trying to find something interesting to say. "The Boski 2005 Blog-End Review" is just not writing itself. I have a lot of ideas and you all have seen me ramble through a couple of pages of jibber jabber, but right now I can't think of what to say. I have so many ideas and random tangents, but where do I start? I think it will be safe to say that when the 2005 Blog in review is made it will be guarantee to:

Excessive references to the White Sox title

A Cheers and Jeers section (oh how original)

Embarrass myself with my poor writing form and lame antics. Think of Circus With The Stars with poor punctuation.

Boski's review of the temp jobs he has held.

Shout outs (again original) Example: "DJ Liquid Paper would like to give big ups to the Norwegian Iron Workers". As you can see it is a rating winner, like 95% of what Fox produced in the late 80's and early 90's.

A couple of Gilded Age President references

Most importantly, make very little sense.

I am hoping that this will be completed before Jan 1st, of 2008.

Right now I have been too busy working in the bunker and commenting on everyone else blog. I hope to be free of my servitude, so I can be back amongst the non-mole people.

Thank you for your patronage, also remember time is running out to Order the Pay Per View event of 2006. The Mandrel Sisters: New Years Eve Ultimate Fighting Championship Bash. See who comes into the Octagon: Tito Ortiz, Tony Bennett, Tank Abbott, the cast of Mama's Family and Englebert Humperdink. So see who will emerge from the octagon, as The Ultimate Fighting Champion!

There is going to be singing, dancing and Mayhem!

Oh how I wish we could do the same thing here in California.
From Bedrock to Rock Bottom. It is sad to see this happen and I want to see him get help. But I pose a question, if he was a couple years younger and left-handed. Do you think he would be getting calls from a couple MLB teams? 
I think Putin's adviser got canned because he wants Putin to return this. My advice to the ex-Minister is to get some boxes and find a new home, out of Russia, and fast.
Oh joy, just what the world needed. So, if this site is going to tell me who the "real Kevin Federline" is.  Does this mean it will be a pay site that does nothing, and reeks of pot and Old Milwaukee?
No not Mr. Vargas! He can switch back to caffinated now.
I am shocked, not our Courtney (Clean and Sober) Love. Sure, she is getting any of that cleaning deposit back. 
AFC East team gives Orange County boy gift. His team will get to play at home. Eric, again thank you, I would have been happy with a card.
You're damn right it is.

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We can move toward preping for Ground Hogs Day.
Well I do hope everyone had a good weekend. I am back in the basement making the hospital I am temping at safe from the Huns. It was a great weekend. I just wish, like most of you had more time to recover from it. But the sooner I get back to the grind, the sooner I can get back to working above ground. Don't get me wrong these are nice people and the work is interesting, but I will go nuts here in the bunker.

Yahoo! DSL Something to write home about. Just $16.99/mo. or less

To night as I blog, I blog from my former residence located in home of the afterbirth, Placentia. It is good to be at home for Christmas. After a long and busy day I am winding down.

So Team Boski has accomplished a lot since Friday afternoon.

Got my I-Pod. Up till 2 am pulling music. Yeah!

Could not get it to work. Boo!

Woke up and got bread for the wife, for the dish she was bringing for Christmas breakfast.

While getting bread, picked up to cookies that had black frosting and said "Coal". So those are going to my nephews tomorrow. Then after that then they get the gifts. You have to keep them on their toes.

Stopped at Apple Store, could not get an appointment time and could not wait around because it was time to meet the BH mom.

Lunch at Pinot Provence with the BH and her mom. We had a wonderful meal and time. This was an excellent restaurant. So nice I thought about asking myself to leave, but I did use my silverware properly. Sadly I lost all their confidence when I asked where the playland was. Go figure.

Made it back to the Apple Store where they restored the I-Pod, so I did not destroy it with in 24 hours of getting it (I am getting better).

Wrapped gifts, and packed up the car.

Watched some of the afternoon game. Which I have to say thank you Eric. I am very happy that the Bills went into Cincinnati and won. That added with the Broncos buggy whipping the Raiders mean a home playoff game, and a bye. Merry Christmas indeed.

Took in Mass back in the P-town as the kids call it. We were going up to meet with my mom and one of my sisters, but I got a pleasant surprise. I ran into a great guy I worked with at Disney and his wife. I had not since Erk in months. He is a class guy . Oh I have many a wonderful story to tell, but I will tell you them another day. But this is the man who, while working on the sailing ship Columbia, at Disney got a complaint from Space mountain for being too loud. If you have not been to the park or not familiar, those attractions are pretty far apart. It was good to see him and his wife and hopefully we will see him again soon.

Took in a pleasant dinner.

Finally came back to the Boski Hunting lodge to doze off for a quick Winter's nap.

I will say that the last two nights have helped in my Holiday malaise. I am feeling more holidayish and my nog levels are near normal. What has helped with this change? Fog. Yes, said fog. This morning going to get bread the fog made things look like they had a dusting of snow on them. And I did not have to freeze or put chains on. It also make people's holiday lights look both a lot better.

So, I do want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, Kwanza, Boxing Day and anything Druid holiday I may be missing. I do wish everyone safe travels for themselves and family this season. I also hope that everyone can enjoy some peace and peace of mind. In this world those are to items that seem to be always seem too scarce. Also I hope everyone is able to spend time with the people who matter to them and make the most of that time and remember those who aren't with us.

Now back to the "comedy".

I want to thank all of you who have read, or tried to read this bit of literary brickabrack. We at the Boski Corp will strive to improve so be can bring you better blogs and blog related accessories.

Thank you for your support, and we will leave the blog light on for you.

I have realized that I am totally not feeling it this Holiday season...errrr I mean Christmas Season. I do not need to bring the War on Christmas to my doorstep. But then by saying I am not feeling it, which means I hate the Baby Jesus and I want to destroy America.

Even out here where the season only changes from cool to warm. I could always get myself in the holiday sprit. Not this year, I am just not into it. Maybe on the 24th it will hit me that Boxing Day is near, and then I will make like the Grinch and embrace the Holiday.

Next to St. Harold's Day and Feast of McLean Stevenson, I love Boxing Day. The holiday where we celebrate Baby Jebus beating Leon Spinks, in a unanimous decision (he won on all three wise men’s cards) at Caesars to win the Heavyweight title. And also where he performed the miracle of taking 4 spins and 2 Whammies parlaying it into $10,000, an Apple IIe and a trip to Acapulco on Press My Luck. Shortly afterward he had to flee to Idaho, from Don King and the Nevada Boxing Commission (something wrong with a baby fighting a grown man). Then Baby Jebus with the help of Mr. T and Edna Garrett lead the Cardinals out of St. Louis into the desert where they built a workshop. A workshop to make New Coke and vacuums for all the good children and penguins. The Baby Jebus then got a 4-picture deal from Sony and left Mr. T and Ms. Garrett to run the workshop alone. Then Mr. T gave birth to Yahoo Serious, who then took over for his parents after he leg wrestled Jabba the Hutt to a draw at the third Farm Aid.

So to celebrate I put out a plate of uncooked ham, lanolin and cans of Schlitz
out for him to eat and hopefully I will find cans of New Coke and a vacuum under the old Cactus Tree.
I hope no one is offended by this, just having a larf. I am cool with Jesus and his old man. I think they would appreciate some levity.
I would have had this done sooner, but it was too cold today. Only 70.
Good night and please yodel safely.

I was outside and it's hovering around 80 degrees. I do love it here in December.

So break out those Khomeini masks, kids!

It's great to see that things are getting better in the Mideast.

It was a crisp beyond fashionable fall day when the Better Half and I embarked on a weekend trip, to the finest American city established in the 20th Century. From our arrival until we the time we went to get out airport shuttle the trip was outstanding. It was like "Rockin with Dokken".
We packed a lot into our 2 plus days:
Fell in love with the Venetian Hotel. It far surpassed my expectations. I know it is not the real Venice, but this place was impressive.
Walked up and down the Strip. Our travels along the strip took us to Venice, Ancient Rome, Paris, the Mediterranean, old Hollywood, New York, Monte Carlo, and the Far East (The Imperial Palace was looking really sketchy. The casino looks like it may have the build flu (more on that later), I could go on and on.
Did not lose all my money - which is a miracle.
Won all two of my football bets
Saw two baseball greats - Pete Rose signing at the Forum Shop. Would have said hello, but I remember I read the Dowd report and realized he is douche. Rollie Fingers, walked up and said hello to him at the Grande Canal Shops.
Took a ton of pictures of the buildings, many you may find boring, but I have been really in to taking architecture photos of late.
Was cold.
Had some great meals
Drank out of a plastic Eiffel Tower
Lounged in our beautifully appointed room.
Again, had a great time, just so much to do and see.
We saw and did as much as we could, in our time. We were both bummed when it dawned on us that we had to come home. We sat waiting for shuttle and we compared out mental notes and signed.
We will be back sooner than seven year, but now we turn our focus to April. When we take the Traveling Boski Road Show back to Belfast.
Next stop Crossgar Vegas!
I will have some photos later I promise, but I will probably bore you with a little more of the Vegas travels over the next few days. Till then:
Don't Fake the Funk on the Nasty Dunk!

 I have returned reluctantly from Las Vegas. We had a great time. I will have more later. I will try to give you the blogging audience, an entertaining re-cap, with photos. But after reading this blog for months, it may be a monumental task. But most likely you will get a hackneyed rambling that will set travel writing back at least 400 years.
Stay tuned.

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The other day I was reflecting on one of my favorite moments when I really stepped into it. Lets take a trip back to those heady days of 1985 when I was an incredibly dorky Junior High School student. You know Jr. High really sucked. I think that 95% of people in therapy can trace some or all of their issues from that time. But enough about that let us get to the story.
I was sitting in my English class on an average day, in an education facility located at the western end of metropolis of Placentia. Near the great Tri-City Lake region, which I would like to note almost hosted the Goodwill games of 1988. If only Ted had just read the damn letter. The class was discussing poetry. The teacher was talking about the different styles and forms of poetry. She threw out a couple of ideas and thoughts to class and the students were some ideas back. So at this time, there was still a level of talking going on in the class. Then the teacher then posed a question to us. She asked what you would see inside a dog. Now she was asking on metaphorical level, stupid me unfortunately I thought to be a real comedian and I said the first thing that came into my head. So I said, "dogshit". Now I was not yelling this, I just wanted to mutter it under my breath just to humor myself. Thinking that I could slip that one in without anyone hearing it, since people were talking. I was not trying to make a show, or be cool. Since I could not do either with out looking like a total loser. Sadly I was wrong, so very wrong. Because when I did, the class happened to be at complete silence. My luck, the one time a group of Jr. High school students were all quiet at once. It was quiet enough that all of my classmates could hear this dumbass put his foot in his mouth. It was one of those moments where you could hear the record player scratch to a stop.
I looked up from my notes and saw the teacher's expression change from amused, to stunned, and to horrified. I was waiting for the kind of Christmas Story moment where she says,
"What did you say?"
"That's what I thought you said, get up to the office now"
To make things worse, I could also feel every eye in the class looking at me with a mix of shock, horror (even more than usual) and amazement that this jackass said something they actually listened to. I was beyond deer in the headlights.
How I am going to explain this to my parents and siblings. I actually thought about just standing up and saying "Should I just walk up to the office right now?" My head began to swim. I was drowning in questions about what going to happen next?
Will I have to fill out a White Card, or even worse a Blue Card?
How will this affect my permanent record?
If so will my life be ruined, where I would be able only to work at meaningless temp jobs with no future. (Hey, I have had a string of meaningless temp jobs. Oh dogshit! This did go on my permanent record. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!)
Will the Vice Principle hit me with an aluminum or wood bat?
Will I be able to enroll for AARP, while in detention?
Could I plead insanity? I could say, that since I still thought that Al Haig was still “in charge” that this was okay?
Did I really have to work blue? Because now, I will never be able to work the big rooms for doing blue material.
Does this school still have a firing squad?
Will heaven or hell have video games? (Which I did hazard a guess. Heaven - ColecoVision, Hell - Atari 2600, and I always end up with the broken paddle.)
Will someone tell me what Willis was talking about before I die?
Would I really be missed?
Does this mean I fail this class at this very moment, or will that be come shortly?
But then something very strange happened. The teacher looked at me and said the following and I swear to you this is the truth,
"Well, Matt that was not as bad as what one student said they saw inside of a gay man"
WHAT?????? Did she just say that?
She then calmly proceeded to continue on with class as if nothing happened.
Wait a second did I just dodge a bullet?
For the rest of that class I sat in stunned silence. I felt like Cougar out of Top Gun. I had lost the "edge".
Afterwards my man Eric laughed his ass off. This is a story only a couple of people know, in fact my family still does not know about it. I had not told my wife about this story until a couple months ago, which she laughed hysterically over. So I thought I would let you all in and bask in the shame of "Mr. Boski the Early Years"

Sorry for the Yahoo shopping ads. I have to use my e-mail to post. But please feel free to use click on the Boski! Shopping. Where you can fill all of your holiday shopping needs, if you are looking for pre-owned sections of the LA Times Sports sections, old sports programs and junk mail maybe even a Faberge egg, who knows?

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Hey a question for everyone. Is there Blogger looking or acting funnier than usual, or is it just the computer I am on?
Not much going on kids. Yesterday I turned Vincent Edward "Bo" Jackson. Mr. Jackson if you are nasty. Really did not do a lot yesterday, both the BH and I were too busy to do much. So we are  putting our energies toward getting geared up for Friday. To which my wonderful wife suprised me yesterday with one last fact about the trip. That we will be flying, which will be ice cream fantastic!
I do love driving out there and that would have been a lot of fun, but coming back would have taken the joy out of it. Driving back would be like having to watch a movie with the crappitude of Howard the Duck and Gigli put together, but it will be as long or longer than a Peter Jackson movie, uncut.
I will miss going to the Bun Boy and standing next to the greatness that is the World Largest Thermometer.
 Or having the satisfaction of stopping by and see the Bonnie and Clyde Death Car at Stateline, but not swearing in 16 different langauges while sitting in traffic outside Barstow will be worth it.
I am so going to make my millions playing the Carnival Wheel.
Please forgive me and my Vegas giddiness, it has been 7 years.

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I am giving this a whril since I can not use Blogger fully at work. It is a long story. But hey this is a Christmas miricle this time it is not Bloggers fault. But right now I am going to

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Okay, I am off the soap box. Had a good weekend spent most of it throw my nephew around, in a good way people. You don't have to call child services. My nephew really like the Nutcracker and we had a good time around SCR.

The BH and I also actually had fun Friday night, the BH Christmas party was fun, so a good time was had.

Sunday rocked. Broncos eked out a win and the Bolts and chiefs soiled themselves. One step closer to locking up the division. Need to get Saturday's game vs. the Bills. I know this will anger my man Eric (who will be comforted by making the roto playoffs) and Slappar.

Had a wonderful evening at Castle Von Boskistein, as me and my sister celebrated our birthdays. I so scored. I am now apart of I-pod nation. All I have to do is order it. I thought my hate of Apple had to end and I got so tired of burning CD's. Also it was time to give back to the company that gave us the US Festival. My family gave me a gift cert to go get one. They were also awesome enough to also get me the Simpson season 6, Del Taco gift certs, White Sox World Series Shirt and DVD. Which I went home and watched the hell out of last night. And I will watch it again, just watch me. I will do it.

Well I have to review medical records so I have to go. We will see if all those years of watch Quincy is going to come in handy.

This just does not sit right with me.

This weekend we lost a comedy icon with the passing of Richard Pryor.

Well I wished, but this weekend will be busy.

Tonight, I am off to an to my wife's office party. Oh joy! Nothing like finishing a week of work, fighting traffic, just so you can get home, put on a suit and go to a party that you do not want to be at. Hell, my wife wants to be there even less. Look if this was a casual affair hang out have a couple brews and chill then I am in, but this no.

I am sorry 95% of all office parties suck and the money would be better spent giving it the employees or putting toward healthcare. Office Holiday parties are only enjoyable for those who plan them or those people in your office who love making asses out of themselves. The last Christmas Party I enjoyed as an employee was when I was working at Disney, nearly a decade ago. I am still bitter from a couple years ago where I had to go from Orange County to La Jolla on Friday night (there was 2 1/2 hours I am never getting back) to a company holiday party. Which really suck like a chest wound. To compound being stuck in traffic was that it was my birthday and I had to be at this party, since it was mandatory. I loved the company, hated the Christmas party, I was very happy that I was able to get out of the last two I was there for. But I am looking forward to an underwhelming time.

Saturday - Plan to go up to Coliseum and see if the Bruins have arrived yet. I pretty sure they got the wrong date, because it is clear they failed to show up last Saturday.

Also the Better Half and I are taking my nephew Peanut to the Junior version of the nutcracker. I know most of you are shocked that I am going to the ballet. And most of you thought that the only culture I get is yoghurt.

Sunday - Watching Football and going up to the Showpalace of the Placentia Riviera, Casa de Boski. Going up to celebrate my a couple of B-day's, the sister closest in age to me and myself. It will be good to hang with the family.

Lastly, begin the prep for Vegas. I plan to use my Keno skill for good and come home a zillionare. If not then I will use it for evil and level the place.

Well I have to scram. I will try to write.


USA Soccer gets a shitty draw.

Can you say France 98?

I knew you could.

England gets an easy draw, but nothing is ever easy for England in the World Cup.

So it looks like Knight Ridder is up for sale. Wow one day your an 80's Icon, and next your being bought and sold like Karl Rove's houseboys (errr....Allegedly). What did Devon's coke habit and Michaels perms make the company go broke? I know who is behind this, it's got to be Garth Knight. What's next they going to sell the watches from Voyagers, or Manamal's pelt.

Where does this end people? WHY? WHY? WHY?

Sorry everyone that I have even less to say these days. I am working hard on a very dangerous assignment, data entry. I am being held. . . er working in a basement at a hospital. I think they have me down here so if the hospital is destroyed I can work on data entry till help arrives.

Oh hold on, the canary just fell off the perch. Hmmm, I think that may be a bad sign. I should not complain, they are very nice, it's $15 an hour, and I have not been asked to a lecture on 16th century Flemish farming, yet. But being down in the missile silo sucks because being that time of the year when the days are the shortest. It sucks a lot of ass to see a little bit of sun when you get in and a little at lunch, but seeing none when you leave is just plain wrong. But it keeps me off the streets.

Congrats to my man Eric on his playoff run. Please tell me what its like to win at roto.

Also it looks like the Sox and Frank will be parting ways. Sad, but it is business. I do hope Frank hangs them up and does not try to play for anyone else. I do not want another Jerry Rice/Seahawks, M.J./Wizards, Broadway Joe/Rams and the Say Hey Kid/Mets.

Holiday Pet Peeve Alert- Mr. President don't you have more pressing matters than hamming it up for a moronic Holiday Video. That F'ing Christmas Video that the White House releases is just so morbidly retarded. Those stupid Scotties running around. Hell, it looks like they are trying to do something. Could we at least get them to look Bin Laden? Another reason why I miss Clinton. His dog, Buddy, a lab. Now there is a dog. Come on Mrs. Beazley, seriously, you had to spell it with a Z. This alone should get the "No Child Left Behind" overturned. But the only thing positive to say about it is when they show W, talking to the dogs you can the sense that he feels comfortable talking to the dogs, since they are both on the same wave length, even though one still drinks from the toilet. My guess its the one wearing the suit.

Well back to data entry. I putting data into a computer called WOPR. Oh it is asking me if I want to play a game. Well sure, that sounds fun. What could happen. . .

Looks like they have found a new mammal in Borneo. Which means Paris Hilton will be lugging it around soon enoguh. I just hope it bites her repeatedly, so she can take another step on becoming as ugly as she is on the inside.

This was a very black weekend for Mr. & Mrs. Boski, well at least football wise.

Saturday I tried to watch the UCLA/USC game and I just had to stop watching. Lets just say that UCLA should not expect a call the next morning, and no SC will not respect them the next day either. USC also took $40 out UCLA's purse, and made a sandwich and left the kitchen a mess. Well that was not as bad as Texas tried to reenact the destruction of the American Buffalo.

That night we went out to watch my wife's high school team lose in the CIF semi's to a team that used to beat the stuffing out of us during my youth.

Then Sunday the Broncos lose a close one to the Chefs. Still 9-3 but that win would have put us in a great spot.

But to top it all. I lost the only two games I played on Madden, and both were game I lost in the last seconds. Arrrrrgggggg.

Paulie is staying, and we now have a lefthanded power hitter (if he can stay healthy) to protect him. But it all comes at a cost. The Sox lost a little of it's Titian pride as they traded CSUF alum Aaron Rowand for Thome. The team feels Christenson is ready to play CF, but A.R. did a great job, so a hearty thanks goes out.

Now the team has to figure out what it is going to do with Big Frank. The man was the Sox in the 90's, a multiple All-Star game appearances (the first White Sox to homer in an All-Star Game), and won 2 MVP's and was jobbed out of a third. I think it is the end of the road for him. His ankles and feet have been a problem for years and now it may be too much. But then he could prove me wrong. We will see, we will see.