I really need to do more with this blog. How can I show everyone how bad I am at it if I do not give them more content. I am so jealous of all the other wonderful blogs out their. One they are funnier than hell and written in complete sentences.

Well today was not as successful as I wanted to be. Got something done, not enough. Next week will suck. Working before Christmas is like killing on Christmas. Its just not right.

I love Southern California come December. After freezing with temps in the 40's. I will stop and let those in areas of snow and cold finish breaking something. We have about a week of temps in 70's. Clear skies and Santa Ana's. I will tell you it is nice feeling when you get up at 5:00 AM when you walk outside you fell a warm breeze. The only draw back is you may kill yourself with the static coming off your car when you get into it. (Stupid cloth seats) But I love this time of the year. From Thanksgiving until Jan 1. Its dry, not too cold and pleasant. I really need to get off my ass and go out to the desert this time of year and just shoot a lot of pictures. Well I know that made little sense, but I felt like sharing.

My brother who is closest in age to me called and wished my a happy birthday Monday. But he made me an offer that I need to think about. He wants to go to Rose Bowl. I going to take him up on it. I love watching the Rose Bowl it is the one game I will watch now matter who's playing. Even USC. I have been to a couple UCLA/SC games and a few UCLA games and the Rose Bowl is a nice stadium but it need to be updated and if you go for a big game, tailgate you will be there forever. There is no way the NFL will ever go there not unless they rip a lot of shit out and build parking. I can tell you the golfer will not give up that golf course without a fight.

Kobe - when you in a hole Kobe stop digging. Words to live by.

I would like to thank Mr. Bush the uniter we now have a country where we have stories like these. Great, I feel so much better now. Thanks, thanks a lot. I swear it stories like these that make me think about getting my Irish citizenship.

White Sox - This may be a first, but I care more about the Manager and the coaches than the players. Except another season around .500.

NFL - So far I like all three road team to win on Saturday, but Pitt will not cover the 10. Even as bad a the Might be Giants are the Steelers are not going to win by 10. Which means they are going to go 42 - 14 on them. But Pitt, Wash and Car are the picks. The late game will be a good one. I do not know how Team Ace bandage does it, but Fox can coach and they have a great personal department.

Random NFL players from my youth part I - Stump Mitchell (Stumpy), Reggie Doss, Hasan Jones, Tunch Ilkin (Turkey's greatest NFLer), Lynn Dickey (few have taken more punishment).

If any of you out there in blog land have any you want mentioned, just let Uncle Boski know.

Please sit back and enjoy Air Supply.

I want to send out birthday well wishes to two of my friends. Stoney(12/15) and Jonesy (12/14). Your veal is on the way.

Well week 13 and 14 have passed and like a dumb bastard I have not updated you. If anyone cares or even believes these picks. But this intrepid little bastard is going to plug on and give you what you don't need. Longwinded, poorly constructed passages. Along with American Studies I also majored in Self deprecation. Well actually, I was not very good at that. So underwhelming that they would only give me a minor.

So a big shout out to my Peeps in Baker Gateway to Death Valley and 784th Largest Media Market in California. Future home of the Montreal/D.C. Expos. Here is Week 13 and 14. Listed is my prediction and if I covered.

Week 13

Car 27 - NO 17 (W - Covered)
St.L 31 - SF 17 (W - Covered)
Bal 28 - Cin 14 (L - No Cover)
NE 28 - Cle 10 (W - Covered)
Det 24 - Ari 16 (W - Covered)
Ind 42 - Hou 21 (W - Covered)
Min 26 - Chi 13 (L - No Cover)
Buf 19 - Mia 14 (W - Covered)
Atl 21 - TB 16 (L - No Cover)
NYJ 28 - Hou 26 (W - No Cover)
Oak 31 - KC 24 (L - No Cover)
SD 31 - Den 17 (W - No Cover)
Phi 30 - 21 GB (W - Cover)
NYG 20 - Was 10 (L - No Cover)
Pit 19 - Jax 13 (W - No Cover)
Sea 24 - Dal 21 (L - No Cover)

straight Up 10 - 6
ATS 7 - 9

Week 14

Dal 31 - NO 20 (Lost - No Cover)
Balt 21 - NYG 10 (W - Covered)
Phil 24 - Was 9 (W - Covered)
Jax 17 - Chi 13 (W - No Cover)
GB 35 - Det 24 (W - No Cover)
Min 35 - Sea 27 (L - No Cover)
Atl 28 - Oak 16 (W - Covered)
SD 20 - T.B. 17 (W - No Cover, special thanks to Brian Griese)
Car 24 - St.L 13 (W - Covered)
Ari 27 - SF 17 (L - No Cover, will I ever learn)
Buf 38 - Cle 26 (W - Covered)
Den 19 - Mia 16 (W - Covered, yes I had very little faith in them this week)
Pit 20 - NYJ 13 (W - Covered)
NE 31 - Cin 13 (W - No Cover)
Ten 40 - KC 30 (L - No Cover)

Week 14
11 - 5 straight up
8 - 8 ATS

So if my math is correct, which it debatable here is our 14 week total:

Straight up I am 128 - 64 for (66.6%) So Evil.

But I am dumb I am going to have to redo what my results are for the point spread, because I can not keep track. At the end of this year I will go back and give you the public the truth. So you can see that I end up at around 48%.

I am just not a smart man.

This morning as I was at gym had to witness something that made me contemplate grabbing the rifle and looking for a convient bell tower. It is a nice gym with TV's everywhere. So you can run and see the highlights of your team not covering the spread. There TV's even in the Locker Room which is nice, except when I have to hear the crap that is FOX News. I cringe when the TV is not on either ESPN or CNN. I have noticed ever since the Tech Stock Meltdown they do not have Bloomberg and CNBC on any more. Just an observation. Most times I can zone it out between whitewashing Bush's policy and calls for the destruction of the U.N. But today, I had to witness a god damn short film about the First Family's Dog Buster and that they be adding another little Scotty to the family Mrs. Beazley. They spelt that with a Z! Seriously! But I would have been fine with Laura Bush playing with the dog and the playful motage of Buster running around with special effects thrown in. (Hey, who is paying for this little movie anyway. Great use of tax dollars.) But seeing that our fearless leader and members of the White House Staff involved. Hey, do we have time for this. Hey George ask the damn dog where Osama is. He may have a clue. Don't you have anything better to do. Didn't you tell me that this job was 'hard work'. Well then work damn it. I am not bringing home the crapitude this tour de force as well as I should. But I was so angry that I was subjected to that, that I wanted to go out and kick a dog. Thanks George. But sitting here I am getting angrier since that this a lot of this country will eat it up and think wow this great. I was just surprised they did not some how twist it to show that Clinton's dog was some how involved with Whitewater and Monica. Enough of this or I will punch a co-worker for no good reason.

Hello good citizens of Earth. Well I am back to bore you with more of the trivialness (is that a word?) of my life. Well it has been a good week. Since last Sunday I have been enjoying my birthday. Which is actually today, but have done my celebrating last weekend and this week. Well I did not do too much, but last Sunday hung with the family for dinner and grief counseling for the Broncos lost. Got a pretty good haul on gifts:

Madden 2005 the Special 15th anniversary Edition - I know it is sad for a grown man to play video games, it was this or heroin. But I am a Madden junkie, I have almost every year of Madden since 93. Hell I even had the original on the PC. God, have I really wasted that much of my life.

Star Wars Trilogy on DVD - I need to have it even though it is not the original, but other than Gredo shooting first, I liked most of the additions Lucas made. But as a side note. I just had a friend burn me the originals on DVD for me. Sweet.

Best Buy Gift Cert - $50 - Not too shabby, do not know what I want to do with it. Get some DVD's or some music. The wife and I may put it toward Sirrus.

The Simpson Season 4 - This may be the best season of the Simpson.

and to close it out, $50 of Del Taco Gift certificates. It is a running joke. It goes back to my day when eating at AM/PM was acceptable. Then I moved on, for a time I was a major contributor to Del Taco. Del Taco is Southern California's alterative to Taco Bell. It serves great Spanglish Food. To say it is Mexican food would be like say the woman who draws the cartoon "Cathy" is in the same league with Rembrandt. It is not the greatest stuff in the world, but it is good enough for me. I still love the Beef and Egg Burrito which is the bomb, the chicken soft taco's and the Coke they serve. I mentioned previously for some reason the Coke their is so much better then any where else. I do not know why, again it may be the heroin they put in it. I am just saying. Next year I am going to ask the family to move up to Wahoo's their is some serious grub.

Enough of that, Wednesday my new department took me to lunch and hooked a brother up. I got a gift cert for the Cheesecake Factory not too bad. But the other item they got me floored me. Business cards. I know it sounds stupid, but I have wanted a business card for so long. It was the last item on Boski's Checklist for becoming an adult:

Get Married
Own a Car
Have a job that does not require a uniform
Become a home owner
and having a business card.
(Note: I had to remove being called sir out of respect instead of "sir, we are going to ask you to leave". There is no way that is ever going to happen.

Friday - took off from work and went to Disneyland for the day. I love going there during the Holiday's it's just so much nicer. Even after doing my time at the park, I still love going in after Thanksgiving. Went with the wife and a friend of ours who still works for the park. Had a great time. Even got to see the Hairiest Man in the World. I will have to post the picture.

This weekend was quite other than suffering through the Broncos win over Miami. I am glad I did not get to see any of the game because I would have broken something. But they won and may have postponed the inevitable. But a win is a win.

Today, a quiet day at the office. I really did not get a lot done today, but enough. Well I have bored you with my crap, until tomorrow please remember: "It does not matter if the horse is blind, just load the wagon"


Oh Hello Again.

I am sorry everyone for not providing with my pearls of wisdom for nearly two weeks. I have been trying to get over two weeks of emotional 5-iron to the nuts thanks to the play of the Broncos. First was the Raiders making the Broncos eat the Yellow Snow on Sunday night, a game they had no business losing. I think Shanahan should have taken the safety in the fourth. The lead would have been 9 points (still two scores) and maybe just maybe Knorr would get off a decent punt. That was harsh. Then going to SD and having to sit through that one. I would have felt better if they got blown out, but they flirted with being blown out and came back to make it a game and had three chances in the last 6 minutes. Plummer's 4 Int at the goaline, the Fumble that bounced out of Haywood's hands and the last drive. So now I am going to watch the slow death. I hope I am wrong and that the power of my negative thinking will propel them to a division title as the Chargers eat a shitload of bad soup. So we could have a winning record and be out of the playoffs. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!

There I feel a little better. As for my picks in week 12

I went 12 - 4 straight up not too bad, but 8 - 8 against the line. So let us see how we did. Well it was a successful 11 - 5 with 9 - 7 vs. the spread. So other than having my soul ripped out for two weeks I made some good picks. But right now there are a lot of games that are easy to pick, so I have not stumbled on anything revolutionary. So after 13 weeks the old board shows:

107 - 55 straight up (66%) Not too bad.

77 - 81 - 3 (I obviously can not add because my previous totals do not add up, when the year is over their will be an audit and heads will roll!) (47.5%) Not good.

The scary thing is I want to do this all the time. I would love to do nothing but study the NFL and make some kind of career out of this. But I know America is not in need of some jackass, who has very little command of spelling, grammar and syntax, telling them about something they can get any in a thousand different places. Well we will see, I might put on my helmet and tilt at some windmills. But if I can figure a way to get paid to watch football, that would be so sweet. So if I need to add it to the list of life long goals:

1. Get paid to ramble about football
2. Direct the Sequel to buckaroo Bonzi - buckaroo Bonzi vs. the World Crime league
3. Be a contestant on the Gong Show.
4. Slap the guy who played the kid on Voyagers. I am still pissed at jerk. Boo Hoo, I am stuck in the court of Gangis Khan. Waaaaaa, what am I and this dumb male model (who was too dumb to realize that you should not point a prop gun at your head) going to do? Stop your crying you little bitch.
5. Bring Peace to Liechtenstein and Andorra. It is time to stop the hurting and start the healing.

I think I can accomplish all of those.