Still here.

I am trying to keep up my "don't call it a" comeback, but I have been swamped. Working hard to loaf off and blog.



The White Sox handed the Yankees another loss. YEAH!

A nice homestand, they took two out of three from the Constitutional Monarchs (Royals) and now 2 of three from the very expensive dog with expensive fleas (Louis Vuitton fleas to be exact).

Hey George, do you still have a receipt for that mess?

(Boski types knowing that he will provoke the baseball gods in lifting the totally ungrateful Yankees to yet another postseason, all the while the White Sox implode)

I will say, that somehow by the grace of the man or woman upstairs, and some great pitching, the Sox have drug themselves above .500. Last year the Sox bludgeoned their way through 3/4 of the season to have it go up in flames. Now if they can just get some find the medium they found in 2005, this team may have just a chance at the postseason. Now they must travel to Wrigley to battle all that is evil, the Cubs. Which leads me to my annual " the White Sox must beat the Cubs or civilization as we know it will end" tirades,. I know it is a bit much, but don't be scratching your head when there is a plague of locus upon the land.

I loathe the Cubs, sure I am not from Chicago and I really should not care, but I hate the Cubs. They are pompous, arrogant blowhards. Sure Wrigley has history and it is quaint but I am tired of being told how great the stadium and those fans are. I refuse to accept it. Look binge drinking and lazy grounds keeping does not equal great baseball. It is what is done inside the lines that matters.

This year, if the Sox can beat on the Cubs it will please me even more, since it will piss off the "genius" that is Lou Pinella.

I make my return, no it is not like Michael Jordan's return from baseball. Maybe more like NBA Wizards Coach Eddie Jordan or R&B Artist Montell Jordan returning from lunch.

Sorry I have kind of dropped out of site and I do appreciate that people actually come by this literary hot mess. I am greatly honored I have been very busy with work. I know I am shocked myself. I am also dealing with that Mid-Blog-Crisis. You know that age old blogger issues.

What I am I writing about?

What do I want to write about?

Was that really chicken?

I also wanted to dispose the fake rumors that have been swirling in the blogesphere:

I am not doing a bid in the Big House for attacking Time Warner Cable or the Evil MIL from the Bay Area. Even though I think I could win a court against those evil entities.

I have not built a time machine with the purpose to hunt down and beat the living snot out of the kid from Voyager's!, but I am still looking into it.

I did not OD from freebasing New Coke.

That I got lost in Mel Kiper's Hair while doing research for the NFL Draft

I did not lose a pistol duel with Billy Squire, but I did lose in a savage slap fit with Artie Johnson. Now I walk with a limp

I am not in Germany following NFL Europa, but that may happen one day.

I have not decided to blog with the same frequency as the White Sox hitters.

And I have not, repeat I have not been working on trying to get "Mr. Belvedere The Musical" off the ground. But I may have been spotted in Oslo working on Condorman II Electric Bugaloo.

Lastly, I am dealing with some personal issues. Issues that have been weighing on me for a while. Hey I know I am not special when it comes to dealing with the movie theater floor aspect of life. I know my problems and issues are insignificant in the big picture, but this all still has made things not so happy, happy, joy, joy. The last month and a half my feelings have been running from: anger, despair, disappointment, withdrawal, shame, bewilderment, dry mouth, and had me actually thinking about becoming a Anaheim Ducks fan. I wish I was feeling like this only because I had made the mistake of watching Fox News, or standing too close to Glen Beck, sadly that is not the case.

So to all of you, the wonderful bloggers out there who have stopped by, I thank you. To those who ended up here by mistake, I will validate your parking. Also thank for your patience with putting up with this mess. I do hope to get back producing substandard entries you have all grown to love (or loathe if your a fan of Strunk & White), and stalking your wonderful blogs.

Does any of this make any freaking sense??????