but I am staying for excitement.

I will say this is my single worst performance in an NCAA pool. Only one of my picks made it to the finals (UCLA). Wow did I do a really crappy job, but damn it has been a fun tourny to watch.

How about UCLA? Sure Saturday's game was ugly, and I mean Eastern conference Finals ugly.

LSU, what did Larry Brown come back from trying to find Big Foot and get this team back to the Final Four?

Florida, Impressive. I will hand it to Yannick Noah, his kid can play. But I do hope during this week someone will ask the question. Was Yannick Noah a member of The Thompson Twins? Look at the pictures and decided.

George Mason in the Final Four, that has to be the greatest individual display of talent ever in NCAA hoops history. One guy, one single guy got into the finals! What is Mr. Mason the Bobby Boucher of hoops?

Sadly, I will miss the finals this year, which means it will be entertaining. My guess is that it will be LSU vs. Florida, and Florida will be your winner. So grab your savings and put it down on George Mason.

Again Thursday night looked to be another "Must Lose Thursday". I really should have not cared since my brackets were already condemned by the Army Corp of Engineers. It got worse with Duke losing. I was not shocked by the loss. I was shocked that neither Billy Packard or Dick Vitale positioned themselves on top of LSU's basket to prevent Duke from losing. Note to Duke, look Reddick is good, but when he like 2 for 12 it time to find someone else to hoist up the rock.

But the endings of both of the late games were great. I felt bad for West Virginia. The Mad Bombers almost had it, hit the shot to go ahead. Only to have Texas hit them right in the nuts with a 3 at the buzzer.

That ending was nothing compared to the entire 2nd half of the UCLA/Zag game. Down 17, it should have been over, but they kept hanging around and then bang they score the last 11 to win it. Sorry Mr. Porn Stache that it had to end like this but damn that was fun to watch.

Adam Morrison note - the man is an amazing hoops player and seems like an interesting guy, but at times you think he got a little crazy going on.

A quick NBA hoops note - I saw this as one of the items in the "In the News" section on Yahoo. I could not believe they would put it out there. But after watching the guy, I realized it was big news. If he does it two games in a row then a parade will be held. It would be a shame if he did finally come around. He would ruin all the hard work his predecessors had put in He still has the potential to be another Beniot Benjamin or Joe Barley Breathing (sorry I meant Barry Carroll), Chris Washburn, or Dwyane Schintzius. Dare to dream Kwame.

A busy day for me as the time grows short till I am back on GMT. A busy day for this Costa Mesa Shipping Magnet.

Got the Boski Mobile in for Oil

Set back Swedish/Bolivian relations 100 years

Worked on the yard.

Performed a breakdance routine that made Kasey Kasem weep

Work a little in the garage

Continued the planning of a violent over thrown of the current administration of the "Misfits of Science" fan club. Oh you will rue the day you messed with me!!!

So now I am about got about 2% of what I need to get done for the trip. I think I will be done around 5:00 PM next Friday, minutes after takeoff.

I just wished they would have waited till I got back. Hey I am as smart as Barry Melrose.

I feel bad for Andy, I loved the guy, but maybe his style is the reason this team keeps getting injured. This team got off to a great start and now we flopping like Ben Afflec movie. Hell the Ducks are ahead of us and that is not acceptable.

The players have let this team down more than anything. Sadly that means that blame is going to have to go to Dave Taylor. I love you Dave and all you done for the club, but you built the roster, so you get a heap of blame.

I thought Andy did a lot with very little. I will still think fondly of him and the only playoff series they won back in 2001. Nothing better than sticking it to the Red Wings. Thank you Andy and good luck to you, the winningest and losingest coach in Kings History.

I am hoping the Kings steal a page from the Devils history when they replaced Larry Robinson back in 1995-1996. Hell, I will take a playoff appearance at this point.

I just heard that they are looking for someone for a really cool position. Well the drive may be a problem. Let's see what does mapquest say from:

1313 Castle Boskistein Lane
Costa Mesa, CA 92626


280 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10017

. . . here we go it would only be a 2,800 mile commute. Hmmm, I will have to think about that.

Tags is stepping down after 16 years of service. People thought no one could ever top Rozelle, but I think what Paul has done for the league puts him right there. He has brought us labor peace, even though I was not happy about the Rams leaving. Georgia the Goat and John Shaw, you both suck a lot of ass. I am not a Rams fan, but that shit was not cool. But thinking about it, I do get to see more games than if there was a team in the market.

I can not think of anyone better qualified than myself. In fact, if I get this job I can have them remove the restraining order they have on me.

Well made it through. Since Friday proved to be the end of Boski's Zombie NCAA brackets. It made watching the games less stressful.

What did I do. On the plus side, got a haircut. I know that is not exciting, but to me I always feels 1,000% better after one. Even back when in the days of Supercuts. Thankfully my wife found me someone who does a great job with this mob. Oh I have come a long way from the days of what hat should I wear today? I do fuss with my hair. I am not as bad as John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, but I have had my "don't touch the hair" moments. Look it is the one thing on me that does not bring me shame.

I also found time to watch the Madness, NFL Europe, EPL and some hockey. Also did get some errands done, so I am not a total slacker, getting there though.

On the Bad side, had two more people cancel on us for our trip, and that makes four in that last 2 weeks, so right now we have a total of 4 people going on our trip, and me and the Better Half make up half of that. So I spent a good part of the morning trying to sleep off the disappointment. Finally got up and headed out to the Better Half's office, to get trips stuff done. We are still going, even if we have to Wally World it.

Again I ask any of you if you have two week of free time and about $3,000 bucks you can come along to Belfast.

TV notes:

Little Britain is back and it is still awesome.

Soprano's - I glad it is back, the last time it was on, Caesar was crossing the Rubicon. But it was worth the wait. What is up with A.J. and that Prince Valiant mop? Loved the first episode, and I actually like last night's. I know everyone hates those dream sequences, but I think it still works. I say this not because they mention the current home of Team Boski, Costa Mesa and the Hotel where we had our wedding reception. I think it is setting things up for a whole truck load of shenanigans. I trust David Chase. Also how can things go wrong when the show is being directed by the best Power Forward from Carver High. He would have kicked the crap out of Marco Baldi, if Salami had played in the Big East. I also think he would have not back down from Michael Graham and Rony Siekley, but he would have not f'ed with Derrick Coleman.

Big Love - I am in so far. I think it has some legs. It is the anti-Deadwood with the language, but it makes up for it with the head board hockey. I think there is enough that I it would have made Sex in the City blush.

Today's is a quiet one, like most St. Pat's days for me. Don't get me wrong I like to have a pint, listen to some good tunes and celebrate being where I came from. But I just take a more tranquil route for celebrating. I am one who is not into the celebrations that get sloppy in a hurry by a people who could careless about being Irish or not. But please do not get me worng, I glad people have a good time today, no matter who you are. I really do not have any problems with today. Okay I have two St. Patrick's Day celebration problems. One, those who feel that the only reason for St. Patrick's day is to get trashed before 10:00 AM on a weekday. That folks in not a good idea, especially in the land of bad public transit. Hey people still have to drive jackass. My second issue and I apologize for going all Seamus X on everyone, but why do grocery stores put their St. Patrick's Day decorations next to the booze. What is up with that? Sure there is drinking involved, but come on. We did not land of the Blarney Stone, the Blarney Stone landed on us. Oh, I did get Seamus X there sorry.

Today I donned my nearly eye burning green Ireland Rugby jersey and headed up to Culver City. I go up and visit my dad. I was worried about rain, but thankfully got none. I also made good time. From Costa Mesa to Culver City in an hour, not too shabby.

I grabbed my dad a cup of coffee and drove in to Holy Cross. Pulled out the laptop and the i-pod. Sat down and played some Irish music for my dad and also watched parts of the World Series DVD. I do really miss watching baseball with him, that was always a joy.

I like sitting out there, it is a place I can feel calm and at peace. My dad's in a nice spot. On a clear day, you can see the water.

Enjoyed an hour sitting with him and visiting other family there. I sat and thought about a lot of things in my life and my future. Sadly, the time had come and I need to get back. This trip still needs to be planned. So I left the coffee, his packets of Sweet and Low and two bucks for him. (its a long story). Told him that I miss him and loved him and that I will be back on Father's Day.

So I say to all of you, please have a safe St. Patrick's Day. I know have to go back to work and also keep an eye watching my teams lose.

March is here and basketballs fill the air. Today is a special edition of the blog muffin. Where I give you my random thoughts on the events I witnessed today. So if I go all Larry King on you. You all have my permission to shoot me.

Got up and already my teams are losing.

Nothing helps a drive on the freeway like yelling at your radio because the teams you picked are flinging up ill advised 3's.

Boston College you are trying to kill me, right?

Did I see this right? Hey we have to have dreams.

Bomb scare in San Diego. What did they see my bracket?

The Minneapolis region is going to be my problem child.

Speaking of bombs, CBS may have found something to top the shark movie they did a while back. David Arquette is trying to stop a bomb from going off at a "big football game". Shouldn't David be more worried about the bombing of his own career. Wow are things so bad that they have to rip off a bad Van Damme film.

Alright the morning games are done and I 1 for 4. Vegas should send a car for me.

This tournament does not have any multi-directional terror squads this year. (thanks Eric)

The Better Half and I went out to catch the games at a sports bar near us. She got me in for an event through her work. She is awesome. I know you had to twist my arm to watch sports. Thanks to the nice people who hosted.

My question for the Tennessee player who hit the winning shot. How did play the whole game with that shot up your ass, since you pulled the game winner out of your ass.

I wish that there was a D1 school named Mortimer, so that maybe, just maybe there would be bracket that would have Winthrop, Mortimer and Duke.

Other than the CSI, College and Pro Football, this is the only time I watch CBS. I know I do not watch much network TV, but are you kidding me with some of these shows. Did Jenna Elfman need another sitcom and who is watching it? Two and Half Men, this is not how I want to remember Ducky and Ricky Vaughn. NCIS, Mark Harmon you should have just left it Summer School. They did cancel Love Monkey right?

Round two a little better. The Bruins looked good, so did Florida. 3 out of 4, not bad. Would have been better if Nevada had not be stuck down by the dreaded 5-12 game disease.

Hey UTEP, "Glory Road" a nice film. Hell the real story is more inspiring, but your are still in the NIT. So do not try to charm me with the throwback Texas-Western jerseys as you play Michigan. Look, please be quiet the adults are try to watch the real tournament.

Sign me up for a cot at Gitmo. I am pulling for Mexico in the WBC. I hate Roger Clemens that much.

A friend of mine who I had not seen in forever stopped in and we caught the late afternoon and evening games. It was good to catch up.

If the Zags had not won, I was so going to smack that bad stache off Adam Morrison's mug.

Went 3 for 4 in the early evening games. If UNC Wilmington had not blown chunks at the end it would have been 4 for 4. That is that last time I pick the a university that was used to shot "Dawson's Creek". Thanks Pacey, you douche.

Barry Bonds, what are we going to do with you?

The L.A. Kings continue their slide with a piss poor outing against the Stars.

Mexico beats the US. We get three hits. That is karma folks. Mexico is getting us back for the World Cup.

Last CBS quip. If the female dectective is so good at solving crimes that have been cold. Why then can't she find herself a sandwich and some sun light?

Duke wins, again. I wonder if this is the year Billy Packard and Dick Vitale fight to see who loves Duke more?

The Orangemen lose. I have not been this upset with them since the Battle of the Boyne.

The night games go 2 -2 for old Uncle Boski. So that makes for a mediocre 9 - 7 day. Magic I tell you.

Happy Birthday to one of the greatest White Sox ever, and my favorite baseball player.

my NCAA picks. I will try to let all of you know what they are so you can make your fortunes by betting against them.

Speaking of Office Pools. Is it wrong to do an NIT Pool? I mean is just a crime, in that it is gambling. Or is it more a crime against humanity and all that is decent. I am not going to say that I am, but how about those Manhattan Jaspers punking Fairleigh Ridiculous . . . oh again I have said too much.

Please excuse me I must clean up this shame I have split.

that watching the Japan vs. USA WBC game yesterday, that I think shenanigans were afoot and I know who is at fault. It is clear to me after seeing the bad call yesterday on the Sac fly that this is on W.

Look if he was hell bent to go into Iraq as a way of getting back at Saddam for trying to bump off his dad. Then I am sure that he had the umps reverse their call. W wanted to get back at Japan for making his dad hurl at a state dinner.

Hey this rant makes as much sense as his our president.

Friday night the Better Half and I went to dinner with my sister and brother in law. They were taking us out to treat the Better Half for her birthday and since she could not find a kennel I had to come along. My brother in laws work owed him big time for the work he had done for them so they gave him. So they gave him a dinner for four at Disneyland. Okay I can see your eyes rolling, but at the park there is a little place called Club 33. Now I know that may not mean to most of you, but as someone who put in 5 years at the Mouse House. I could go into that but all of you have lives so I will save that for future post. So many tales to bore you with. This makes going to Club 33 has a special, for this idiot. It is an a members only restaurant in New Orleans Square. The price of member ship is very steep and there is a waiting list that is not as bad as waiting for Packers seasons, but long enough.

It is the only spot where you can buy alcohol at Dinseyland. And it is the sight where Margaret Trudeau beat Ernie Shavers in 10 rounds in 1975, during a non title fight.

The restaurant was created out of space of Walt's apartments he had at the park. No, they do not keep Walt's frozen head up there. That is just ridiculous, they have it out in a freezer behind Pirates and Jungle. Oh sure they label it as a freezer for Outdoor Vending, but I was never fooled.

It was something I always wanted to do. I had been up there once, but it was for a castmember event where you could go and see some of the inner working of some of the attractions and other interesting items. We arrived for an 8:00PM dinner in the cold and wet. Apparently Winter broke out here in Southern California for a couple of days or as the rest of you would call early spring weather. We rang the buzzer and we were let in to the foray. Rode up the antique elevator and to the main dining area, where we put on our robes and performed the customary Masonary Blood Rituals. After a quick washup we were shown our seats. We had a delightful dinner, not the best meal I have ever had, but very good. Got to to enjoy watching the Fantasmic Show on the Rivers of America, where I thought back on those salad days where I would be on the bow of the Columbia doing the Icky Shuffle during the show. The meal was not worth what it cost, but hey it was on someone else's dime. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I was not so worried I was going to get the bums rush and forced to work closing at the Jungle Cruise.

So I have scratched that one off. Next up, working on putting on an off, off, off Broadway show of Webster, but have it performed by cougars.


Mr. Bush says,

rejection of port deal "sends a bad message".

Well your presidency sends a bad messaae, so now you know how we feel.

I was getting gas for the Boskimoblie when I saw that they were selling Von Dutch Energy Drink.

Seriously WTF?

No, I need an answer here. Why? Isn't that against EPA regulations or something?

Great, it's the new Crystal Pepsi for a retarded generation.

Hey, who needs cures for cancer, AIDS, or even something that has nutritional value to anyone other than a dentist?

All the worlds problems can be solved with another shitty energy drink.

That's what TV told me and TV is never wrong.

If you have followed this blog you will know that I have very little, dare say no love for the Twins. In fact I have made the following statements about the Twins:

- The Twins are really apart of a pyramid scheme contrived by the Yankees

- The Twins broke up Husker Du

- Chased off Paul Bunyan

- and wrote the script for Prince's second movie "Under the Cherry Moon".

But today I will put away the anger and express sadness that Kirby Puckett has passed. I does suck that the last ten years were not the greatest for him, which the can be pinned on Kirby himself. But I will say that damn it he was fun to watch play.

Today, I started my Spring Training as a fan. Watched a a bit of the Mets vs Indians on ESPN. I was able to get a couple innings of rooting against the Tribe. I felt I got some good work in. I was able to spot by booing pretty well, but I know my witty banter and berating of teams needs some work. I was just happy not to pull any rooting muscles.

I have a feeling I have seen some of these kids roaming the neighborhood. Well that is life on the mean streets of the CM.

What happened to meeting at the bike rack at 3:00 PM to settle things.

"Headmaster Ritual" from the Smith's.

We all want to hurt you for being a douche and giving us such awful music. But the only person who is trying to hurt you with the sex tape is yourself, since you were dumb enough to film it.

So it was you and Kid Rock, obviously the both of you were on your way to that Mensa meeting and one thing lead to another.

Please focus on driving the speed limit.

Doing 50 is not going to cut it. Traffic is actually moving.

Also please stay to right and wade in the kids pool if you are worried for the well being of that tasty ride of yours.


Wow Mr. Bonds, that is almost as ugly as your soul. But you know I think you captured Paula's demented and crazy look.

So kudos to you.

Not to totally slam you Barry, I will give you some credit for trying to help someone other than yourself and being a team player.

And it will be the disappointment badge.

Why did you have to go and mess with those little minty disk of heaven?

The Thin Mints were just fine. But oh no, someone had to change them. They just are not the same now. I feel like I have suffered a loss. All because some mucky muck had to go urinate in the punch bowl.

While we are in the mood to mess up treasures, maybe we can do the following:

  • Have a remake of "A Woman Named Moses" and we will have Jessica Simpson play the part of Harriet Tubman.

  • Paint a "Vote For Pedro Shirt" on the Mona Lisa

  • Maybe we can open a Subway at the Taj Mahal

  • Update the Sistine Chapel and remove some of the saints and angels and replace them with Scences from the first two season of the "Osborne's". (oh wait, that could be amusing)

Now I am not blaming the pig-tailed rank and file. They just push those lovely oven baked crack-like substances. But someone has mess up big time, and I want some answers!

Okay, I feel much better for getting that out.