Go vote on the 2nd. Hopefully we will wake up on Nov. 3rd and there will be a change. I hope there are enough people (in the right states) to help bring about that change. My heart is holding out hope that Kerry does win, but I have prepared myself for Bush winning. I have so much to say about this, but I do want to get home and start my weekend.

I have had to hear all week that the block that George Foster (the Offensive Tackle not former Reds, Mets and White Sox Outfielder and professional Ugly Man) was illegal and bush league. I hate to see a player go down. And I do not want to be a Bronco apologist, but that is what he is taught to do. What he did is in the rules. Within 1 ahead and behind the line of scrimmage players are allowed to cut block. Do they need to change the rules? I think they should look into it. If everyone is against it then change the rule them take it out. Maybe since players are bigger and faster and the physics make it a lot easier to see these injuries, then rules need to reflect that. That is my stupid two cents if it makes any sense.

The Red Sox have pulled it off and the end of the world has not happened. Amazing. But I am still pissed they won. I liked having another team to kick around. But thank god it was not the Cubs. I hate those guys. As a White Sox fan it tough having one of things that keeps me going taken away. I could always count on when the Sox would drop out of the running that I would always know that the Red Sox and Cubs would not win a World Series either. Now the Red Sox are gone and now will become just like the Yanks and keep reminding you of their greatness. Damn it I would like to the White Sox just get off the fucking mat and win and do it before the Cubs. Because if the Cubs win before the White Sox then it is time to pack it up and call it quits. What will be the point. I just would not be able to handle it. But even if the Sox won would Chicago even care. I hate those ponsey Cubs and their dumbass fans. I know I am Joe Suburb from California, but I hate those uppity rich kids. I have ranted enough on this issue, till the spring.

Week 6 was actually a pretty good week for me picking football. I went 10 - 4 straight up and 9-5 versus the spread. So I was feeling pretty good until my mouth and drugs conspired to bring me and my football empire down. That is the only thing that could explain what 7-7 straight up and 6 - 8 versa the line. Here were the picks:

Atl 24 K.C. 21 - Wrong, I think Ed Podilak and Mike Garrett have scored since I started this sentence.

Min 37 Ten 28 Billy Volek you are no Cody Carlson.

Bal 19 Buf 6 Pretty close on this on. Every Bledsoe INT, I could hear a little boys heart being stomped on.

S.D. 28 Car 17 - The game was more defensive than I thought it would be. Marty's son Kirk should be worried. I think Marty offered him up to Satan for a winning season.

Phi 30 Cle 20 - The Eagles did not cover, but pulled it out. You are starting to see chinks in the armor.

Ind 28 Jac 20 - Wrong, it looks like the Jags are going to stick around. Now they are finding some O. So they do not have to ugly things up each week.

St. L 27 Mia 17 - You got to be shitting me. Martz, I wish to hit you with a shovel till you are bloody pasty mess.

T.B. 20 Chi 9 - Attention Bucs fans, Brain Griese will let you down soon enough. Prepare now so you can cushion the fall. The Bears might want to find which bus station Jeff George is living at. he can not be as bad as Dr. Quinn medicine QB and the Krenzelnator. Finally someone to take the taste of Peter Tom Willis out of Bears fans mouths.

N.Y.G. 28 Det 17 - Well the road warriors again bit me in the ass. I am going to start calling Ron Dayne Halliburton. How does he even cash those checks.

N.E. 23 N.Y.J 20 - The streak is still going on strong like Steve Grogan's neck roll. The Jets gave battle, but realized they are the Jets and came up short. Which is too bad. I like Edwards. I do not like some of his game management skills, but he is good coach.

G.B. 31 Dal 20 - Pre game Nachos dulled Cowboys edge. What will team scitzo (the Pack) do from here. I think the ways things are in the NFC the Pack will get a wild card spot at 7-9. The Packers will not win the division but will get a Wild Card spot. They are getting people back, but they will be one and done in Jan.

Oak 30 - N.O. 24 - Things are going bad in Oakland. The game was not sold out since most of the fans were so disappointed that they actually adhering to the conditions of their probation's. Good times.

Now for the best part.

Den 30 - Cin 17 - Wow they have not constructed a shoe big enough to step in that piece of crap.

So if we take those two weeks and put total them up we get:

45 - 27 Straight up (62.5%)
36 - 33 - 3 vs. the spread (50%)

Well everyone, your slack ass hero is back. Well I have been very busy and in pain over the past two weeks. Let review. Two weeks ago I was a wash in HR hysteria and dental despair. Let me tell you. Taking a meeting when you feel like a Long Shoreman is stepping on mouth is a pleasant experience. I thought it was finally time to do what my wife has asked me to do for the last few weeks and go see the dentist so we could use our flexible spending account before we lose out for 04. Well, I do not think there will be a problem now. I think that money will be used us before the end of this sentence. This is another reason why I am not having children. I could not stand to hand down my dental genes to anyone. Lets saw there are a couple of British People giving me crap. I have not do the best job with my teeth and I will be the first to admit it. I bush too hard, and should really brush at work. Floss, to paraphrase Lewis Black "Fuck Floss". I know it looks like a simple idea but I still can't master it. Stupid small mouth. But last Friday I could not take it any more and got into my dentist who I had not seen in three years. Actually most of that time away was due to the fact I had really crappy insurance or none at all. He helped me out and got me out of pain. Even though I would have to come back on Tuesday for a root canal. Hooray! So I spent most of the weekend gumming soft food, sore and in a haze. But I am a good deal better today. The root canal went well and was not as bad as thought, but I still have at least another to go, along with a crown or two and maybe a bridge. Hey doc, can we just move a road crew into my mouth. But I am back.

As part of my pay here. I am charged with the import responsiblity of making football picks on company time. Here is what I am going with this week:

Ten 31 - 28 Hou
Atl 23 - 20 S.D.
Buf 17 - 13 Mia
Clev 21 - 18 Cinn
Det 28 - 24 G.B.
Was 19 - 14 Chi
K.C. 27 - 24 Jax
Phi 24 - 16 Car
N.E. 23 - Sea 16
N.Y.J. 27 - 16 S.F.
Den 19 - Oak 17
Pit 19 - 16 Dal
Min 38 - 26 N.O.
St. L 24 - 13 T.B.

So about late afternoon Sunday if you smell something putrid. Most likely it is these picks. Thank you coming out and enjoy the Fish.

Well the work week is ending and I have accomplished most of what I hope to get done. Now I'll get ready for a busy weekend.

Tonight - meeting the wife and few of her friends for drinks and then off to Knott's "Scary Farm" I have not done this since I was a senior in high school. The going to Knott's during "Scary Farm". I have not done it after a couple drinks. A very high school theme kind of day here on the blog. I will try to catch some of the Red Sox meltdown tonight, and the rest of the weekend. I hate to say it, but I have put the Red Sox in the same category as the Cubs. I am in hate with them. I am so tired of the Curse and that they have come so close. I am sick of Red Sox nation. Look I still really hate the Yankees. They have their own special plane in hell along with Tito Landrum. But I will root against you and the Cubs until my White Sox get off their asses and win one. After they win one then I will go back to berating the Cubs. Look New England, you had the Celtics and now you have the Pats who were once the punch line to many a joke. So just stop your blubbering.

Saturday, we will be doing set up for the HFH OC gala. Then stick around and go to the gala. I am going to miss UCLA at Cal and USC @ ASU. Rats!

Sunday we have a reunion with our group from our trip. Which should be fun. We will have a boat cruise around Balboa and then looking at the photos. The only problem I have with it is that it starts at 4. Why do they have to hate on me. Make me leave the house before the afternoon games are over. It may be for the best. Since one of those game is the Denver, leaving may mean they will win. But most likely I will leave with them winning. Later that night I will find out that they lost a soul crushing manner and half of the roster is out for the year while the other half has Ebola. They should win, but watch this be the week the Raiders wake up. Have I mentioned that I hate those bastards as well. No matter what, the wife and I will have a good time. It will be the first time we have seen everyone since September 3rd.

Hello everyone! (Short silence, followed by crickets) Well I have spewed out my latest installment of my picks. Speaking of football. I had a life long goal achieved last week. I was paid by the NFL. Yes it is true. I can say that the National Football League has paid me for my services. Okay, so it was $2 and it was for a survey. Look I can add it to my list of lifetime sport achievements. I did receive a football scholarship. Okay it was $500 from the Quarterback Club and it was not for my stellar play. You really can not stand out when you barely play when you are on an 0-10 football team. Still some what proud to say I was on the worst team our school ever produced. Ever. I got it for a real bitchin essay I wrote (I do not know who they read anyone it with all the spelling, grammar and handwriting gaffes) and I think they felt sorry for me. I have also appeared in a Sports illustrated. Too bad it just a small part of my head in our High School's gym as we honored an Olympic Medalist. So I can die a not as sad little man. Well lets get back to the circus that is my football picks.

Coming into this week I was at 28 -16 straight up and 21-20-3 versa the line. Lets see if we did any better.

But first some notes on the games. I did alright during the morning games. I did not expect that the Falcons would get pushed around by the Lions. Let me see, you lose 24 in a row on the road and now you can not be stopped when you leave Detroit. Maybe if Robo Cop would get off his ass. The Vikes and Texans put on a show. I do not know if the Texans just play lights out in the fourth or is the same old Vikings D. The Lions would play better at home. The Colts looks good but that Defense is awful. They have become the Old Denver Nuggets of the NFL. Ron Meeks is being replaced by Doug Moe. They are fun to watch but at some point it will all come crashing down. That Pats win again. It should not count since the Dolphins are 1-AA team. Tampa Bay got off the mat. It must be mid season Brain Griese awakes from his slumber has a little success, but will soon see his shadow and retreat into being awful. (Yes that is a bitter Bronco fan speaking). Der Kommisar has the G-Men at 4-1. Note to Parcells, as great of coach as you are you realize you are putting everything on Vinny. The Steelers have found a QB and there is hope in the AFC North to challenge the ugliness of Raven Football. I have ranted about the Ravens on this virtual bird cage liner that I hate them and I still have issues with Ray and Jamal Lewis and some of their wonderful life choices they have made. I may be a little hard on them. Because who has not covered for friends when someone is killed and has been apart of drug trafficking. But I do begrudging admire that they are great players. Look the Ravens win and you can not argue with that. But god it is tough to watch and what was displayed on Sunday night was just craptasicly bad to watch. Speaking on that game, when does the www.firejoegibbs.com get fired up. Another couple of weeks and we are going to see him cry. There I have said it. Everyone's sheik pick is showing warts. The Jags get rolled by the best uni's in AFL history. Even I have to admit that the Bolts should still be wearing the powder blue. They are now 3-2. This is a suprises when most of the SD columnist had 1-15 projected and even one had them at 0-16. The Jets are now the hip new team everyone is hoping on. This is the NFL dream to have both New York teams playing well. Look the Jets are playing a lot better, but to think they are going to challenge the Pats is a little premature. It is a long season and the Jets have plenty of time to disappoint their fans. I have put the Cardinals on the do not pick list along with the Saints. 16 points in the last 6 minutes. Real good guy, real good. Can someone please step in and help that poor club. They need a break. Two TD's bad, but giving up two TD's and two 2pt conversions that is sick. That says your D is so bad that we got into the end zone four times. This to a bad 49er team. Speaking of collapse how about Holmgren out Martzing Martz. 17 point. Also, I really like throwing the ball late with the Rams having no timeouts. Pure genius. The Broncos again made it interesting. Jake had been playing so well until Peppers went 101 yards in 2 hours. Along with being the longest into return that did not go for a score, but he came close to running out the clock. But Broncos won thanks to Droughns and the D that has only surrendered 3 points in the 4th Quarter. Finally how about those Packers. When did they turn into Marvis Frazier. Classy move Mr. Fisher with the HB pass in the Fourth. Did you have money on the over?

So here is what I had for week 5:

Min @ Hou +4 Min 31 - 24 Min 34 - Hou 28 OT Win - C
Oak @ Ind - 9 Ind 37 - 28 Ind 35 - Oak 14 Win - C
T.B. @ N.O. -3 T.B. 12 - 10 T.B. 20 - N.O. 17 Win - C
Det @ Atl - 7 Atl 24 - 14 Det 17 - Atl 10 Loss
Mia @ N.E. -13 N.E. 24 - 6 N.E. 24 - Mia Win - C
N.Y.G. @ Dal -3.5 N.Y.G. 20 -17 N.Y.G. 26 - 10 Win - C
Cle @ Pit - 6 Pit 23 - 13 Pit 34 - Cle 23 Win - C
Jax @ S.D. +3 Jax 21 - 10 S.D. 34 - Jax 21 Loss
Buf @ N.Y. J. - 7 N.Y.J. 21 -10 N.Y.J. 16 - Buf 14 Win - NC
Ari @ S.F. - 1 Ari 21 - 17 S.F. 31 - Ari 28 OT Loss
Car @ Den - 5.5 Den 20 - 17 Den 20 - Car 17 Win - C (We all get lucky)
St.L @ Sea - 7 Sea 31 - 21 St. L 33 - Sea 27 OT Loss
Bal @ Was Pk Bal 16 - 13 Bal 14 - Was 10 Win - C
Ten @ G.B. - 3 G.B. 30 -24 Ten 48 - G.B. 27 Loss

So, a better week than last, but still room for improvement.

5 Weeks in and it stands:

9-5 this week straight up, which makes it 37 - 21


8-6 this week vs the spread, so that is now a lusty 29 - 26 - 3

Well I must get back to the grind. More to come.

I need a monkey. I would have that little bastard typing my thoughts so I could get them online quicker. I take too long to think of something. When I do think of something I go all Faulkner, but with just a few more punctuation marks. Damn it you could throw in a comma here and there jackass. "The Sound and Fury" how about the comma and period. Jesus, you and Hugo just love see yourselves write. See how I get easily distracted and go into just utter gibberish. But that is why I need that monkey along with an army of cats to do my bidding. Because there are time I do take a break from my stalking of the NFL to think about other things. I just do not know what those things are right now. I may have an idea around Mid February. Well I am going to get going and try to enjoy the weekend. I will have my week five picks done, but posted around July of 06.


"Wha Happen?"

Big shout out to your Fred Willard. Well after two weeks of thinking that I am an above below average football picker I crashed. There is a word in ancient Greek that describes my picks. That word is crappy. Lets take a look at the wreckage.

Cin @ Pitt - 4 My pick Pitt 20 -17 Actual Score Pitt 28 -17 Win - NC
Was @ Clev +3 My pick Wash 21 - 9 Actual Score Clev 17 -13 Loss - NC
N.Y.G. @ G.B -7 My pick G.B. 27 - 21 actual Score N.Y.G. 14 -7 Loss - NC
N.Y.J. @ Miami +6 My pick N.Y.J. 24 - 10 Actual Score N.Y.J. 17-9 Win - C
St. L @ S.F. +3.5 My pick St. L 28 - 17 Actual Score St.L 24 -14 Win - C
Ten @ S.D. +3 My pick Ten 28 - 14 Actual Score S.D. 38 - 17 Loss - NC
Ind @ Jac +4 My pick Ind 28 - 17 Actual Score Ind 24 - 17 Win - C
N.O. @ Ari +3.5 My puke N.O. 27 - 18 Actual Score Ari 34 - 10 Loss - NC
Phi @ Chi + 8.5 My pick Phi 31 - 16 Actual Score Phil 19 - 9 Win - C
Den @ TB + 3 My pick Den 17 - 13 Actual Score Den 16 -13 Win - Push
Atl @ Car - 3.5 My pick Car 17 - 13 Actual Score Atl 27 - 10 Loss - NC
Oak @ Hou + 2.5 My pick Oak 24 - 13 Actual Score Hou 30 -17 Loss - NC
N.E. @ Buff +5.5 My pick N.E. 16 - 9 Actual Score N.E. 31 - 17 Win - C
K.C. @ Bal -5.5 My pick Bal 27 - 17 Actual Score K.C. 27 - 24 Loss - NC

straight up 7 - 9
Against the Spread 5 - 8 - 1

So let's take a look at the board.
straight up I am 28 Wins vs. 16 Loses (63%)
Against the Spread I am at 21 Wins 20 Loses and 3 Pushes (47%) Sweet!

It is late Friday afternoon and I have not really gotten anything done today and I am dragging. I swear work really gets in the way of getting stuff I really need to get done. Like reading up on the NFL games this week. Or checking critically acclaimed blogs and games. Stupid work.