not screw up here at the new job and the game to even attempt anything that resembles a coherent idea. Sorry I am showing as much focus as Marty Feldman.
Well back to hoarding office supplies

Go Sox!

Last night as the Better Half and I were watching Kimmel from Friday. When they had on Billy Bush of Access Hollywood. All I could think was that out there was a back of a shovel that was not being used to smash his smug and useless head.

One down. Two more to go.

But that is nothing new for White Sox fans. Friday was awesome. Again they showed that they do belong here. Around 4:00 pm Friday I was ready to concede and get ready for game four and five. We had a meeting at work, soI left my desk with the bases loaded and no one out. The whole time I thought, maybe we got out of the inning down one or two, or that the Red Sox put up a 10 spot. So when I went back to check I was stunned to see that it was now the top of 9 and we still had the lead. Wha happened? Well apparently Olrando Hernandez did his best Houdini
and performed an escape of biblical proportions. Now if he could drop some old school rhymes then he cold Whodini. They held on and won. So as I read on ESPN.com "1917 is now the new 1918".

Right now we will see who is next. I hate to say I want the Yankees. The Angels scare me and I do not want to go through the next week plus getting any crap from friends and family. Well we will see what happens tonight.

Again I do promise to get this blog back to the regularly scheduled nonsense.

Your Uncle Boski has to apologize for then even more incoherent of this blog. I have gotten so wrapped up with the new job and following the early hit of the new fall season, the White Sox. As excited as I am we have not accomplished anything yet. This show can still get canceled. We will see if today this team can finish. This is not going to be easy, but beating the champs never is. Also need to remind everyone the bad cliche pipe has burst so there may be flooding in this blog.

So again the mayor of this humble little village implores the Sox to win!


You now see why this team should be America's Sweethearts. Holy crap last night was sweet. When I left work I was preparing for a split. It is 4-0 and they had gotten nothing off Wells. I go pick up the Better Half and she suggests grabbing something out. So we wade through traffic and listen to that sweet five run fifth. There are people on the road who thought about calling the cops when they see two people in a Camary going bezerek. Thank you Tadihito! Ichiban Tadihitosan! This team scrapped, clawed and caught a huge break to get the lead back. Right now getting out of the bases loaded 3rd with only two runs is so huge. Team Boski sat back and nervously watched as Buerhle worked a scoreless 6th and 7th. Then sweated out Ozzie going to a rookie to get the last nine outs. A quick note is it me or is there quite a few rookies being asked to play big roles this year in the playoffs? But they did it and it is 2-0 and Friday they have a chance to close it out. That is the toughest game to win, but no matter what even if things go bad in Boston, they get to come back to Chicago. I am hoping that does not happen, but that is why you play the games. Well I have to get to work.

This has been the Mayor of White Sox Village and I approve this message.

I am sorry that I have been tardy with post. I have been busy with actually finding a job, although it was not the one I was really hoping for. It' s a long story so I will not bore you with it.

Before I go on I would like to extend an olive branch for all those Red Sox fans who have stumbled across this blog. Sadly for the next week we will have to be enemies. I hope after all this we can still blog in peace. Also please forgive me if I go overboard at any point.

Yesterday was a day I am going to hold forever. I did not get to see much of the game. In fact I was only able to see the bottom of the first, and that was enough. I have to thank the BH for getting me updates as a toil at the new place. I was happy with them getting the one run playing little ball. But then with two outs they put up four more. Yesterday all those two out hits were make ups for all the opportunies missed in '93 and '00. No more Danny Pasqua failing to drive in a run with two outs. A home playoff win since 1959. It was just such a perfect day it all went right, but one game does not remove 88 years of misery. Today does not matter one bit if we can not win this series. Today the Sox showed they deserved to be apart of the final eight. Now it is time to put it to them. They have to win tonight. I do not think I could stand to watch David Wells go all Mike Boddicker and K 14 Sox. They have to take to them and put it to them till they get that final out. The Red Sox are the ones you want to give extra chances to, because they will kill you.

Yesterday as the BH and were driving I could not help but babble on about what had happened and how happy I was. It was like the Christmas I got the Millenum Falcon, you could not shut me up.

Right now it is a good time sportwise for me. My Sox's are in the playoffs and won a game! The Broncos are playing well, after the humilation in Miami they have been playing well. UCLA is still undefeated and the LA Kings have not lost a game yet and healthy. Yeah I know the season starts tonight, but I will take what I can get with them. I know this can all go in the crapper so quick so I will enjoy what I can.

So this morning I tell you with a heart full of glee that being the mayor of White Sox Village is a great gig right now.

Sorry for any spelling errors. I could not use the spell check this morning.

Now we return to great moments with William Henry Harrison.