Cheney to take reins during Bush medical procedure.

So the president is having a colonoscopy Saturday, so that means two things.

Darth Cheney is legally in charge according to the document that he and the President like to shit on. But that fourth brancher has been in charge all along it's just odd that they are still trying to appear like they are following the Constitution. Wow it makes me long for the days when Al Haig was in charge.

Two, looking at this headline, the jokes just can't write themselves up quick enough. From the sites I have seen today I have seen the usual suspects:

- Which end will they do the colonoscopy
- Will they find his head?
- How will they get Roger Ailes and the rest of the Fox News Channel out of the way?
- Mr. Bush will get to experience a little bit of what he has subjected us all to.
- The procedure may keep the President from speaking for a couple of days.

All very good, but I wonder if Ol' Darth will keep Bush under sedation and tell us that he needs to for national security reason. Darth will inform us that,

"if we allow the doctors to cut and run before the Bush's colon is ready to stand on it's own, it will be disastrous. We need to hear from the Doctors in charge of this colonoscopy surge and review their report. That may be September or October or whenever. When that report is complete it will hopefully show that Mr. Bush's ass has met those Gastrointestinal benchmarks. America has to continue the spread democracy across his colon and intestines, which have always been a cauldron of anger (especially after the President knocks back some chili dogs). The Socialized Medicine Surrenderist will want to just walk away. Even a phased redeployment will not work. It will only allow the Islamopolyps a safe haven in which to launch further attacks and that he has it on good intelligence that these polyps were seen in Prague talking to Iraq Intelligence."

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I really should not be worried about Darth, I mean what could he do in two hours. . . oh wait just thought about it and I am really worried. That bastard could could get into a whole mess of trouble.

Baltimore mayor replaces police chief.

They probably passed over Daniels again, bastards.

you have the oven set to evil.

Those were oven's that if the secret ingredient is love, then it's a love that requires a restraining order.

Hey parents just play it safe and get your kids something they will love.

Log - from Blammo

What rolls down stairs
Alone or in pairs
Rolls over your neighbor's dog.

What's great for a snack
And fits on your back
It's log, log, log!

It's lo-og, lo-og,
It's big, it's heavy, it's wood.
It's lo-og, lo-og,
It's better than bad, it's good.

Everyone wants a log,
You're gonna love it, log
Come on and get your log,
Everyone needs a log...

I heard two people on a news show debating a serious topic without yelling at each other. I have heard about this before but I thought it was a myth. I have heard the locals say that NPR has this sort of thing. Hmmmmm, interesting.

Oh that wacky BBC, what will they think of next.

and very little work. About 40% of my work today was turning on the computer.

That is how today has been.

I feel quite Haliburtonish today.

brought his dim witted robot wife (I thought robots were supposed to be smart, but David is not the sharpest tool himself so it makes sense)

and he helping a pyramid scheme

What is Becks going to be rolling around in his Bentley with a "Ask Me About Herbalife" bumper sticker?

I think not.

Seriously, did Herbalife beat out Amway for this spot? Also where does Herbalife have that kind of scratch? I thought they needed that cash to stay ahead of the Feds? And fighting lawsuits ain't cheap kids.

I wish David well and I hope this helps American soccer, even though I still can't get into it. I am sticking with the EPL till further notice. The man is not the best footballer to walk on the pitch but he is amazing at what he does and he seems to be marketing gold.

Even though I am soccer novice, I do know that from what I have seen of Becks in the past it is special. I know this man is fantastic delivering the ball to others. I mean some of the long balls he strike are amazing. He is hitting guys 40 yards up field, in stride, right at their feet. He is one of the best at delivering the ball from a set piece. Penalties, Corners Free kicks, he lethal. The guy has been really trying to show he's a 90 minute player. He made a nice little run with Real Madrid this past season, but he not a complete player. So for those expecting something just remember he's no Pele. The biggest problem is not Beckham is will the Galaxy actually have people who can finish. If they don't then it will be a huge waste.

I just hope this does not become George Best II Electric Bugaloo. But every time I see him I will have to spit on the ground in anger. Because all that money could have been better sent on the Kings. Instead I have a team that maybe years away from the playoff while the Anaheim F%$#'s win the Cup. And no I am not getting over this anytime soon, so get used to me beating this into the ground.

That someone was Bush. In fact he gave us all the finger again yesterday at his press conference.

That America was a big FU to everyone, well accept that 20% that still are delusionaly behind this jackass piloting this country.

I wish he would just come out and say, "hey, I going to do whatever the hell I want since I do not care about any of you or the law of the land". I would be pissed but I would actually respect him for being honest for once.

All I can do is go on another profanity laced tirade, probably because I am suffering from war fatigue and I should get behind the surge since the insurgency is in it's last throws, so I will let someone with more skill go over the B.S. that was just pouring out of that soup cooler of his. (Thanks Crooks and Liars, please go over and enjoy the site, but read at your own risk since you will want punch or smash things afterwards).

I am sorry Mr. Bush has gone from an mind numbingly inept to down right dangerous. Nothing is more dangerous than someone who has nothing to lose and has no care for the consequences.

Post Script - Since it looks like things are going poorly it looks like the White House and Neocons are pulling out the same old tactics again. Either by using scare tactics or release bad news on Friday to make us take focus off the White Houses nonsense.

This time it looks like those guys and that organization that attacked us back in 2001 are back to pre-9/11 levels. How could this be since we removed Saddam and we so close finding Osama? I have no clue why. It could not be because i al-Qaeda has set up a great Club Med resort along the Pakistan/Afghanistan boarder. Well I should just blame the Clinton's, Pro-Choice supporters and the gays. They have all held us back. The whole item about Rummy calling off an attack in 2004 along the Pakistan boarder must be false. Hilary must be behind it since al-Qaeda where partners in the Whitewater affair.

So we find out about the new and improved al-Qaeda, just right after hearing they could be planning an attack this summer. An attack that was brought to our attention thanks to the bile duct of a bile Bush cronie. Hey FU Chertoff and your gut you hunch driven clown (Thanks C & L and Keith Olbermann)!

Don't even get me started on health care. I need to go see Sicko, I am curious to see what Micheal has to say.

Okay, the anger is out of my system for now.

The Iraqi government has not meet many of its goals and

Right now what he is doing to this country is tanamount to this. It the money after and he is not going to respect us, or call us back. He has also taken money our of our wallets, made a sandwich (which he did not clean up after) and then pissed all over the sink.

I am trying to come back down from the emotional roller coaster that was the Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest. What an epic display by those gastrointestinal gladiators. It is a moment of such historical proportions that years down the road we all remember with crystal clarity where we all where.

I was sitting in air conditioned blissed at the Caliente Tropics Palm Springs Resort.

Had a good time just lounging at the pool and vegging in the room over the 4th and 5th.

Like the Thrilla in Manila or the Brawl in Montreal, this Choleric Clash at Coney is the stuff of dreams, or nightmares. So Mr. Chestnut joins a 1,500 pound bear in a very exclusive club, but not a Club Sandwich, since it would be eaten. They are the only two beings to beat Kobayashi in open competition.

Sadly I was pulling for Kobayashi, yes I am an awful American, must be because I do not support Bush. Hey I thought this could be his last time and I wanted to see him go out like Jordan part II. Pushing off Chestnut like he was Bryon Russell and sinking that last dog. But I am happy to see that mustard belt back in the good ol' US of A and that Jimmy did it against the best. I however was not happy to see that reversal of fortune at the end of the contest. EEEEWWWWWWWWW!

But again it was a pleasant holiday trip. That evening we watched a nice little fireworks display. We were smart and instead of spending hours in the heat and amongst the masses. We drove and found a parking lot where a couple of other people had gathered to watch the show. So we got to view it from the comfort our car. We kicked back and cranked up the Classic Rock and enjoyed. Just as the Simpson's showed us that every Airshow has to play "Rock You Like A Hurricane" you must watch firework accompanied by Classic Rock. It does not matter if you like the genre or not, it is law. That's is not only because it's probably in most city, state and federal statutes, but it is also may an empirical law.

Since coming back I have just been plugging along at work. As you can all tell that it has been busy since I have not blogged. Even though it is Friday and I am burnt out I have to make at least a half hearted attempt at working.

I am wrapping up work and I am off for the cool environs of Palm Springs. Yep, 115 tomorrow. But the Better Half and I are going to get away from the asshats who are laughing ordnance that could be used in Iraq. We are going to do some lounging, some reading and some swimming with the Old People.

Hey speaking of the 4th, what is it with White Trash, Fireworks and alcohol? It like the holy trinity. Throw in a NASCAR race and forget it. Look I love seeing things go boom, but if I want to see a big boom, I will go watch the pros do it. I not up to watching cousin Jethro all lubed up on Natty Lights and Smirnoff Ice gluing M-80's, he got illegally from Mexico, to a tree. Hey I will wait till the next day and watch them blow each other up on YouTube. Hell, I personally would be okay if this year at least in California we passed on the fireworks. Considering how dry it has been I not up for tempting fate. The up coming fire season because it is going to be a big bitch. I think it will be one that's going to make what happened in San Diego county a couple months back look like a campfire. But the it is the 4th and if you want fireworks, go watch them.

Knowing is half the battle. . . .

So go forth and be merry, Throw that meat on to the grill, relax and please remember what it means to be free and American. Also think about how after this holiday we all need to work to help keep this country that way by telling the asshats we are not going to put up with BS. That the government no matter if there is a R, a D, or what ever the F Joe Lieberman is going with. Dude you are batshit crazy and we don't need you telling us we have to go after Iran. (Crooks and Liars) I know this sounds naive, but until the Constitution is officially thrown out they work for the people and it is their sworn duty to serve and protects it's citizens.

Even though there are days it is tough, I am and will always be proud to be American. That I will be disgusted with my countries action only because it can and should do better. We don't have to rule to the world, but we should play a better part in it to make it better for everyone.

Okay I am now done, go you rascals go and enjoy your holiday.

I am still steamed about yesterdays actions which if you go on the politico sites will make you ponder finding a rifle and a tower.

It was bad enough that Time Warner called and said they felt bad.

It just keeps getting worse.

Bush commutes Libby prison sentence!

Kids please leave the room.


It will take me many a lifetime to dream up the a broomstick that I need to deal with shenanigans! Ah fuck I am too mad to even try to come up with anything witty to put to this. WHAT THE FUCK?

So Little Scooter get his reward for his loyalty. It is already being spun that this is Bush coming to a way of trying appease both side. But you know that is horseshit. Don't give me this well it is his first offense bullshit. So I can fucking drop a dime on a CIA agent if its my first offense. I do that I am at Gitmo getting the Mitt Romey's Dog treatment as I wait to meet old Sparky in Texas. Oh but he not getting scot free Boski. He is still a felony and he will need to pay that fine. Like fucking hell he is paying that $250,000, Haliburton will cover that if they even pay it. Oh sure Scooter Libby is going to be broken hearted that he can't get a gun or vote. He and Paris Hilton can have an fucking pity party!

Fuck, fuck to the 1,000 power. This is so fucking bullshit I can't even fathom it. Part of me wants to be resigned to it since I should be used to it since Bush, the Darth Lord and the Bush cronies have lied, cheated and stole and lead this country down a shitty road. Hell it could get worse, Bush could set everything up in flames by attacking Iran, destroy the economy and piss off the Russians who still have nukes. Good times, Good Fucking Times!

Great, fucking great. What a fantastic way to get ready for Independence day. The next time some Neocon, or a Dittoheads gives you BS about about how great Bush is, or that Dems are in bed with Osama, or tells you that you are going to enter a "no spin zone", just punch. Keep punching them. Punch them in their fucking filthy pieholes, till those chicklets hit the floor. I hate violence and it won't settle anything, but I am steamed.

Please forgive me for this fucking potty mouth fucking tirade but before I go

"Hey Bush, Cheney, Fox News, Rush and the rest of you. Go fuck yourself. Hey go ram a lighted Roman Candle up your ass you fucking asshats!"

Again sorry for the salty language.