Well I have gotten the sappy part done now to give thanks to some other people and items.

My PS2- Where would I be without you? Maybe I would better read and not have the attention span of cabbage. Who am I kidding, better read. PS2 please forgive me for ever thinking such horrible thoughts.

TIVO - All Hail TIVO! If any of you speak ill of TIVO I will strike you down!

The Simpson's - 43% of what I utter is either a Simpson quote or Simpson reference.

The NFL Network, Adult Swim, ESPN, ESPN Classic - Just add cartoon music and the hampster on a wheel and you have what goes on in my head every single moment.

BBC America - For programming that does not suck.

Family Guy - Do you want a soda?

The NFL and football and it football accessories - I know I am very close to having a restraining order put on me for stalking, but it is the best of the sports going right now. And in this space you have seen that I have shown the depths of my sickness with my talk of the NFLE, arena and gulp CFL. Hey BC won the Grey Cup!

Whaoo's - Screw that ambrosia BS they ate Maui Bowls and Chicken Soft Tacos on Mt. Olympus because it is the food of the gods. Damn the Whaoo's rocks so rough!

CSUF American Studies Department - thanks for making my college experience enjoyable. I know it does not reflect too well that I passed, but I loved every class I took.

Sports - If there is a score I will watch it. Along with football I do love Baseball, Hoops, Hockey, English Premier league, Aussie Rules Football....Etc.

Las Vegas - The greatest city in the free World that is was founded in the 1900's. I will get back to the Vegas, wonderful Vegas.

Baker, California - thank you for having the world's largest thermomoter and being the greatest city that is the Gateway to Death Valley and the home of the Bun Boy!

My job - one that I have one and that they actually want me to come in each day. It is nice being allowed to have a desk in the office as posed to having your desk outside or in the bathroom.

Del Taco Cherry Coke and Regular Coke - I do not know what they do but they have the best Coke and Cherry Coke. I do not know what they do but it makes "me crave it every fortnight". Maybe it is opium they put in, I just do not know.

Trivia and useless info - If trivia did not exist I would not exist. It is my lifeforce.

TV - Do I need to say anymore.

Music - thank to all the stupid crap that I listen to and like that keeps me going through the day.
So thanks to all the albums and songs that have been apart of my life(U2, Midnight Oil, Filter, The Pixies, Beastie Boys, Radiohead and etc). One day I will sit down and go through the songs and albums that I love, so everyone can mock and ridicule me.

California - I am still happy to live in this crazy state. The weather and location more than make up for our crazy governor and housing prices. I will love it here. I know I am taking a very provincial outlook, but I do not care.

Hummel Figurines - They are so cute and adorable, especially when they are shot with a beebe gun or are being smashed to bejesus and back with a blunt object.

Others receiving votes:

James K. Polk
The '78 Texas Rangers
The Tropic of Cancer
Vanilla Ice
The year 1756
Canned Ham
The Tea Pot Dome Scandal
Dutch Imperialism
10/40 Motor Oil
The 4th Season of Bonanza
Moose Lodge 372 in Sioux Falls, SD
Tsar Alexander I


Box Car Willie.

So there we have it. That is a lot to be thankful for, so I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving. Before I go I would also like to give a shout out to my man who is rocking Upstate New York, Eric. Thank you sir, for reading my dumb blog and my dumb-ass comments. It's good that you are trying to work with the mentally challenged. That is it and I am out of here!

Well and another post that begins with me saying well. I have got to stop doing that. So it is time for Thanksgiving a time we give thanks that Boxing day is just tad over a month away. Big ups for Boxing Day! I sit here and think what I need to be thankful for. I do have quite a bit I need to be thankful for. Because how the hell did I get this far.

My wife - I think she has achieved the three miracles for Sainthood -(1.Getting me to walk upright 2. Put up with all of my useless info and bad jokes 3. Making me realize that you can not wear shots to every event, no matter the weather.) I love you sweetie, you have put up with more jokes about the Gilded Age than is legally allowed.

My Brother and Sisters - I have been so blessed to have a great family. So a thank you to my brothers and sisters, who have helped me so much over the years. I want to say thanks for being 4 more parents to me and keeping me in line. Also thanks for being great people. Thank you for putting up with the least talented of the bunch (me).

My parents - To my parents, thank you, thank you, thank you. First up is my Mom who is just so incredible. The events of last week reinforce that she is an incredible woman and I need to cherish any time I have had and will ever have with her. She is a wonderful person, who raised 4 great kids and the one who is just not right in the head (but you love me anyway). To my Dad, it has been 11 years since he passed and I still miss him. I could spend hours typing my thoughts about him, but I will save some of that on future posts. But I can sum him up as a great father, friend and teacher. To all of my family I love you guys.

My friends - Thanks to all of you for hanging out with this dork for all these years. Thanks for all the good times going from Primary School, College, Disney and other stops on the Boski work carnival. Special thanks go to the following (the sake to protect the innocent I will not name names, so that if you are ashamed of me I can help you keep your cover):

The Chipper
Billski Burgervich
Kid Lighting
My Fellow Team Owners of the BBL
Mr. Notre Dame

and the entire cast of Falcon Crest!

and thanks to everyone who I forgot to mention.

From last Tuesday till now have been pretty busy, so good and some bad. We will start with the bad. Last Tuesday I had phone call from my wife telling me my Mom was in the hospital. After the initial panic we found that she was doing alright and in the ICU. She had been in since Monday night but could not talk until late afternoon Tuesday since she was vented. She had an asthma attack that really came down hard on her. She had this before, but this one came on very suddenly and like a ton of brick. So while this is happening my Mom drives herself to the ER. At which point she got to the door and passed out. The family admonished her for not calling an ambulance. That is my Mom. She did not want to have a big commotion. But she got there. After the wife and I secured the Boski Family homestead. Thank god she lives in a wonderful neighborhood, since the house was unlocked for nearly a day. The short version of the story is that my Mom had a serious attack that may have caused her heart some stress. So they had to run some test to make sure she did not suffer any heart damage. The test showed on some calcification which can be managed by diet and meds. So the Boski family breathed a sigh of relief. So my Mom will be taking it easy. Friday, after finding out the test results and getting the good news, the wife and I watch a hell break loose in Detroit. I was flipping around and came back just at the moment the cup hit Ron and the shit hit the fan. I am ashamed to say this, but I did enjoy watching what happened. I do not enjoy saying that and I did not want to see any one get hurt, but I could not help but watch the fight in Supruder Filmesque manner. The wife and I were reviewing tape and calculiating who did what and how. It kept us up for a while on Friday. Again kids I do not condone what happened and feel that everyone was wrong. So if you were giggling like school children then shame, shame on you. Saturday as we watched the aftermath of the Punchout at the Palace I went up to LA to see a high school friend on mine who I had not seen since my wedding. In fact, got to see two other guys I went to HS with who I had not seen in almost a decade. The wife and I had a great time having dinner and hanging out. Sunday, well Sunday I did something totally different. I did not watch football, well until late afternoon. The wife and I went up to Pasadena to see a friend of my wife's. I know I could have taken the option to stay at home and watch football, but I would have felt bad. So I went and had a good time, even though if I was going to be out Sunday, I should have been in Vegas. A week I watch about 25 minutes of football. I went 15 - 1. Yes you read that right 15 -1 and 11 - 6 against the spread. I was on fire. I know you do not believe me and I can understand that. I have a tough enough time believing myself most of the time. But this was a great week. The only game that I missed was Ten @ Jac. I thought that Jville was going to win, but they did not. Thanks guys for ruining my chance at immortality. But to show that I am not BSing here is what I had.

I took:
Minn and the points - A real gut check win for the Vikes. Win but did not cover.
Den and the points - Jim Haslett, I hope you are taking as much office supplies you can grab before you are canned. Win and Cover.
Bal and the points - Win and the Cover. I would have been safe with the Ravens D vs. the Cowboys.
Buf and the points - Take the Sheep outside and Martz gets even dumber. Win and Covered.
Car and the points - The Cards showing why they are the Maroon stain of the Southwest. Win and Covered.
Pit and the points - Big Ben wins again, but fashion lost thanks to Cinny's uni's. Game was as ugly as the uni's. Win but did not cover.
Ind to win, but Bears to cover - I seriously thought this would have been something close to a game, but the Colts beat the Bears stupid. I should count this a loss considering I thought the Bears would be within 7.5. Win, but no where close to covering.
N.Y.J. and the points - Wow that one looked exciting. J-E-T-S, C-O-V-E-R, COVER, COVER.
T.B. and the points - Griese, played the game with a severe bloody nose, since he is still playing so over his head. Win and covered.
Jac and the points - So close, but yet so far. I do not know if it was the Jags playing not to lose or was it the Titians last stand. Loss - No Cover - No Perfection.
S.D. and the points - The Raiders tried to win this one and could have taken the lead if Curry catches Collins pass. Win and covered.
Sea and the points - A.J. Feeley you are no David Woodley. Team Potted Meat sweats out a close one, as they take the lead in the Division no one wants to win. Win and covered.
Atl and the points - I am surprised the Giants kept it this close and had a chance to tie. Manning played better than expected, but lets wait and see if he will be a good QB. It will not be this year. That line will get him killed. Win and Covered.
Phi and the points - The Eagles put the beat down on the Skins. Who would have thought Skins fans would begin to pine for the Steve Spurrier days.
G.B. and the points - I thought this one would be a shootout, but it did not happen. The Pack are making noise and will be a team to worry about in the playoffs. Well at least in the NFC. Win but did not cover.
N.E. and the points - I am getting tied of the Pats, but maybe because I am envious. When you look at them you are not overwhelmed, but they win every week. Lets just say we need to have the New England region brought down a couple of notches. Win and covered.

So we have a record of 15 -1 straight up and 10 - 6 against the spread. I think that is going to make the numbers look a little better.

After 10 weeks of picks:
84 - 46 (64%)

57 - 62 - 3 (43.8%)


Week 10

Due to a programming snafu and the medication, Mr. Boski forgot to publish this little gem.

Well, I was wrong again. The Eagles did win and covered. So this week I went 9 - 5 not too shabby for an idiot. But I had no clue about picking the spread in these games. I was a 5 - 9. So after nine weeks of picking we are looking at:

Straight up 69 - 45 (60.5%)
Against the Spread 47 - 56 - 3 (41.2)

So what do we have to say at this point about the season:

The AFC is good.

The NFC sucks.

That there will be an amazing race to see which coach will be the next to coach his way out of a job. It will be tough to top Wandstadt, but he was doomed from the get go. Right now we have four lively candidate for late season meltdown. We could see all three fired or all three losing their jobs. I am leaning toward at least one being fired....

Well kids I then went on and wrote a Pulitzer Prize winning paragraph about Jim Haslett, Mike Martz, Dennis Erickson and Butch Davis. It was great, you would have laughed cried and fell in love all over again. I was making references from a wide range of subjects: Presidents of the gilded Age, Faust (both the author and the coach) Yams, Outer Mongolia, Henry Cabot Lodge and Rerun from What's Happening. It was such an amazing article that I was able to cure cancer along with predicting who was going to lose there job. But I ran into one small problem, me. I got distracted and forgot to finish. Oh well the world will never know. Or that it was saved from a lot of crap.

Yes, even here in this arid land hockey is missed. Hockey goes between 3 and 4 th on sports I love. Depending on Lakers and my roto team NBA hoops can be tough to watch. But do enjoy watching it and I miss watching it. Well I do not miss the Ducks, they can go fornication with themselves. Sorry I still a bitter Disney Employee and I can not stand them and goat loving ways. I am a Kings fan. Yes, I can count myself in with the other 78. Thanks to my brother Tim I have been a fan. Going back to the days when they wore retina burning gold Jerseys. When it was the Fabulous Forum, the Triple crown line and NHL teams playing 6 - 5 games was not an aberration. The only good thing about the strike has been they have been playing old Kings game, which are great since they show one they win.

Well it was a good weekend. Friday, the wife and I got an early Christmas present from her Dad. Who is providing us the funds for a nice little digital camera. We borrowed his wife's camera when we where in Northern Ireland. So we searched and searched and found the one we wanted with some cool extras at a good price. So Friday night was about getting the camera and memory cards. We got a treat by running into my brother and his wife, while getting our new toy. It was good to see them. Well we finished our appointed rounds and retreated to the ranch. As the wife tinkered with the camera I watched the second half of a complete and utter beat down. Yes I watched Fresno State continue to piss on Hawaii. Even with the score 49 - 0 I watched Fresno put 70 on the board, in the second half. It was like watching a car crash, but with midget clowns. There was no way I was going to look away. Saturday, we did not do too much other than get ready to go to a friend birthday party. He is great guy I worked with back in my salad days as a ride operator at Disney. Yep, they gave me a job. Go figure. I may have done a lot of goofing off (no pun intended), but no one died on my watch. Team Boski got to see some people I had not seen in a long time. It was great just hanging out and shooting the breeze. Sunday, was football. Watching it and playing it on my PS2. I do need help. Both with my Madden addiction and my football picks. So far I am 8 - 5 going into tonight. Potted Meat, the Titans, chiefs, Giants, Redskins and the Niners thanks for sucking ass. It is greatly appreciated. Got the Eagles beating on the Pokes big. But that will not happen. Got to go!

Big Baby Jesus we hardly knew ye. Why did they have to take Osirus from us God. Hell, Rick James got to live into his 50's. The man had so much blow go through his nose that Columbia asked him if he could tone it down. But you can't help out old Dirt McGirt. Even if you do not like rap you had to loved that lovable little scamp. You will be missed Dirt Dog, you will be missed. I hope we all never forget the words of ODB at the Grammy's a couple years back. "Wu-Tang is for the Children".

Yes, I am back with more of my sad ass blog. I swear I will work on add more to this. It will probably crap that is useful to no more, but hey I will look cool. Wait who I am I kidding. Well since we last spoke I have had another chance to show my skills and again I have shown that I have none. Week 9 was above .500 but there were some games that I was wrong, so very wrong.

The Winners:

Was - Yes they won, but this team's offense is shakier than Muhammad Ali on the Materhorn. This team can not throw the ball. Mark Brunell is very close to joining Ron Dayne on team Haliburton, for do so little for so much.
S.D. - The best team that can not sell out its games. They continue to amaze as they beat a Saint team that is clueless. Now with Wandstadt gone, Jim Hasslet should be scared, very scared.
Ari - Yes, I broke my own code. But the siren call of the Cardinals was too strong to ignore. I did have one hell of a laugh watching the Fins hit absolute bottom.
Sea - Team Potted Meat beat a feisty Niner team. TPM is back on the right track as they go into their showdown. What's that, oh the name. The uniforms, well it all started a couple years back when someone made the comment that the uniforms looked like rotted meat. After viewing them, all I could think was about Upton Sinclair's the Jungle, the Spanish/American War and a Space Ghost episode. I know you thinking, "Matt what the hell are you talking about?". Well the color reminds me of the wonderful description of what was done to meat at the turn of the century. In fact, the meat the US Army provided the troops killed more soldiers than the Spanish. I think Ye Old Haliburton was the supplier. So henceforth they are forever Team Potted Meat.
Buf - This one I was proud of. You could see this one coming. Teams are playing like crap after Monday Night's. And the Bills are playing a lot better. So McGahee is the real deal. This team will make people's lives miserable down the strech, but may come up a little short in the playoff run. If they were in the NFC they would be in line to meet the Eagles in the NFC Championship game.
Bal - When Don Correyl thinks about hell does he invasion the Baltimore Ravens. Holy Bela Abzug is this team winning ugly. They are terrible to watch, terrifying to play against and scary to bet on. You never know when this team's D will finally collapse in exhaustion from carrying this team.
Den (but took the points on Hou) - I was so scared about this game. Considering how bad the Broncos looked the last two weeks. It games like this that make you feel conflicted. They looked so good, but why are we only 6-3 and tied for the division. Arrrrgggg!
Ind (but took the points on Min) - Bill Simmons of ESPN is dead on by comparing the Colts to the Nuggets of the 80's. Fun to watch, but they will not win the big one.

The Losers
Me - That's a given.
Dal - I do not know what was worse, the Cowboys performance or the Bengals uni's. Both very very sick.
N.Y.G. - What in the Ray Handley happened here?
Phi - The Steelers are for real, but I had to go with the Eagles till they were beat and now we see that they can be beaten and beated badly.
K.C. - You got punked by Brian Griese, just soak that in KC.
Car - 1 - 7, I think that sums it up.
St.L - They got pounded by Team McGuyver at home. Good job Martz, team Skitzo did it again. A chance to make a statement. Instead you make a mess on the carpet.

So, a 8 - 6 week, but I was 6 - 8 vs. the spread. So after 9 weeks:

60 - 40 (60%) straight up. As we saw last week I can not do math and had myself at 54%. I should not worry, I will get there soon enough.

Upon Further Review Boski is a dumb ass. I was way off on my record against the line as well.

42 - 47 - 3 (42%)

God I am a total idiot.


Weak 8

Well after the what happen this week I do not feel too bad about last week in the NFL. Another 7-7 week. Some of it was painful to watch. Wait, I think the Falcons just ran back another Plummer Int. Thanks to the Colts, Jags, Broncos, and the Vikes for pissing in the punch. Great job guys, you guys may want to cut back on drinking so much cough syrup before games.

Jac - Should have known they would be down after last weeks win.
Ind - When getting a stop on a 3rd down is big thing, you are screwed.
Min - Did we go through this last year?
Det - Should have not bought into the these guys can't be beat on the road crap.
Den - So that's Mike Vick.
NE - Had to happen sooner or later.
SF - Craptastic thy name is the Niners.

Ten - I just knew that the Bengals would be down after Monday night.
Buf - This was just too easy.
G.B. - Joe Gibbs you are no Richie Pettiebone.
Phi - I actually giggled like a little school girl when T.O. did his Ray Lewis dance. Take that Ray!
Sea - Wow , my ears are still ringing from the crash the Panthers have taken this year.
S.D. - I would have enjoyed this Raiders beating, if Denver had won.
N.Y.J - LaMont Jordan made the Fins look like the big dummies in the 2nd half.

So we ended at 7-7 this week with a stunning 6-8 vs the line.
So after 8 weeks:

52-34 straight up (54%)
44-41-3 vs. the line. (50%)

Thank God there is not a house payment riding on this.

Well things did not turn out the way I had hoped. We get four more years of Bush. Great, that is just fucking great. I would rant about this and I may in the following days, but I do not think I can add anything insightful. Me and wife are sad about this and we are concerned about the future of this country, because it is not only the next four years. This may become the Chernoybl presidency. But as sad as this is I am not going to pick up and flee to Easter Island. Even though it would be cool to hand out with Mowi (I am not sure of the spelling).

But before I go I would wish a happy Go Fuck Yourself to the following:

George W. Bush - The only plus will be is at the end of this second term Ulysses S. Grant will not be the worst two term president. Finally my boy U.S. Grant gets a break.
Dick Cheney - There will be a special place in hell for you my pretty. We all know that you are the one who runs the show.
Karl Rove - May your nuts be crushed by midgets with toffee hammers., but then you may be into that.
John Ashcroft - Hey John, the Puritans called and they asked if you could tone it down.
Colin Powell - I used to have a lot a faith in you, but that is gone. Also love the work you son is doing with the FCC. Real good.
The NeoCons and Religious Right - Thanks for highjacking the issues from what is affecting everyone and making them into "values". Great ,I know Jesus will love me when I have lost my home, seen my job outsourced. I will be forced to work for a feudal lord (Walmart), as we revert back to the middle ages. Hey, I will be able to sleep peacefully, under a freeway. Safe knowing that gays can't marry (but by that time they will have been sent to "camp", no more rampant On-Demand Abortions that everyone is into, and safe from scary things like knowledge and free will. Good times.

To the Democrats - thanks for letting these assholes get away from the issues and win. Arrrrgggg.

I must stop I am not even coming close to making sense.

The views expressed by Mr. Boski are his and his alone. He does not wish bodily harm on anyone listed above. Mr. Boski is a good citizen and believes everything is doubleplus good . Mr. Boski does love Mr. Ashcrofts singing. So please do not remove us from this crap ass blog.

Thank you.