I hope everyone out there enjoys their long weekend.

Sox win, Sox win.

Take that Cubs.

A great way to start off the weekend. Tomorrow early, we are packing up the car and driving out to Phoenix to visit some friends who we have not seen in forever. So that should be good time for all.

The mugginess is gone, for now. We are back to the typical kind of hot for the region. I can live with that. I can always tell that it will be a scorcher by looking at the sky. I remember a wise Southern Californian saying that I have heard,
"When the sky above is clean and the clouds crowd behind the mountains then you will sweat like the president doing long division".
Speaking of hot, the White Sox keep rolling along. It looks like we have found stability in the pen, for now. And if Garland gets his head out, then we have the chance to be in even better shape. You think that winning 12 out the last 13 would be good way to gain ground or build a lead. Sadly, no. There has been someone who has been hotter. That someone has been clawing the furniture around here and needs to be stopped. Curse you Detroit.

Yesterday you heard me rant about my day, well after I signed off. Found out my I-pod is corrupted. Not the good kind where it steals and cheats, but I can't listen to its I-Pod-y goodness. So I have to wipe the slate clean and put everything back on again.
Who did I piss off? Okay, other than the Sentence Structure & Syntax Police, the cast of Walker – Texas Ranger, and maybe the governments of 67 nations I am at a loss.

Sneak preview the all-new Yahoo.com. It's not radically different. Just radically better.

Shit Jesus people!

What is with all of you. I am trying to get work done today. I know, I know, go call the fucking papers. Why is everyone trying to get in my way. Just give me clear instructions on a project, a space to work, and I will get it done.

How in the hell do you expect to have me do any work done if you keep having me fucking moving me from desk to desk, and office to office. I really love coming back to my desk to find a meeting going on around it and that I can't really get into my desk, so I can get the stuff I need. I know I am the f'ing plankton on this food chain, but you pay me to work and not because I do a great Martin Van Buren impersonation, or that I am Yatzee dynamo.

Then I should have not wore my "Please Treat Me Like fucking AmericaWest Airlines Luggage" shirt today. Thankfully I left the "Hit me I am a pinata" shirt at home.

I wished.

Oh one day squidy, we will continue our battle. Don't think that I have forgotten about what happened in Oslo four years ago. Never, ever send an ABBA tribute band to do your dirty work.

Brazil vs Ghana this one was a battle. Ghana was in this all the way up to the fifth minute. At which point Ronaldo decided to remind everyone that before Ronaldinho, there was him. I should actually be fair, as strange as this sounds this was a close 3-0 game. Ghana did everything it could except put one in the net. Until Brazil eventually chewed them up and spit them out.

In the other match France/Spain. Otherwise know as, "We Got Our Asses Kicked at Sea by England Bowl" or "Formal Papist Superpowers Bowl". Spain was sunk like it's Galleons in the Caribbean. Thanks to the work of the dread pirate Zidane. The man will be 80 and still knocking in goals. Today, it was his free kick that found Vieria for the go ahead goal. Then he ended the scoring with a run, in which he beat the goalie like a "rented mule".

So the Saturday will be a rematch of the 98 Finals. Even though it goes against my initial pick. Brazil beats the Blues in a wide open 4-2 battle.

The weather sucks. Southern California is an arid region, so this humidity crap is not acceptable. Yesterday was a nice shade of ass. When I did venture outside the sun had the look it has when there is a fire. No it was just a nice film of humid hazy crap in the sky. Today is a cooler, but still a fugly kind of blah.

Seeing this and the weather on the east coast, and Greenland working its way to becoming green. You have to be on some serious denial crack if you think that there no such thing as Global Warming.

I should have gotten the Hybrid. No, I wanted fold down seats. Damn it, I am such an ass.

But then me typing that means I am letting Al-Gore-adia and the terrorists win. I might as well put down my copy of the New York times and turn myself in to Fox Security.

It seemed just like yesterday I had drunk the Kool-Aid and was a fill fledged member of the Cult of Bo Jackson. Damn, wish I had my Bo Jackson Nike shirts.

God bless you You Tube.

Very warm.

Okay there was more to it than that, but not too much more.

Saturday spent the day watching the German's violate Swedish neutrality and part of the Mexico/Argentina. I was impressed with the Mexico they stood toe to toe.

Hair cut - now I look more respectable like.

BBQ'ing Corn- When you get some good organic sweet corn and put on some fire on it. Good things happen.


Still very warm

Watch the English labor into the next round. Other than Beckham's free kick, most of the game was like this:

And if Cole does not make the deflection early, the British fans would have been hurling as well. Well most probably did, but that was from the lager.

Hey Sven I know you are a short timer, but maybe just maybe you give Rooney some help upfront. It could help you stick around. Also where was Scarecrow Peter Crouch?

Yard work - Did some, not because I wanted to. It's a part of community service sentence for referencing Gene Rayburn too many times with in city limits, long story.

Then watched the "We Used to Have Bitchin Sea Empires Way Back in the Day Bowl". I was hoping for a great match, but we got a sorry slap fight. Hey Mr. Referee why did you go all Hallmark on everyone. Seriously, thanks for turning the game into a Benny Hill Sketch. But the Portuguese are through to meet England. I think Portugal will using a couple members of the training staff to fill in.

I look at the England/Portugal match and say, "the English should win, but since it is the English
they could find a horrible way to lose it.

Reading is Fundamental - To beat the wool blanket of heat, we were off the the library or liberry, I am not sure. After paying the GNP of Norway in late fees I picked up some books to read. Most of them don't even have pictures. Shows that I got some of that thar lernin in me head.

Free baseball - Watched the Sox trying to continue their torrid pace. As they came up short on their 10th in a row. I am pissed they could not win it in 13. If we were going to lose could we have done earlier. I had to miss Deadwood damn it!

I will say that I have to applaud the Southsiders. Down 9-2 going into the 8th, when Tadahero (yes I did say it, but I can not take the credit) went ape. First was a three run HR, and then a slam to go extra frames. 7 RBI's in the last two frames. Not bad. The only other thing that sucked was the Pity Kitty's won, again. Now they get the Stros for three, so they will probably sweep that as well. I think we are going to have us an old fashioned Nebraska Turtle Punching Fight on our hands. Last one to yell "gravy boat" is the loser.

Next up it's time to play the ugly team in a pretty park, the Bucs. Who are on a 10 game skid. Which means they will sweep up. That's right I still can work that negativity both sides of the plate.

Well back to the mines for more data entry fun.



Hey kids, do you want to have some chocolate with your Uncle Sal? You know your Uncle Salmonella?

I think Cadbury should have realized that their dark chocolate raw chicken bars were a bad idea.

when it come to the to the beautiful game.

I knew that we probably would have not made it two the knockout round, but other than the Italy game we look freaking lost out. I now understand what the critics of Arena were going on about. Right now you have taken this team back to the Sampson days of '98.

What do we do now?

I hope US soccer works on getting its head out of its ass. I know this country will never grasp the fever as other nations do, but we can do better than this and put a team on the pitch that can compete with the best. This country still needs to develop a striker who actually scares people. Hell we have the athletes to do it. If Lawrence Phillips could stay out of trouble I would put a jersey on him. What fullback is going to get in his way?

Larry I am glad your getting out of New York that place was going to kill you, but you could have waited a little longer to spill. But Larry, I think you could challenge this and win. Your defense is simple.

"Your honor, Isaish's my GM and I had to coach Starburry."

keep score. I have been itching to do so of late. Yes I am one of those nerds you see at a ball game keeping score.

Ozzie as much of a fan I am of yours, I have to shake my head with disappointment this morning. I know this season has not been as smooth as '05. Hell, last week you were getting raked over the coals for the whole Tracey incident. But you should know better than use the term "fag" when discussing Jay Mariotti. Hey I agree with you, Jay is an ass. You could have used a lot of other terms and phrases. I would have used the following: coward, ass clam, fucking clown, doucheius Maximis, or even fuckity fuck fuck. Ozzie you are loved because you don't candy coat things, but think man, think. Ozzie I do not think you used that term to say Jay is gay. You have explained that in Venezuela that the term is also used to call some on out for being a coward. You have been in the country for a long time, so this reason even to me seems a little weak. So please, a little more thinking when you're speaking. We have free speech, at least for now. And with free speech we all have the right to express ourselves. Even if that means putting ones foot into their mouth. That freedom also has repercussions, especially when you are the face of an organization. So serve any suspension that comes down and show that you have learned from it.
Okay that is my stupid little statement from this concerned citizen from White Sox Village.

without new episodes of Deadwood?
Screw them cocksuckers at HBO. Keeping me from getting my Deadwood load on, shit! God damn it (Boski spits huge wad of tobacco juice onto floor, and takes swig of whiskey. Trying not to be seen or heard by co-workers or H.R.) I missed that show.
The show has been outfucking standing, so far. I just wonder how Al is going to best Major Dad? Al, you will be in trouble if A.J. Simon shows up. 
Lastly, when is Sheriff Bullock going to give Larry another beat down?

Do you Yahoo!?
Everyone is raving about the all-new Yahoo! Mail Beta.

Here is a helpful hint.
Remember to put something in between the slices of bread. It really helps the sandwich along. Hey don't get me wrong there is bread out their good enough to eat without anything. But when it's bread from a plastic bag then you just look foolish.
P.S. Sorry folks, but the dreaded Yahoo Mail tag is back. But I have to e-mail these pearls to Blogger, since the set up on this computer sucks ass. I don't think IT, and my department would like to see me fill out a Help Desk order to fix my monitor, so I can blog at work. No, not so much.

Do you Yahoo!?
Get on board. You're invited to try the new Yahoo! Mail Beta.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. To all the fathers out their who are being fathers, I wish you a belated fathers day.

Sunday I spent some time with my pops. Thinking about all the fathers days and all the gifts I had made or purchased for him. I cringe at the stuff that was made a school. I put the effort into those items. Sadly, I knew by the age of eight, I was an art washout. I am terrible at art, in fact I have a tough time even drawing conclusions. My thoughts also run across all of the Old Spice and Automugs I had gotten him. But when it comes down to the best gift I ever gave him was on June 20, 1993. I took him and my two brothers to a ball game, on me. Thanks to my servitude to the Walt Disney Company I had the cash. Hey, I could pay him back for all the games he took me to. Same for my brothers. I loved watching games with the old man. Talking about strategy and about players he watched growing up. Enjoying a coke and dog. In fact, I still can remember one afternoon game, him trekking all across the Big A to get me a burger. I felt bad about making him miss a couple of innings, but my pops did not care, he was at the yard enjoying a game.

I had the cash to get decent seats, but my Dad talked me into getting some outfield seats. I think my Dad had his reasons for it, which is a long story, that I may get into one day. So we sat and backed in the Sun as the White Sox beat the Angels 11-6. I saw Jorge "Taco" Bell drive hit 2 HR's and in five runs (his last multi HR game of his career).

Even though I forgot sun screen and baked for over three hours to a nice unhealthy red, it was heaven. Being their with my dad and my brothers enjoying a game on my dime. I felt like a real adult. It was something I had being waiting to do for a while. I was looking forward to doing this on a regular basis. But things just don't work out the way you want.

Even though it has been almost 13 years, I still miss him. This is a Father's Day moment that still makes me a little misty eyed.

Just a quick note. I should not forget my mom, who I could fill pages and pages of expressions of thanks. She as been a rock for all of the Boski clan. Which reminds me I need to get to work on her 70th birthday project.

Okay you have heard enough, thanks for stopping by and please enjoy the free taffy.

That was a gutty game on Saturday. Good to see that we did not wilt under pressure. The U.S. got some luck with the own goal, but they deserved to be in that game. They did not back down. Keller, stepped it up and played his ass off. I was impressed by Donovan, he made some decent runs to put pressure on Italy. I would have liked Beasley to use his speed, but then we were down to 9 men, so it was not the time for free lancing. That is the effort we need every night. Now if we can keep everyone on the pitch maybe we can work on scoring goals on our own.

That was one of most poorly officiated game I have witnessed, for both sides. Except for the Italy red card, which was a cheap shot. It was awful. This was not the game you wanted to use to try to convert "Soccer Haters". Definitely not what you would describe as the best the "beautiful game" has to offer.

Again I hope I will be wrong, but I think we will fall short to Ghana, but we have saved face in this tournament.


So far so good.

My Non-Temporary Temp career is sailing along so far. It has been actually nice being apart of the rat race. This should last about one more week or so.

Sadly, I have nothing else today to blog about, for all three of you out there.

Busy weekend, more termite inspectors and a trip out to the desert for Bamboo.

I hope to regale you with tales of treasure and fraught with adventure (I am talking about ham fighting the ghost of Martin Van Buren). So let us keep our fingers crossed.

Because I think I just saw a major wreck today. The little I saw of the Argentinean bludgeoning of Bosnia-Montenegro I could swear I saw baby harp seals in the crowd yelling at the Bosnia-Montenegro team to just lay down, or run away. A couple of Greenpeace boats tried to stop the slaughter in the second half, but to no avail.

The way the Argentina Was going today. I do not think if you put all of the former Yugoslavia together it would have made a difference.

Speaking of beat downs, I think the U.S. is cruising toward a major one tomorrow. Hey Eddie, why don't you worry about doing your job and less about making a dumb comment.

I would like to be optimistic but I think the Italians will really want to run it up on us. I hope I am wrong, but I don't see it.

Sorry I got to this late, but last week the wife and I heard the putrid puss that spews from that cross-dressing douche. And my wife says,

"Wow, she is such a cunt."

At that point I was shocked and horrified to hear that.

"Honey, I can not believe you said that. How could you? I do not think cunt wants to be associated with her."

I am I wrong on this one?

My apologize to anyone who is not happy with the salty language. That is the one curse word that still makes me feel that to use it you need a decoded transmission from the president, and the missile launch keys.

Now back to the Ann Coulter bashing

Shitbag, can I call you shitbag? I am still trying to fathom what you said. That the victims are enjoying that they had someone killed during 9/11. Hey Ann do feel the same about these people. Oh of course not they supported Bush. (Thanks to Should've Asked Me). Ponderus man, fucking ponderus!

Well Ann, you are a truly horrible organism or some kinf of life form, it sure in hell is not human.

Have you no shame? Well I think I know the answer.

Even your dad is ashamed of you Ann.

But on the bright side you might have a lot of fun at Poker Night. There will be a seat at the table right next to Pol Pot and Stalin. Be careful, I hear Ceaucescu and Hitler cheat.

Did I mention that this is in Hell, right?

Yes, your tortured blogger is back in the work force. Hopefully I will be employed at least through lunch. I am back working for the Hospital again, but above ground and for more money. Yeah. I could not believe they wanted me back. Hell, they must of forgotten all the office supplies I took. Just kidding, I have never done that. Come on everyone knows that office copiers are fair game right?

That loud sound you heard was Kobe falling off his couch, laughing.

Speaking of loud thuds, lets here it for Team USA getting Czech'd right in the nuts! I can already hear ESPN packing things up and canceling it's coverage. Losing a game is bad enough, but losing by three goals, you might as well get the airport now.

Good to see the Sox are scrapping again. They have been starting to win games they did last year, keep it close and bang another late inning rally. Took two of three from the Pitty Kitty's and two or three from the Tribe. If they had come back last night that would have killed the Ricky Vaughn's.

Yes it is that time again. The World Cup. Even though it is not on the highest rung of the Boski food chain, I enjoy soccer. I know you have heard me drone about the EPL, but what got me started was watching the World Cup. I remember getting hooked watching Spain '82. Everyday watching the games on Univision. Even with the games being broadcasted in Spainish I was entralled.

Watching the wacky Kuwati's, Cameroon Lions, the CCCP, and the French/West Germany epic Semi Finals. Also watching Brazil trying in vain to stop Paulo Rossi. Who was on such a hot streak the sun was sweating. It did not matter who was out there he was going to lead Italy to the cup. Which he did by beating West Germany.

But the family Boski got caught up in it because a plucky little team from Northern Ireland had found it way in. Also my grandfather had made the trek to Spain to follow them. He was a trooper, food poisoning in Barcelona could not stop him. Even thought the dream ended in the quarter-final when those stinking Frenchies beat us. But enough of that trip down memory lane lets get to the here and now and some very misguided picks on group winners Germany '06.

Group A


The host will coast through. At times looked great on O, but the D is shaky. Poles are solid and should get through.

Group B

England will get everyone's hopes and lose in either a very heartbreaking or bizarre way. England fans, good news suicide prevention hotlines will be manned round the clock through the World Cup. ABBA's Army another solid but not spectacular squad

Group C

I do not know if it was because I believed the hype the Four Four Two was spouting that the Argentines have the answer for Brazil. They are loaded and I think have the fire power and the D to beat anyone. (hint, bet against them). The Clock Work Orange, probably the best team not to win a cup. They had some great teams back in the 70's, but they still have good teams and you never turn your back on them.

Group D
Mexico - barely

Portugal should have no problems getting through and they will not be caught off guard this time. Mexico has issues in net, but I think they have enough to finish ahead of Iran and Angola.

Group E

Even with the match fixing scandal hanging over Italy and fitness of the Czechs and that we are sending our best team. We are not getting through. Italy will rally and get through and I think the Ghana will be surprise team and get out of the group. Even if we did get through the USA would get the 800 pound gorilla that is Brazil.

Group F

Brazil and the 3 dwarfs. It is all a fight for second and I think Croatia will eke though and then get flattened

Group G
South Korea

Any team with a Zidane and Henry can beat anyone. I think the French will be apart of the final four. South Korea has come a long way and will get to the knock out round. Hopefully it will be at Switzerland's expense. I hate the Swiss. Before I get angry Swiss letters it is my envy that you beat the Irish in Euro '04 qualifying and 06 World Cup qualifying. There I got it out hate me as you wish.

Group H

Tunisia and Saudi Arabia, please enjoy your time in the tourny.

Knockout Round

Germany beats Sweden

England beats Poland

Argentina steamrolls Mexico

Dutch upset Portugal in overtime

Italy beats the Croats as the clouds grow back home

France beats Ukraine

Brazil beat Ghana like a rug

Spain wins on a golden goal

The Quarter Finals

Argentina beats Germany 2-1 and Klinsmann is run out of town.

England plays their best match and beats the Dutch.

Brazil cruises past Spain

France clip Italy after Henry makes great second half run


It is funny how history repeats itself. But the Argentines get revenge again for the Falklands as they beat the English who lose Rooney in the first half, then lose Cole to a controversial red and lose a 2 - 1 lead in injury time and then lose in Overtime 3-2. England have chances late but are stopped by the 12th defender, the goal posts, three times.

In another classic the French are trying to reverse history by being the first group to invade Germany and win. The French win even though they had to withstand Soccer's answer to weapons of mass destruction that is Rolandinho and the rest of the Brazilian strikers.


Argentina wins without the "hand of god" 2-1 in a good but not terribly memorable match.

But then this is just the ranting of a man who has troubles with tying his shoes

Hello kids, sorry I have been away from the keyboard.

The other day I was leaving the gym and heading toward the car, then bang. I am getting jumped by a small black bird. I think he may have chirped "I got the flu hand me all your money and bits of string". Man I am getting punked by small birds, but that is not the first time I have had a run in with the avian population.

It was back in my days as a Jungle Cruise skipper. The boat was filled up and we roared toward the jungle.

"Welcome aboard my name is Boski and I will be your captain, tour guide and your cruise director for the next 8 weeks. Right now we are entering the mouth of the Irriwady River"

At this point I could here a faint noise that was quickly getting louder.


As the boat turned into the jungle. I looked a head and saw a group of 3 ducks flying low through the jungle. I did not think too much of it, until I noticed they were flying right at the boat, and they were not looking to veer. So right there at the Happy Place on Earth. We had an old fashioned game of chicken. Since my boat was on a track I had no options.

Then came the epic clash of man and duck. The duck in the middle and I had a meeting. It hit me square in the chest. (How about those cat like reflexes Boski?) In my molasses moving effort to avoid the duck I let out a screech of cartoon proportions and dropped to the floor. At which point I heard everyone in the boat laughing.

What the hell is going on?

I look up at the see the duck just standing up by the throttle. He just sitting there taking it in. Here I am thinking I have a dead duck and I will have some explaining to do. Nope, that Mallard was just there as if nothing happened. He shook his head and then was off. Apparently the only thing damage was my dignity. I got up and looked at the guests who were floating between laughter and surprise. So I stopped the boat,

"Folks I have no answer for what just happened."

To this day, I know me and the duck will meet again. It may be in Paris, it may be in Tangeirs, or just El Paso, but we will meet.

F'ing termites. We have to get the Boski compound tented. That will be as fun as a pocket full of gravy. The thing that really gets me is that those bastards have not paid one cent of rent.