Trickle-Down theroy will mean something very different in prison, and it will not be pleasant.

Look if they can sit down together

"We must not allow our justified loathing of the horrors and tragedies of the past to become a barrier to creating a better and more stable future for our children. In looking to that future, we must never forget those who have suffered during the dark period from which we are, please God, now emerging. We owe it to them to craft the best possible future."

Did those word actually tumble out of Mr. Paisley mouth?

Mr. Paisley, I will hold you to your word and I say the same to Gerry and Marty. Don't F this up gentlemen. Maybe just maybe we can finally take down the "Peace walls/Peace Lines".

Well color me shocked.

I just did not envision that, as the source of Emma and Sense and Sensibility. She is looking a little homely. Hey it was a different aesthetic then.

P.F. Chang's Shrimp with Candied Walnuts?

Yes, yes I can and that word is,


Thank god the Crispy Honey Shrimp was alright, or it would have been just rice. Damn that crap was just nasty.

Today some of us got taken to lunch, by our department manager. Which I am very thankful for, and I had a good time. But our table made a poor life choice with on that one. But since it is a Friday during Lent I just have to suck it.

Calgon take me away!!!!!

on the whole Iran having nukes issue. I ask that they do not use it against Israel or any other nation. I just ask them to use it against these people who reside in my county.

I want them all to be harmed.

If not by nukes, then at least beaten with rakes, or rotting deli meat, along with their kids. Thanks for being a bunch of assbags and making this hood look even worse. We are still trying to get over the O.C. Look we have enough a-holes here, we do not need to give the rest of the world more reason to hate. Look I am glad these yahoo's have made money and enjoy it. Kudos to them, but this show hurts my head with your pompousness and ignorance. Yet there were too many moments where I got to laugh at your and your children's shame and ignorance and shenanigans. This was a show my wife watched, hey it can't be NIT/NFL Europa/Dutch Soccer all the time.

Are you all bunch a-holes?

No, but there were too many moments where I just want to harm all of you that's all.

Sure I know that some, or maybe all of this comes from a place of jealousy. With backyards bigger than my home. Hey I am going to get envious. I will also get peeved that there are good people in the county who can't find a home they can afford, but that just HFH in me. Look, I am only human to get pissed to see some dumb ass clueless child rolling in a tricked out 3 Series, as their first car. I would like to say that would I hope to see the kids crash their cars (not a crash to harm them or others, I am not a total a-hole), but knowing with this group. About 10 minutes after the crash they would be rolling in new and better vehicle that runs on Plutonium.

I must stop or I am going to give myself and aneurysm.

So to the Real Housewives I say go back behind the gates of Coto. I will be outside preparing a kick ass siege tower to lay waste to all of you.

I am Paul Harvey


Today we lost an icon.

You will be miss Mr. DeForest, ah screw NBC, thats Mr. Mellman. Even though Mr. DeForest has passed, he is still will be funnier than Jay Leno could ever pray to be. Why did they have to take Larry, and not that big chinned freak!?! Okay that was harsh. I need to rephrase it. I just want Jay off the air and in a working as a bride in Turkish prision.

Even though I have not really watched Letterman in years I did love that show.

Hello everyone.

This is my fourth attempt at recounting my visit to Las Vegas and it appears Blogger wants no part of it, since it is still drunk from the weekend, and is probably a Cubs fan. So I am going to try to condensed the trip into something manageable. So let me look one more time at my Alcohol soaked mental notes:

I drink, drank drunk. On Friday, from the time we were checking 5:00 PM, till my head hit the pillow at 4:00 AM I was hitting hard, like a champ. The box score will show five beer, three Jack & Cokes and a Patron Silver Tequila shot. And that was just for that session. The next night I did not hit it as hard, okay except for the one stretch where I was pounding shots of Jameson’s. Look it was St. Patrick’s Day people.

March Madness in Vegas – This was something I had always wanted to do, especially when I was younger, but I heard it was becoming like the Super Bowl where you could not get a seat anywhere. Well it was crowded but not ridiculously crowed. Well expect when you tried to put down a bet in the sports book. The lines were huge. Saw some good games, but I totally lost focus on my brackets when I was there. I was too amped to gamble and to get the baseball draft done.

Speaking of drafts – Our baseball draft was painful. It took six and half-hours. At one point I turned to my team’s co-owner and said, “right now I hate baseball.” A sentence I thought I would never utter, but I did. I wanted to get up and say, I will take the Royals and now please excuse me I have to go gamble. Part of the problem was we had a number of the owners who drafted on line and add that with technical issue and you get a passing a gallstoneesque draft. I think we have an all right team, not great. I just hope our team is in contention longer than the draft.

Dinning – This is where we scored poorly, with all the choices we did an awful job, I think the best thing I had I was too drunk and it was too late to enjoy. Had a wall of corn beef between two planks of rye. Nothing like a sandwich when you are completely bombed. I could only handle half of a half of slice it was probably for best.

Catching up – It was great seeing people I just don’t get to see. Sadly that is what happens when you become adults. I just would have loved to seen a few of the owners who drafted on line, but we this was good group. We all had a great time gambling at the Former Barbary Coast.

Sleep – It seems that it was something I did not do really any of. Now as you have read I crashed at 4:00 AM Saturday morning. Do you want to hazard a guess at what time I woke up?

7:15 AM

Sadly at that moment I knew I was not going to get back to sleep, so I got up and wander around. I was feeling awful, but not hung over. So after walking around and taking stupid pictures with the free camera the hotel gave me for joining their members club. I went back to my room where my buddies were still crashed out and some shorts and went and worked out. Got on the bike and peddled around trying to figure out how in the hell am I standing, and why am I this wide awake. But going to gym and sitting the sauna was worth it, I felt so much better when I was done. The next night I thought I would have crashed and burned, yet some how I made to 3:00 AM and could have stayed up longer, but thankfully thought better of it. So when I got to sleep around 3:30 AM I thought I would be able to get some sleep. Hopefully wake up before check out. Thankfully I did, I woke up 3 and half hours before checkout, which was at 11 AM. Again I was up and at it. This time I again walked around, lost money at Ceaser's took more photos, and got breakfast. When I was done with that it was about 9:00 AM so I decided to gamble just a little bit which leads me to

How did Boski make out gambling – Well this trip gambling wise was a huge success in that minus the room and gas I made some money. I had a couple of bad session, including my first where I nearly lost my wallet. We had just checked in we just sit down and I play a hand of blackjack and someone taps me on the shoulder and hands me my wallet. This had happened to me before. Nothing sucks up trip fun like your wallet/money being lost just as arrive. The secret, craps. I love this game and it seems to be the only one I have any success. Well as much success as should expect. My last two times at the tables it really helped in making the trip a success. First the Barbary Coast saved me and got me about $100 back from my other losses. Then during my early morning wandering Sunday I turned $200 into $560. It was freaking sweet. It was a great way to end the trip.

So shortly after cashing out, it was time for the circus to fold up the tent and head home. We gasses up, and headed back home. Where I nearly started a riot, okay I didn’t but I thought about it at Stateline. My buddies were grabbing something at the McD’s. I just wanted something cool and soothing. Hey it was March 18th so maybe I will score one of those Shamrock Shakes. You know what they told me, “Sir we don’t have those”. Seriously, as soon as St. Pat’s day passes let us sweep Paddy under the rug where he can sleep off his bender. No damn it, I say, give the people the Shamrock Shake for the whole month of March. Why did they have to do that? I think they may have perpetrated a hate crime on me. McDonalds you have not heard the last of me Seamus X!

Oh where was I. A great trip was ending and I had a fantastic time minus the hours lost drafting. I hope we can do it again next season. Late Sunday afternoon, I was back in the 714 and was happy to be at home and with the Better Half.

Today is Wednesday and I am still lagging a little bit from the tip, but it only took me a day to start thinking about getting back toVegas. You do not have to tell me, I know I have a problem.

This shoddy travel piece has ended, now go in peace.

Ohhhh I , I am still alive.

I am, I was barely on Monday. Vegas was a blast. I had a great time, seeing people I had not seen in a while. It goes as my 3rd favorite trip. Sorry it is tough to top my birthday trip in 2005, and my Mom’s 60th Birthday Celebration.

Yesterday, I mustered all of my strength to try to bang out a report of the trip, in my attempt to avoid doing real work. Sadly that literary masterpiece was lost forever to Blogger. Maybe Blogger was as drunk as I was this weekend. Speaking of drunk your Uncle Boski is not a big drinker, but when I do drink I am great drunk. If you need positive reinforcement. Just meet me in Vegas and get me a couple of drinks and I will tell you that you are awesome till the cows come home or I fall asleep.

Sadly I must get back to work, I will try to give you a full report tomorrow.

My work week is done and I am out of here!

I finally got around to watching the last two episodes of Extras, and you were dead on about the whole scene where Maggie is at Darren Lamb's - Super Agent for dinner. I was both filled with laughter and horror as he tries to clean up and then get some of his handy work back in his eye. But I hope you have seen the finale, because the scene back in the Darren's office where Andy catches Darren having relations with himself with help from Barry's pen is another disturbing yet can't breath because of laughing moment. That along with the thought of wondering if Robert DeNiro still has that pen?

If this is the end of Extras, then I will be sad, but if asked about how I feel about the show then I will give a resounding,

"Are you havin' a laugh?"

Yes, it is March 15th and again here at the old Blog O' Fun we salute St. Harold Baines Day.

So all kneel and genuflect on the greatness that is Harold Douglas Baines.

Harold Baines professional hitter. (Baseball Reference)

How can you get a "reality show" when you and reality have not seen each other in years.

Will this be listed under Sci/Fic?
Speaking of the Beckhams, I need to again pick a David's future employers.

Hi, my name is Boski, and I am really glad to see that A.E.G doing it's best to help soccer in this country. I know you are trying to grab viewers like myself who enjoy watching the EPL. But I am also a Los Angeles Kings fan, you know that Superfund site that plays to ever shrinking crowds at Staples. Yes that team you just held a fire sale for. I understand and applaud that we are finally rebuilding, but for the 250 million you dropped on Becks could have gone a long way. Even with the salary cap we could have bought some players. Hell, we could have bought the Pittsburgh Penguins and they have some really good players. So I hope and pray that Beck's knee gets better and the Ducks do not win a Stanley Cup before the Kings do. Or you will face my wrath, and gentlemen that wrath is almost on par with my wrath I have for Time Warner Cable.



I am wondering if Met fans from the 80's who have kids, command those kids to boo Daryl Strawberry's kids who plays for Maryland?

Just curious.

My favorite Darryl Strawberry moment. Me and a friend of mine went down to see the Padres opening day in 1994. We would have gone to see the Angles play, but some moron could not read a newspaper, and yes that moron was me.

The game was done and we were sitting in the parking lot at the Murph (it will always be the Murph). These were the days before they put in the red car line. Back in the day when it took you about three and a half days to get out of the parking lot. So we were listening to Sports Talk. It was an L.A. Station and they were talking about Darryl going into rehab, after missing a Freeway Series game to score some blow at one of the many motor lodges near Disneyland. I forget the name of the place, but it may have been the Ivanhoe Motel, the same place Tony Phillips got some Colombian Marching powder.

The host of the show had Tommy Lasorda (I don't hate Tommy, but I always love that scene) on. And Tommy is trying to explain that he feels bad for Straw and that he is glad to get help and what the Dodgers were going to do. Tommy being the positive person he is (Tommy never liked to put anyone down, even opponents. . .okay most times) But a call comes in and it is from a transplant from NY and the guys starts yelling,

"Daryl is a dog Tommy, he's a dog!"

So him and Tommy go back and forth and the host is just laughing. Me and my friend were rolling as well. To this day we anytime still yell that each other. Oh memories.

Yes it is that time year, when the air is filled with basketballs, people get sick, and those TPX Reports are not getting done for the next two days. It is March, and it is tourney time. I love the NCAA tournament, I just wish I loved college hoops more. Oh I used to love it back in the day, but it just does not have the same luster. The only time I can get excited is when it is March. It would help if I could get interested in November so when I filled out my brackets I would know what I am doing. Right now I know just enough to get myself shamed and humiliated.

Tomorrow I feel I am not getting a lot of work done since I will be at my desk refreshing the scoreboard every 30 seconds, trying to will some multi-directional-terror squad to victory. After work, I will be joining the Better Half ,who will be spending her day watching hoops. The part that has me jelious is that she can say it for business. So I will be enjoying the late games on someone else dime.

As for Friday, I will not be chained to a desk, no I have some more important to deal with.


This weekend is weekend that my friends are holding their fantasy baseball draft. This is the first year in forever that I will actually be at the draft. So I can screw things up personally. I am so amped for this, I know it may be packed because on top of March Madness, it is St. Patrick's Day (Boski's favorite holiday). But it has been so long since me and my friends have been able to hang out like this.

when I go all Seamus X and try to bust up the food court because I think they are in cahoots with Cromwell.

But I am hoping to return with at least my dignity and hopefully a fantasy baseball team that will not be eliminated before spring training ends.

As I said there are ominous signs that this trip could be a burnout:

March Madness, everyone and their mothers are there trying to will Old Dominion to cover. Fun to watch but if it is like the Super Bowl you are screwed if you are trying to find a seat in the book. Also if you don't have you bet down on a game like 12 hours before, you maybe screwed.

St. Patrick's Day - Let's see Vegas + St. Patrick's Day = Boozeapoluza. It may be ugly but not NBA All-Star Weekend bad.

Accommodations - I am not sure where I am staying. Along with we may be crammed all together in a room. Which was fun in college when put together everyone had about $38 for the whole trip, but not so much.

Lastly I get arrested out side of O'Sheas

Because I go all Seamus X and try to bust up food court because I think they are in cahoots with Cromwell. Yelling something about avenging the Battle of Boyne.

But I do have one thing on my side. I was reminded by both my Mom and one of my sisters this weekend as we celebrated the Better Half's B-Day (Bounce house and sheet cake, it rocked)
that the last Boski to be in Vegas on St. Pats was my dad and that was the one and only time he took those bastards to town.

Where he came home he came home with loot. One of the items was one those kick ass turntable/stereo in a cabinet, very 60's and very fly. Hell I wished I still had that thing. He also kitted himself up with some wonderful yellow slacks and matching shirt, with the lucre. I know he had to have been rocking it, since he was living large. Oh I wish I could have seen it.

So I hope to do the same.

So if I get too excited tomorrow watching hoops I wanted to at least let give you an explanation if you do not hear from me for weeks or months.

Now sit back and enjoy "Dramatic Shakesphere Readings by Rusty the Bailiff"

So that it can just say,

Mistakes were Made.

I think that sums up him and his tenure in office quite nicely.

So this Alberto-gate is looking even uglier, and since we are getting stiff armed on Iraq, maybe, just maybe we can get him impeached on something else.

Wishful thinking.

I have a bone to pick with Mr. Asscroft. As I have mentioned that I own a Satellite Radio and I love it. I will not bore you again with my testimonial. There are only a couple things I listen to on "terrestrial radio" and even those I listen to most of those via podcast. Don't worry NPR, Team Boski will continue to subscribe.

As you have probably heard the two satellite companies have agreed to merge. Which at first I was worried about but I have come around. Especially since it may mean I can get White Sox games without getting XM. So they are going to go before Congress to get approval for the Merger. It seems in the days just after the announcement Mr. Asscroft had asked XM if he could be a consultant, when they declined. That crotch goblin then hopped over to the National Association for Broadcasters, who I think is a giant bag of flaming hog shit, but I save that for another day. Waaaaaaa XM/Sirius would not pay me extortion, so I am going to NAB and be a douche, whaaaaaaaaaa!

With such a fine document like that around. No one would every, or could never to anything to abuse it

Oh wait someone did.

I have a feeling this was not the first, nor will this be the last.

But you know, I should not be such a gloomy Gus. We have the fine Alberto Gonzalez (not Roberto as I typed earlier this week) as the our Attorney General. I know he had big shoes to fill from Americas favorite crooning, narrow-minded, losing to a dead guy former Attorney General. So he and the Justice Department would have not done anything wrong. Well they would have a spotless record if you throw out the:

The torture memo, to give Rummy "cover" and to get around that pesky Geneva Convention.

Limiting the Freedom of Information Act. Hey someone has to protect the President and Vice President from themselves.

Intimidation of Minority Voters.

Dismissal of 8 U.S. Attorneys.

Take away those little hiccups and you will see that he is just super. So super that New York Times would like to see him take step down before he just become too awesome.

Dude you are going you are not going to make it.

Why do I have a feeling he will be dragging him down off Everest looking like this

Oh look it is Boba Sherpa.



I am satisfied and yet disappointed. Libby is the fall guy and he will get a short sentence or pardoned. And if he does, people should go ape shit like those Conservatives who went nuts over Clinton's pardons.

To me the most telling part of this case is that the jury knows that there are others who have some explaining to do.

"I will say there was a tremendous amount of sympathy for Mr. Libby on the jury. It was said a number of times, 'What are we doing with this guy here? Where's Rove? Where are these other guys?' " Collins said. "I'm not saying we didn't think Mr. Libby was guilty of the things we found him guilty of. It seemed like he was, as Mr. Wells put it, he was the fall guy." (YahooNews)

I am glad to see something has been done, hopefully, if there is justice, it will be the start of many of the Bush Junta to face the music. I would like to see Darth up next.

Mr. Libby, pray you get a cushy prison. Since with a name like Scooter do not be surprised if you make the cover of Prison Bride Monthly.

Here is some more of the one who attacks us everyday with his good nature and his desire to be petted.

It may just look like a cat resting, but it pure cute fury, a fury that causes us to throw down any resistance and have him bludgeon our hands with his fur.

He yawns with delight knowing he has broken us down yet again.

He seems to be everywhere.

All that stalking will make one very sleepy. But he rests, so he can raise an army of humans to help him do his adorable bidding. He has been able to rope one of the locals into his army.

But the Adorable Stalker may want to rethink his selection in toadies.

I am still sleepy from this weekend. This weekend was not wild and crazy, but still tiring.

Here are the highlights:


- The Better Half's Mom showed up to take us to the airport. As we prepared to ventured out, we nearly had a home invasion by this fellow.

At first he just sauntered up to hang with the Better Half and her mom, as they were opening up the car. All was fine until the Better Half came back to the house and opened the door. As soon as the wife opened the door. He bolted to it and made his attempt. It was an orange and white streak to the door. He nearly made it in, but was stopped, this time.

Damn him and his adorableness.

- Land at Sky Harbor and we saw NFL Hall of Famer the Minister of Defense himself, Deacon Jones. We made a halfass effort to say hello, but he seemed out of it and he still may be a little bummed with the passing of one of his fellow Fearsome Foursome.

- Got picked up by our friends and traveled to that bustling metropolis Tuscon and made it to Tuscon Electrical Ballpark for that all important White Sox/Diamondback Spring Training Battle.

- The White Sox came out and established their dominance. A dominance that lasted till half way through the bottom of the first.

- Even though the Sox, Offense, Defense and pitching looked listless it was still a great time.

- I got my first bit of sunburn of the season. That along with windburn. Man it was cold.

- Friday was the start of using and overusing the phrase for anything that did not go as planned, "well it is spring training for (insert proper noun here) them as well". It was used for the concession stand, the parking attendants, the umps, the organ player, the hotel workers and so on and so on.

- It is hard to have a bad day after a day at the yard.

- The hotel we stayed at was the home for the Colorado Rockies minor league players. I know that these were not in the big clubs camp. I don't think Todd Helton is camping at this hotel for spring. Now this place was not horrible, but not worth what was paid.

- It seems to be law that to be in the Rockies farm system that you have to walk around with your luggage or your shaving kits. I don't know why they were doing this. It was driving us all crazy, we wanted to know what was up. My guess was that they were using the shaving kit bags and suitcases to hoard food or hotel towels. Probably not, but I going to believe it.

- Attention Future Rockies, or at this point Pebbles, if you want to make the bigs, shag more grounders and spend less time on your myspace pages/looking at porn. It seemed like the players were in the "Visitor Business Center" (A small room with a computer in it) the whole time. I was tempted to bang on the door and yell "hand check", but my Spanish is lousy.

- I think Mexican food is catching on in Tuscon.


- Another glorious day, but thankfully with less wind.

- Team Boski got Joe Crede's autograph, which was nice, but I also think it lead to him committing an error when the ball got into his jersey.

- Gavin Floyd made a bid for the fifth spot in the rotation with a couple of solid innings, but Gavin, I need to ask are you part Werewolf because there is something going on with your neck?

- Along with the good pitching it was good to see the Sox move runners, get some key hits and play better defense, especially Juan "Don't Touch My Jeep" Uribe. Who snuffed out many a D-Back rally. Which helped the White Sox finally get their first win of the Spring, even though the White Sox did a great Bad News Bears impression as they let the D-Back get back into the game, thankfully the Sox prevented an embarrassing let down with a collision at home plate resulting in the final out.

- Have I mentioned I like baseball?

- If you have not done it, and you love baseball, then you do need to go to Spring Training. You get good seats without paying an arm and a leg.

- My only complaint with the Tuscon stadium, other than no media guides, is that please tell the Air Force base not to have planes doing tricks during the games. I was got distracted multiple times watching a couple of F-4's, some F-16's and others doing some fancy turns. I just had visions of getting domed by a foul ball when I am looking at the sky.


- I know Tuscon is not a large city, and I know a lot of things are closed on Sunday, but it was so quiet. Almost to the point of eerie.

- How did Clint Eastwood not win an Oscar for "Any Which Way You Can? The finest illegal street fighter with an Orangutan sequel ever made.

- We had not planned to see the Sox on Sunday, but wished we had as they beat the Cubs like the filthy curr's they are. But I did enjoy looking at the dejected faces of Cub fans at the airport.

- Sadly we had to say goodbye to our friends who joined us on this journey. They are great people and it was great they had time to see us and go down to Tuscon. We also enjoyed seeing their daughter who got to see her first baseball game. Out of this weekend we might have been able to talk them into coming out to see the Dodgers this August. If we don't see them

- Sky Harbor not too bad of a place to kill time.

- Saw NBA Analyst and former NBAer Mark Jackson walking through the Airport, but too scared to say anything.

So it finally came time to get on our plane and end our weekend, but Boski was able to spot one more former Athlete. Our flight had current NBA ref, former NBAer, a 1984 Gold medal winner, and a former Cal State Fullerton Titan, Leon Wood. I know, but I find it exciting. Well he is very nice guys who took time to talk to me from the plane to luggage claim. I have a VHS tape somewhere with me doing an "interview" with him when I was at a broadcasting camp back in 1996.

Okay this nonsense will cease, must get back to napping at work.

Okay I am not off to make my fortune like the Earp brothers, or to piss off dudes in red scarfs. I am off to Tuscon for some Spring Training goodness. I know I have gone on about this, but the Better Half and I are excited, since we will be with friends.

I so psyched to be watching the White Sox as they tune up for the 2007. So ready that I am in mid-season form. The Sox have played three spring training games and have lost all three, so I am ready to pulling my hair and panic.

So please help your self to the gin and the Hamburger Helper.