Don't labor too much.

Alright I am out of here I have a football draft to attend.

I had a good workout this morning and heard many in the locker room angry and disappointed with McCain's running mate.

It's going to be a good Friday.

Who in the hell are you people doing at the Qwest lab?

This morning I had to go and get some blood drawn. Stupid thyroid. Now I get up at 4:50 AM each morning, so that was not the problem. My problem was that when I pulled up at 5:15AM, I knew I was screwed. It seems everyone and their mothers needed to be at that testing center, at that hour, on the days I roll in. When I did walk in and took my seat, to read all those wonderful outdated Road and Track magazines (Hmmm the Ford Pinto might be the next big thing). I sat in there for an hour, to do something that took less than 3 minutes to deal with. Two of those minutes were sent having the person look at my insurance card and my order. So it makes ask what the hell are you people doing back there? Maybe I shouldn't ask that question, since we are talking about a place that collects bodily fluids to be tested. Also people have you insurance stuff in order. I did not come here to hear about your stupidity.

Thankfully I was able to get out of there with enough time before noon, and able to get to the gym and get a workout in, so I am not going to go find a bell tower later.


Catching up.

Well, I am just trying to dig out of mound of work I missed while being at an off site workshop.

It was an uneventful field trip. I had to drive out to a hospital in San Bernadino for said workshop.

This little sojourn only sucked on a couple of fronts:

It was in San Bernadino.

It was in San Bernadino in August.

Having to take and hour and a half to drive to San Bernadino.

It was stupid hot and when I got to the hospital I could not find any covered parking so getting into the car that was baking from 9AM was a joy.

Had to fight myself when I got to the I-15 Interchange not to want to say "F it I am off to Vegas". Had to repeat at the 215 Interchange as well.

Did I mention it was in San Bernadino?

(Note I would like to take the time to apologize to any or all of you who make the Inland Empire your home for my elitist attitude. Look I mean no harm and I know that things can't be as horrible as I make it since I have not lived there, but since I am not going to take up meth, grow a mullet or get a SeaDoo, I will never know.)

On the plus side:

My work day was done at 3:00 PM

Sure the material discussed was a bit dry, but it not a total waste of time. Interesting to hear from people at different hospitals.


I got to drive the BMW, which made the not taking the I-15 North even tougher. I could have been in Vegas by Noon damn it. Never the less I had a good time driving that car.

So there is a recap of something all of you could care less about.

Border fence design blasted as causing flooding.

So how is that fence going?

Hey Mr. Chertoff what's you gut telling you now? Hey why listen to people who may know about the effects of that kind of fences would have if there was a weather event. They don't know what is best, but then this is probably all Obama's fault anyway. That it was his high taxes causing all the mischef.

I hate to say, but I have let my guard down on Bush the past few months. I must have G.W. Fatigue, since I just thought all he and his cronies were doing was playing out the string. Then I see a story like this, and I remind myself, this administration can still do a ton of damage from now until January 20th, that is we have elections, whoops sorry I got a little too conspiratorial there.

Right now it makes me look to Denver and ask two things.

1. Will the Broncos defense improve enough to get back to the playoffs . . . sorry reflex. But I send out this plead that the convention goes smoothly. The G.O.P is licking it's lips over this possible Obama/Clinton alley fight. If it gets ugly then the G.O.P. will play it up like 1968 lite. Look I understand there maybe some issues to smooth out, do it behind close doors and do what is going to be best for country. Also let us not have another Jimmy Carter/Ted Kennedy 1980 moment where it looked like Ted was only out there because he was forced at gun point.

2. That when the convention is over Obama get that momentum back? Not just a temporary bounce from the convention but real momentum and get back some ground in the battleground states. He needs to get back to hammering away at McCain and what will be a continuation of the wonderfulness that is G.W. We need to keep this country from going through another two, three maybe four years, depending on if McCain wants to go after Iran, Russia and probably China.

Okay enough of my nonsense, back to the grind.


Oh you think?

Bernanke: Financial crisis taking toll on economy

Well not much get past you Mr. Bernanke. What was the tip off? Oil at $140, financial institutions needing bailing out, a flood of foreclosures or was it the plague of locus.


Hey remember back a few post when I said,

Hey I spent a week on a horse - actually got back from that trip two weeks ago.
I swear I will put the Snapfish link when my wife is done. But we spent a week
in Bridgeport CA at a place called Hunewill Ranch. So now I can say I have
punched some doggies.
Well I finally broke down and scooped up the pics from our trip, we have been busy and Snapfish can go try to fornicate with itself. I still marvel that I made the trip and I did not injury myself or get eaten by wolves. I am not great in nature, or as Ma Boski succinctly put when I told her I was going to go to Yosemite with some friends over Spring Break. She said,

"Boski, we are just not an outdoor people."

It seems that the Boski clan took to domestication quite quickly when arriving from Ireland. So just think of me a house cat that blogs poorly. Any way the trip went well, I stayed on my horse the entire time. So please sit back and enjoy some nice photos (taken by the Better Half) with some questionable content (me)

Here is a shot of room. Rustic, but nice. It had a giant closet that we essentially turned into our " Tack Room".

Here is a shot of the lodging of our friends and the view we got to see everyday. Not too shabby.

Here is yours truly riding the plains. I knew all those quarters spent outside the Supermarket would pay off.

Here is another glimpse of the majestic Eastern Sierras. If you go West, but do not "Go West" since you don't want to close your eyes. (I am sorry for the bad 80's reference there, I can't help it.) Wait where was I? But if you go over the mountains you are on the backside of Yosemite.

Ah here are some doggies that we punched, okay we did not punch them, but these are a couple of bulls that my wife and some of the advanced riders got to herd.

Here is nice shot from the barn, looking out over the pastures.

Look some dork on a hay ride.

A nice dusk shot of some of the ranch land.

Here I am dragging up the rear on the breakfast ride. Even though this was day four I was still looking for the radio dial. Also embarrassingly enough I rode the whole week with my left turn signal on.

On the day five they packed some of us up and drove out to a spot called Twin Lakes. I was hoping Twin Peaks, I have always wanted to meet the Log Lady, sadly it was not. What was not sad was the ride through Toiyabe National Forest and the Hoover Wilderness .

From the lake we gained a good bit of elevation as we traversed some steep switchbacks and through the beautiful flora. Damn it was a long ride. Beautiful, but long.

It was all worth it when we reached our destination, Barney Lake.

Not too shabby huh.

Like Randy from "A Christmas Story" I laid their like a slug, it was my only defense. No it was nice being able to stretch out.

A smile to scare off any wildlife.

After lunch took a shot with my trust steed. God bless Redman, he was a trooper putting up with me. Also to answer any questions this horse was not high at all during the week.

Well it was time finally to go, here I am giving Redman a farewell carrot, after our last afternoon ride. I think it almost looked like I knew what I was doing.

Soon after the carrot and the saddle came off, he bolted for the safety of the pasture and the start of his weekend.

The only thing that really sucked about the trip was just right after this, we were enjoying the farewell dinner. About halfway through I quickly felt awful. It was like I was coming down with either Dengue Fever, dropsy or something. It ended up just being a cold, however a cold and stuffy head at altitude sucks. My wife dealt with it coming up and now here I was bring it back down the mountain. Great. Never the less I highly recommend the experience. We will definitely do it again sometime in the future.

Apparently not much, not much at all. So file this under Twinkee Filling.

Looks like someone has the Law Firm of Jacoby and Myers on their side.

Knights Templar 'Heirs' Sue Pope For Billions. (Thanks to NPR)

Looks like Clement V's idea to label them heretics may have not been the best idea. Also the Knights were able to file this lawsuit just in time, since everyone knows the statue of limitations on this crime is 703 years. 702 years, oh you wacky Knights are thrill seekers aren't you.

I hear from my sources (sure they maybe imaginary but we are not going to cloud the issue with facts), I hear that the "Knights Who Say Nee" are lining up to sue the Vatican as well.

The U.S.S.R eeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Russia is getting it back into the bad guy business. As we have seen Russia has decided to hold a "Turn Back the Clock" invasion of Georgia.

Congrats Mr. Putin you have just past Yuri Andropov on the "Worst Russian Leader Post-Revolution" list. Now Vlad, if you work hard you may be able to get past Brezhnev. I just hope and pray that you do not try to come anywhere near the man on top of that list. Who ironically is former Georgian Joseph Stalin.

Fifteen years ago today, I took the Better Half on our first date.

Hey we appreciate the desire to be clean, but could you do this somewhere else.

Video shows Burger King employee bathing in sink.

When did this become a Burger, Bath and Beyond?

Sadly it is one that sucks.

I have the incredible ability to take any thing with a cord and turn it into a tangled or a knotted mess. It never fails me that even when I trying to wrap it up and wrap it properly it still ends up getting tangled. Be it my I-pod headphones, the hose, the vacum cable you name it I could probably get it tangled up using only the power of my brain.

As you can see it is a superpower that is right up there with:

Really bendy thumb

Ability to calm jittery squirrels

Ability to communicate with corn

Magnetic colon

(Thanks to David Letterman and his wonderful top ten list)

I the ironic thing is I can't tie knots to save my life. Along with this and the ability to make mind numbing arcane references I don't have much else in the Superhero powers department. Now there are a couple I would like. Sure you can have the super strength, ability to fly, blah, blah, blah. I want to be able to have the power to do the following:

Be able to speak with the thickest Irish or Scottish borough humanly possible - I am talking really thick folks. You would need subtitles to understand what I am saying.

Be like Aquaman and be able to use telepathy, but instead of calling all the creatures of the sea, I want the ability to call upon washed up TV actors. So that I could have the likes of Ted McGinley, Betty White, David Fastino, Willie Ames and Bronson Pincho do my bidding. That folks, would be better than the army of cats I am trying to build.

The ability to avoid pledge breaks on NPR - Hey I already gave, leave me alone and let me listen to music.

Making really bad arcane references - Oh wait I do that now, and that not a superpower, it's more like an affliction.

Well that is what my little brain has for right now. Also this post seemed a lot funnier an hour ago. Hey if you have anything better let me know.

No. I am suffering a huge case of Olympic apathy. Sadly I could really careless about these Olympic Games.

My wife on the other hand has the "Olympic Fever" so I will not be able to avoid the games, which is alright. I just see a hole for the next two weeks. I however will probably will spend the two weeks filling that hole with Preseason Football, prepping for two fantasy football drafts and a pennant chase to monitor.

So in for all of those out there who share my apathetic Olympic outlook

"Slower, Lower, Weaker"

So I am making a liar out of myself and trying this again. So what has been on the ol' I-Pod as of late. So please I just ask you keep your laughing and ridicule to a minimum.

Disconnected - Rollins Band - If you look down a couple post you understand

Us or Them - The Cure - Some angry goth music for you

Longsight M13 - Ian Brown - A little shoe gazing magic from former Stone Roses front man

Inertia Creeps - Massive Attack - Again more music for the brooding Boski

Fully Retractable - Soul Coughing - A very underrated band

Deeper Shade of Soul - Urban Dance Squad - There are a couple songs that I need to here for me to officially declare Summer is here and this is one of them.

AF607105 - Charlotte Gainsbourg - A dreamy tune, which oddly is about a plane crash. I know it is odd, but the song still works.

Man tells 911 slot machine stole his money.

Because sir you are not the first one to have this thought, but you however are the first one dumb enough to call 911 about this.

Florida you say, well I am not surprised.

All I have is some lint from one of my pockets and a cabbage that looks like William McKinley.

I think I have a case of the Monday's. Well it does not help it was damn ass hot while working in the yard. I am now fighting with a toilet in the house, and it may get to hand to hand combat. And to top it the White Sox lost 2 out of three to the Constitutional Monarchs including a Sunday free-for-all. A loss that is going to sting in a couple of ways. One, that loss lead to the Sox slipping out of first, and a possibility of a long suspension of Ozzie Guillen because of this gem. (Yahoo Sports) Hey, you have to appreciate his honesty.

This little ditty is from Ol' Hank Rollins. Yep it has been that kind of week where my little ADD mind just wants to go walkabout, and since punching myself in my own face is not a workable option. Here you go

Disconnect - Rollins Band

don't like to think too much, it makes me think too much,
it keeps my min on my mind
don't wanna see too much, it makes me see to much
sometimes I'd rather be blind

all the things that they're saying & doing
when they pass me by it just fills me up with noise
it overloads me

I wanna disconnected myself
pull my brains damn out, unplug myself
I want nothing right now, I want to pull it out


I want to pull it out, yeah
I wanna break it all down,
hey, I wanna pull it out
yeah, yeah, disconnect myself,
disconnect myself

a thousand miles an hour going nowhere fast
clinging to the details of your past
talking 'bout your damages and wasting my time
wanna be the "King of Pain" stand in line
all the numbers and the colors of the facts
backed by the rumours and the figures of the stats

I think I'm gonna download my mind

I wanna pull it out

too damn bad if at the end of the day the only thoughts
in your brain are all the things that they say,
what a waste
too damn bad if at the end of the line you got no idea of what's on your own mind
you got no one to blame but yourself
too much to know, too much to see
it might mean something to you, but it's nothing to me

I wanna disconnect myself, pull my brains damn out, unplug myself
I want nothing right now, I want to pull it out

I hear you Hank, I hear you.