I think America missed out when they canceled "What's Allan Watching?" back in the late 80's. It maybe the best work ever done by Eddie Murphy. It had the James Brown Story - Soul on Ice ("Did you know that it was James Brown that saw Sirhan Sirhan on the Grassy Knoll and that he found the Salk vaccine"), and Gandhi on Ice ("I am Starving for Attention"). Alas I had taped it but it has been forever lost. But enough about that, what is young Boski watching and what I think America should be watching, not in any particular order:

  • The Wire
  • Jimmy Kimmel
  • Reno 911!
  • About any thing else HBO is showing - sopranos, Six Feet Under, Curb Your enthusiasm, Deadwood (which I will watch one day), entourage (They made me enjoy a show with Kevin Dillon, boy that Spielberg is something) and etc.
  • Nip/Tuck - One of the few show that every character can be unlikeable, but you still need to watch.
  • CSI - Only Las Vegas, the other just suck ass. There I said it.
  • 80% of what is on BBC America. The British do mystery and comedy very well. See the show that the America networks steal then destroy, here first.
  • MI-5 - This show is straight butter. On A&E and worth your time.
  • Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network.
  • Anything with a score.
  • The Simpson's

Also your Uncle Boski says run do not walk to your local Best Buy/circuit City/Crazy Eddie to get TIVO. Screw Gutenberg and the printing press, this is the greatest invention ever, ever!

Thank you for your time and please vote LaRouche in '04.

  • Hello Kids,

    Yes, I am very slow, but I did make picks for last week and I swear I did these before the games on Sunday. But here is what I had. I had a really sweet entry I worked on Tuesday and I forgot to save like a dumb bastard. I had a ton of pithy comments and blistering repartee. Some wonderful pearls that the world was denied. Here is a sample of some of the genius that springs from the minds of idiots:

    1. Referring to Jamal Lewis as future Federal Inmate R2L394932, as he faces charges of drug trafficing (ALLEGEDLY!).

    2. Dick Vermil crying like that curly haired kid from voyagers.

    3. Denver RB Quinten Griffin going from Q to ?

    4. Marcus Stroud and John Henderson 700 lbs of fury

    5. The original thought that the during the Packer/Colts game a John Madden video game broke out.

    and lastly

    6. The rematch of What's Happening Bowl. This time the ugly helmets won. This episode edged out the Dobbie Brothers episode as my favorite of all time.

    So see you should all feel bad that you missed that and butchering of the English language that has not been seen since "The Sure Thing" - "You know you are getting an 'F' in English. That is your Mother tongue". (It has been a long time since I have seen the movie so please forgive me)

    But here were my picks:

Game Spread Pick Actual Score Win/Loss C/NC/P

Jax @ Ten Ten -6 Ten 17 Jax 10 Jax 15 Tenn 12 L NC
Ari @ Atl Atl - 10 Atl 31 Ari 17 Atl 6 Ari 3 ???? W? NC
Bal @ Cin Cin - 3 Bal 16 Cin 12 Bal 23 Cin 9 W C
Phi @ Det Det+4.5 Phi 35 Det 17 Phi 30 Det 13 W C
Pit @ Mia Mia -1 Pit 17 Mia 6 Pit 13 Mia 3 W C
N.O.@ St.L St.L -7 St.L 28 N.O. 20 N.O. 28 St.L 25 OT L NC
Cle @ NYG NYG -3 NYG 24 Cle 10 NYG 27 Cle 10 W C
Chi @ Min Min - 9 Min 41 Chi 17 Min 27 Chi 22 W NC
Hou @ KC KC - 8 KC 27 Hou 24 Hou 24 KC 21 OT L C
S.D. @ Den Den -10 Den 31 S.D. 10 Den 23 S.D. 13 W P
G.B. @ Ind Ind -6 Ind 34 G.B. 24 Ind 45 G.B. 31 W C
S.F. @ Sea Sea -11 Sea 30 S.F. 17 Sea 30 S.F. 0 W C
T.B. @ Oak Oak -3 Oak 19 T.B 9 Oak 30 T.B. 20 W C
Dal @ Was Was -2 Was 20 Dal 13 Dal 21 Was 18 L NC

So Week Three results:

Straight up 10 - 4
Against the spread 8-5-1
Total to date:
Straight up 21 - 9
Against the Spread 16-12-1
Please forgive the formatting I have tried and it still does not work.

Today is day that I really love being in the Orange County. It is crystal clear today and the Santa Ana's a blowing in. Not too hard, but it is beautiful right now. I could sit in our large training room and just look out at Saddleback all day. I wish I could, but that man won't let me.

Well week two is over and we still really do not know a damn thing about the NFL. The Eagles won and that brings us to our first look at the board.

Boski Straight Up 11 - 5
VS. the spread 8-7-1

Not too bad.

Well I am back at work

I thought that I would have an easy week. You know coming back, new position new desk that I would get time to learn and get settled. Well screw that I got thrown into the fire and I am still trying to catch up. But glad I am doing it than being in my old spot. But I have been so busy it is really cutting into my goofing off at the office.

Week 2

Well my friends it is time for your Uncle Boski to make an ass out of himself by trying to pick Football. Since I am still trying to get up to speed with all that has happened in the three weeks I was gone. But I am going to give it a shot.

So the NFL is back and it was a great week one. Where some things change – (The Lions and Chargers win on the road, and the Browns stop Jamal Lewis) and things some do not (the Pats beat the Colts again and the Chiefs can’t stop anyone).

It brings us to an interesting Week 2 where there are some games that if they are not must wins then they are games that have looked at houses in the area.

The Picks

Indy (0-1) @ Tenn (1-0) (-2.5) Last week the Colts played well enough to heal the wounds of the mugging they got, but shot themselves in the foot all night. From James’ fumbles, to the sack at the end of the game, they had their chances. They face a Titians team that beat on the Fish. It looks like Eddie will not be missed in Tenn, but they are banged up and it will be up to McNair to ball and twine a win. He a guy who can, but it may be too much to ask against a Colt team that wants to avoid 0-2 start and a loss in division, so they pull this one out. Indy 28 Tenn 23

Hou (0-1) @ Det (1-0) (-3.5) A road win from the Lions. That maybe the first one since Bobby Layne was QB. They showed heart and won an ugly one, but they lost Rodgers for the season and Bly for a couple of weeks, so it has the making of a let down. Houston soiled the carpet last week at home to the San Diego Sinkholes. They killed themselves last week and they had no answer for Gates. But I think this week they pull the upset. The Lions are better but are banged up and I think they are ready for a let down. Hou 24 Det 14

Car (0-1) vs. K.C. (0-1) (-5) The Panthers were beaten on Monday they lost Smith and will not have Davis most likely and now they are staring at (0-2). K.C. again showed they it may take more than Gunter Cummingham to help this lot. They are the Priest Holmes show and as long as he is standing they have a chance. I think were going to see a repeat of last Monday night. Wish Car 48 KC –5 Reality KC 31 Car 19

Chi (0-1) @ G.B. (1-0) (-8) The Pack should win and they have handled the Bears, especially with Farve. But I am worried about a letdown here and Green maybe off this week after the hard running he did last week. If Davenport was health then they do not have to run Green into the ground. Things will not be so Lovie for the Bears, but I think they will be in this game and have a shot at an upset, if Green is off and they can attack the Pack up the middle and in Nickel and Dime situation. G.B. wins but do not cover. G.B 20 Chi 16

Den (1-0) @ Jax (1-0) (+3) Clinton who? Q’s 156 yard night has helped back up Shannahan and his trade for Champ. The offense had balance both run/pass. Also it was balanced in brilliance and stupidity. The Bronco Offense kept KC in the game with dumb TO’s. The Broncos need to run the ball to win to allow for Play Action and Boots, but this week come up against a great D-line and D that was #2 last year. We see what kind of team Denver is. Jax looked awful at Buff and should have lost, but since Buff felt it was not necessary to cover Jimmy Smith, Jax took the win. Being at home in the swamp will help. It will be close until a couple of turnovers turn it into a Jax win in double digits. Wish Den 73 Jax 2 ( I am still angry about 96) Reality Jax 31 Den 20

S.F. (0-1) @ N.O. (0-1) (-7) I know what they Niners excuse is, but what is up with the Saints. They get only 7 off Seattle at home. I can understand them losing, but looking that bad with Brook, Stall worth, Horn, Williams and McAllister. The D did its job and held them to 21. But they show up and beat a Niner team that is going to have a long year. N.O. 30 S.F. 10

St.L (1-0) vs. Atl (1-0) (-2) The Rams nearly gave one a way to the Redbirds so now they go to Atlanta who had a tougher time with SF than expected. This will be a track meet and I think the Rams will have enough to spoil Jim Mora’s home debuted. Something do not change do they Jim. The Rams skill players will make life hard on the secondary. St.L 34 Atl 28

Wash (1-0) @ N.Y.G (0-1) (+3) Gibbs is back the Skins fan are in heaven. Enjoy it while it last. They still have problems and Portis is not Jon Riggins. That does not matter this week as they prepare to beat on the Giants who are in trouble. There are already ill feelings for Coughlin and it is week 1. Will someone please check on Kurt Warner I think he is still in a fog from last years beating he took. How much punishment is he going to take before they let Manning take over? This O-line is crap and worse than last year, so Kurt you going to long for that Supermarket job. Wash 27 N.Y.G. 17

Pitt (1-0) @ Balt (0-1) (-4) When I left for my trip the thought going around was that the Ravens would be the team to challenge N.E. and they were ready to get back to the Super Bowl. But now it looks like they are playing a must win in September. A loss here and they are 0-2 and both losses are in the division so it is a must win. They are banged up front, Boleware is banged up, Boller is no Dieter Brock and they have Deion playing the Nickel. So it does not look good. The Steelers played well and man handled Oak till the 4th when they let them back in. But as Bill Simmons put it this will be a Ray Lewis game where he pull them out and they go on a run. Balt 18 Pitt 12

Sea (1-0) vs. T.B. (0-1) (+3) The Hawks won on the road and could be sitting at 2-0 by Sunday night. They are the “IT” team in the NFC, but I think they still have too many holes on D. Compounded by Chad Brown being out. The Hawks may be with out Alexander, but will have enough this week. The reason, the Bucs have issues and they look slow. It will be a shame to go against the Bucs on Talk Like a Pirate Day. But the Bucs O is horrible. If they get Garner going they can have a shot, but injuries at WR will not help open things up. Sea 26 T.B. 20

N.Y.J. (1-0) @ S.D. (1-0) (+3) This one may be entertain to watch. If the Jets slow down LT they will win going away. The Chargers (2-0) that is unpossible. But with LT anything is possible. N.Y.J 33 S.D.24

Buff (0-1) @ Oak (0-1) (-3.5) Part three of the Desperation Weekend. Buffalo needs to keep pace but will need to pound the ball and keep people out of Bledsoe’s face. If they can run, they will get a great match-up with Moulds on Woodson so is still not in game shape. But the Raiders will get their O going by going after the Bills corners. They will win but not cover. Oak 27 Buff 20

Clev (1-0) @ Dall (0-1) Simply put, Clev is not as good as they were last week and Parcells will always out coach Butch Davis. Dall 30 Clev 21

N.E. (1-0) @ Ari (0-1) (+8) It will be close for a while, but the Pats win their 17th. N.E. 28 Ari 17

Mia (0-1) @ Cinn (0-1) (-3) It has been a long time since the Bengal's were the fav’s in this match up. The A.J. Freely era begins and it will be much like the Fielder era. Things are bad when people would be happy with Don Stock. The Bengal’s will not be a playoff team, seeing this D they will not make the stop when the need to. Which is a shame because they have a great looking O. Palmer looked well, but that means he will turn around and throw 6 picks. The Fish are sick and they should let Wandstadt go now so he can have a chance at a job somewhere. After this season, I do not think they will even let him be the night manager at Arby’s. The Fish go to 0-2. Cinn 26 Mia 13

Minn (1-0) @ Phil (1-0) (-3) This is one of the most hyped regular season match up in years. Everyone is seeing shootout. I think it may be more lopsided. I feel the Eagles have enough D to allow the O to exploit the Vikes. I think both Moss and Owens will have some big numbers, but it will be Owens who comes out on top. Phil 31 Minn 21

That concludes week two. We will see how badly I do, so everyone can laugh at and mock me. Good Times.

What sucked about the Trip

  1. The Flight – that is way too much time to be cooped up, but the movies where good. Also, what ever you do not watch a Claymation movie in the rows ahead of you when you are trying to sleep, it will screw with your head.
  2. Exchange rate – Near two bucks for a Pound. That is honked up.
  3. The nice people who kept us up all night at the LSE. You are all cheaters. (Inside joke
  4. Music – I thought I would get to hear some good radio or music. This being where the the Sex Pistiols and The Clash started. Nope, while in London, we got crap. Any where there was music expect at the Airport (they had a cool kind of bar and grill that was mellow and had music videos going) it all sucked. Worst part, I lost my Westlife CD!
  5. Not enough time to see more of London – Stupid job and having to show up.
  6. What is going on – We were so busy and we did not have access to a TV for the first two week so I have no idea what they hell went on anywhere. Which is good and bad.
  7. Sports – the one thing I was really missing was what was going on in sports. Missed the last half of the Olympics and it looks like I did not miss anything. But I missed football. I tried to fill that void with their football. Watch some World Cup Qualifiers (Why do the Irish always draw the Swiss, why can’t Northern Ireland buy a goal and the English Soccer fans are the Cubs and Red Sox wrapped up into one), but by they end it was so in my head. What was the first thing I did after clearing customs; check the Broncos-Chiefs Denver 34 KC 24.

Final thoughts on trip

I had a great time and I will go back. Do I want to live there? I would have said no way before going, but now I would consider it. But I did not go during the winter. We had great weather and I come from the land of 1 and half season. Summer and not Summer. I could do summers there. Right now there is too much here to leave. I could not leave my family, friends, sports and the Wahoo’s Maui bowl. But if they put a Wahoo’s there then I may look into Flats for Let.

Our wonderful trip also included time in England. We visited family friends in South Yorkshire and then down to London. We had great weather and a great time.

What Rocked about the Trip (England)

  1. Seeing old friends – stayed with family friends in their home, which still has the original structure apart of the house. That part is 17th Century. An amazing home, right up with the manor house we had just stayed in. Also saw a former co-worker who hung out with us for a couple of days.
  2. York – A great day wandering through the Cathedral, the Shambles and the Castle Museum. That Cathedral, not too shabby.
  3. Chatsworth – An amazing English Estate and Garden. It was a picture perfect day and we strolled through this amazing home, with its priceless art and architecture and stunning ground.
  4. Hadden Hall – Nothing like spending time looking at a Medieval Hall.
  5. London – London is never having to go to New York again. It is a beautiful city with so much to see and offer, and unlike New York. A shit load less urine smell. The Tubes were clean and city was pretty clean. I know there are some scary ass places in London if you go south of the River, but I will take it over New York and Chicago.
  6. The Tower – It was a lot of fun spending a day wandering around the Tower taking the tour and just seeing this amazing pile of rocks.
  7. Look kids Big Ben and Parliament – They are even more impressive seeing them in person.
  8. Public Transit – Being from Southern California I thought it was just a legend they told kids.
  9. History – It is the only thing that really reeked in England was history. From the Tower, the Estates, the National Gallery to the British Museum. It is history all day and all night. I could have spent all of our time in London at the British Museum. Holy shit that was off the heezzie (Again for the kids). For someone who loves history this is porn. The only other thing that matches this is going to the Huntington and being taken to the back to look at actual Mark Twain documents. Sports and History. I am a sad little man.
  10. The Prime Meridian –You have not lived till you have stood at 0.
  11. Again my better half for planning this and showing me London. We only scratched the surface, so we a lot that needs to be seen.

Here is a brief list.

  1. The People – everyone was so very nice.
  2. The Food – we did not have a bad meal. It is not all fish and chips. These were some of the best meals I have every had, but this is a man who loves Del Taco’s Breakfast Burritos.
  3. Beer – It is scary how good Guinness’s is across the water. What we do to beer in this country should be considered a hate crime. They even made Bud taste good. But I think I know why they do it. You could easily get into trouble. Pound three of four and you become everyone’s friend.
  4. The Team we took – it was a good group. There were moments, but that happens when you are cooped up together for two weeks.
  5. The Sights – They were both beautiful and moving. Sights like Belfast, Strangford Lough, Derry, the Mourne Mountains, the Giants Causeway and the North Coast. It was all amazing, breathtaking and moving.
  6. Our accommodations – We crashed at a sweet Irish Manor home. I can never say thanks enough to our host for having us stay. This place was amazing. I just wished I had a Tweed Jacket.
  7. Being a part of building homes for people need and deserve homes.
  8. Tea Time – Because they make some fine snacks for teatime on that side of the pond.
  9. Family Roots – It felt good to see where I come from. I feel more at home in Northern Ireland where my grandfather was from than New York City where my parents lived. (Thank you Mom and Dad for making the right decision and coming west)
  10. Our site supervisors – They are the best and the nicest people you will want to meet.
  11. My better half – She is the one who got this all together.

Greetings everyone. Boski has returned from Northizel Irelizal.and the U to the K. Look I am just trying to be hip for the kids. The wife and I are back and we had a great time. It was a once in a lifetime trip. We spent three weeks in Northern Ireland, Yorkshire and London and it was amazing. For me being in Northern Ireland means a lot, since it is where my grandfather came from. A quick story and if I get sappy then sue me. This is not a high traffic blog. But my grandfather grew up in Belfast and being a Catholic in Belfast gave few options: be unemployed, get the crap kicked out of you or leave. Well after having to go to England to get work he had enough and was off to Australia. No he was not being shipped off to Van Diemens Land. He was going to work with the Horse Corp. there, but unfortunately for him he got to leave Belfast but got only as far has New Jersey during the Depression with a one way ticket. So good for me. So going there and trying to do something that will help end the bullshit. And there is a lot of bullshit going on.

Well I just had to stop myself or I was going on a rampage.