Blogger is pushing their new Beta version. Should I change over, or am I being sold undercoating? I just want to know.

I am just going to have to do this the old fashioned way. I am just going to link it. I know as soon as this is entered there will be all my entries back to back to back.

I know I am late on this, but how about Clinton last Sunday on Fox News. Surprise, surprise the media only seems to want to talk about the "crazed" Clinton. Thank you Daily Show for showing us the BS.

I am so glad that Bill let him have it. He took their sucker punch, got up and then and then raised them a cue ball in a sweatsock beating, with the facts and an honest answers.

I feel Jon Stewart sums exactly how I feel at the 2:00 minute mark of the clip.

The only thing I wanted was for Mr. Clinton to go all Tombstone on them,

"All right, Fox News . . . you called down the thunder, well you got it. The Neo-Cons are finished you understand. I see a mindless ditto head or Bush lackey. I will work to vote that person out. So run you cur, RUN!. Tell all the other neo-cons curs there will a be a change coming these elections. And you tell them I am bringing the feed up electorate with me!"


Hey YouTube.

What's the hold up? I posted something yesterday and it is still not here. So can you please tell me when I should expect to see 8 copies of the same post since I thought it did not go through. Thanks.

It looks like your new movie with Dane Cook will be so bad, that it will make people forget about the Dukes of Hazard.

I will say the movie company was smart at least with the trailers, since they keep your talking to a minimum.

Wow, this film may be Freddie Got Fingered bad.

I was made the luckiest man in the world. I still can't beleive she said yes, even after eight years she still loves me. She is so getting sainthood for this.

Thank you to my wonderful wife for marrying this wack job.

Well kids, I am off to see that wife of mine.

You want me to believe Ashton Kutcher as a Coast Guard Swimmer?

Well there is not enough CGI to make me believe this one.

As for you Mr. Former CSUF Alum/Crash Davis, just stick to giving the baseball program money and making baseball movies.

It was a nice weekend. Even though we were in Vegas for less than 24 hours, and we had to spend a couple of hours out at the Las Vegas Speedway, it was a fun trip. In fact it was the first time I came back with more money than I started with. $110 in fact, maybe because I only gambled for about 2 hours total, but still I won money. Let me try to bullet point the highs and lows.

  • When you get to Vegas what is the first thing you do? That is right, you go to the Hofbrau in Las Vegas. Hey we had a coupon for some beer. Also I have been on beer kick, and hey it's Octoberfest time. So we had some German grub and it was not bad.
  • Finally made it back to the Hard Rock. We had not been in since 1998. A lot has changed, but we still love it, maybe not as much as we love The Venetian, but we still love it. Even with the fact that there are too many people there trying way too hard. But you could say that about Las Vegas.
  • Thanks to the guys at the craps table who helped me make money.
  • Big ups to USC, Army, Boise State, Michigan State and Oregon State for making the Boski 5 team parlay roll into the station. Yes, that is right I hit a 5 team parlay. Sure I only put $10 down on a ticket, and I only made about $30 on, but still I did it. Along with that, I also have to thanks for that extra half point I got on Michigan State game. I needed the extra .5 point since the Spartans blew a 17 point lead. That .5 point won me another $18.50 for me, on a seperate bet.
  • The place we stayed was alright, it was right next to the convention center. Not a casino but we got a deal on the room. It looked out on a parking lot. It made me think what the place looks like during Comdex. IT pros and techies out there tailgating. I can see them downloading BBQ on their lap tops.
  • Las Vegas Motor Speedway - We had to go out there for business. The person who was getting us in to the race unfortunately got into Vegas late because of weather, so we could not get in there early. Our plan was to schmooze and get out of there, but the best laid plans.
  • It was interesting seeing the NASCAR trucks racing, but it was loud and it kept us away from the glittery goodness that is Vegas. Also I remembered what I pay for gas and I was watching these guys waste gas driving in circles.
  • We did make a break before the race ended to escape the full rush out. Headed back to the Hard Rock to dine at a place called Simon. It was a very nice meal and we had an awesome time talking to rep who treated us to the race.
  • Had the best chocolate croissant ever at The Venetian. It was fresh out of the oven and it was heaven.
  • Had an easy drive home, shed another tear for the Bun Boy.
  • Got home and checked out the new music hall that open up with big fan fare. They were having an open house, so we checked it out. The place still has some edges they need to finish. I was surprised they opened it with everything not done, but I am no expert.
  • Had a great time watching the Broncos win. I think Javon Walker is still running free some where in New England. Great win for the Broncos, keep it up.

I need to talk about a tragedy that befell me.

A moment that is equal to driving hours to see Santa, only to see him get shot by the Easter Bunny. Then finding out that the only reason Easter Bunny shot Santa, was he was forced to by the Tooth Fairy. Who had him strung out on H, all the while making snuff films.

The Bun Boy in Baker is closing.

I never thought I would type those words. Very soon people who drive the 15 will never have the opportunity to see this:

Sadly Baker and the rest of the region that is the Gateway to Death Valley will now be Mad Greek Country from this point on. The Bun Boy will be replaced by this character.

It is just not the same, it will never be the same. When I was a younger man I remember a good friend of mine who I worked with at Disney. My man Erk, is Mr. Vegas, and I watched him one night talk to another former Mouse worker talking about Vegas. They spun many a wonderful tale of that magical town. In their telling of these tales, they spoke of Baker, and the Bun Boy. I found out that it had burned down, this place was like the Phoenix and it rose from the ashes!!! A couple of months later I made my first trip to Vegas. That trip was my first entry to Bun Boy Country. When I saw the thermometer, and saw the restaurant sitting under it's shadow. It hit me. This place was going to be a joke that I was going to run into the ground. Sadly the joke only lasted 12 years. But in those 12 years I did make stops at the Bun Boy.

I will miss it all.

I will miss the placemats. How in the hell will ever find the Furnace Creek Golf Course? I want to know where I can go suffer sun stroke while golfing.

I miss the exchange of cash on bets on what the temp reading will be on the Big Thermometer. I had not won since 1996. This last weekend I lost twice to the Better Half.

I will miss the miniature ketchup and mustard you used to get.

I will miss the frying pan in the restaurant showing you the temp is out on the pavement

I will miss watching the traffic roll along I-15

I will miss the Bun Boy Hotel. A no tell motel, that I have never spent any time at, but I will miss it.

I will miss the Bun Boy Gift Shop. They will have to rip my Bun Boy T-Shirt off my dead cold body.

What I will miss the most is not using the city of Baker for my fantasy sports teams. I even took the time to make a logo for one of those teams. Thanks to my love of the Gateway to Death Valley, I was able to make a fantasy football league change all the team names, to sites along I-15 (The Mad Greeks, Calico Ghost Town, the Jean Splicers and another favorite the Pahrump Shakers). All of this was apart of my master plan to bring major sport franchises to the 383,214th largest sports market. Well I wasted $500 bucks trying grease the skids to get the environmental impact report on the future Bun Boy Sports Complex thru the red tape.

The Better Half and I sat, this past Saturday morning, shocked, stunned and sadden to know that the Bun Boy was going away. It was like a part of my childhood was eaten by a cougar, but not as cool.

I am taking off and please look after the blog while I am out. Hopefully I will have a good time in Vegas so I can regale you with more of my nonsense.

Any respect I had left for you is now gone. As some one how has suffered at the hands of captors it makes me scratch my head. Same goes for you Senator Graham you a formal Naval JAG.

This all makes me sick.


I just had to get that out of my system. I know we are all coming off our post "Talk Like a Pirate Day" hangovers. Let me say, I had way too many tankards of Grog and Liquid Paper chasers at work. I think I may have pillaged gift shop, so I am going to have to lay low for a little while. Anyone need a teddy bear or a copy of People, I got you covered. Man I can tell you that I did not feel pretty the next day. When will I ever learn.


Mr. Chavez

I would like to take umbrage with your comments yesterday at the U.N..

Mr. Bush is not the devil.

Dick Cheney is, you moron. The devil as bad as he is, has a brain and just wants to be a dick. Mr. Bush is more a dumber and less imposing version of Biff from Back to Future.

I am not the biggest fan of Mr. Chavez. I respect that he wants to help his country by staking its own path. So far he has been able to get some things done with his social programs. Time will be the true test to see if this will work. Those programs, ironically are funded mostly by U.S. dollars. Since he has oil and we are still dependent on it. He is a man who has the support of his people who have elected him, so he should lead how he see fit for his nation. Yes I know he has tinkered with the courts and made things difficult for the opposition parities, to which I say BOOOO, but he is in charge and till that is changed by the people of Venezuela then we have to accept it. I am also not for his stoking of flames, in the region and the world. I know he is angry and wouldn't you be if you felt a country was out to kill you. I know the bombastic lashing out does win him support at home and through the world, but I don't think it is constructive for the long term. Chavez wants to stir things up not because he is not a fan of the U.S., but it he want to drive up the oil market. Any fears or doubts he can raise. He can generate more cash. He wants to stop selling to the U.S. and find other markets he could sell. An example of this is that he wants to sell to China. But to sell and deliver to China, Venezuela has to do it at a higher cost to themselves. So this will lead to less money for Chavez's social programs. So if the market was higher, Venezuela would be better off. (thanks NPR, I hope I got that all right, if not I am sorry and if you do know please let me know where I went wrong). If he can do that successfully for the long term and not be dependent on U.S. money then he would be very happy.

Lastly, I wished his anger at the U.S. would have lead to him recalling Twins pitchers Johann Santana. That bastard has been carrying the Twins past the White Sox. I also wish he would have also recalled Freddie Garcia for most of this season as well.

I will say next to Kruschev's shoe pounding, the day the ran out of hot dogs at the cafeteria (due to Boutros Boutros Ghali having the munchies after baking on the herb) and lest us not forget the Bingo incident of 1983. It has been a contentious couple of days at the old U.N.

Okay that is all I have your today. I hope I have not made myself look like a complete boob on this.

Roadie to Vegas!!!!

Next stop the Bun Boy restaurant in Baker.

Okay I should not get too revved up. This is close to being a turnaround trip. Were going out to witness Neck Car Truck racing, this is for the BH's work, long story. We're being treated to witness the event, so why not.

Even though we are not staying at a casino, I do not care. Since before last December it had been seven years in between visits. So when the opportunity arises I am taking it. So, I will be up very early on Saturday and driving back early Sunday. I will not have the opportunity to do what I really love doing in Vegas in the Fall. Watching football. I can sit in a sportsbook from Saturday morning till the final game on Sunday. Outside of sleep and bathroom breaks I could so do it. This trip I will try to actually do some gambling at the tables. We will see how bad I really am at Black Jack, then I will then go shame myself at the Craps table.

Keith speaking the Truth

I am late on this and this is another show I need to watch. But thank god for You Tube.
It sends chills down my spine on actions of this administration is taking all in the name of keeping us safe. Im sorry but the these actions make us no better than those we fight. If we are for freedom, democracy and rule of law then we must make our actions speak louder than our words. I want my government to do its job in protecting this country, but also protecting the rights we hold so dear. So I am not down with, "oh I will give up some of my freedoms for security." B.S. People say that because it is so easy to surrender someone elses rights before your own.

Also I want to thank "You Should Have Asked Me" for posting this.

P.S. Keith wasn't just yesterday that you were doing sports out in LA on KTLA Channel 5.

Do not ever eat the "meat lasanga" from hospital cafiteria. Unless you wish to stay at the hospital.

It seems that the people are up in arms. The reports say it's due to the governments actions or inactions, but we really know why.

The want more Truthiness for themselves and their bridges!

I think the people of Hungary want Colbert's name on that bridge. They don't care if he does not speak the language or that he is not dead. They know what side their gulash is buttered. They are just wagging the finger at the government to get it done. So they can get a tip of the hat. It's not like they trying to get the Austro-Hungarian Empire back. Even though it would be kind of cool to see them at least tour one more time.

Enough of the Papal bull-shit, Pope Eggs Benedict the XVI.

Man I miss old popey, not that old popey was perfect. He certainly pissed off enough people, but not in the way "Du Pope? du Pope hast? Du Pope hast nicht", has.

This Pope is one big angry pope who is just into his Prada shoes and new hats.

Avast ye bilge rat bloggers!

Today be Talk Like a Pirate Day, you landlubers!

Arrrr, I do love talking like a pirate. So all ye give thanks to Old Chumbucket and Captain Slappy. Arrr they be doing a great service for piratekind, mateys.

Aye it takes me back to my days being a Pirate of the Caribean and sailing on the sailing ship Columbia. Arrr those where the days.

Ahoy mateys, I must get back to the ropes. My boss has delivered me a boradside for send ye olde TPX Report without the right cover sheet to the poopdeck. If I do it a again I be getting a keel hauling.

So yo ho me bloggers, yo ho!

driving through the hospital parking lot, in your maroon station wagon, without a shirt.

Sir, if we were playing in the World Series of Poker for Cool, I am thinking you went "all in". But I don't think you are going to win, with a pair of 5's.

But you keep shining on you crazy diamond, shine on.


I want to welcome you to Costa Mesa and congrats on your merger with Comcast and Adelphia.

Now I would like to ask if you can f'ing go f yourselves with the uncomfortable end of a working chainsaw, that is rusty I hope. You gaggle of mucus gargling, crotch goblins. Your new regime has come in and dumped it's used Depends undergarments on me. I see that you using my cable fee to run ads saying I will not know the difference. Also telling me about all the wonderful services you are going to bring. Hey that's great, good for you. Just there is one problem you have raised my rate and taken services away from me. One of the biggest reasons why I have stayed with digital cable is the On-Demand feature. Which has allowed me to save space on the Tivo, so I could watch things like the Wire, the Sopranos and so on. To which I must give you a nice hearty ,"liar, liar, pants on fire". We have not received any notice about our digital cable package. We have not been notified if it was going to be either ended, or grandfathered. Your predecessor Commuinistcast grandfathered our digital package without any problems. As you for you greedy, bile soaked, mule humping, ass clams you have not done a damn thing other than cash my check. Oh you did that with no problem. When we have called, you told us that things were taking time to transfer over. Hmmm I thought we would not know anything was going on. That what the ads I see every 24 seconds tell me. Now this is going on 5 plus weeks and we still do not have seen any change. Can I watch HBO on Demand? That is big freaking NO!! F me, seriously can I at least get dinner from you bastards. Because I know you took money from the bureau, and you made a goddamn mess in the kitchen without saying goodbye. And I know you are not calling me the next day, because I know you do not respect me. I do not want to be forced into getting a dish, even though it would give me a chance to watch more football. Hmmmmmmm, I may need to think about that. Wait I could not torture the better half with that.

Speaking of football don't even get me started on the NFL Network bullshit. I am close to going Taxi Driver over this. That is right, I am not the last angry man, but I have a friend who a friend of his. I do not care if the NFL is up to shenanigans. Just give me my NFL Network right now, and without having to pay even more for it! I have absolutely no faith in you or anything you have to say. I hear you say, "make the NFL play fair. Make them be apart of digital package, so those who don't want it don't get stuck paying for it." Well to that I say go fuck yourselves. You make me pay for a lot of crap I have not even come close to watching, even by mistake. And let me tell you I love me my TV, so that it pretty freaking hard for me to do. But you put on shit that is unwatchable to me and I pay and I pay since I don't have a choice. I just get bass taped by you and I have to smile. Why don't you have a digital platform for all the DYI channels. Do I really need to fund Yasmine Bleeth and Jacqueline Smith's livelihood? Because I do not watch Lifetime. Hell, where is my digital religion platform. What God is not good enough for HD/digital tier? Maybe if you would do something crazy like make the channels a le carte. Oh no, America couldn't handle that, we can't think for ourselves! Most the channels are skinholes and if they had to fend for themselves we could thin the heard and maybe just maybe get better programming. Give people the option of what they want. That would be fair. Oh wait when it comes to not letting you gouge me, you throw a hissy of nuclear proportions.

So in closing I want to express my sincerity in saying, I hope all of you who are keeping me from my On-Demand, and NFL Network all have your anus' probed by aliens, and getting a beating of Randall "Tex" Cobb proportions, by Turbo and Ozone, from Breaking and Breaking Two (Electric Boogaloo), all the while you're being forced to watch Glitter and Gili repeatedly. For all I want is nothing but shame and grief and puss oozing out of every orifice for you and yours from now and till forever you dirt eating, emu licking, tax dodging, veal wearing, descendents of hobos. May all of you get gentile herpes that are large enough to effect the tides.

God bless and have a wonderful day.

Sadly I have to say the we are not going to have a repeat of last fall wonderful adventure known as White Sox Playoff Baseball. That dream bit the big one this weekend. The time of death could be pinpointed to the 7th inning of Saturdays game in which the White Sox found that playing baseball with you hands around your neck is very difficult. It did not help seeing Frank Thomas beating the jebus out of us. Oh the irony. Frank, I know one day I will welcome you back into the White Sox family, but this little stunt is going to delay that for a little longer.

I know I should be very happy about what I witnessed last year, but I am going to be a whinny brat about it. This season was tough. I could have handled this better if this team had sucked from the start or if there were injuries. Nope they had to show at times that they were better than last years team. Oh was I drunk on White Sox glory back in May, during my trip back there. Oh those were the salad days of the 2006 season. This team ran off some great streaks and played some wonderful baseball. Sadly it was done the same time the Tigers were playing on the sun. Now as they scuffle, the Sox are just taking on water. All the while the f'ing Twins swoop in and are going to steal this thing. I hate those guys. For the last three months this team just has not had consistency from all the phases of the game. Pitching, hitting and defense never click all together for all extended period of time this year. There performance has been as shaky as Kate Hepburn after a couple cans of Jolt Cola. So as you can see I am kinda going through the winning DT's right now. So it is time to look to football to help get through and also hide from baseball if we are subjected to another Mets/Yankees Series. I will take one, not both.

Thankfully the Broncos got an Elam 3 run homer in extra inning to beat the Royals . . . er Chiefs. 9-3 that would have gotten you thrown out of the AFL.

I plan to give the White Sox a better requiem, I just don't have the energy to give it right now.

Still sleepy.

Sorry I have not bombarded you with nonsense, I have been busy with work. Also since I am still in the Dark Ages at home, I get my blogging done here at work.

So what have I been up to?

Wednseday, did a half a day at the office because I was off to one of the greatest things ever invented, day baseball. Sitting in the sun, not being at work and watching baseball that is a tough hand to beat. The day was made so much nicer with the Twins losing, the Sox snapping out of their truly offensive offensive slump, and seeing Freddy Garcia dealing. Damn you Adam Kennedy. Thanks for ending the perfect game bid in the 8th with 2 outs! I was four outs away from being the third Boski to witness a no hitter. But I did achieve something during the game that I have never done in all the years I have gone to baseball games, which is about 120 or so games. No, it was not getting one of the Inflatable Usher Beaters (Large inflatable bat) and chasing the ushers around the rows. One day I will, one day. I finally caught a foul ball. As the years go by, I will re-tell it as me catching a Jim Thome wicked line drive. A ball hit so hard, that I caught three inning before he hit it and doing with one hand. All the while, saving a bus full of children. For which I got a 25 minutes standing O for it. But the truth is it was screaming line drive, but it hit two rows ahead of me. A gentleman in that row missed it and hit arm rest of his seat and just floated back right to me. Right over the head of a whinny kid. Who did not deserve the ball. It was so easy. The seat absorbed all the force (in fact the ball has a gouge in it), making it pillow soft to catch. Right now I am looking at that ball right now.

So after three hours in the sun, a 9-0 win, a couple of autographs, and the satisfaction on seeing the Sox trying to get back in to race. It was what days should be, seeing my team win, driving enjoying the nice weather. Driving with the windows down cranking the tunes. Tunes like this one (man I miss those guys). I was having such a good day that I stopped in on a old friend, my man Jonsey. Who we had not seeing in way too long. This time of the year the man busy since he the Head Coach at a JC. We caught him as he was finishing up practice and got a chance to do a little catch up. It was great to see him and see the hard work he has done coming to fruition. His program is getting an up grade in facilities, they have been getting better players and winning. So he going to be there awhile and build something. As the Biz Markee once mused in his song "The Vapors", "Damn it is good to see people up on it". I am going to try to get out and catch a couple of his games this years.

Yesterday on the other the hand was not. It was a good old fashion harp seal clubbing. I kind was not ready for a project that came down and for the first 4 hours yesterday was just waiting for the, "ah Boski, thanks for your time, but we are going to replace your with a wombat". Thankfully that did not happen. The rest of the day I was still playing catch up. So that kept you America and parts of Peru from getting the run-on sentences you have come to tolerate.

Well today is also about catch up. Catching up with you the bloggers. Also I need to do my football picks. Not a bad week last week. Check it out here. Yes, I am trying to flog more on my special brand of bizzaroness.


Sorry Kids.

I have been busy, I will try to update tomorrow. Also got to get my picks for you.

I can be environmentally sound and be so freaking awesome at the same time.

I need me one of these.

I would feel so cool in this car, that I would be able to stall global warming for at least a little while.

I know silly, but hey what am I going to do.

Hello kids, I am back here just slaving away. I am tired this morning. Was up late. First it was catching the White Sox hold on and win a close one at the Big A. In a omen that I hope bodes well for the near future. Last night was the first time since May that they have won a game all season in which they have scored less than 4 runs. It was like it 2005 all over again.

After the game we hung out by the player exit. We did because, why the hell not. We weren't looking for them to sign anything, just wanted to see the players and how to say hello to the great former slugging lefthanded hitting DH now greatest first base coach in MLB . So after about 45 minutes, we saw a large number of plays roll out. As things were pettering out we decided to take off. We had thought about going over to the sports bar near the Stadium which players from team have to gone from time to time, but decided not to. We started out for the homestead when we spied Ozzie and most of the coaching staff jumping into a vehicle and heading off. The Better Half and I were trying to figure out where they went. Team Boski racked it's collective brains and we had nothing. That was until we got home. I pulled out the media guide and saw where they were staying. Which was not too far, so we headed over to check it out. When we arrived, we walked in saw about 8 players and a few coaches. So what did we do, we sat down, grabbed a couple of drinks and relaxed. We were not going to bother then. We just wanted to watch the White Sox in the wild. At no point was I going to go all Steve Irwin (god bless his dingo soul) and wrestle bench coach Tim Raines to the ground and yell, "crikey he's a ripper". It was just nice just chilling . I know it is strange but that is what I did last night and also why my wife kicks ass. She is the one who thought of it.

So all of that was so worth being up late.

get it's teeth knocked in, probably.

I got tickets for tonight's Sox/Angels. I have to travel up to Placentia to get the tickets. So I have some quality time on the freeways to look forward to. But I hope against hope that something will click with this team and it can start playing up to it's potential again. I know I sound like I am whinnying. Message received and understood. I know we won last year and I should be happy, but I sadly I want more. I want this team to stick around. I want people in the future talk about the Sox of the this era. I do not to see this team become another one hit wonder that goes back into hibernation for god knows how long.

I will see you nice folks tomorrow.

This weekend was the return of football, which was nice. But sadly the weekend ended not the way I wanted. I will not get into the details, but there are some family issues going on. I am not involved but it makes me incredibly angry and sad. So to keep myself from curling up under my desk I am going to try to just let it go for right now. This and the 9/11 stuff are not making for a good Monday.

The rest of the weekend was alright. Did some movie viewing finally saw Ed Wood. Loved it. Also watched a film called Bus 174 which was a great film but I am not going to Brazil anytime soon. And we also watched the orginal Lady Killer, which was alright. It did not bowl me over. And finally, watched SuperTroopers, maybe I was not in the mood, but I was expecting something more. I was also able to watch a ton of college football. Ran a couple of errands. Got to view some of the NFL. To which, I watched the Broncos shame themselves and soil the Edward Jones Dome carpet. Oh by the way the White Sox continue to tease me as they split a four game set with the Tribe. But through all this the saving grace was the time hanging out with my wife.

So thanks again for bearing with me. I will get back to the work of finding a way to reference Benjamin Harrison, a Mork and Mindy episode, the 77 Astro's, Rip Taylor and South Korea's Interior Ministry all in one entry.

I know that the title really should not fit the topic, but it is what is on my mind.

5 years ago I was running on a treadmill, pondering the Broncos win and what they were going to do with out McCaffery. When I noticed a picture of the World Trade Center. I turned the station on my headphones and listened to the reports of the first crash and people were trying to figure out what happened. Then I watched that second plane hit. I thought it was a small news plane buzzing about trying to get a shot of what happened. But I was wrong and as we all know things spiraled into madness.

I still think about what happened, I try not too. Not that I want to forget all those who perished and all those who went into the breech to try to help their fellow man. Or all the love and support that came from this nation and the world after what happened. All those people and moments of bravery, courage, sacrifice and compassion should never be forgotten. What I want to avoid is the actions the country took afterward. I feel that our government over the last 6 years has done us, and the world a great injustice. I could spend the rest of the month banging out my incoherent rants on how the government has lead us on a path that has made the world a more dangerous place. And how it wraps itself in this tragedy for political gain. I could go on and express my anger on all that has been done over the years, but I will save that for another time.

I do have a serious question for everyone, am I the only one who does not feel comfortable with calling today Patriot Day? To me it just has never sat right and probably will never sit right. I think today more of as Remembrance Day. Today should be a day to reflect on the loss and honor their passing. Also a chance to express our thanks to all those who endangered their own lives to help others. And to express gratitude to all those who opened their hearts to help those in need. Also honoring those who worked to try to clean things us and get us moving again. Today should not be a day to be jingoist. To me those who want us to be "Patriot's" are the one who let us down that day. That swipe was at those sitting in power, whose job it was to protect us. Maybe we should name the day "Firefighters and Police Day" to honor the actions of 9/11 and also all the others who risk their lives everyday to serve their communities. Just a thought.

Today I am going to take some time at the hospital's chapel and say a few prayers.

If I have offended anyone with my comments I would like to apologize. It was not my intention to do so.

I will try to get back to the nonsense.

That sums up this Friday. Just plugging along. Right now I am just waiting to get home and start the weekend and usher in the football watching. Like last night, which was nice. I had my Wahoo's Combo #2 and a Pacifico and after 30 minutes I was yelling at the TV just like it was mid-season.

That is the thing about football. I can get into almost any game. I find that harder with baseball at times. Sure with the White Sox, I can get focused, but any random game, not so much. Except maybe October baseball, that is an entirely different animal all together.

Got things to do this weekend, but I just don't know what they are at the moment. It could range from going up to LA County Fair to watching UCLA beat up on a starch (Rice). Maybe it will be work in the yard, or just a whole lot of nothing. I am leaving it to the four winds.

Was watching Kimmel after the game last night. The BH and I were catching up on some TV. It was from last week and Jimmy was talking to Tommy Lee. I was not particularly thrilled and uninterested in the interview, but Jimmy threw out a question to Tommy. Asking about Pam and Kid Rock wedding and where they were registered.

At that point I turned to the BH and said, "I have the feeling they registered at Spencer Gifts."

Thank you folks I am here all week.

Football, glorious football. (Don't give me that look, I told you there will still be sports here)

I am so ready for it. Last night drafted another fantasy team so I have now 3 teams to monitor. How am I going to get work done?

Tonight it is Fish at Steelers. The line is Pitt - 1.5

As much as I keep hearing about the Fins. I am still not sold on them yet. Tonight I see the Steelers doing enough to get a win. The emotion of opening night and seeing the banner will carry them.

Boski Bits of Info:

I think the Steelers need to get pressure on Culpepper early and rattle his cage. This is an O-Line that still has questions.

Pittsburgh will also need to keep Mc Michael in check, he is the one who I think will get the most out of having Dante throwing.

The Steelers will be in trouble if they can give Culpepper time.

The Pins want a shootout since the Steelers might not have enough O, without Big Ben and maybe Ward. So they will air it out, maybe no-huddle early and put Pittsburgh in a chase mode. Then batter them late with Brown.

The Steelers will lean on Parker heavily tonight. Which is why it is so important that Batch make some plays early in the passing game, to get that running game room. The secondary is the area that the Dolphins still have a lot to prove. So if they can keep 8 out of the box, advantage slides to the Steelers.

But then every sports talking head says the same thing.

So the score will be
Pittsburgh 20
Miami 17

Alright, I am out of here.

Oh so this is true we have been torturing er ... "Using alternative methods" to get info from suspected terrorist and doing outside of the U.S. Didn't the E.U. ask about this and we said "no that's not happening". Oh silly Boski, maybe it was done elsewhere> If it was not done in Europe so it's alright. Bullshit. Yeah sure Egypt is a great place to torture. It's the dry heat, makes it oh so tolerable. Don't get me started on the military tribunals issue. Which the Republicans want to push through again. Hey let the Constitution be damned. Look, a lot of these guys are bad dudes that are in captivity, but what do we become when we resort to methods we would not allow for ourselves. Well as long as we still have a Constitution. Which sadly reminds me of a joke I heard.

When Bush was being sworn in, they told him that one of his duties was to execute the Constitution he thought that he able allowed to execute it. I can almost hear him, "oh boy, execute something. I done did that real good like in Texas. I wonder what crime this horrible Constitution did. Must be bad bad stuff, oh look a butterfly...."

And finally another item that rankles me this day. As the Bush Administration gets it's PR machine revved up for November by exploiting 9/11. There was an item I missed, but not being a pundit I miss a lot. It seems that I had not been paying much attention to it, but it seems like this Path to 9/11 is a huge piece of shit that they are trying to pass off on the country. Great job Disney. I found info on it here. Take a look, read about it and do with the info what you want to do with it. (Thanks to Think Progress)

Mr. Bush, I do not think we are safer today than 5 years ago. So you sir and your vultures can go suck it.

Thanks for hanging with me today.

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me a dollar. For I am here to buy a Caesar Salad not praise it.

Today, well late yesterday I have launched what will be the springboard to my demise. I know this may come as a shock, but I like sports. I know I was stunned myself to learn that. So I am decided to feel more self-important than I need to and create a new blog where it is all sports all the time. With the views and thoughts of someone who has asked for a restraining order on reality. So North America and parts of Finland I give you:

Boski's Blog O' Sports

It took me months to think of the name.

Oh you will still get many of my rants on sports here. If I didn't this blog would fit on a 3X5 card. Hell, the new blog may just be me copying from this blog to that one. I am going to give it a try and see what happens. I have always wanted to have a media empire, no matter who underwhelming it is.

Now excuse me I off for fondue with the Swedish Royal Family.

Yes, it is that time. Time for me to establish a new era in Fantasy football. An era where I reign supreme. Who am I kidding, all my planning will be out the door by round 3 when I take Bradlee Van Pelt. Ten minutes after making the pick I will realize Brad not even in the NFL right now. Tonight is my friends fantasy league. The other league I am in is a on Yahoo,which I am going to dominate in that one (only because I did not draft that team). So tomorrow we will see if I have hope for fantasy football glory, or will I be doing draft prep for 2007 at half time of Thursday's game. Never too early to prep for 4-10 season.

Sadly the newest vacation spot in Orange County has gone belly up.

Yesterday morning after my walk I did some watering in the back. Which was no problem. The only problem was I forgot to turn off the hose. So when we returned home, which was later than most nights since we had a HFH meeting, we found the newest Great Lake. It was big enough that a couple of Viking players asked if they could take a boat out.

So all day I had the water running. Which flooded part of the yard, destroyed a hose. Great nothing like wasting a ton of water on really hot day. That water was not going to be used for anything productive or anything. Also hopefully I have not done any damage to the foundation. I don't think so, but you never know.

Oh Silly Boski, Trix are for kids.

So I right now I am going to take ownership of the situation and do what is right. So I am blaming this all on the focus of my anger yesterday. In fact I am telling myself right now she came done and did this herself. There I feel better.


In my opinion

it was laborious.

That is how I will put how the weekend went. Friday night was alright as we had a couple of beers and wandered the streets of Orange. The Better Half and I survived a weekend up north. Let me say, we both enjoyed see Mrs. Boski's dad, Mrs. Boski's Aunt and her husband, seeing the some sights and seeing the Monet exhibit. Yes I said Monet, what of it. I also got a book on The art and architecture of Venice you want to make something of that? Most of you thought the only culture I have is what is growing in my gym bag.

What made my weekend tough? It was one thing and that was Mr. Better Half's wife. My god, she is a pain in the ass of biblical proportions. She drives me nuts and for my wife it is about 1000x's worse. I am surprised my wife did not go all Oz on her and just shiver. No court would have held her. This woman is beyond self-centered. I think she may even make Paris Hilton feel a little uncomfortable. It was just non stop blathering by her, about her, and for her. All freaking weekend she kept mentioning the same stupid things over and over . At one point after hearing about how she was robbed of her new Coach bag, which she only had $20 bucks, for the 8th time. I wanted to yell, "again with this, what is this on a test or something?". Sadly I did not. Also her sniping at Mr. Better Half about stupid shit. She has been married to the Better Half's Dad for 12 years now and she is still an asshole and she is getting worse. I will not get into the blow by blow of the whole weekend, but she was such an insufferable ass. This weekend may have been the only time I dreaded talking about baseball. She kept going on and on about the Marlins (long story) and other things and I just wanted to all stop. This woman was rude, inconsiderate, boorish and I will say morbidly retarded.

I have a bizarre question the audience. One of the days we went to visit more of Mrs. Boski's family. In their loving home in a town north of SF (I wish to protect the innocent). While we are talking she first announces that she had to miss her sewing class today,(Note: I have no problem with knitting, My mom does it, my wife and a reader of this blog) but then to say even if jokingly, (which I doubt she was) that she had to shed a tear to miss that to be here. WTF! If you wanted to stay home then stay the hell home beeeaatchhh! Then we sit down and are talking and she just whips out her knitting. Without even asking, sure it did not distract from the conversation, but still. The only thing that disrupted the conversation was crap spilling out of her pie hole. Then lastly before we eat, called her knitting coach to discuss something. Hello is our visit to these nice people interrupting something. On top of this, we were late because we had to stop at a factory outlet, to stop into a Coach store. The Coach store had moved. Thankfully for her I would have like re-enact the robbery. But she still had to go into Brooks brother and get a retarded madras jacket with bigger shoulder pads than the ones I wore for football. Hey Mrs. Bitchworth, the Carrington's called they want the shoulder pads back!

Then yesterday we went to go see the Monet exhibit in San Fran. And all she did was shit on everyone one parade. Bitching at us about getting out too late, which we were ready to go long before her lazy ass. Whinnying about getting back since she had a tutoring session moved up. Moaning about getting downtown so she could get back. Complaining about lunch and where we were going. Whinnying about how she was not told anything. The whole, "no body asked me" BS. Fuck you (please excuse the following folks) cunty cuntlestein, you knew what was on the agenda. If you had a problem then you could of said something. Oh, finally you are quiet. Then when it was time to part company on Sunday, when we got her to her location we tried to say goodbye and thanks. What does she do? She just gives a piss poor good bye, and stomps off. So to that I say fuck you, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you.

The only time, other than visiting the BH's Aunt and her husband, that was really pleasant was when she was not around. The three of us would actually sit around in the evening and talk. We had some nice conversations about the state of the world and I did not make an ass out of myself. This woman is just a horrible person who can go suck it. I am sorry Mrs. Boski's dad, but I hate your wife. I will not say it to you or her, even though part of me should have. Sadly from this point, on we are not staying in that house, if that fucking Harpy is there. You can bank on that. We will suck it up and visit if we are in the area. But we will not be confined in the same location as her for more than a couple of hours. You are welcomed to visit us, but she is not staying in our home. If she tries I am getting a bebe gun and rock salt and going Red Dawn on the situation. WOLVERINES!!!!!!!!!

I know it looks like I am really mad, but up it a 1000% and you are my wife's level. It sucks because we like him and love visiting with him. So it makes this all a bit sad. That our future contact is going to be limited because of her.

It was so bad that I hardly noticed the Sox dropping two of three to the Royals and losing in 10 to the Red Sox. Boy oh boy a can hear a freefall a coming. Thank god football is back.

Man, sucks about the Crock Hunter. I loved the guy. I though his dimise would have been something like getting shot at a Thai brothel, or by a falling satellite. If this happened to him, then Steve O, you are so living on borrowed time sir. I know it seemed like he was just more of a caricature than a person, but the guy was someone who really cared about nature and the environment. I wish there were more like him that cared and go to lengths he did. He was a man who loved life and a man who lived it beyond the its limits. You thought all the times he should have been killed and nothing happened that he would have just lived forever. You will be missed Crock Hunter.

Thanks everyone for sitting through this one, and also sorry for the language and the run on sentences.

The last long weekend of the summer is upon us and I am slogging away to get to it. It will be a busy weekend for Team Boski. Tonight meeting a friend I worked with at Disney. Has it really been 10 years since I hung it up at the Mouse House? We heading over to Orange Street Fair. Just a great opportunity to drink on the streets of Orange with thousands of others.

Saturday we are heading up to see Mrs. Boski's dad and some of her family in the Bay Area. Should be good times. And if things break right I may be able to stop in and visit a good friend who up in the area.


Hold on.

Can you smell it?

I know that smell, it FOOOTBALL Season. College games this weekend, which I am not really going to be able to see, but they will be on this I do know. Sure Baseball is heating up and as of right now the Sox are still in the hunt. But the last few time I have blogged that I thought good things would happen. Wham. Step on a rake and mutter like Sideshow Bob. So I am here to drop some negativity on them with the hopes of not been too crushed when the weekend is over.

I know I am very late to the party, but goddammit Steve Colbert. Why did you have to have all that Truthy goodness. First it was the Dana Carvey Show, the your breakout role as a caring and thoughtful educator on Strangers with Candy, then you continued to charm us with your hard hitting yet spritely journalistic skill on the Daily Show and now this. Great I am going to have to watch full time, are you happy? I need less shows not more to watch. I am only one man! Wait did I just say I needed less TV? When did I turn into a communist. But now this most likely get me sucked into watching the Daily Show as well. I know it is for my own good and I have been missing out on gold, but my Tivo only has 40 hours and I still have not finished making the Tivo Smokehouse to cure and smoke other programs on the Tivo. Mmmmm Tivo jerky.

The last few days I have found another part of my childhood. I know no one who reads this has ever heard of this guy, but as a kid I would listen to the Jim Healy radio show. My dad got me going on this and after listening to the old clips it made me think wistfully on those days. It was a half hour sports show, but it was a half hour of Jim Healy making fun of the pomposity that is sports. It was one man, some sports stories and a lot of sound bites. To me it made for hilarity.

Here are some of my favorite sound bites: (Warning kids, most of these are rated P, for profanity)

Choir Boy Tommy Lasorda speaking about David Kingman's 3 HR and 8 RBI performance .

The late Jerome Brown speaking before the 1987 Fiesta Bowl. Jerome lets you in on some interesting historical facts.

Sweet and gentile Tommy Lasorda response to San Diego Padre, one time winner of Topps Biggest bubble, and futility player Kurt Bevaqua statement that Lasorda had ordered his pitcher Tom Niedenfuer to hit a fellow Padre.

Hey Tommy you kiss your wife with that mouth. Tommy who do blame for all of this. Is it you or was it your former boss Al Campanis.

Beniot Benjamin gives his feelings about the fans.

Howard Cosell asking the question we all have about about this blog entry and the blog itself.

I will give the last word to the late Johnny Carson.

Okay thank you everyone for indulging me. Sorry I went Doctor Demento with the blog on you. Especially on something that none of you would have every heard.

Oh wait I have one last TV item. Loved Deadwood this season. It was interested finale, but I am sad to say I was disappointed about one thing. I am glad that open fighting did not breakout in the camp but I would have loved to seen the dwarf, who was handy with the knife. One of the rabble that Silas' buddy Hawkeye brought in to battle the Pinkertons. The one who made up the 1/2 of the 18 and 1/2 he could muster from his drunken stupor. Oh how I could envision him punching Hearst in the nuts and then climbing into Richarson's beard to escape. Again I am not a man of violence but that would have been funny, I am sorry.

Well as you can see I have labored long enough way from labor. So I am off everyone have a great weekend.

I do hate month-end work. The time when all the departments get off their asses and turn in their crap all at once, so all of us, low on the food chain slugs (my title is actually administrative plankton), can cram in it into the computer for them. You people need to do more of this during the month. You are all really cutting into my blogging time. How rude?