Because we have to give one last gas face to

P.W. Botha gets the gas face.

Hammer, shut f$#& up!

Oh sorry I was letting the boys get carried away. But remember no Gas Faces for Plugs One Two and Three. And no Gas Face for Professor Prince Pa-paul!

I am not happy to see anyone pass away, but P.W. you were a dick in the 80's.

Sadly, I have never really gotten into Halloween. I know I suck. I am not saying I hate it, I just can never get into the spirit of. Never really went to many Halloween parties. And it did not help that I have not had a cool costume in about a bazillion years. I think I pulled off a decent Dieter from Sprockets back in 97. But tonight, the Better Half and I are heading up to my Mom's to go take my nephews out for trick-a-treating. So that should be fun.

But for those who do love the Holiday, I do have a question. That "taffy" in the black and orange wrappers. Was that ever really meant for consumption, or where those to be chewed and used to seal leaks? I was never sure, but I feel that eating lead paint was probably safer.

Well I have to get back to slog and get some training up in this humpty bumpty. So have a same evening and may all of you get the cool candy bars and not by stuck with the a fore mentioned orange and black nightmare, raisin, or Smarties.


Changes afoot.

Hello kids, hope your weekend was nice, mine was until Payton Manning made me cry. I hate you Peyton Manning, go away. The weather this weekend was delightful. If we can stop the brush fires and the static electicity that come with the Santa Ana winds they would be close to perfect. Those warm winds made it a nice 85 degrees at the beach Saturday. Me and the wife went down to the shore and just took huge huffs the geourgoues views.

Also I got to see my nephew Friday night, we took him to a high school football game. My wife went to the Sister School of this high school and she will cut you went it come to this high school football team. Good for her, since my school is not a football power, well they are now 10th in Orange County, but I am not keeping track.

Oh I did not injure anyone at my roto hoops draft. Well I did steal some players away from a couple of the owners. I built a team that will be strong, till December.

But enough of that, time to talk of the changes afoot. Well last week my supervisor brought me into her office and let me know that someone was leaving, and it was not me (YEAH!). The department is losing someone. They are taking a new position outside the hospital. So they asked me, since the chimp declined, to learn their job. So I think this may mean I might be (Cue the dramatic music!) hired on full time. Which I have not been, since January of 2005, when the nice people at American Healthways told me to suck it, because they could not justify my job any longer. So the next few weeks I will see if I have the mettle for this job. Will this job make me happy? I do not know, there are things that drive me nuts, but the people are great and I really need to get myself settled somewhere and stop be such a derelict of dialect. I have to make some scratch and I also really need to challenge myself.

So stay tuned......

The saga continues.

Last evening we received a packet from Time Warner tell us about how awesome they are. And how they are here to help us, the great unwashed. That there awesomeness will be so amazing that it may appear that we will be paying more for their digital cable. But it's only because it will be so mind bendingly bitching, that we would have given them the money anyway. My wife looked over the material first and wanted me to wait till I had finished dinner to let me look it. Her fear was that the sheer amazement that Time Warner was laying out may cause me to use my fork as a weapon. I glad she did, I really did not want to gouge out my own eye because of the awesomeness.

When I got to review the packet, my wife told me, "Read this and tell me if this makes and f#@$ing sense. I have a college degree and this makes no sense at all." I did, and she was right. You could not figure out what the hell they were trying to sell, was it apart of the Digital Classic tier which is not offered, or is it Sports Classic Digital Tier with relish, or was it apart of Digital Kick In The Groin tier. It made the poor hampster in my head hurt. Trying to figure out String Theory would have been easier. It was so complicated that Steven Hawking would look at this, get up out of his chair and go hit someone in the mouth with a canned ham.

Oh and to make it worse, those bastards are taking away some channels that I liked. Even with all my e-mails and faxes, they still have not even come close the make the deal with the NFL Network. So I do not even know if I will even have the chance to be gouged for that. Even if I get the Sports Tier, I will get a lot of crap I do not want. Please, please let me pick channels I want and not for the ones I don't. The Boski house will still get a lot channels, and we would be very happy to have you in our home, but instead you keep call in the gimp to make sweet sweet love to me.

The worst part of this is may be on Sunday. I have my fantasy basketball draft. It is a league with guys I went to high school with. Sadly one of the guys now works for Time Warner. I worry I am going to walk in, say hello, shake his hand, ask him about his family and then hit him with a chair. This tops last years draft when I showed up, with White Sox World Series gear, which should be no problem, but one of the teams is run by the brother a pitcher who had some issues with White Sox catcher Mr. Pierzynski. Now if I had shown up in an A.J jersey, then I would have gotten a well deserved beat down.

Now I have to do some research and present RFP to my wife on getting a Dish. I am going to have to wow her. So I will really need to go crazy with the animations of the ol' PowerPoint.

Bush unsatisfied with Iraq war progress

WTF took you so long to figure this out. Seriously Yale should be kicked out the Ivy League for having this guy even "attend" their university.

Oh but we are winning our president says so. Mr. Bush I would love to see that world. Can I get there without the use of hallucinogenics or severe head trauma. The world you see must be swell, since you are not looking at the real world.

But hey there is a war you are winning. No, it is not Iraq, drugs, or even poverty. No you are winning that war vs. the Constitution. One day soon you have it down to just the 2nd amendment and some old Family Circus cartoons.

Speaking of the Constitution, I actually carry a very small copy of it with me. I do it because I like being able to look at it and remember the good times. Back when there was a system of checks and balances.

Oh those were the days.

I learned that lunch meat, not graham crackers, go in the fridge. Apparently, this concept eluded me today.

Monday has come again, so that means the work week begins.

Such a shame that work always has to ruin the weekends. Well our trip to San Simeon was a smashing success. Right now team Boski is working on the photos right now. So that I can then deliver them to you the blogging audience. But the trip did what I hoped it would do. It made my mom so happy. She had a wonderful time and loved going to Hearst Castle more than she had expected. It make me feel great beyond comprehension that she felt that way. For me it was one of those moments that made me feel like an adult. Like your first professional job, first business card, first home, marriage, first Conrad Bain reference. That here I was doing something (with a ton of help from the Better Half) for my Mom, something more than an elementary school card. This was something she had always wanted to do. She grew up hearing about Hearst and Hearst Castle she wanted to see it. And now she is getting to do it. I can't describe how happy I felt to see her so happy. It was like I would be on a Christmas morning, without the yelling and running around the house. I am glad we did this, even though I feel I owe her about million more trips like this, as repayment her for all the love and support she has given me and the Better Half.

I will give a quick summary of the trip.

Friday, packed up the Boski Mobile and traveled to get my Mom, from Casa de Boski on the Placentia Riveria. From there we zipped through the remaining flotsam and jetsam of the rush hour traffic. Drove up the coast on 101. Man it was glorious day. We took my Mom to Solvang to grab lunch and take a look around. Solvang is where you get your small windmill fix when in California. It a quaint little tourist town. Plenty of Nordic nicknack's and brickebrak. It was nice, it was good to walk around in the sun, on a warm October Day. Nothing like temps in high 80's in October. When we finished we sped up the coast till we got to Cambria and checked into our rooms. Which was awesome. Open the sliding glass door and boom their is the ocean about 200 feet away. We unpacked and walked around the beach for a little while. Later we had a wonderful meal at a great place in Cambria called the Brambles. It reminded me that I think Rib Eye is my favorite cut of meat. After dinner took my mom around to the shops. I almost bought a complete set of World League of American Football. Damn I need my Stan Gelbach, the greatest QB ever for the London Monarchs. When we got back the Better Half and I took a lovely walk under the stars. Looking up at the night sky when you not in a city is the difference between addition and subtraction compared to quantum psychics. Being able to go to sleep with the sound of the ocean is quiet relaxing.

Saturday - Got up early and found out I have a new talent. I can make Belgian Waffles. The hotel had a station for the guest to make them and let me tell you, I made the hell out them. After that we walked out toward the beach and watched the surfers along with being accosted by the squirrels who where out in force. They look cute, but I felt that they were going to take my wallet. Oh no, I just lost my job blogging for Fox. We hopped into the car and drove up a couple of miles to the Castle. I had some expectations, I know they place was nice and it was something to see, but when that bus started up the hill. All my expectations of the architecture and artifacts were dwarfed by the reality. I have to show the pictures of what I say, since any words I have would pale in comparison to it. Let's say my mouth was agape the entire time. I almost swallowed a bat. In fact, I did have to pick it up when we got to the in-door pool. After a couple of hours of awesome, we took a side trip to look at some nature. We drove up further to check the juvenile elephant seals on the beach. It was fascinating just watching them lying there and seeing them frolic. Yes, I used the work frolicked. Then after a nice lunch we came back to the room. Where I found out the Bruins lost in the last minute. A game they freaking had and pooof! It was gone. Karl, Karl, Karl, come on now. To get my mind off that I took a walk on the beach with the wife as my mom got some rest. Even though it was cloudy and cool, it was still so relaxing walking along. After our walk was done, we got ready to go back to the Hearst Castle for the night tour, and it was amazing. I have to show some of the 200 pictures we took of the Castle, about 150 of where me taking pictures like crazy, which means a lot did not come out. But there a few that are spectacular. On our way back we could not stop in our amazement of what we saw. It was a perfect Non White Sox, Bronco, Bruin, Kings, Lakers, etc winning kind of day. I saw history, viewed beauty, and had sent time with the people I love. When we got back to the room, I think as a make good on the Bruins losing, the fates had stepped in. I was flipping through the channels when I came across the local PBS channel and they were showing The Western Tradition, with Dr. Eugene Weber. I sat there and watched two episodes of it. I went from the fall of the Western empire and the rise of the Byzantines, to the rise of Islam and the schism between Constantinople and Rome. You know history nerd kind of stuff.

Sunday - After making the hell out the waffles for my mom and my wife we took one last walk on the beach. Oh, before that I have to say to the people in room 106 of the Pelican Cove Hotel, you can suck it. We were not loud and you are high on crack. I hope you all had a miserable day. We got in the car and headed back home. On our way we did make a stop in Santa Barbra and after just being there for only a short time. I know see what people like it here. We took my mom to a garden and then we had some tacos of the highest quality. A little taco stand that Julie Child's called the best. I still can't see her ordering tacos, but after tasting them, it makes total sense. But after lunch we finished the last leg of the trip and delivered my mom home safely. Just like the Broncos delivering another victory. One of the few games I picked right this weekend.

Well I have blabbed and blabbed. Thank you for stopping by this time share presentation now please fill out the surveys and sign over your lives.


Road Trip!

Well kids I off for a three day weekend. I will try to get you photos.

I have a feel that the passing of Military Commission Act or the Enabling Act II Electric Bugaloo. I am not one for the whole Bush/Hitler thing, (Oh since I mentioned Hitler I wonder if my blog will be on the History Channel?) But this Military Commission Act is a lit fuse on a keg of TNT that the Constitution is strapped to. Sadly I think the fuse might be very short, since the Supreme Court will probably let is go since the one vote that stopped it last time, Justice Kennedy stated if Bush could get it passed again then he would most likely vote for it.

So Habeas Corpus is dead. And anyone who opposes the Administration could be off to Gitmo soon. I know am being dramatic, and they can't imprison all of us yet. But since the elections of 2000 I feel that anything can happen, well anything bad can happen.

So what did most of this country do when this was going on. Were we writing letter, protesting, flooding our representative phone lines with calls of concerns? Nope, too many of this nation just did not care. Again people don't mind giving away others rights.

Well I should read up on Cuba, get some sun screen (that is if they let me out of a cell) and some water wings for all that fun non-torturous water boarding. I know I should not kid about this, but as absurd at it is, I must dish up some absurd to keep me from going nuts.

Steve, why oh why did you do this. I do not know what is scarier, that you did that to that painting, or that you have more than enough scratch that missing out on making 135 million will not kill you. Steve with your problems with your eyes, maybe, just maybe you should not stand close to objects like that, or you will have to build a couple more resorts to pay for them.

I had something for you yesterday, but this time by computer went nuts and lost it, kinda like Dennis Green. Man the man upstairs must really hate the Cardinals.

But let's see how I did on that check list:

Watched baseball - Half Check - Not as much as I thought. I only caught Friday night game.I didn't try to watch the A's get their hearts stepped on. As much as I try I can't get into the Mets/Cardinals.

Got tasty treats - Check - On Friday night we went to an open house/ customer survey for a small but kick ass bakery. (Blackmarket Bakery)

Watched College Football - Check - Got in a couple of hours of college gridiron watching.

Go to a Wedding - Check - It was a funky wedding. We love the people who got hitched, but there were some guest there who were trying way to hard to be cool. Yeah I talking to you Steve O look alike in the suit with the white belt and shoes, who the hell do you think you are an edgy Herb Tarlick? That tops the Beck-look-alike and the guy with the fro'. There were too many emo's for my taste. But it was a pretty outdoor ceremony that was cold, well cold for Southern Californians. In fact I had to get the blanket from the car so we did not freeze at dinner. Also one last note, the toast for groom is not the best time to bring up any issue he may have had with inconstancy, just a thought. But it was fun and they served some nice Belgian Framboise. It like having beer and punch, but not disgusting.

Chat with out adorable stalker - No Check - He had other things going on, like a couple of serious naps.

Crank call Billy Squire - Check - Done and done. Next up Peter Cetera.

Accept Nobel for my new theory on William Henry Harrison - No Check - I am waiting you herring breathed bastards!

Making Diorama of the last episode of Barney Miller, out of butter - No Check - It started off well, but ended up more looking like spin off series Fish did.

Watch Pro Football - Check - Some of my viewing was interrupted by social engagements, but at both I was able to watch some and at the same time enjoy some wonderful company. In the morning, we met with some of my wife high school friends at Chevy's, which in the man opinion sucks ass. Just eat the chips folks. In the evening, we meet up with member of my family. And it is always good to catch up with them.

Win the World Series of Ken0 - No Check - Oh man I was so tantalizingly close. I had the title in my hands when one small problem arose that cost me the glory. There is no World Series of Keno. I wished someone had told me.

Relax with my wonderful wife - Check and double check - Now we have to get geared up for next weekend when we take my mom up to Hearst Castle for her 70th.

So all in all I will chalk this weekend up as a success.

And I am out here.

Got a check list:

Watch Baseball

Go taste some tasty treats

Go to a Wedding

Watch College Football

Chat with our adorable stalker

Crank call Billy Squire

Accept by Nobel for my new theory on William Henry Harrison.

Watch more Pro Football

Make diorama of the last episode of Barney Miller, out of butter.

Win the World Series of Keno

and most importantly

Relax with my wonderful wife.

Good to see that they are trying to get things back on track. Bertie there be a little extra in the pay pouch, same for you Tony, but I still think you are owed a kick in the nuts for how you have been running things in Britain.

I am so pleased to see good news from the Northern Ireland. If a long term peace can breakout there, then there maybe hope elsewhere.

Even though it is another ho-hum day I have come down from my ledge, for now.

Today in amongst my many wonderings, while at lunch, I asked myself a question. Would it really be wrong to come back to my cube maybe a couple hours or days later?

I can already hear the naysayers say, "oh Boski you can't just leave work", that and "your fired."

But to those who would question me. I would ask them to ponder this for a few.

If I ignore that work and not come running to it every time it cries, maybe just maybe that work will get off it's ass and finish itself. I really think we are coddling work a little too much. Work is going to have learn to stand on it's own two feet.

Now excuse me my blog just hit a water buffalo.


That it has always been Tacos.

I should have know that.

I always knew that William Henry Harrison was killed by a plate of tacos from the future and not pneunomia.

(Sorry folks I have turned the whinny knob to 11, you may want to skip this entry since it contains near lethal amounts of pointless self drivel.)

I am just feeling all out of sorts today, hell I have felt out of sorts for weeks. I feel like I am not apart of my own life. I am just being dragged around doing this doing that. I just feel I am spinning my wheels. I have work to do, but I shirk it more than I should. The worst part is I have not really pressed them about my situation. They did talk to me about a position here at a hospital, but that was weeks ago.
I have had no real drive to make things different. So I am just floating along getting pissed about how things are when I am root of my own problem. I hate the way things are. The weeks just seem to zip by and I feel I am not acheiving anything. I worry that I am going to wake up and I realize I have wasted so much time without doing something to show for it. But I have been way too lazy and too scared to stop and change things. I need to give myself structure and a mental kick in the ass (with love of course), and make myself stick to it. Right now, all I do is desire to do things that have no structure at all. I don't want to leave my house I just want to be at doing nothing. Hanging out with my wife and our adorable stalker.

I know I am my own worst enemy, and that I am the one responsible for my life. So I need to work on. I just need to whine and get that off my chest. I have more things making me agitated, but I am too scattered and disorganized to present it to you the nice audience in a coherent manner. Because I am looking at what is stirring in the old mind tank and it ranges from glue sniffing smurfs, Conrad Bain hijacking a bus full of nuns, the year 1765, chicken soft tacos, ADD, Ikea and Ulan Bator Chamber of Commerce. So you can see it may be too far out to wrangle that into a blog entry.
Okay back to the nonsense.


Tuesday Tidbits

We live in a great country. It is a place where a company will pay a couple of guys $1.65 Billion for something they really do not own. But as long as they keep the the hits coming I should not question anything.

Well it looks like Kim is not going to get go to Camp David. Hey I have not heard anyone blame the Clinton's for North Korea. Oh wait here we go. Wow, just when I thought I could have even less respect for McCain he goes and shows me. Go suck it Mr. McCain. You are now becoming a lap dog for a man who dragged you through the mud. Just so you can make a run for the White House. Well, right now if there is justice and God. You will get Bush's endorsement as his approval rating hovers around 16%.

Another case of Republicans eating themselves? Looks like it. So someone may have known about this since 2001. Great. Speaking of the Foley Scandal. Which is now in the top 10 of Washington scandals. My Fav is the Teapot Dome Scandal. They just don't make them like that anymore. Wait since that happened in Wyoming in the 20's, so Darth Caney had to have something to do with it. Oh, I am getting sidetracked again. Hey Senator Bratwurst you say you will can anyone you find that knew about this and didn't come forward. So we should expect you to turn in your resignation this week or next?

I am happy to see that the polls are showing the G.O.P is sucking ass. But I worry that they will get back into power in the not so distance future, because they are leaving such a mess that people may shoot the messenger when they find out that our treasury, economy, education, infrastructure, environment and I could go on and on is in the crapper. They will try to spin it that this didn't happen while we were running things. I would hope that America would not fall for that, that it would grit it's teeth and work to fix it. But there are too many out there who vote for "American Idol" and I think they could be swayed to do whatever by some shiny objects.

Don't mess with Babs, she will cut you.

Is this why it take forever to get a pot hole filled?

So it looks like King George has come to his senses, for the moment. I wished he had done it and just gone nuts. Fire everyone and overpay for stiffs, just like the 80's. Yo A-Rod I would start boxing things up.

Rats, the ways things are going I would have voted for them on the Truthiness Ticket.

Please sit relax and have a Fresca.

I think there was one thing this weekend that was scarier than the North Korean Nuclear test.

The wife was checking the channels to see what was on. See happened mentioned the late 80's action fiesta Action Jackson. This was not Carl Weathers best work, in fact he does better acting in the last half of Rocky IV. Also I think Craig T. Nelson may have still be on the drink at the time. But when she did, without hesitation, I blurted dialogue from the film,

Captain Armbruster "You broke the kids arm!"

Action Jackson "He had another."

I need help, lots and lots of help.

North Korea Declares Nuclear Test

So Mr. Bush we are all safer with you in the White House. I am just waiting for you and your cronies to blame Clinton and the Democrats for the North Korean actions.

So let us look at the score card. Axis of Evil you have warned us about has now become a reality.

Iraq - did not have WMD's but now has become a Civil War. This blood bath has now become the new Club Med for terrorist. Since we "cleaned up" Afghanistan so it was not the terrorist training ground it had been since the Soviet Invasion, oh that's right things are now sliding back to the Taliban. Hmmmm.

Iran - Since we unilaterally went put troops on both sides of Iran, and we have done little to work with Iran. We have given the wackos there the prefect situation to start up their nuclear weapons programs. I am sorry I have no faith in the leadership of Iran. They are on the path to making weapons. But since we have screwed things up we have put ourselves in a horrible bargaining position to find a solution to the situation. And if we think we can bomb or invade Iran right now, and that it will be no sweat. Well we will be wrong. It would make the Donner Party's decision to cross the Sierra's in winter look inspired. Let's see what would happen to the world economy then, when oil shoots to about $500 a barrel. How are we coming with breaking the oil dependency Mr. Bush? Ah hell Bush and his cronies can afford it, but the rest of the world can't. We will have ourselves a World Wide Depression that will make the last one look like a cocktail party. Even at our best going into Iran would not be easy. Doing it now considering our troops have been stretched out and abused for the past 4 years would be a complete and total disaster. All it would do is kill more people and motivate more Muslims to take up arms. You are uniter, Mr. Bush. A uniter through and through.

That leads us to

North Korea - who has the bomb, or at least the material to make a a few bombs. They may not be able to deliver it, but give them time. They are hell bent in not backing down. Their madman has starved and brutalised his cult of personality captives. But since they are strapped for cash they can have a bake sale, some cookies or some yellow cake uranium. You know to pay the bills, or maybe get some missile technology. China is scared of the collapse of North Korea and the chaos it would cause for them. They have tried to manage what I feel is their proxy. There hope, again my opinion was to use the North to lower or even remove the U.S. presence, on the Korea peninsula. All the while looking like heroes if they could negotiate a settlement between the two. I think China is genuinely surprised and angered by this, they underestimated Kim. If China can't reel him in, then the chance of Kim going off the reservation grows. And if there is war or collapse of the Kim government then China has a mess on its doorstep. And it could get very ugly. But if the North develops weapons it can deliver, then weapons proliferation will spread through the region. The Japanese will develop nukes, then South Koreans. Add that with China's and Russia's arsenals and you have a whole lot of bad in the area. Also who says that Taiwan will try to get the bomb, and we know how much that would please China.

But Mr. Bush there is good news today, from the North Koreans test. They still have people who are even more batshit crazy than your group. So could we settle this with a Vermont Teddy Bear?

Sorry for the long winded and bizarre diatribe and probably misinformed information. Now back to the whimsy.

I was just working away. Listening to Launch on Yahoo. Nothing out of the ordinary. When it happened. I got a computer virus. They played K-Fed.

How am I going to explain this to IT? Maybe I will just put on the Help Desk ticket that it is circus midget porn, or something.

How could Launch do this? I mean seriously. I thought there were firewalls to protect against this. Man, I think they could have at least give me warning.

I know you think I am exaggerating but in just a short time I have run into the following problems with this computer:

There is now a lit cigarette hanging out of the disk drive.

It's mooching off the server.

It now reeks like a bag of Cheetos.

The keyboard is not sporting rings.

It is also leaking Mountain Dew. (I hope to god that it's Mountain Dew)

Every time I try to do work, it goes into sleep mode.

The fax machine and printer are now pregnant.

So thanks Launch, thanks a lot.

Oh wait, I think I may be able to fix this. I may be able to clean this machine if I wave an employment application in front of it. That will either clean it, or destroy it.

Wish me luck

and I just don't want to work. I just want to blog, reading up on this week's football games.

Stupid work.

Well sadly I have. The past few weeks I have been too lazy to get a new AC cord for the Sirius unit I take in my car. Which means I have been forced to listen to regular radio. And I still hate most of it. I just want to know when did KROQ die. It has become nearly impossible to listen to. It is no longer cutting edge. The same station that broke a ton a great bands now just delivers a lot crap. Hey I know I am not longer the demo, but the music sucks. Also when they are not playing the new crap that I hate. They are playing the same songs they did 10 years ago, when Alternative Music was also killed. Sadly here in the 2nd largest radio market we get way too much crap. Hell, the High Dali Llama of Douches Rick Dees is back. I thought his progeny Ryan Seacrest slew him to become the most power douche in the universe. So in the overgrown hazmat forest that is the radio in L.A., I have been able to find a couple of bright spots.

Indie 103.1 - They play a lot of good stuff and they are not afraid to go outside the box. Sure I don't love all of it, but they are giving me a better bill a goods than KROQ. Also I love that they have Steve Jones every day. God Bless Jonsey's Jukebox. The man is nuts and I love him for it. He gets great guest to come and shot the shit with him. I get to catch him coming home on the replay. You want eclectic you get it from Steve. You can go from, punk, the glam rock, country, Euro Pop to, R&B. He just plays what he wants. Also I am gaining a soft spot in my heart for their morning show (The Last of World Famous International Morning Shows). Which thankfully ended the Dicky Barrett Morning Experience. The show is host by Joe Escalante (Drummer for the Vandals). Who also does a legal so for the station, go figure, but they are all about giving the audience a full service station. Joe is this low key guy who does not beat you over the head like most morning people. But I also love they everyone favorite sheriff from Deadwood to do the sports. And the back and forth from them is hilarity.

KCRW - This is where I get my NPR on, so I get real news. Also they have a ton of great shows on the weekend.

Sport Radio - I know I was shocked myself. In the mornings I listen to ESPN. I don't know why I listen to Colin Cowherd (yes that is his name) but I do. Maybe because Tony Bruno is a moron and the other sport's station plays Mancow. Which I will take a kick in the nuts over. When I drive home I listen to all I can pick up. But the one that has sucked me in is the Petros Papidakis show. The guy does work for Fox Sports West, played at USC. But his show is a freaking circus, plain and simple. The dude is nuts and I appreciate that.

AirAmerica/Progressive Talk 1150 - I do love the info I get from it, but I think I may need to stop listening. I know they need listeners and they are being screwed by Clear Channel and Viacom. But I have a huge problem with this station. It gets me too riled up and pissed off. Now since I live in the OC, one of the downsides is that this is a very Red county. So I see way too many W stickers during my drive. Even though I have seen more and more slamming him, so maybe there is hope here. Unfortunatley, while I am in the car, I hear all this. It make me want to go all Ron Artest on their cars. I know it is wrong, but that is how worked up I get.

But even these bright spots have one big problems. Too many damn commercials . That is why I love my Sirius. When I want music no commercials . It was nice a couple of week back driving home from Las Vegas and not hearing a dumb ad for Geico or other crud.

Just tinkering around with the old blog. Along with the Blog Better button, I still can't find "Witty Banter" button either.

Well I will keep looking.

This show has been outstanding from day one and it just keeps getting better and better.

So watch it!
I command you!

Just working away a Wednesday. I have been sucked in by Blogger and trying their new beta version. So far I see very little change. I am still trying to find the "Better Blog" button.

As you can see, I am still looking.

since we have done such a great job in Afghanistan. So Mr. Fistindanuts, I mean Frist, you want to to negotiate with the Taliban. Have them join the government since you feel, " the Afghan war against Taliban guerrillas can never be won militarily and urged support for efforts to bring "people who call themselves Taliban" and their allies into the government." (Houston Chronicle)

Hmm that sounds like cut and run to me. Maybe just maybe this would have not been a problem if we had finished the job before got into the Iraq.

Speaking of Iraq, sound like things are going so well there. Screw the Intelligence reports that are saying that our presence there is a "cause celeb" for the terrorist. Yep, sure makes me feel safer. Know that we are helping to developing more terrorist.

Also can anyone tell me where I send flowers to for the passing of the Constitution. Last week the passing of the what I like say is the "Torture is Okay and to Hell with Habeas Corpus Bill". Again Mr. McCain, I have lost any remain respect I had for you. We have given the administration a free pass on all the laws it broke before this. Even though the bill says we will not use overly coercive methods and we will adhere to the Geneva Convention. What the bill means is that if they have or don't there is not a damn thing anyone can do a damn thing about it. Also that the president or whom he chooses could have people detained if they are deemed an "enemy combatant". Well Boski we are fighting the terrorist and wouldn't you want those who want to harm us captured. Yes, yes, I would, but not at the cost of the Constitution. This article from NPR is what makes me scared. It is how the terms they use are very vague and they have not been afraid to interrupt them broadly. I fear the worst case scenario that people who just are anti-Bush could be picked up and not heard from again. I know it is very extreme, but the way things have been going, I can see it happening. Again that is just my paranoid rambling, and I hope I am wrong.

Now it looks like the G.O.P. is protecting the Mr. Feeley, I mean Foley. Great job Cardinal Law, oh I mean Senator Hastert. I have a feeling that many in the leadership did know and because they want to maintain power they were willing to overlook it. Now Foley is saying he was molested as a teen and he has a drinking problem. Sadly this seems more like him coping out to his crime and covering his G.O.P buddies asses. 99.999999% the time we look at those who commit these kind of crimes as scum. That they need to be locked away. If he is suffering from alcoholism and was abused I do hope he finds answers and some kind of resolution, but he needs to do time and be stripped of his pension and benefits. Since a postman with 19 years or so, could have his taken away for a felony. Why should Mr. Foley be different. Just because he a senator he is above that. That is another thing that is really messed up.

Party of values you say. I say bullshit.

Sorry for the angry rambling post but had to get it out.

I must say that tacos, beer and football are a great way to spend a Monday night. Now they only thing that sucked was the freaking Packers could not punch it in from the 1. That little blunder kept me from winning my wife's office pool you stinking cheeseheads!

Last night I found out what the most dangerous thing is on this earth. It is not the terrorist, Iran, Kim Jong Il, toxic waste, or Global Warming . It is Hillbillies/White Trash Celebs, with crazy amounts of money. Made the mistake of watching the House of Carters. Holy crap that was beyond a car wreck. It made any Real World/Road Rules Challenge look like a Joe Orton play. Knowing these guys have a ton of money, scares the bejebus out of me. Anna Nicole has more money than sense. And as we can see things are going swimmingly. So she loses a son, gives birth to another and now we have two people fighting to be baby daddy. That equation adds up to ridiculous. With all of that going on, I can only imagine what is going on at the Sperderline compound. We all know they are breeding a hillbilly army, intent on either overthrowing the government. Either that or preparing the next wave of reality TV shows. I would not be surprised if they were building a Nuclear Cheeto to bring about their tacky military junta. Look we already know they have been working on WMD's. Look they did Chaotic and let us not forget K-Fed's contribution to music. Let me say if that was made back in the 70's. It would have violated SALT I.

This morning I now feel the effects of not sleeping the other night. Oh and the best part is I got myself a nice shiny cold for it.

Anyone else here hoping that Clemens did use steroids? Yeah, me too.

Hmmm, I wonder if they had trotted this out during the 80's. How many professional athletes could they have gotten to huckster this. Can't you just see L.T., Michael Rey Richardson, The Perez Brothers, most of the 86 Mets and so on. (Thanks to Fark)

To support my earlier comment, just imagine if this woman had crazy money. Did the North really win the Civil War? I mean, couldn't they have let some of the states go off on their own, especially Florida, where this woman is from. Just look at the damage done to the country because of Florida. (Thanks again Fark)

Oh George Michael not again. They going to fire you from the Sports Machine. Oh wait wrong one. George at this time blame all on Andrew. He has always been jealous of you.

I heard a rumor that the baseball playoffs are starting today. That's funny I thought baseball season ended back in May, some players strike or something. The White Sox were is first, so it is a shame that they didn't get a chance to defend their title.

Oh I see that is not working on all of you. This season was bizarre, maddening, joyful and high in disappointment. Let us say this year if the 2006 White Sox were an action film. Most of us White Sox fans had visions of this being a Tony Scott/William Fredikin/James Cameron production. But the season ended up being a Jerry Bruckhimer/ Michael Bay wonder bit of crap called Pearl Harbor. Just like the film (but in reserve) there were some great sequences, good pitching, lots of long ball of D, but sadly the rest of season was like most of Pearl Harbor. Star power wandering around under achieving and the good guys got their asses handed to them.

Even with me be as mad as I am with this team, and how they played down the stretch. Meaning no playoff goodness. I do have to shake myself and remember that I have seen this team win a title, without the use of a time machine. So I will just have to sit and reflect on good times, along with the joy of knowing that the Cubs had another crappy season. So when spring rolls around, Team Boski will travel east to Arizona and catch some spring training. So we can be ready to see the 2007 White Sox - Refreshed, Relaxed and Ready to exact revenge. REVENGE I SAY!!!!!!!!!

Oh as for this October. Here are my quick picks


Oakland over Minnesota - Yes, I am enjoying my crow as I root for the Big Hurt. Have I mentioned I hate the Twins?

New York over Detroit - That thud you heard was the Tigers hopes of getting to the World Series. The Cardinals have more momentum going into the playoffs. The Yanks will beat the Pitty Kittys into submission.


San Diego over St. Louis - Botchy gets the job done year after year, considering he never really has the best talent. As for the Redbirds, next to the Tigers could a team look any worse getting into the playoffs. Please enjoy San Diego, it is beautiful. In fact, just cancel game 3, and save yourself the shame.

Mets over Dodgers - Dodgers streakiest team in the MLB, right now they are on the up swing, not enough arms to get though. Their offense will need to keep up with the Mets bats, they will but not enough. The Mets have not looked sharp, but in the NL you just need a pulse to be a playoff team. So they will win a close series.

New York over Oakland - Yankees will get their bats going enough that people will forget they just don't have the arms they used to. The A's will put up some fight, but only after falling down 3 - 0. I hate typing that, but the Yanks are the best team in AL. Even if the Twins made it through. Santana can't pitch every game. In October, good teams don't lose to rookies named Boof.

New York over San Diego - This will be another entertaining series, where the team I want to see win doesn't.

World Series

Which leads me to what I did not want to see, another Subway Series. Hey New York enjoy the Series, because I will not. I don't need to hear about it. I will be over in the football section.

Yankees beat the Mets 4 - 1

Alright, I am out of here.

That is how I spent my Saturday. I was up there with the Better Half for an Alum event for the Better Half. Which is something I wish my school would do, but I know the best I should expect is lunch at the Del Taco on Placentia Blvd. I know I take shots at my University, but I do know that along with quality affordable education and the AA quality baseball. That Cal State Fullerton offers something that I puts my mind at easy. I enjoy the fact that if I was ever to go missing. I have instructed my family to let the Alumni Association know that I had a check for them. They will find me. Lets just say if I was on the plane that crashed in the Andes there would have been no cannibalism. The Alumni Association would have been out there before the plane crashed. I think we would have found Bin Laden in 10 minutes if we told them he had a check for $50. They would have found him in 5, if it was bigger. Right now I worry that by typing this they will show up at lunch hitting me up.

I truly enjoy going to the Getty and as I have mentioned that this is what I hope I see when I go to the great sportsbook in the sky.

But during our wonderful architecture tour found out that we could get tickets to the re-opened Getty Villa.

Hey I am sucker for Roman and Greek antiquities. So we got tickets for early December. I am glad we are going sooner than later. Before the ill-gotten loot is forcible returned. . .er I mean the collections are returned to their owners.

I had a better entry yesterday, but Blogger got pissed at me for yelling at it for being an ass along with YouTube, but I always love

That's right, getting no sleep.

As the weekend was ending, and I was making the attempt to sleep last evening I ran into a slight problem. I couldn't. My allergies/cold/demonic possession by Calvin Coolidge decided to show up late last evening and make sleep allusive. I am not going to say it was beauty rest since I would need to sleep till 2028, but I still need to get 40 winks.

I was not sneezing or hacking too much, but I was wheezing. My poor wife had to put on ear plugs and then the rest of the night I was trying my best to breath normally. So I laid there and tried to breath deep breaths, which ended up being tougher than I hoped, and louder than I wished. So I retreated to the couch out in the front room and spent the rest of the night. As hard as I tried I could not just relax and sleep. During the night I became paranoid that since I was clogged up in my head and chest my mind was spinning in a thousand different direction. Was I now going to be afflicted with sleep apena, the plague, or was I choking on a bad Gilded Age reference I had made. I just got so worked up about it I could not relax. At time I must have sounded like a bagpipe it it was being kicked. I just wanted to breath normally and get oxygen into to me. It did not matter if it got to my brain since that would have been a waste of good air. I just wanted the other organs to be getting enough.

So when I "awoke" this morning, I had about a total of 18 minutes of sleep. That is being very generous. It did not get any better this morning after taking my Claritin, I still did not feel right. When I took a walk this morning, I was hoping that it would loosen it all up and maybe get me feeling better. All it did was allowed me to do some coughing and wheezing through are neighborhood. I think it was at it's worst when I walked into the office. I just could not get deep breaths and it was not pleasant. But not to fear, as you can see I am not dying since I am still typing, but it really sucked ass though. I am just trying to limp through the rest of this day. The only thing worse than this were my football picks. Check them out get a laugh.

Alright I have given up after trying to post it four time last week on posting the diminutive dancing Bollywood sensation that is sweeping the nation. I know it can be found in about 8,736,215 other sites, but it sucks that YouTube and Blogger have to get up all in my Kool-Aid and not post it.

Bastards, both you.