Sorry everyone.

I have spent most of today getting my nose up close and personal with the old grind stone.

I will work hard to not work harder.

That's a promise!

Great, just what we needed. Two men, whose combined height is still may not meet the required height to ride most roller coasters, and with more money than god, team up. Seem like a power duo made in heaven, except they are both bat shit crazy. Sure Daniel Snyder is not a dumb business man, but I still think he got some crazy in him. As for Tom Cruise do I need to say anymore.

Right now all of this makes me think what would have happened if Joey had picked Dawson instead of Pacey. Great job Pacey, great freaking job. You let her get captured by the dangerous version of a Comicon Convention. . . errrr I mean Scientology.

What projects and ideas can we expect from them?

The Redskins drop their moniker and take up Thetans. If that does not test well, then they will be called the Suri's, for that mythical creature which has yet to be seen by humans.

Mission Impossible IV - Washington Avoid Salary Cap Hell!

Jerry Maguire II - The Owners Strike Back!

Maybe together they will be able to finally ride all those roller coaster that Dan owns.

and so on and so on.

Right now I can already picture Cruise and Snyder yelling at each other at their first meeting,

"No, I am Napoleon!'

"How can you be Napoleon, when we all know I am Napoleon."

I do so hope this ends in flames, the Great Chicago Fire kind of flames, for both of them.

but this made me feel better.

Raiders sign Jeff George.

Holy crap is it April 1st already.

Oh Al thanks for the laughs.

So it a now the one year anniversary of Katrina and it looks like things still suck. I just shake my head and think how things in Beirut and Southern Lebanon will get rebuilt quicker and better than things in New Orleans. I am in no way a supporter of Hezbollah, it mission, and how it wants to achieve it goals. But it makes me crazy that it seem that they are better organized for rebuilding of Lebanon then the US has for the Gulf (Yes I know two different situations, but we are talking about the displacement of many). Hearing about Hezbollah members out immediately after the cease fire and getting cash in the hands to those displaced and trying to work on clearing rubble. Sure the money is from Iran and Syria. Again a-holes who I am not found of, and in that I mean the governments not the people to help entrench them into Lebanon and that it will make the possibilities of another conflict greater. But how can a terrorist organization be better organized than this country? Mr. Bush please answer me that. How can we have a major metropolitan area and a large areas in the Gulf region with people still living in tents, with unreliable utilities and and areas that are still uninhabitible. That is simply inexcusable. Yes I know the mess made by Katrina would not be cleaned up in a weekend, but what has happened, or lack of what happened is just wrong.

But then it makes me think why do we allow ourselves to let the government disappoint us. We live in a country that seem more interesting in Gary Numan . . . er I mean Jon Mark Karr, than what is going on in this country and the world. Who surprise, surprise is innocent. His only crime is that he is bat shit crazy.

And if that is what people are more interested in, then we get what deserve.

My weekend was not a total loss. In fact I had a very enjoyable Saturday. The Better Half and I decided to go out and enjoy our surroundings. We ventured out of the lair around 11. We decided since it was such a gorgeous day we would drive down PCH to Crystal Cove.

We tried to grab lunch at a place on the water, but since it was going to be a two hour wait we went here.

It looked a lot nicer than the photo shows. We ate lunch and looked out over the water. Afterwards we cruised up to another beach and sat and watched the beauty that is summer here in Orange County.

Then after baking in the sun for a little bit. Headed back to home and rested. But around 6:00 we realized we still needed a little more, so we went down to Fashion Island, or Fascist Island depended on who you talk to. We walked around and enjoyed a great sunset. It was just so pleasant and relaxing. It was only later the evening was ruined when I watched the Sox lose. Boski, sports will be the death of you.

The rest of the weekend was nice outside of the White Sox. Okay everything was alright except for my allergy/cold that hit me yesterday. A couple of times I wanted to crack my head open with the hopes of clearing my sinus passages. It is never a good sign when your head is clogged up to the point where you feel it in your teeth. I am feeling much better today thankfully.

So Boski how did the Sox do this weekend.

CRASH! (Boski punches the one who queries)

Did you really need to ask. My thoughts on Friday and Saturday's performances to could be summed up better in the 30 minutes profanity laced tirade that ragged in my mind on both nights. But since this is a family program I will say it sucked more ass than lake in Minnesota. Again moving the Twins back up my list of things I hate with a passion. Readers of the Blog of Fun know my views on the Twins.

It was a cornucopia of pain, shame, brief hope, anger, grief, emptiness and a lots of profanity.

Blowing a 4 run lead at home.
Giving up a unearned run in 9th so making Dye's HR only tie the game and not win it.
Starters and relievers not getting outs when they needed them.
Hitting into way too many DP's .
Poor D.

I could go on and on. I was felt too hollowed out from the previous two games to feel good about Buerhle actually pitching well and them beating the Twins.

Instead of being 3 1/2 or even 1 1/2 games up on the Twins, and being closer to the Tigers. We are 1/2 behind the Twins and 5 1/2 behind the Tigers. So I am now dangerously close to panic and quitting mode.

thought about what would have happened if Lewis and Clark had been able to take their trip using either of the following

Big Wheels

or a Kick N' GO's

Just me then?

If you have the third pick in a Fantasy football draft. Who do you take:

Brooks Bollinger

Ki-Jana Carter

Curtis "You all have" Ennis "envy"

Ryan Leaf


Jeff George

I can't lose with any of those right?

Speaking of Fantasy Football. Saturday I will have my team selected for the another draft in. A league of some of the most powerful bloggers in the Western Hemisphere. Sadly I will be out when the draft is going on, but that will not keep me from dominating. I will be killing it so much, it will look like I am losing each week by huge margins. You hear me Eric, Kevin and the Rattler. Anything below 3rd place is mine!!!!!

(Another chapter in the bizzaro world of Boski)

That is what I had to sadly say to my favorite pair of khaki shorts. I have had these shorts forever. At one point I was expecting to buried with them. But now it looks like I will have to give them a proper Viking funeral this Winter.

Sail on to Valhalla little one, sail on.

These shorts are one of the best things ever created by those magic elves at J.Crew. Sadly since my time machine is still on the fritz I can't go back to when I ordered them and get more. These shorts at first were neglected by me for the first couple of years. Slowly they worked their way into the rotation until they became the Alpha shorts. They were so perfect for me. It allowed me to go between looking like a derelict and not so derelictish. Sure they are a magnet for stains, but damnit I still loved them. Hell I remember one day I saw a packet of ketchup try to break into drawer where I was keeping the shorts.

But I am funny about shorts. Hey Boski there are khaki shorts everywhere, what you have a problem going to store or something?

No, well other than being easily distracted by shiny object, the problem is that there are decent shorts out there, but the shorts I loved where of the draw string variety. The ones that come close either need a belt. Which goes against my nature. Not that I disapprove of belts, in fact I am wearing one right now. But my problem is when I am wearing a t-shirt with shorts I think a belt is just feels wrong. So no collar, no belt, when it comes to shorts. Also the other problem I run into is if the shorts are draw string, they are way too long. I am not a tall man having the long shorts just does not work. Lastly they don't sell them for a nickel (okay I will go a dollar but that is it). Shorts should not be the same cost as pants. They are half pants for cheese sake. What am I asking for too much? Knowing me, probably.

Hey kids. It is just another lazy Thursday afternoon. Busy, but I am very bored. These reports are all running together. So I need to take a break and ramble about the ramblelable(????).

Why do they have to hate on Pluto? I really hate to see planets get outsourced. Why does Pluto lose it's job and our President who not as bright as Disney's Pluto has his job?

Speaking of bat shit crazy, how about George's press conference this week. How did you get through that without being hit by lightning or having your pants being set on fire. Seriously two more years of you? We are so screwed. The only person more agitated then you were that day was my local NPR affiliate. They were panicking since you had this news conference during pledge drive. They were not pleased.

Oh a human interest story, something smells. Oh it from the BS. (thanks to Attytood)

Excuse me Rush, you spilt some BBQ sauce on your hood.

In sports.

The White Sox thrash the kitties. Still out of first by a bit, but they kept themselves from being buried.

I think it would be safe to say that the Royals should just call it quits. After last night, I just wonder what keeps them from setting the place on fire so it can collect on the insurance.

Another Joey that is having a bad year.

Chelsea loses. YEAH! Reds on top of the fixture, double YEAH!

Well I had more but I got to run.

So here I am sitting in my cube on a Thursday hankering for an 80's car chase. What better than one of the best one from one of my favorite movies.

Damn Gil Grisson you need to switch to decaf.

Sadly, I must say no. I have no clue where they are. About an hour ago a had a fleeting idea about musical based on the video game Defender. The only person I had cast for this production in my personal theater of the bizarre was Christopher Walken. I would cast him in the role of the Hyperspace button. Since the dude is so random it makes complete sense, and since when has he ever turned down a gig for a check.


This guy is making me feel bad for someone taking a shot at Steinbrenner and A-Rod.

(Boski shivers)

I read this and thought where in the hell does this guy get off berating either of them. Hey I am for those who have helping those without, but come on sir, you sound like such an asshat.

Also nice freaking mouths on these kids.

It may come as a shock to you but I love baseball and I loved playing Little League. Well accept for the one year I played for two real assholes and got only 3 hits and was thrown out at first on a hit to right field. Sure I really sucked, but I loved playing, but that year they tired to kill that love and they almost succeeded . Thankfully I didn't and I ended up enjoying my two best years(.345 and .460 no dingers). Sure I was a little older than most of the kids I played against, and I only played 1 game at the Senior Major level, but it was nice to be able to complete at a level where I was not out of my depth. I still played and had a good time. Okay except for my very last game.

Up by one, bottom of the last inning, 2nd and 3rd, two out. Ground ball to the Third baseman who throws to first, but his throw was off and up the line. He was always doing that, but he played third because I could dig those out. Man that was the only thing I could do well and that was pick it at first. Now I was up about 8 feet from the bag on the foul line, yes the throw was that off. So instead of going back to the bag. I was close enough to tag the runner. Which I did and if I didn't the runner went out of the base line, either way game over. But the ump obviously had is head elsewhere. Runner safe. Runner on third broke had scored and now the runner from second made a break. As I was trying to plead my case for home he broke. I was 80 feet from home plate and made a perfect throw home. Only if I was standing in right field and home plate was about 200 feet away. Next thing I know the ball is hitting the backstop about 35 feet up. Game over Boski's team loses. I should have known that was going to happen. I played for the Cubs. But then I haven't thought about it too many time over the years as you can tell by my hazy recollection.

Enough about me, the short of it is that we have f'ed things up for kids playing sports. It is not longer about the kids learning to play, or even learning about winning or losing. It is about some parents living through their kids or even worse some parents managing like they are the next coming of John McGraw. Hey if it is in the rules fine, but use your head. Pitching around kids at 9 - 10 year old kid to get to the one who has cancer just does not sit right. I do not want to here the whole you have to play to win and why is he there if he can't compete. No at this age, let the kids settle the game. If it is not on the Vegas line or a scholarship involved then just ease up on the kids.

Okay you have all suffered enough of my nonsense.

Another ho-hum day here in the Kingdom of Boski.

Had a decent weekend. Other than those f'ing Twins it was good.

Had a great time Friday night watching Jarred Weaver beat a AAA team. If the M's are going to play this bad can they at least go back to the old White/Blue/Gold uni's with the trident caps. It was nice hanging with the King of the Desert Hooligans and having over priced brews ($8 for a Harp, Boski scratches head).

Saturday we made it out to Long Beach to check out a Hawaiian Festival. The wife and I love kitsch Hawaiian items and carved tiki's. We have a shelf of mugs and other tiki items like the tiki outside our front door (with our adorable stalker perched on top).

We found a couple of things and we may add a tiki fountain to the back yard. One day, the house may become like the Tiki Room, but this time I will not feel too guilty taking a nap or taking a long break.

After that we grabbed a nice lunch in Belmont Shore. We wandered around and then we gave a call to friends of ours who we had not seen forever. We were lucky to see them and take time to catch up. Since they very close to the birth of their first child. Which may have occurred by the time this entry has been typed.

Sunday, grabbed my brothers b-day gift, and headed to my Mom's. Enjoyed hanging out with the family. Enjoyed a nice meal, and I enjoyed being ran around by my nephew. Who always grabs his Uncle Boski and has him jump through hoops for him, which I never mind doing.

to removing my nose from my head.

I do not know what has my allergies all up in a tizzy this morning. What ever it is may it smiteted(????). I am hoping that is just my allergies. Since I am in no mood for a summer cold.

My nose has been sprinting all day, not running, sprinting. It just clocked a 4.4 40 and now I have a couple of NFL scouts milling around my cube.

My god this sucks. I will also tell you what else sucks. When you get up in the morning and have a sneezing fit that goes about 30 seconds straight, multiple times. Or another one of my favorites, when you sneeze it hurts. Nothing more pleasant like shooting pain in your back and up your arms to get the day going.

Right now I am a mess. Nothing better than having multiple people in the same day telling you that you have a pieces of tissue on your face. I bet I look really classy. Hey who is the hobo in the cube?

This morning is another reason why I need health coverage. So I can get back to scoring that good allergy stuff like Flonase. So I can be just like Ricky Smith snorting nasal spray.

Well kids, it has been a week. I am off to a night of baseball, at the Big A. I must give thanks to the King of the Desert Hooligans. Speaking of baseball the Sox have to win tonight. I will find it hard to swallow losing to a guy named Boof. Come on guys, big road trip, lets start it off right.

The rest of Boski's weekend shapes up

Tomorrow checking out a Hawaiian festival in Long Beach and seeing some friends.

Sunday in P-town for my oldest brothers B-day at the show palace of the Placentia Riviera, Casa de Mom.

So I am out of here. If you are sticking around there are popsicles in the freezer. Have at them.

Junior Seau is a certain Hall of Famer linebacker. As a Denver Bronco Fan and a UCLA Bruin fan Junior has been a pain in the ass for way too many years. Don't get me wrong. I do not hate the guy and I respect the hell out the guy. He seems to a real stand up guy off the field. Oh but how I hate him as player. Too many times he made plays I wish he didn't. Even this week when I thought he was through he was showed up once again. This time interrupting a Training Camp preview of the Broncos I Tivo'd. They break away from the program to show Junior running around his press conference announcing his retirement. Damn you Junior, damn you.

Which leads me to the knock on Junior. The book on him was that he could be too active and overpursue. I watched his press conference and sure enough I watched him stomp around and overpursue the podium during it.

Now it looks like he has overran his retirement to the point he is now playing again.

Junior, just stop it. Stop it right now.

I saw this article taking about how things like fantasy football is costing billions.

They say they are losing billions for people taking 10 to 15 minutes of work time for their fantasy football. Well I have a problem with the article. The problem is that I am not spending enough time at work working on my teams. My god I have not won a league in years. Why? I will tell you why. It is work, it is getting in the way of me being a better fantasy sports player.

Thanks work, thanks for nothing. Jerk!

Snakes on a Plane.

Last night, Team Boski left it's stately Coastal Table compound and headed out to catch the 10 o'clock showing of the cultural juggernaut hitting the nation. We grabbed our seats and watched as the theater filled. I realized that I should be worried. Worried by the fact that we looked like the only ones who could legally buy booze. Thankfully we would not be asked to. Apparently some of the kids came prepared. About 5 minutes into the trailer heard the lovely sound of a large bottle falling out of a bag and hit the ground. Hey, way to show initiative. And they saw kids today are not motivated.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I want to say that at midnight after viewing the film that


My wife loved it even more. I know this movie is silly. Sure the plot had more holes than some of Dick Cheney's hunting buddies after old Darth is lubed up on the drink. And sure the plot was thin to the point where Nicole Richie thought it could use a sandwich, but it freaking delivered the campy goods.

God bless you Samuel L. Jackson and god bless those motherf'ing snakes on that motherf'ing plane!

Sorry to steal from Victor Kiam, but holy crap!

I do hope that I will be entertained by this film, as much as I was after watching this clip.

Team Boski has opted to believe the hype. So by midnight tonight the both of us will "have had it with these motherf'ing snakes on the motherf'ing airplane!"

I agree Samuel, that is the best f'ing clip EVER!

I am back. Sorry to get all sappy on you, but that what was going on with me yesterday.


Out today.

Hello kids, your Uncle Boski has been off work today. I told them I was ill, but I had to take care of a personal matter. I love August and I hate August. August is great, in that it is still summer. You have the pennant chases heating up and football starting. August is also the month that I met my future wife. But August also sucks because I remember it being hot and slaving away on Big Thunder Mountain or Jungle Cruise (sure it was fun, but sweaty guest and warm costumes is not fun). It was also a time during high school when two-a-days would begin, and I would start my four and half month job as a tackling dummy. But the thing that makes me dislike August is that it is the month my father passed away. Just like Elvis and Babe Ruth my father died on August 16th. I know it has been 13 years but it is still eats at me. I know silly. So just like St. Patrick's Day, Fathers Day and right before Christmas. I go up and visit with him. I just feel so clam sitting there.

But today I sat down and wrote my day a letter.

Here is the cliff note version:

Hey Pops,

It's me again. I still miss you, even after all this time. I know there is nothing I can do about that, but I still feel this way. I just regret that there have been moments I really would have loved sharing with you. I know that you are always with me and the rest of the family, but still there are moments I wish you could have been there. Things like meeting Mrs. Boski. I know she would have loved meeting you. Things like my wedding and when I graduated. I know you would have had fun there, it was not as entertaining as my last football banquet. Even silly things like when the Broncos and White Sox won. I know that the rest of the family feels the same about moments they would have loved to shared. But now I am also realizing that I miss you for moments that I originally felt glad that you were not around to see me. Seeing me when I messed up. Because you were also there for all of us when we screwed up. I know right now I not where I want to be in my life. I have kind of just floated around with out much direction. The past few years I have become increasingly more angry at myself. I see that I have wasted way too much of my life doing that. I am now realizing the how and why I am at this point and I trying to work on making myself get over those hangups and trying to be happy. I want to be able to have you and Mom both be at peace that you did a great job with me. That you don't have to worry any more. That I am my own man.

Speaking of mom, I hope you do not mind that we are going to try to keep here for a while. I know you must be so proud of all that she has done over the past few years. As we say about her," you can't stop her, you can only hope to contain her". She is a outstanding grandma, which is another thing I miss. I think you would have been a fantastic grandfather yourself.

I know you probably would tell me that I did not have to come here today. That I should just think of the times we had. I know for me I feel peace sitting here with you. I can focus and in the world we are living today. It was good to get away from everything and have a little quiet.

Well Dad, I have to get going the 405 is handful even during the day. I will be back before Christmas, but I know you are always around. Please let all the family and friends who are there I said hello. So again thank you Dad for everything. I was very lucky to have you for the time I did. You were a great father, teacher, coach and friend. We all miss you and love you.

Your son,


(I had to write this on the fly so I am sorry if it not totally correct. I will try to tweak it before I go on a exhibition football jag. Thanks to all of you, you have all have been a great audience)

How could she!

Ooooohhhh! Wait a second. I saw that wrong.

Sorry about that. That is just her kicking The Blunt Crows. . . er I mean Black Crows singer, Chris Robinson to the curb. (Best Week Ever)

As you can see it was a honest mistake.

That was the Boski weekend. Well almost everything. Lesotho, oh that. Well we were contacted a couple of weeks back about the possibility of leading a group their over Christmas vacation. Well I am not sure if it would have been both of you, but it is no matter it got nixed. I thought about it and leading a group of high school kids I do not know to Lesotho made me have to take pause.

Friday night after I blew out of the office. The wife and I went to Chick's Sport Good Tent Sale, which used to be Christmas and my Birthday rolled into one. It was the time they cleared out all their old stuff and where I could restock my supply of T-shirt and hats. Over the years I have realized that I can not show up to most jobs dressed in the latest Denver Bronco T and shorts. I tired it does not go over well. But I still go. I only found a couple of things of interest.

Saturday after the great bagel fiasco got my dome sheered. Then decided I need to waste four bucks on another pair of eye glasses. The over/under is 6 months on this pair. So after finishing the required task of the day we retreated to the domicile made popcorn and the wife broke out Lost Boys on VHS. She had an 80's fix. Man after watching it made me sad that Grandpa is dead the Corey's still walk the earth. Where is the justice?

Sunday was off to the waterpark with my nephew. He had done well in school, and this was his report card prize. He was nice enough to ask if his Uncle and Aunt Boski could join him. So we did. So we met my brother-in-law and my oldest sister in Irvine. We again returned to Wild Rivers, just like last summer. Why not, it won't be around much longer. Which sucks because along with it they are going to get rid of Irvine Meadows. Now that really limits where you can see a concert in the O.C. Had a splashingly goof time at the waterpark. Other than being way too white and having god awful physique. I only got burnt on the top of my feet. So everywhere I walk I will be reminded that I forgot to reapply sunscreen, but at least are not as white as they have been:

After having a seven year old run us ragged. We went back picked up my mom, my other sister and my youngest nephew and went out and enjoyed dinner. I know it was at an Islands, but it was one of the best meals I have had. Not because of the food but it was more about the setting. I say this because it was a gorgeous summer evening, relaxing and laughing with my family. That and knowing that the Sox won (I still would have had fun, but damnit nothing makes a summer weekend like having your team win, the same can be said in the fall with football). The only thing missing where my brothers and my sister-in-law. I was just so happy to be sitting there relaxing with the people I love. It made me realize that maybe just maybe my happiness is not tied to what work I do. That maybe having time for the people and things I love is what I enjoy. I am still going to try to find my niche in the world. I am still going to try to work hard to get there, but I am not going to let a job kill me. Maybe punish me, since I need health coverage, but not kill me. And if that means working a job that I can tolerate so I can have more opportunities that have times like this, then so be it. If I am not going to be in the Forbes 500 then tough.

To help chase the cats out the Cell.

The Sox still have a ways to go, but it is hell of lot better than being 10 back. Yes Detroit you hear steps. Still off in the distance, but they come toward you and not away.

Gentlemen you are picking a good time to realize that the AL Central is not over yet. Keep it up.

See starters you give 6 innings and the pen will get you home. Live it, learn it, love it.

But now the Constitutional Monarchs roll into town. Please do not allow them to sucker punch you. This team always is ready to play us. Beat on them early and often. Even if we fall behind keep battling because they have a bullpen that Billy Koch would have been an upgrade.

War Calton Fisk! War Bobby Thigpen.


My name is Boski and I was in you establishment on Saturday, with my wife. I just have one question.

Are you cretins that dumb, or where all you baking on something before work?

How did you guys manage to really screw up our order, and then take so long to actually get it to us?

But then we were such assholes for order a bagel burger plain. Obviously I must of not read the menu completely where it states that the staff is incapable of doing an order right. Why is it when getting something plain at an establishment that is like you are asking them to split a freaking atom.

But hey I really didn't need to have that half and hour any way.

WTF are you doing people!

You had four people back there working on orders, to which you were able to get other people orders out, but it took 10 minutes to get ours wrong the first time, then 20 more minutes to actually get it right!!!! Holy crap, FEMA called and they are asking you to speed things up.

Man you assclams angered me to the point where I could not really get mad at the TV. They had MSNBC on. It was announcing that the US had pressured the British to arrest the plotters before the British were ready. Oh sure these are not a very savior lot, and they were getting closer to attempting their attack. But thanks to this stunt we may have prevented a shot at a major break. Freaking great! This now cements to me, in my humble opinion that this was all about the White House (cue scary music) trying to stoke up the fear, and scare people into forgetting about how bad this administration's and it over zealous supporters have lead this country into a LaBrea tarpit of crappiness.

Okay I have to focus. This is about the bagel not the bozo.

So where was I?

Oh, I remember now.

I loved seeing all of you employees running back and forth with no freaking clue.

Also I loved during our bagel ordeal seeing one of your crack staff, who I think may have been a hobbit, take a call on her cell phone. While wearing her sanitary gloves working on the food.

You idiots probably didn't even spit in our food. Hell if you are going to screw up don't be so half assed about!

Bagel Me! Huntington Beach you can go "Suck It"!

Love Boski

A busy day for Boski. Just slaving for the man. So what do I have for you:

Maurice Clarrett in big trouble.(Deadspin) The rumor I hear is that he was going to a fantasy football draft. Wow that is and really freaking tough league! But his bail is set at 5 Million. Man, if he did this while he was still at Ohio State. He would have that cash. I 'm just saying!

Thanks again A-Rod to you and the other Yanks who decieded to have a couple of Keystone Kop moments last night during the 2nd Inning. That game was low on style point, but it is a win for the White Sox. One more note about the Yanks. Is is me or will the Red Sox and Yankees be playing about 34 games in the next 2 weeks. It going to be like watching ESPN classic which seem to show Yankee/Red Sox games every couple of hours (and yes I am envious of the coverage of both teams, sue me) But the Sox now get the Tigers and they need to do well to cut into their lead and try to stay on top of the Wild Card heap.

It looks like some of my feeling about yesterday were not totally off. It could have been an honest mistake, but I doubt that. I am surprised they had the time to do that since they were so busy patting themselves on the back for something they had no part of. That was the work of MI-5 and MI-6. Hey speaking of Homeland Security what is up with this. I would like to take the time to apologize to anyone who was apart of the Hee Haw show for comparing our leader to your show. That was totally unfair. It is more like a hybrid of Punk'd and Chaotic, but with a lot less laughs and way less direction.

Everyone please have a great weekend. I am off to the Chicks' Sports Goods Tent Sale.

about what people think of my music on my I-pod? When it come to music I can be very bland and very out there. I have some stuff I am proud of, and I also know I have some questionable selections. Okay not Britney Spears or Green Day bad, but I have some stuff on there that to paraphrase from the great film Valley Girl,

"It's gutless and has no soul".

I probably shouldn't care, but I so want to be in with the cool kids.

It is a little after 11 and I feel shot. I had some caffeine but I am still lagging like out president trying to do a word problem. Any hopes for a peaceful nights rest were dashed at 2:30 freaking AM, but our reprobate of an assclam who lives behind us kept us up. Note to you sir. It is not a good idea to be out in your backyard, at that hour, with your boys. Drinking and being loud. Some of us actually have to work. I know that is a totally foreign concept to you and Federlinesque life style. Hey you live at home, you will be done matriculating through community college in about 6 more years. And your Mom works nights, so it is party time bro!

I swear to god that one of these nights I am going to come over there with some scarier than the cops. I will bring over a job application. That should scare you shitless. So I hope you have a really shitty hangover when you wake up this afternoon, you big pile of festering meat.

It is things like this I tell my wife that when we build up. We are putting in a turret so I can launch boiling pitch or dog crap what ever is at hand, at my foes.

With that and my beloved White Sox losing to the Yankees after spotting them 7 runs and almost coming back are not making things easier.

It could be worse, I could be trying to flying out of Heathrow. Our working at W.H. Smiths at Terminal 1. Yikes!

Okay hearing that was chilling. I am going to not going on too long of a Dennis Miller rant, well Dennis Miller rant before he died and some jackass took up his identity.

I am very relieved that this plot was foiled and that there are people out there working to keep things like this from happening. I would feel a lot better if I felt we were really doing everything we could to prevent an attack and work on the issues that are causing the attacks. But thanks to this administration and my complete and total lack of trust and faith in them all I could think of is that this was:

How convenient for the President and the World War III enthusiast's to have this happen before November. You got to start scaring people before those elections. Also, I love that when ever possible they throw in Al-Qaida as a link. But haven't we supposedly weakened them. Oh silly me, we are still looking for Osama. Screw him they have that pesky Constitution to fight first.

Even with technology, how in the hell can our President take the time to be on "vacation" right now. Sure he or his handlers are in contact with world leaders, but it seems to me that symbolically this shows the world that our leader does not give a shit. He can take the time to have dinner with American Idol contestant but will not take the time to really step in and do more to try to end the fighting in Lebanon and maintain security for Israel. Don't even get me going on what is going on further east. But then I am asking way too much Mr. Bush. I just wish that you stop running this country like a freaking Hee Haw episode.

Lastly, I heard someone say that this latest scare will be a boon to the airlines, who now be able to charge you way too much for a glass a water. Hey overbookings, fuel hikes, massive delays, terrorist threats, $5 dollar water and now Snakes on a Plane! Hell, I want to get on a flight right now.


Hey Joe!

Suck it!

So here is. The new commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell.

Sure he's got a great resume, and he has worked his way up the ranks. So he is more than quilifed to take the reigns of the most successful pro league.

But folks there is one serious problem with him.

I am not him.

Come on NFL you could had me for a song. I would have been a bitchin NFL Commish. Hey your loss. Good luck to you, and if you have second thoughts you have my number.

Speaking of numbers it looks like the Bengals are trying to do something about hooliganism in the stands. I wonder if this is going to apply to their players as well.(Check out Henry's rap sheet, thanks Dead Spin and the Cinny Enquirer) They may be over the bail cap by October. It is a sad day when the Raiders look at you with shame.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

White Sox 6 Yankees 5 in 11. YES!

Man I am getting too old for this shit.

Holy Jebus that was a rollercoaster ride last night.

Just when I thought that the Sox were going to float to the top of the fish tank, they dug deep and got a win they desperately needed. Although the Sox are 9 back and the Tigers, who are getting ready to print playoff tickets. The Sox still are in the hunt for the Wild Card (So Bud Selig is not a complete moron). Even though the tried their best to sabotage it.

Thank you Paulie, thank you for getting the crash cart out and hitting this team with about 220 on the paddles to get a heart beat. Holy shit Paulie, that one was right up their with Game 2 of World Series. And to do it against Rivera even better.

Thank you J.D. You delivered with the game winner. Way to fight down in the count.

Thank A-Rod, thanks for not selling out on the foul ball to allow J.D. another swing. Sure it was a tough play but your boy Jeter makes that play.

Thanks Tad for the hustle to get on in the 11th.

Thanks Thome for the good eye.

Thanks Johnny Damon, thank you for have the throwing arm of Jim Abbott, the right one of course.

Big thanks to you Bobby Jenks. You went out there and gave us 2 2/3 possibly season salvaging innings. Big man coming up big in the big spots.

A great win. I was drained after watching it. Now all of this does not mean a damn thing if we can not go out and win tomorrow and get something rolling.

War Harold Baines! War Winning Ugly!

My wife yesterday morning worked on solving a problem that has been plaguing us for the past few months. We have neighbors across the street who we are not the most fond of. No it is not because of the giant RV that is parked out front every other week. It is also not the boat that was out in front for a couple of weeks or seeing a car parked on their lawn for days. Or it is their devil children, who I have given the fun nickname "future tenants of the state correction facilities". They leave their crap out in the street and other peoples yard. WTF? The only thing these kids are missing is the Black Iron maiden shirts. Freaking little Hessians. I cringe at the thought that they start driving soon.

All of those items are a pain, but not the problem of most immediate concern. That problem is their dog. A dog that they feel comfortable letting out to run around the neighborhood. We have nothing against the dog. He is friendly dog. We know this since we met him running free a block from our home. He came upon us and being the concerned citizens we are we called the # on the tag. They took their sweet ass time to get him and they let us know, "oh it's alright, we let him run and he always comes back". Oh I see, it is so clear to me now. Since you say it's okay nothing could possibly happen to the dog, say like getting hit by a car. There also their are a lot of small kids around and that is worrisome. It seems the dog is very nice and is not aggressive, but you can never tell if it is out and comes a across a small child who is unattended (which is dumb, but it happens). A small child could get freaked out and scare the dog or do something to put the dog on the defensive. Next thing you know that dog has bitten a child and is looking at being destroyed. I know that is a big leap and I am not a vet, but that is just my opinion, from my very limited knowledge and experience.

But the problem that Team Boski had to deal with is one that get me steamed. That is when their dog takes a steaming crap on our lawn. This dog has been dropping gifts off all around the tract and that is not cool. Our message to our neighbors is, "if you can not control the dog why we should suffer?" Look I do not want this dog destroyed or shipped off, unless it can get to better owners. I just want those a-holes to keep an eye on the dog, for it's safety. But this morning after our walk. My wife had enough of this crap, literally and figuratively. So she sprung into action. She scooped the offending gift off our lawn and snuck over and placed it underneath one of their SUV's tires.

She made me so very proud.

Post script, when we returned home last evening the dog crap was now smeared on their drive way. I wonder how long it will be before they clean it up. My guess, weeks.

A round of applause to the Newark Bears and their latest promotion.

I hope Britney understands that she can be a force for good and turn some of this bad P.R. around. Maybe she take a page from he husband. He loves kids, loves them so much he is trying to mass produce them. Kevin is working hard to fight children smoking by trying to smoke as many of those death sticks he can. He also trying to fight childhood obesity by buying up as much Mountian Dew and Cheetos as he can, well at least to Brit find the credit card missing, again.

Look these two have so much to give the world with their stunning intelect. They are just Nobel Peace Prize winner just waiting to happen. Don't belive me. Just watch the tape. That is mad wisdom yo!

And I was one of those bastards watching it on Sunday. Yes the time is soon approaching for football and if the Sox have not gone belly up I will be very busy trying to focus on them and football. It damn near killed me, but so worth it and I would do it again.

But is also time for Fantasy Football. I have one team that I have had over the past 5 years and I have done poorly. My team is named "In Faud We Trust" for my undying respect for the first Kicker I ever had in a real roto league, Faud Rivez. In Faud We Trust has had a it's downs and downs. So this year I plan to try to break the curse and see what it is like on the nice side of .500 so I am changing my teams name.

"Are You There Faud? It's Me Boski"

I know it won't fit on a helmet but I think it will do the job.

As you can see if I could now draft players with the same skill I use to craft comedy I may have chance. But then I have seen some of my "comedy" and I could be looking at being winless.

Other weekend notes.

Saturday after watching Javy Vasquez do what the White Sox pay him to do. We shuffled down to Long Beach and took in the Pike. It is the entertainment complex in downtown Long Beach, by the Aquarium and the Convention Center. It was nice. Sure it is one of the new master planned fun centers, but it was not too bad.

I am glad they are doing more with that area. We forget that it is there and close to us, unlike spots in L.A. We met friends at an Irish Pub. It was for some gathering that we were just tagging along for. It was nothing earth shattering, but there were some people there at the event who were the types that you do not want to make the mistake of getting into a conversation with. The kind that usually ends with you having to say something like, "Oh look at the time, I have to go mail ham to the Mir Space Station." One of those characters was an Irish gentleman who does the Ren Fairs. Nothing wrong with that, but he brought his own pewter mug with him to drink with along with his laptop to show his pictures of the Ren Fair. The kind of person that makes me think, "maybe the British were not tough enough on Ireland." I know that is awful, but that is how I felt folks.

Sunday was a nice morning to grab some breakfast before trying to clean up part of the garage (which is a project that will be at least another 25 years before completion). We went to a place not too far from the compound. Had a wonderful breakfast, but I did have one problem. Why do people bring their hyper yip-yip rat dogs to a place with a lot of people and noise and leave the dog unattended. For about seven minutes this dog was going on and on at a very loud level. I told my wife that I would take the sound of a screaming baby to try to temper the dogs rantings. Look I love dogs, well real dogs not this rat dogs. Smallest dog I will take is a Schipperke that is it. Other than that you have to be the size of beagle or bigger to hang. Hey I am glad you are taking the time to be with your dog, but come on. The rest of us would like to enjoy our meals without hearing your dog go apeshit while you are getting your meal.

Yes, we have come to this. This is just so wrong.

What's next:

"Pnk slp 4U. LOL :)"

I have been loading up the old I-pod with stuff off CD's I made before the Day the Stolen Music died. I still get tear over that. Do you know how much work I put into stealing that music. But I was looking at the disks and I just wonder about my mental state.

Hating to the Oldies
Fred Sanford this is Your Life
What's Sappin'
DJ Boski and the Pakistani Beat Poets
Home James!
Vegan Cannibals of Borneo
Gravy - The breakfast of Lollygagers
Boski's British Holiday Vol's 1 and 2
F.D.I.C Insured
Herb-A-Life Took Your Baby
The Grizzly Adams Disco Hour

I am no fan of Fidel Castro and his track record, but I think he missed a golden comedy opportunity when he put his brother Raul in charge. I think he should have let Elian Gonzalez' be in charge. Oh wouldn't that have been a couple days of news nuttiness.

Just throwing it out there.

While I am throwing things out, I know that the government has "plan" if Cuba should have a political breakdown after Castro. I am curious to know what Major league Baseball plan is. I have a feeling that there are at least 16 teams with boats, planes and commandos ready at a moments notice, to find hard throwing left handers, or great middle infielders.

Remember folks here at the Blog of Fun we try to examine the items and reflect on their chortle political ramifications.

I would have something for you but I have been busy today and also tired. Team Boski was awoken at 4:30 AM this morning by our stalker:

I know he looks terrifying. You should see him try to bludgeon someone with his adorableness. It is our neighbor's cat who has made himself at home in our yard and tries to make himself at home in our house.

Even though he woke us up, I can't be mad at him. He is a great cat. I never seen a cat who loves being around people. But I do worry that one day I am going to be in my cube and he is going to show up.

I do wish they would pay me for blogging. I am doing as good of a job with this blog as Haliburton does with the money it gets and you could get me so much cheaper.

Been very busy with work today, so I do not have much of anything.