Sorry I had just heard a Neil Young song. The weekend was great, well except for the ants and Bobby Jenks channeling Billy Koch on Sunday.

Friday night had a wonderful evening. The wife and I saw Clerks and really enjoyed it. But then I enjoyed Mallrats so my taste is up for debate. After the film we stepped out into the mugginess of the night and worked to avoid all the teens with too much disposable income getting in my way. We then enjoyed a pleasant dinner a Wahoo's well almost pleasant. The young child sitting next to us felt like hitting some ear piercing octaves. I enjoyed a nice meal while trying to see if I could see This man and his wife enjoying their night at Fenway. Then I find out that Sox actually got off the mat and won a game they had no business winning thanks to Ross GLLLOOOOAAADDD!

Saturday enjoyed a nice restful day around the compound and then we took in The Rollins Band and X and they kicked ass. The only problem I had is with my stupid goddamn city. Oh no one can play after 10:30 at the amphitheater, but the fair can go on till midnight with all of it's noise. I know who is and is not getting my vote. There are at least four mfer's not getting my vote. You know who you are you reactionary, xenophobic, homophobic, Habitat for Humanity hating crapballs. But there was at least one city council member there and it is good to see an elected official rocking to Henry Rollins. But they slipped out before the wife and I could bitch about X having to end early. I did not get Fourth of July and Burning House of Love.

Henry did not disappoint, I wish I could be 1/100 as cool as Henry and 1/100 a ripped as the dude. This man could go out do a set and then go back stage and throw up 315 about 15 times. Let's say California would have been more than covered for power if it was hooked up to Henry than the power grid.

X did a great set. You forget how many of their song you remember. They sounded good, as for their looks. I am going to say that Exene Cervenka looked like she has done some hard living. She looked more like Eileen Brennen.

Sunday spent the day checking out a farmers market that could have been held in a phone booth, fighting ants, cursing the Sox blowing a game in the 9th, and reading. The ants have decided to try to storm the house. I ant that the ants can't take a page from the grasshopper and just be lazy and stop trying to find new ways into the house. The hot weather and the work that was done in the yard have riled them up. As for the yards, they look a lot better now and it is worth having the ants riled up for it. We got someone to come out and help sheer our shame into a more manageable situation.

One last note on the Fair. It ended Sunday with a touching ceremony. The carneys extinguished the Carney flame. Think of the Olympics, but it just a grease fire behind the funnel cake shack. They extinguished it by using a hobo to beat the flames out. It brought a tear to everyone's eye. I think it may been due to the fumes coming off the hobo. But the Fair has ended and now things can go back to being quiet in the CM. Well at least till Arbor Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am sorry I do not know where that came from.

So I can say it was a nice weekend


Is it wrong?

When my wife says, "Hey did you hear about the 103 inch plasma screen TV?"

My answer is, "well, it looks like I have been praying to the right god after all."

Should I sit on the curb right now and wait for that bus going to hell or wait just a little bit?

After world domination let's see what we have:

Making sacrifices to the appropriate deities to help the Sox get out of there hole - Apparently they have been working on a time machine which has been used to make the oppositions great team of the past appear and shame the White Sox. This just in the 1970 Baltimore O's. Coming soon, the 27 Yanks. Oh joy!

A movie - I do not know which one at the moment but in about an hour I will know. But no matter what 2 hours in AC can't be that bad.

X and the Rollins Band - That should be good times at the O.C. Fair. Which mercifully will end very soon.

Napping - Going to see what is new with napping technology and techniques Sunday.

and finally

reenact the battle of the 2nd Bull Run on my neighbor's lawn using a go-kart and about 76 chimps. Should be a good time.

To me, finding this is tantamount to find the fabeled El Dorado.

I have been looking for this forever. Every time I watch the VH1 Classic I have been praying to see this again.

I think I may have startled my fellow office workers when I yelled “yes!”. But hey it has been about 20 years since I have last since this.

The video is cheesy, but it is the nice 80's kind of cheese. Man I love this song. You cannot help but be a better mood after listening to this. If you don't then you have are incapable of human emotions. Even robots would look at you as cold and unfeeling.

Man this takes me back to listening to this on a tape while playing Hardball on the old Apple IIe.

I may have a problem. HR is asking me to come up and see them. I think it may be something about pogoing too much in my cube. Well I must adjust my skinny tie and see what the "man" wants.

Already I have watch/listened to it about 10 times already since I found it. Damn, I am a spaz.

Thank you YouTube, Burning Sensation (I thank you for blowing out all your awesome on this song. Thus sacrificing any hopes of a long career. But this bit of awesome is appreciated greatly.) Also thanks to the guy who put this on you tube.

Well that was a waste.

"Mr. Boski we have looked at your resume and we think that it would be better if you only send you out for temp to hire positions and not full time. Employers will shy away from your resume since you have not been settled anywhere."

You call me. Have me come down, and lose out on two and half hours of pay, just so I can hear this.


If I wanted to waste two to three hours and feel empty and frustrated and a little sweaty, I would have watched the White Sox. Great job guys, great freaking job.


Chad Vader - Day Shift Manager (episode 1)

Kudos again YouTube, kudos to you.

Your working class-less hero has another interview today. Okay who am I kidding, I have to go to an agency and apply with them, just to have a shot at a job. Since the position is full time and near my home I will take a shot at it. But I have to sneak out of the office, change into my suit, which is stashed in my car which will be nice and warm by this afternoon. Which I really need. I don't sweat enough at interview. Drive about 30 minutes and then spend the next two hours happily filling out an application and taking computer skills test for the millionth time. They never give you the test for Solitare, man I would kick ass. All of it for just 10 minutes with the recruiter and a thanks for coming out.

Why do I do it?

Maybe just maybe I will find something that I enjoy, or hell tolerate. I know you all may think I am a slacker. I might, also I think I have the attention span of lettuce. But I do work hard, it is just tough to stay motivated. I want to find a job that I could enjoy. But part of me is at the point where I may never be happy in an office and that I happy to enjoy my free time. I might be someone who will be happy to work to make money to do the things I want to do. Things like my Habitat trips and so on and so on. The more and more I think about it, maybe I should try to make a living betting football. Hmmmmmm, interesting, wait I have looked at some of my picks I have made. It may not be the best idea.

I know I should not complain, me and the wife are doing alright. We have a house to live in, employment and our health (even though we do not have any health coverage, oh there's that other pesky reason to find a full time job), but I just needed to whine like Bill O'Reilly for a moment.

So today, I have to get "home" for "plumbing situation" this afternoon. I hate having to lie to my current handlers, who I will say are very nice and I would not mind if they asked me to hire on. I would like that in fact. If they were going to keep paying me what they are.

The lying made me think that I love how employers who you interview with for look at you funny if you can't move heaven and earth to make an appointment in the middle of the day, drive 30 minutes, in the middle of the week. Hey I understand it's not easy, people do not like to stick around at their office till 8 to ask someone where they see themselves in 5 years. I also always found it funny that employers love your resourcefulness to get to an interview, but the whole time you are giving the finger to an employer that you most likely will need a reference from. On top of that they look at you strange if you have the time to interview at moments notice because you do not have a job. Well that is my experience, maybe the look at me like that because of the sweating and because of my grill.

A spot of good news from the North.

So far this year has been a quiet during the marching season.

Which to me says that there is hope. Hope that long bitter conflicts could be resolved without one side trying to annihilate the other, which usually end up with both sides losing.

You hear that Mideast!
Hey Pakistan, India you listening.

Sure the process is not perfect and is never easy. The solution may not satisfy everyone. But if there is a will, then there is a chance of success.

For Northern Ireland they are still a ways from having the peace walls come down, but it is closer than it has been in a while.

But things can still get f'ed up by assholes like Ian Paisdouche and "paramilitaries" who hide behind politics (on both sides) to cover for their criminal thugasity (yes, it is made up).

Nothing makes a Sunday afternoon like watching the tail end of a couple car pile up. Where you had a couple SUV's pointing the wrong way, lots of tire smoke, clueless people trying to weave through and a fat guy vomiting on the side of the road. It was like a Brueghel piece.

or something that this guy painted.

I have realized that my blog does age better.

That is in thanks to finding and trying to change all the errors.

Thankfully this blog is only 20% of my grade. If it was more than I would be held back.

Because he or she was definitely working overtime this weekend.

It was over the century make all weekend, and the best part was the lovely humidity. Again I have to say, I live in a arid location, where thunderstorms and heat usually to not meet. If I going to have to live with weather from other parts of the country. Parts I do not live in. Then my house payments should be adjusted. I think I should paying about what I should pay for my house if it where in South Carolina, so I am thinking at least half.

Saturday did my time at the fair. I walked over, which even though it was less than a mile was not the best idea at that time of the day. It was what the Ancient Greeks would say, "Damn Ass hot". I was sweating like Rush at the airport. After my trek across the desert, I got settled in to the booth. Nice little both with HFH stuff not bad except for one thing. One of the people who was manning the booth was asshat. Why would you say that Matt? Well, I had to listen to him spew something morbidly moronic. Hey it was nice that he was there to help, but he was there because his wife, who had hooked him in. But that good will of helping out ended when I heard him say, "that Jimmy Carter was the worst president we have ever had. What he did in office was treasonous." WTF! Seriously, asshole did you just say that? And did you just say that to someone who was asking information about Habitat? I should have kicked the crap out of your old bald, sorry ass. To make it worse you added this gem. "Carter was worse than, that Confederate General from the Civil War, who was President. You know Grant something." Come on assham! You look old enough to have been around for the Civil War. I may chalk this up to a combo of your radical right view and being senile, but Grant was a Union general!!!! Look I not saying that Carter had the greatest presidency, even though I would like him at the helm right now to try his hand at the Mideast. But how can you say what you said with Bush in the White House. Bush is making my boy Grant look like Jefferson Freaking Jefferson. So you, and your Fox watching fishing buddies can suck it.

Thankfully he left shortly after that.

The wife arrived and we and one other person manned the booth. Now it's about 102 maybe 103 outside and fair ground is on black top so you could make it about 115 to 120 I would make a guess. The inside was holding at a nice 80 degrees with a couple of cool spots. You could tell where those were in the building. It was any space were you say someone stop aburptly stop there zombie like march. Sadly I had to venture out to the car. I had to put the parking pass in it. I was not going to make my wife go out into that. So I walked out and proceeded to spend about 25 minutes trying to find the car. Since I messed up my wife's instructions so high temperature hilarity ensued as I searched for the car. Let me say that I have not be that hot and miserable since I made the mistake to walking from the Colorado Belle to the Gold Nugget in Laughlin when it was 124. After finding the car in a route that was shorter than Magellan's travels, by only a couple of miles. I made it back into the booth where I sat and tried to recover from the roasting. Our shift was only till four, or so we thought. Found out they needed someone top stay. Which would have been nice, if they had asked. But thankfully someone came and relieved us at 6:00 PM. We then ventured to the Fair which was not surprisingly was not too crowded. It was a good time to get food since no more wanted to eat anything hot. In fact, I think I saw someone trying to get on a grill where they were doing corn on since it was bit cooler. Since I was only partly uncomfortable, I grabbed dinner. It was hot to the point that people where not even getting the deep fried beer, on a stick. We walked around looking at the animals in the pens and the animals walking around the fair. Man I did feel better about myself. After our stroll around we caught the lighting show that was going on. Also since night fell the crowds showed up. We drove down to the shore to catch the tail end of the lighting show and then went home to our 85 degree sweatlodge to finish our visionquest.


We ran some errands for the house

Got a gift to my sisters birthday

Spent sometime with some friends and their kids, complaining about the heat

Finally saw the White Sox not soil themselves

BBQ for the family at my Mom's which was a good time, other than the heat by the grill and the plate sized black widow who was asking for his burger to be medium well.

So as you can see a busy and warm weekend.


One more thing before I take off.

and that is why I don't like cricket!

This week is done. Off to roast in Costa Mesa. Tomorrow I become what I fear, but for a good cause. I have to work at the O.C. Fair sitting at the Habitat Booth. Does this technically make me a carney? Well looking at my resume it could not hurt to list that.

After that just spending some time with family grilling on Sunday. So it should be a enjoyable sun-stroke filled weekend.

having the Tigers kick us squaw in the nuts.


While I am on baseball, what is up the Shea Hillenbrad?

Today may be a breakthrough for me. I am going to admit something to all of you, so please be prepared to handle my truth. . . .

(Drum roll please)

I ate some fruit today and it was not bad.

If you know me that is a big thing. I am just shocked it did not end up on YouTube.

I do not hate fruit, I love fruit. Only if that fruit has been severely beaten about by a blender. So I am cool with smoothes, but won't eat an apple, or even a cherry on a desert. I love the flavor but I hate the texture. I know fruit is wonderful and it adds to so many things, but I could never get over the texture of it. Even if it is baked. As someone who supports pie rights, this really undercuts me when I am verbally battling with a Caker's (one's who only believes only in cake and not pie). When they find out I do not eat fruit, oh they cut me to the quick.

I not the only one from the Boski clan who feels the same, one of my sisters is the same way. So I was not totally alone in being an outcast.

My wife was shocked when I IM'd her about. Here are the actual transcripts.

ME: Hon, are you sitting?
Mrs. Boski: yes
Mrs Boski: but now I'm scared
Me: I am actually trying to eat fruit.
Me: And it is not blended. Have we reached the end of days?

So today, I sat at my desk and tried some watermelon, cantaloupe, some honey dew, and a strawberry. Which my wife did warn me that it might be sour. Which brought me back to a childhood memory of watching the after-school special about "The Boy Who Ate a Sour Strawberry", I think it started Ralph Maccho, Ted Nuggent and Ruth Buzzi. So seeing that freaked the hell out me and lead me down the path of disliking fruit.

I do not know how to break this to my family. My mom is still in shock that I wear jeans. I had about period of my life where I would have rather been shot, then wear jeans. That period lasted from 3rd grade till I graduated college. So even after ten years she still brings it up from time to time. But then, I think at time my family still think I am high school. Some of my family still think I dine at AM/PM.

But today was monumental. I still have a long ways to go, but I am facing my problem and tackling it head on. Maybe, just maybe, one day I will actually learn to like lettuce. Probably not, but you never know.

So there was another look into the strange world of Boski. A little place where retarded and ridiculous meet at an intersection called retardulous.

The state of Arkansas to pardon Keith Richards, after 31 years? Doesn't he have drugs in his system older than that.

Oh the irony. Hey Mr. Kangaroo if you were to pick a place were you might get some sympathy for your flight. Since you have been locked up like a prisoner, and shipped to a far away land. You are doing it in a place that the people would understand Mr. Kangaroo.

Not fast enough. I want a flat screen for a nickel damn it.

I love London, but I do not think I would want to be there when it is around 100. When you look at Thames, and think it does not look too bad. Then it is way too hot. I can only shutter to think of the stank coming from the Underground.

Hey kids your tax dollars at work. If I only knew I could get me an I-pod, some computers and other goodies. I would have taken a government job awhile ago. It is good to see that when there are those who are in dire need, that there are those out there who are working hard. Hard to cheat and stealing

Here are my favs out of this:

  • More than 2,000 sets of dog booties, costing $68,442, that have sat unused in storage since emergency responders decided they were not suited for canines assisting in Gulf Coast recovery efforts.
  • Three portable shower units for $71,170 from a contractor who investigators said over-charged the government. Customs and Border Protection agents could have gotten similar showers for nearly a third of the price, and faster.
  • 12 Apple iPod Nanos and 42 iPod Shuffles, worth $7,000, for
    Secret Service "training and data storage." Because the Shuffles cost less than $300, the Secret Service said they were not required to track them to ensure they were used properly.
  • 37 black Helly Hansen designer rain jackets, costing nearly $2,500, for use in a firing range that the Customs and Border Protection purchaser later acknowledged shuts down when it's raining.
  • Conference and hotel rooms at a golf and tennis resort at St. Simons Island in Georgia, worth $2,395, for training 32 newly hired attorneys when they could have used a nearby federal law enforcement training center.
  • A beer brewing kit and ingredients for more than $1,000 for a Coast Guard official to brew alcohol while on duty as a social organizer for the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. "The estimated price for a six-pack of USCG beer was $12," the investigators noted, adding: "Given that the six-pack cost of most beers is far less than $12, it is difficult to demonstrate that the Academy is achieving cost savings by brewing its own beer."
  • Investigators also noted that Customs and Border Protection wasted up to $464,586 by buying meals-ready-to-eat over the Internet instead of contracting through the
    Pentagon, as is standard procedure. And they found that the Federal Emergency Management Agency cannot locate 107 laptops, 22 printers and two GPS units worth $170,000. FEMA also cannot find 12 of 20 boats the agency bought for $208,000.
I should not be too harsh they had to brew their own beer. They could not find a case of Lucky Lager.

What is next the equipment guy is named director of scouting. What they hell is going on?Someone please take the Islanders out of their misery. I used to hate them with a passion, but now it is just sad.

Hey Barry maybe you take a cruise over to Alcatraz and visit Capone's old cell, since the both of you may be busted for tax evasion. Sadly, this shows the IRS has a purpose. Hey I am never happy about paying taxes either, but it seems that is the only way people ever get caught.
Never mess with the "Man's" money.

Note to Mr. Anderson, I know you were Barry's connection personaltrainerr. You know that if you go down for Barry, that "squat thrust" will have a new and painful meaning. Just wanted to let you know.

Maybe, just maybe this can throw Pat back into rehab. Because I need a revival of this site.

So let me get this straight. When 70% of country support this. Something that could lead to break through's that could affect million, maybe billions (I know that a big step, but we will never know if we don't try). That this is the time you decide that you need to use your first veto after 5 plus years. You do not want this nation to cross a "moral boundary". Hey assclam then what do you say of your adventure in Iraq. So do not give me that "moral boundary" crap. You have done more than your share of crossing that boundry yourself.

Man, I sit down at times and wonder is the president really this dumb? After reading this it makes me think yes, yes he is. (Thanks to the LA Times)

I have come back off the ledge, for the moment, thanks to the Sox.

Mr. Garland, thank you for showing up and reminding us that you won 18 games last year. And thank you Paulie for the 2 dingers. That makes up for your rally killing DP on Sunday.

Now gentlemen, please go out there again this evening and win.

That is all.

Thankfully I only have about a half an hour to ramble so I will be quick. I could be here all night raging about Alfred E. Douchebag. Next time there is a meeting of the most powerful states in the world can we send someone who is competent, hey I will even take someone of an opposing view point just as long as the person can speak. I swear they must all be laughing when George leaves the room. Which makes me ask the question, do you think the members of the G-8 ask Bush to go find the ID10T box. George, you are making Mr. Putin look like David fucking Chapplle. Also George when you hanging with a former KGB man, there is always a mic on. So wake the fuck up.

I do not know what is scarier these days?

That we have a dangerous situation in the MidEast and he's the one supposedly running the show.


That there are wack jobs who think we need to step up fighting, and that the World War III has begun. Yeah hey we have done such a great job in Iraq and Afghanistan. (Media Matters)

I must stop or I am going to break something.

I promise you the Boski Reader that I will return the moronic childish tripe that you are use to.

That what I can hear Tiger fans saying right now. This was not the best time to lose 5 of 6 while the Tigers get to beat on the Sub-Mariners and Failing Constitutional monarchs. Tonight the Sox head to the Motor city to fight not only to stay within hailing distance, but now their wild card lives.

So Ozzie, please help us getting on the ledge supporters and right this ship. Thanks for sending Cliff to Puppy Lake, it was about time.

Go Sox. Your mayor implores you.


Thank you Internets, thanks for the laughter.

Please enjoy.

A Friday has come and gone and I have nothing for you. The news sucks, its hot and the data entry I have been doing today had not made me feel pretty. So I am going to hunker down in the Boski Bunker and try to figure out what the world needs. Right now all I have is 80's music, Carl's Jr. Crinkly fries (which were they best) and trying to get the original cast of Herman's Head back together.

Later good people.

Because again the Scrub administration is getting away with more shenanigans.

Novak: Rove Was A CIA Leak Source

I know, I should not real be surprised now since Rove will not face prosecution for outing a CIA operative, which silly me still thought was still a freaking crime!

Nope, it is a bigger crime that the New York Times reports on something that everyone knew about. What a bunch of traitors they are. Well that is what Bush and his mouth pieces tell me. Never mind that Nero . . .er Bush and the rest of lot told us that they were going to go after the "money" in his speeches after 9/11 and in the 2004 campaign. Then when New York Daily news leaks info about a plot on the Holland Tunnel, none of the those windbags are out saying this was treason. Hmm interesting.

It is this crap that makes me want to retreat deeper and deeper in to the sports pages. I know all of you know all this and that hearing this from a writer whose still is that of a drunken hobo with a tenuous grasp of the English language is not bringing new light to this. I just felt I had to get that off my chest.

(Thanks to Media Matters)

Before I go.

Hey kids coming soon to a Wal-Mart near you. A new comedy album from funny man Vladimir Putin. Vlad, how do you find the time in between destroying political opposition, a shrinking population problem, eliminating a free press, and a simmering rebelion in Chechnya to do your comedy? The KGB Krack up takes his shots at Grandpa Dick Cheney. Vlad does this mean, after you finish creating your free market version of the CCCP, will you go to Branson and open for Yakov Sminov?

I was driving to work today and I ran over someone's Von Dutch trucker hat, that was laying in the middle of the road. It made me feel very sad.

Sad, that I did not go back and run over it again, but I will learn from this and strive to do better.


The sound you hear is the Germans rebuilding their section of the old Iron Curtian, because they are even scared by this. (thanks to The Superficial)

Title courtesy of Kevin.

Hello everyone, I hope everyone survived their weekends. Before I start a bit of troubling news. Last weekend while in Arizona I destroyed another pair of sunglasses. This makes this the 439th pair of sun glasses that I have either lost or destroyed. This time they were destroyed. The frame snapped breaking them into to. Now if I was a really cool Prussian Junker maybe I could rock the sunglass monocle look. But sadly, rocking a monocle is just not as cool as it use to be.

My weekend was alright.

Friday night I got my caught Bauhaus and Nine Inch Nails at Irvine Meadows. Nice little show, even though Bauhaus only did about 10 seconds of Bela Lagosi is Dead and then stopped. Look I understand that maybe Trent wanted to hit the stage before Tuesday, but I thought it was law that they had to play that song. Oh well I can say I have seen them in. As for Mr. NIN, he puts on an angry, but good show. Kudos to you sir, kudos.

Saturday after a day of sweating and napping at home, we went to Disneyland. A good friend of ours works there, so she got us in to catch the 50th Anniversary Fireworks before they conclude. Not too shabby. I will say that walking into the park at 5 PM just brought back the memories of many a summer slaving and slacking for at the Happy Place locted on Ball Road and Harbor. I can not beieve that this August it will be 10 years of sobriety from the mouse. Oh those were the days. Moments like falling into the jungle river. Doing the Icky Shuffle during the Fantasmic shows. Conning a fellow cast member in keeping a ride closed for a half an hour as I inpersonated a whacked out landscaper. Nearly blinding myself with a pen on a Big Thunder Mountian. Having a stunt bottle broken over my head on my last day. Oh the memories.

Sunday was a quite day of shopping and relaxing. We also enojyed watching Zidane go UFC in the Cup Final. Great idea sir, great idea. It is days like this that the internet shows its worth. That is just the tip of the iceberg (Thanks I was also sweating out. . . er enjoying the White Sox salvage a win to avoid a totally lost weekend. They had to win it in 19th or Cliff Politte would have gone out in the 20th and served up at least 3 long balls. Again it was Tadahero to the rescue, along with Dye (huge HR in the 9th and a clutch 2B) and McCarthy(4 plus scoreless). Nice jobs gents, we needed. Now as we look to the 2nd half we need to keep pushing to stay with in hailing distance of the Kitty's. It is not going to be an easy second half.

The Hof is running amok.

I see you are trying to get your street cred up before your new rap joint drops. So kudos to you for getting all gangsta all up in the All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club, by getting "steaming drunk". (thanks to the Superficial).

After I finished reading this, all I could think of the Simpson's and the Kamp Krusty Episode. When they nearly toss Krusty for taunting Ivan Lendl. In fact, I think they may have used the same announcement to the Hof before slapping the bracelets on him,

"Will the harlequin in the third row please keep his voice down!"

What is next Hof? Are you going to tan the words Thug Life across your stomach? Get shot at a couple of times? Or will you start a hip-hop feud with Greg Evigan.

Is everything okay Hof? I know you are making a comeback. Glad to see you are in a big film and not some German Snuff Porn. You are popping up everywhere, but I am worried. First off you acting a little over the top these day, in fact you are making William Shatner uneasy. Secondly I know you that there have been a couple things that have had to upset you:

Your publisher company Knight Ridder went belly up. Oh you are always the jokester. Thinking that by misspelling it we wouldn't know it was you.

Germany lost in the world cup. When Germany is sad, then Hof is sad, or it then invades Poland. I am not too sure. But it must hurt big guy.

The Mavs lost and we know how much you enjoyed trying to stalk. . . errrrr root Jerk Nowtzki and Mark "I have billions and all I got is a bowl cut" Cuban to a title. (thanks Deadspin)

That you have not been picked to be a panelist on The View.

So Hof, if you are in pain and you need a shoulder to cry on. Go call Ted McGinnley, because I do not want to here from you.

"Bush: Hard to read North Korea's motives" - But isn't everything hard for Mr. Bush to read if it is not a comic strip?

Now about this whole North Korea thing. I am totally against North Korea from having nukes, but I have a theory that this is all in reaction that the news has finally reach the North Korean's, that Kevin Federline has an album coming soon. If that is the case, then I completely understand Kim Jong Il's reaction. We too want to end the reign of terror that "PopoZÃo" has caused.

Hey happy birthday Mr. President. I hope this North Korea stuff will not keep you from you party at Chucky E. Cheese with Grandpa Cheney this afternoon. Speaking of birthdays, today is the Dali Llama's. I can only imagine how happy he is to share that with George. I wonder now if the Dali has cold cocked anyone for bring that up. But cheer up Mr. Llama you do share Robin's birthday. So you got that going for you.

Conflicted much - I wonder how Pope Benidizzle the XVI took to seeing the Germans lose to Italy.

What's next, Get O.J. to look for him? I mean it makes sense since he has done a great job of investigating the golf courses of America to find Nicole's killer. I can see part of the point of closing the department consolidating it since Bin Laden has done a great job outsourcing his work to others. But they really don't need it any way, he just chilling with Ken Lay in Switzerland in a mansion made of stolen Nazi gold, errrrr . . . Allegedly.



It is cold outside today. I am thinking it is only about 85.

Well that is what a weekend in Phoenix will do to you. We had a wonderful time seeing friends in the 48th state. They were wonderful host, who let us stay at their wonderful home, meet their wonderful new baby and play with their wonderful dogs. And maybe this Christmas I will get a wonderful thesaurus and use other wonderful words than wonderful.

What else did I get out of the weekend.

The English didn't fail to disappoint, and lost in a heartbreaker, again.

I love the desert. I do not want to leave the coastal table, but man I could see myself living in the desert. The wife did remind me, "sure we could afford a nice sized place out here, but just remember what it would cost to run the AC."

Mexican food is awesome.

Michael Barrett slugs A.J. back in May, A.J. returns the favor and slugs the Cubs in July.

The dry heat, it was triple digits all weekend and the humidity was around 15%. Any drier and it Steven Wright would have instantly appeared.

I have better stuff than Cliff Politte.

It looks like Kim Jong Il has gone off the reservation, again. Nothing like seeing a wacko and a halfwit with nukes trying to hash things out.

Must start planning to go out to Arizona for Spring Training.

H.R. Puffinstuff is dead. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Okay the voice of Puffencrack is dead. Another piece of my childhood gone. Another passing that needs to be brought up is this man, Thomas Arthur. He gave us the Dodger Dog. Mmmmmmmmm grilled Dodger Dog.

Rob Blake is that you?

The French not surrendering in Germany, now I have seen everything. If the French do win it all. The Germans will take back Alsace-Lorraine.

I know it may sound ghoulish, but I want a autopsy on Ken Lay. I am sorry, but this seems way to convenient. I want to make sure that it is Ken Lay. Oh I know that Ken did do some great things in Houston and for others before Enron, but because of the damage he and his cronies did it damaged multitudes more than he ever helped. And now he will not spend one day behind bars, so please forgive me for asking for the SMERSH treatment over his corpse.

Which leads me to the fact I read a book this weekend. Well I read the last 60% of this weekend. It was on the Fall of Berlin, so that is why I dropped a reference of one of Stalin's favorite departments. Which is something I have not done in a while, and it was good to actually finish something.

It is not right that the Italians are in the Finals. I know they are good, but they are not that good. Look they drew against the U.S. and they got bailed out against the Socceroos. Which was FIFA's way of saying they were sorry about '02. Which sucks a lot of ass.

I apparently drive really fast. Yesterday left Phoenix around 10 and got home about 4:45 PM. With two gas stops and stop to shop in Cabazon.

I go me some shoes, so what about it?

People love to blow shit up in my neighborhood. Our hamlet allows for fireworks. But to many in my hosing track that means, "Enough of the safe and sane shit. It is time to get dumb and dangerous." So it people were trying their best to make it sound like Tikrit on a Sunday evening. Thankfully the Boski ranch did not take any fire. We did walk around to see the pyro's in action which was fun.

So that is all I have for now. Thank you for allowing me to toss this blog pasta on virtual wall. Even though it still looks under done and underwhelming