Look I am here to assure all of you that this blog has not been traded for a couple of GeoCities Websites, A Flickr account and a Blog to be named later.

Oh and this also goes out to the agents showing the home and any inspectors inspecting the home. Here is a list of a my grievances:

Stop with coming to the house and having a picnic while you are there, and if you do then you better damn well pick up after yourself.

Stop leaving the toilet seats up.

If you are going to move the outdoor furniture, please put it back they way you found it.

Put trash in the damn trash can!

If you are inspecting the home, it would be great if you didn't forget to turn the outside water back on. The whole dead plant and brown grass thing went out ages ago.

Hey feel free to check out the blinds, sure go ahead leave them open. I would really love to let everyone know that no one lives there.

Which leads me to

Hey if you open a door, how about closing it. And here is another radical idea. Lock the F'ing doors when you leave. Nothing like coming over and finding the blinds up, so you can see that the back sliding glass doors are wide open. Hey nothing helps a house resale value like a burglary, or squatters, or even animals coming in and tearing things up. (Look folks they may be cute but a raccoon will shank you if it gets a chance and will just go rock star and treat your home like it was a hotel room.) Now we have come to the house on three occasions and found doors to the outside either opened or unlocked. This along with the numerous times the blinds were left open does not really warm my heart.

Lastly, stop f'ing low balling us! I know the market sucks, but I know you a-holes are F'ing with me and my wife. Make a serious offer and don't come with the shady financing. Also if you do make an offer and get us excited, please don't turn around and realize that it is not feasible to add on to a 4 bedroom 3 bath house!

As you can see I am little miffed about this. To the point where I want to learn how to ride a motorcycle just so I can go to the homes of these offenders and just do burnout on their floors and ghost ride the bike into any major pieces of furniture or glass doors.


Okay I feel much better now

Last night the Better Half and I sat under the stars and watched "The Muppet Movie" here

A good time was had by all.

Well just had a nice little tumbler roll through. Well that will get the ol' heart going.


Sen. Stevens of Alaska faces criminal charges.

I hope you go down for the count and if you go, then take your stupid Bridge to Nowhere with you.

Tom's of Maine Deodorant.

I had read it that it was good and since it is natural it can't hurt. Sadly it has not been really working for me and my sweaty self as I plug away in my sauna err my cube. But then it may be like climbing Everest in flip flops. Now I don't reek but I am not ready to run around my office with my arms up.

I was late on the cellphone thing, but I finally got a cell phone back in 2002. What clinched it was coming back from Baja. While waiting to cross back I saw the pan handlers had cell phones. I knew it was time. So I got a Virgin Mobile phone. Now I am on my second phone, which I got at Christmas of 2005. It is looking a little rough. If you looked at it you would probably ask if I got gum with it. Especially now since, it looks like I have played hockey with it. So now I have phone envy. I keep seeing all the cool phones people have, and all the things they can do. I now have been clamoring for one. So I keep looking at phones and plans and plotting how I will rule the world, then it hits me.

I don't call or text people.

A cattle drive - Nothing says Saturday Morning like watching a cattle drive. Yes cattle was herded through the streets of our humble little municipality. (O.C. Register)

Latter that day we decided to head into the Fair to see the sites and see the latest developments in fried food technology. It is also fascinating people watching at the Fair and see the people who put effort into their outfits. I mean you could see that people put in a lot of time and effort in deciding either to go with the Raiders Jersey or the Beer Inspector T-shirt.

This week end also comprised of seeing the White Sox take 2 out of three from the Pitty Kitties. Next up the hated Twins.

Spent hours watching our new adopted kids (Tortoises) making sure they ate. As I mentioned our house was looking like a hobo camp. Thankfully it has gotten better. The yards are bare right now. So right now in the back we have the kids in an area where we can keep an eye on, since we have some plants that are not the best for them. So we are working on finding ways of Tortoise proofing those plants so they can have free reign. I would have never expected to be fascinated watching them, but I am.

Disposing of a "gift" left by this guy.

Woke up Saturday Morning and found a bird that was brought down by this Orange & White character. Me and the Better Half appreciate that he wants to provide for us, but there is not threat to our food supply, and if is going to do that, just leave it to mice. Felt bad about the bird, but could not get mad at him too much, he's a cat.

Sunday - finally had a day to loaf around and clear out stuff on the TIVO. The Better Half and I finished our peaceable weekend with dinner what we like to think is our local (Memphis) . If you ever come to Costa Mesa or Santa Ana stop on in.

So it is now back to grind.

I realized over the past year or so that I have been giving things up. I still have a long list of other things to give up, most give up kicking my own ass about everything, but that a story for another day. Last night at the concert I made a mental list of things I had given up.

1. Caffeine - thanks to the medication I am on I would be Jumpy McJupperty if I still drank caffeinated beverages. I still take a taste every once in a while so I can get back that feeling of riding the dragon. Even as much as miss being able to drink Coke I will say it has helped in losing weight so I am cool with it.

2. Being cool - I took Devo's advice and I am just through being cool

3. Being 5-10 - And I will never be 5-10. I am 5-9 1/2 and that is the way it is.

4. Playing Madden - Something I though unimaginable since 1993, but I just have not played a game of Ol' Madden since February.

5. Being young - Last night at the Pysch Furs/Yaz concert I noticed that I may have been one of the youngest ones there, at age 36. I should have known the moment I asked the Better Half, "When did our parents start going to our shows?” that my youth had "gone daddy gone". Well I knew this day was coming, now excuse me I have to pull my pants up to my arm pits, chase kids off the lawn and get to the early bird special at Denny’s.

Post script to this post - The concert was good, sure Richard Butler looked like the child of Johnny Rotten and James Spader but sounded great. Yaz surprised me I was entertained.

I am out of here, off to head home so me, the Better Half, one of my sister and a friend I used to work with to go back to the 80's.

Going to wander to the ol' Orange County Fair Grounds to see Yaz & Psychedelic Furs. So excuse me I have a really skinny tie I have to find.

Came up short in my "Worlds Deadliest Catch" Fantasy League yet AGAIN.

I came up a couple opilio crabs short of winning.

I know I should have picked Captain Andy when I had a chance, no I passed and then I pick up the Hilstrand kid who almost kills someone.

Damn it!

Damn it!

Damn it!


Just asking.

Who wins in a tag-team match?

Blair Warner & Edna Garrett or Judge Milton Hardcastle & Mark "Skid" McCormick.

Look finding the answer to this may just help win that Noble Prize in Physics I have been craving.

The White Sox somehow are still holding on the AL Central lead, thanks to the Twins falling on their face of late. I have a feeling I should start working on picking out a name for my future ulcer. Even if the White Sox get lucky win the AL Central over the under achieving Ninjas that are the Twins, they will not make easy.

Look I know I should be happy since I expected to ready for football by June 1st, but like usual I am not.

Iraq facing a tough sell for tourism.

Wow I am floored by this. Who does not want to go to a place where a civil war might break out. . .

I never thought I would ever do this, but I bought a pair of jeans that cost over $100. Even as short as 6 months ago I would never imagined it, but now I have done it.

I know it was silly, but I actually got a deal on them. Also I have been looking for a pair that are nice that I can wear out and not look like a hobo, but I know will sit back and take your scorn.

Yes, I have gone blog template crazy. I think I should stick to this one for at least a couple of hours.

I do love me television, outside of sports I catch some of less beaten path shows. I rarely care about things like the Emmy's, but yesterday I wanted to punch everyone on the nomination committee right in the neck.

Why Boski?


The Wire = 0 nominations. That is {content removed, but let's say Tommy Lasorda blushed} wrong! Hey maybe it was a mistake, or maybe it was time for other shows and actors to get nominations since the The Wire has grabbed so many in the previous four years. Oh wait a second that can't be since The Wire has never received ANY nominations in five years.

0 are you F$%#ing kidding me!

That is F'ing honked up, and I am talk of biblical proportion . This was one of the best TV series ever, EVER to grace TV. Five years of great TV and no nominations. Okay I am still catching up on season five, only because our old TIVO took a dirt nap. So if any of you tell me what happens I will be pissed, pissed to the point where I will not give you any positive marks for your comments. . . immediately. I will seriously wait 10, 15 seconds. Don't try me.

Also Jimmy Kimmel got no nomination for JKL. Damn that was a bad week, first him and Sara breakup and now this. Look I know I am shill for Jimmy Kimmel but the show has been great. Look it should have got a nomination based on two things. "I am %$&ing Matt Damon" and the follow up, "I am %$#*ing Ben Afflec". Yes crude, but hilarity.

Thankfully Bryan Cranston and Gabriel Bryne got nominations for Best Actors in a Drama, especially Cranston who is spectacular in Breaking Bad. If he had not gotten a nomination I would be starting a one man riot. As for ol Gabe he was fantastic as the shrink facing his own issues in "In Treatment".

Alright I am done, I have not gotten this worked up over TV since Time Warner Cable took away the NFL Network or when Cousin Oliver showed up on the Brady Bunch. Now excuse me I have go the "What's Happening" when the Dobbie Brothers play at the high school and rerun gets busted for bootleg is on.

In an effort to fill time and space here is a new feature on the blog that may last about one week, so with no further adieu. Please save your laughing and mocking till this blog has come to a complete stop.

According to my I-Pod here is what is hot on my I-Pod:

List of Demands - Saul Williams (The Nike Sparq campaign sucked, but at least they used this song)

Let's All Go (To the Fire Dances) - Killing Joke

Great DJ - The Ting Tings (One of the best free songs I have ever gotten from I-Tunes)

Mistaken for Strangers - The National

Button - Sia (Look I am sucker for her, ever since I heard her doing tracks for Zero 7)

Everywhere I Go - The Call (There's another 80's flashback for you.)

Midnight In a Perfect World - DJ Shadow

Alright please go back to your scoffing.

Thank you Mr. Sikahema for doing what a lot of people have always dreamed of doing. (Yahoo Sports)

This is why Vai kicked ass on Special Teams.

Feel the fury of the Sikahema!

Gabe Kaplin vs. Jack Klugman.

Just asking.

Also if I may have caused any seizures. I had about 12 different templates on here today, but you have to break some eggs if you want a peanut butter sandwich. Wait that does not sound right. Oh forget it, I am also trying rebuild this blog. During my blogs "Sybil" stage I lost a lot of links. So I am doing my best to reconstruct the blog and try to and some new stuff. So please let me know if this is alright or if you have any suggestions

Also I want to reassure everyone that I am not a degenerate gambler with all the gambling sites. I may a degenerate, but not a degenerate gambler. Hell I am willing to put money on it.

Enough with the fireworks. The fourth is over you freaking little pyros.

I know that the 4th is your Halloween and Christmas wrapped up into one, but are you all that baked to think it is really bitchin to keep firing them off after and even before the fourth. Do you think that you hold the whole neighborhood rapt with baited breath to hear the genius that you shooting off your IED's? Well it isn't. So why don't you get a hair cut and read a book. (sorry I did not know I was going to turn into an angry 85 year old man)

Look I still love me some fireworks, and things going boom but I let the pros do it and not some 13 year old hesher whose deepest thought is, "how can I crossbred a Piccolo Pete' with a bottle rocket?"

Just trying to find something new to roll with here on the Blog.

Please go about your business.


I think I mentioned we are now the owners of two desert tortises. Look these tortises were given to my wife's family about 20 years ago so it is not like we ran out and swooped them up, which you should never, EVER do. They are fun and it is cool watching them roam around. Here is a clip of one of our newest lawnmowers.

Not a damn thing.

Working on trying to make the house not look like a hobo camp, since we have guest coming in. Spent last night and most of Sunday moving stuff out of out house and moving to our storage unit, along with stuff from my wife's mom's.

Damn I have a lot of stuff I have no business keeping, but who know when I will need to produce my Disneyland Training the Trainer Binder, or my Frank Thomas CD single.

Well I still have more to do.

Okay I just need to vent, I feel better.