Well kids it is your Uncle Boski and he has returned. Most of you are probably not happy about the long absence. Maybe it is because it was not long enough. Well a lot has been going on since I last wrote. Well some of it is good and some of it bad.

The Good.
1. A wonderful Christmas with the family. I cleaned up. Wireless PS2 controllers. I am so 9 years old. Some books, some clothes. Got some DVD’s (Kids in the Hall) Chappell Show, Ali G, the first season of Millennium, the Simpson’s Season 4 and 5 (thanks to Costco Gift Cert), We still have a crap load of Best Buy certs. May put them toward a Sirius Radio. Which would be sweet. I am proud that I have not blown it on Police Academy movies and the Best of Bread box set.

2. Football, glorious football. Watched more than the daily recommended allowance, but still could have watched more. Let’s say I could watch a game on the TV while I am playing Madden on the other small TV. Yes, I have no shame.

3. Going to the Rose Bowl. Went with my brother Tim and we had a great time and say a great game. It was a long day getting to and from. It was so worth it. Except for the moment I lost the ability to walk and nearly doing some serious harm to myself. I was lucky to limp away from it.

4. Finally started to watch Deadwood. It kicks some serious ass.

5. Indoor Lacrosse is back and damn it I enjoy it.

6. Been too busy to report on the NFL. Which everyone is happy about.

7. Finally have been able to get back to the gym.

Now for the Bad

1. Watching the Broncos get beat on by the Colts, again. I swear, I thought I was watching the hour of What’s Love Got to Do with It”. Hell Payton Manning might as well come over to my house and hit me in the nuts with a 5-iron, because that was how enjoyable it was. I have not been that angry like that after a game like that in a long time. Arrrrrrrrrrggggggggg! Well at least Payton got punked by the Pats again.

2. The Rain – From December 26th till about two weeks ago, we had rain. Other than New Years Day. It was raining and it sucked a lot of ass. I hate being on freeway with everyone acting like an idiot. Also our garage floods and now we have mildew that looks like cotton growing. Great now all the useless crap that I need to throw out is probably wet. Great, now I will not have an excuse to keep all my worthless crap.

3. Bush Term Two Electric Bugaloo – It will be twice as bad folks. Sit back and enjoy the barbarians sack Rome. I hope to be adopted by a nice Visigoth tribe.

4. My job- well my lack of one. Two weeks ago everything was going as well as could be expected. I was very busy with work. Still trying to do the best I could without screwing thing up. Trying to get everything together for the two group of new employees coming in. There had been talk that since our company’s was purchased over a year ago that would there be layoffs. There had not been any until last week and it ended up being me. I should have realized this when I found out that I should have been fired for a mistake a couple weeks earlier, but I was saved since it was my supervisors last day and they were not going to fire someone. So bullet dodged. The mistake I made was dumb and I would have understood being let go, but thought Wow, you dodged this. This means you have to make some changes in my life and go and seek some professional help. I have always been unorganized and have had trouble focusing so I finally got off my ass and went to seek some help. Which was one of the better decisions I have made. I thought it was going to do me a lot of good, until that fateful Thursday. We had our new supervisor come into town to meet with HR/Recruiting. We had been all waiting to speak to her and see what was going to happen to us. As we were waiting for her to arrive. She made it after weather difficulties. The recruiters and myself met with her as she came in and when she told us that she wanted to meet with recruiting and not with me. I should have known that I was dead in the water. But no, I ignored the warning signs. Even after talking to someone in our MA office who sounded scared. I should have realized, but again I was not seeing it. So there I was preparing to do our benefits presentation for our new group in our office in AV. I was just waiting for the Personal Enrollment forms. Well in my effort to improve myself I made it a point to call someone back after they called me. In my follow up, I found out we had a major problem arise. Which was not my fault, for once. They sent the forms to our San Diego office. So I go tell the recruiter who were two great supervisors to work for, that we have this along with the head of HR. And I volunteer to drive down and get them and try to get back for the 1:00 PM presentation. So I do and break nearly every single traffic law. You would have thought I was Popeye Doyle. In fact I think I nearly hit a baby carriage while in SD.I do that race all that way miss out on a lunch I was promised. To find out that the presentation has been moved to 2:00PM. I get back eat something since I had not had anything all day. Just before I am about to go in and do the presentation the head of HR tells me that my position can not be justified and that I will be let go Friday. Please let me say that they were very fair in giving severance and paying it out through February, so I can hold Insurance through February. I am not angry at the head of HR for doing this; she was very nice about it. I also understand that this was a business decision and these things happen, but what really pisses me off is that if I was going to be let go, why allow me to leave and risk my life when I could have spent that time trying to get things in order. What is even better is after I was told you are being laid off. I still had to go out and do the Benefits Presentation. Second why was I not even offered the option to take a position in my old department when their three temps in those spots one of them was filling in for a person who is on disability and there is a good chance they are not coming back. I do not know if I would have taken it, but I would have liked that option. I had been there when they opened up this office and I did a lot shit above and beyond the call of duty. I did not expect a gold watch or anything, but I think this should have been handled better. Maybe it is just me being bitter. I did not make a lot of money doing this, but I like the company, I liked the people and I had freedom. I was able to do a lot of research on football, download a lot of music. Use a ton of office supplies for non work items. See football research. It was a great job because I could walk in looking like a taking a History 301 class. Addias sweats, T-shirt, baseball hat. I can go for that. Also as being given only really one day to pack up and try to get things in order. I should have had one week, so I could have handed everything off in a manner that I would have felt better with. Wait I almost forgot that because of this I had three checks go NSF. Thanks to having my check be FED-Exed to me instead of being Direct Deposited. Well I have bitched enough. I am back on the market and thanks to my limited HR work I have seen more action on the line. So hopefully I will be working soon. Thanks for listening.