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Okay if anyone is still interested in this traveling flea circus I have put up new stakes here:


As I said before, just want to do something different. Don't know what will come, but always wanted to try it.

As I mumbled last week, I have been tinkering with WordPress and I may relaunch this blog on WordPress.

That being said the blog may be on it's way to lay dormant on another platform, but at least it is something.



Yes, I have hit the 900 post mark.

I had something planned, but apparently Ted McGinley, Jamie Farr and Fergal Sharkey all big-leagued me and canceled. So the Boski Blog O' Fun 900th Post Extravaganza will not be shown.

Please sit back and enjoy the Director's Cut of Dr. Detroit.

I know I have mentioned our acquisition of these two adorable reptiles, but here is some footage of both of them. I still don't know how, but me and the Better Half can't help but be fascinated watching these two.

Sorry I have been away, but I think as you could tell by my last post "Angry Boski" had returned and with a good deal of vengeance, and it was not pretty. I just let myself get overwhelmed by work and by working on my Mother-In-Law's house. Which took up so much time over the last month in half, with really the only breaks being a trip to Vegas and our anniversary. Other than that it was work, Mother-In-Laws, sleep, work . . . and so and so on. It because a confluence that lead to me going on the self-hate warpath.

But that is now done with. I am still fighting with my issues, but I am miles from where I was a week ago. Never the less the house is sold. We still have a lot of stuff to deal with, but it is not pressing. We are going to take some time to decompress.

So where does that leave this blog?

I am not sure.

When I am not either working, perfecting my self loathing, caring for our "kids", or stalking John Davidson, I have been spending a lot of my time on those wacky internets on Facebook and FanIQ. I have not had the patience to settle in and give one of my lengthy diatribes. Oh there has been a lot of things to rant about. Let's just say McCain/Palin make TimeWarner Cable look like a weekend of watching nothing but football. I am going to stop since I really do not want to throw this keyboard. Instead, I have just been honing my witty sports and pop culture references and connecting with old acquaintances and former co-workers. Fun, but I still think about the Ol' Blog O' Fun. Grammar and syntax at least had a holiday from my constant assaults on it.

So I am back to where I was at a while back wondering if I wanted to keep blogging. Right now I am pondering getting to 900 posts and moving this blog over to Wordpress just to try it.

I don't just know.

Thanks for listening.

Boski - to spill something on yourself at the office that will make you look foolish all day and cause you to have to replace that article of clothing.

Today I Boski'ed myself at the copier, and got toner all over my pants. Now my khaki pants look like they are apart of the Dockers Black Lung Miners Khaki's.

Now as I walk around my shame is on display for all my peers. Oh how I love to answer the question, "What happened?"

Well me being dumb is what happened, now leave me be.

Great move dumb ass, great freaking move.

I know I my appearance does not show it, but I love being at the gym. I know I have talked about it before, but I am one of those sick bastards that gets up at ten to five and gets their slappy ass out of bed. I get in there about 5:20 to 5:30 and then leave around 8:00. I love that time, since it is my time. I can throw on the headphones and just do my own thing. It is something that helps me through the day. I feel 1000% better days that I worked out then days I just roll into work. It is also something helps me with focus and also it provides me structure that I desperately need.

Now I love my gym, but there are still a couple of things that annoy me, well more people at the gym that annoy me and I would like to address them here. So please excuse the following rantings:

Mr. Hog the Universal Machine and Cable Guy- Yeah I am talking to you and your stupid fancy track suit. You turn the damn thing into a goddamn base camp. Seriously, all I see you do is work on your triceps and abs, oh and looking at yourself in the mirror. You are not climbing Everrest you dumb bastard. Also buddy, there is a limit of 20 seconds of starring at yourself in the mirror after doing a set. After 20, then it is vanity. How do I know? I can see you starring at yourself as I am staring at myself. Also you do not need to take both rope cables to achieve your triceps awesomeness? I know I should just work in on your machine just to piss you off, but I hate confrontations and I am just not up for anything that is going to take more than three words.

Ms. Personal Trainer Who Feels She Needs to Comment on My Squinting, My Lifting, or What I Am Reading - Look leave me alone. I know you mean well, but just let me get my workout in. I do not need you brand of chipperness.

Now for any and all of you who take the free weights and spread them to the four corners of the gym. Just F'ing stop it! If you have to take a weight, that's cool, but the basketball court is not where it goes, neither does it belong at the treadmill or on the track. They belong on the F'ing rack. They are free weights not pigeons. They are not going to return to their perches. Also don't be afraid to put them back in some kind of order. Now I can be guilty of this as well so I will slap my own wrist


There, I am not above the rules either.

Mr. Well The Steam Room Is Just Skin Scaldingly Hot Enough - Look it is a steam room not a freaking crock pot jackass.

Lastly to the two smokers who I see nearly everyday puffing on the lung darts before you come in to play hoops. Look, if you want to smoke, more power to you, but don't you think sparking up the old coffin nails before a workout is how they say, counter productive?

Okay you have heard enough of my petty little rants from my petty little life. Now I have to pack things up head home and go pack up another house.

I have let myself get distracted, yet again. Which is not a shock to my ADD addled mind.

Right now I have been busy with the the following: Getting the Better Half's Mom's house ready for sale, work, football in all of it glorious forms, cheese production in Denmark, futzing around on my Internet crack site FanIQ, the Idaho Art scene, watching the White Sox limp along in September, air hockey stars of the 70's, Calmatto, trying out Facebook, Dutch Elm Disease, and keeping my rage in check anytime John McCain or Sarah Palin are on TV.

I will be back to this blog to give you the underwhelming material you have come to expect here. Right now Boski Industries is hard at work at making this blog not suck as bad as it does.

Last night I came home from Volunteer Night for Habitat. When I pulled into the driveway I came to the realization that his family has moved and we will no longer get to see him bound down the sidewalk to our home looking for some petting, or find him napping in the yard.

We knew this day was coming, but still it hurts. Especially since we didn't really have a chance to say our goodbyes, or give his owners the brush we had for him. Maybe it was for the better since I more than my wife would be blubbering uncontrollably and probably making a scene. I know it is silly to be upset about a cat, but I don't care he is a great cat. Also I have a ridiculously large soft spot for pets, so stuff like this gets to me so easy. I know it makes me a some whack job.

For the past three plus years he adorably stalked us and tried as hard as could to get into our home. Only succeeding a couple of times. Never the less he kept coming back, he never came looking for food, which we never gave him, he just wanted petting and to sniff new things.

Whenever he would catch us as he arrived home, or leaving the house, he would scurry up the path and get to his "petting table", which used to be the his "petting tiki". He would hop up and eagerly await the petting, while listening to us heap praise on him and advising him to stay out of the street.

I have to remind myself that we at least got to hang with him for so long, and we should be thankful for that since his owners picked him up at the pound. Which blows my mind since he such a friendly cat. The birds and lizard in yard would disagree however.

So Adorable Stalker (aka Frisco or Frisco the Cat) thank you for all the great times and all the happiness you brought us. We will miss you, but we hope that you enjoy your new home.

Here are some shots we have of him as he tried to batter us with his adorableness.

Okay, thank you indulging me and my insanity.

Don't labor too much.

Alright I am out of here I have a football draft to attend.

I had a good workout this morning and heard many in the locker room angry and disappointed with McCain's running mate.

It's going to be a good Friday.

Who in the hell are you people doing at the Qwest lab?

This morning I had to go and get some blood drawn. Stupid thyroid. Now I get up at 4:50 AM each morning, so that was not the problem. My problem was that when I pulled up at 5:15AM, I knew I was screwed. It seems everyone and their mothers needed to be at that testing center, at that hour, on the days I roll in. When I did walk in and took my seat, to read all those wonderful outdated Road and Track magazines (Hmmm the Ford Pinto might be the next big thing). I sat in there for an hour, to do something that took less than 3 minutes to deal with. Two of those minutes were sent having the person look at my insurance card and my order. So it makes ask what the hell are you people doing back there? Maybe I shouldn't ask that question, since we are talking about a place that collects bodily fluids to be tested. Also people have you insurance stuff in order. I did not come here to hear about your stupidity.

Thankfully I was able to get out of there with enough time before noon, and able to get to the gym and get a workout in, so I am not going to go find a bell tower later.


Catching up.

Well, I am just trying to dig out of mound of work I missed while being at an off site workshop.

It was an uneventful field trip. I had to drive out to a hospital in San Bernadino for said workshop.

This little sojourn only sucked on a couple of fronts:

It was in San Bernadino.

It was in San Bernadino in August.

Having to take and hour and a half to drive to San Bernadino.

It was stupid hot and when I got to the hospital I could not find any covered parking so getting into the car that was baking from 9AM was a joy.

Had to fight myself when I got to the I-15 Interchange not to want to say "F it I am off to Vegas". Had to repeat at the 215 Interchange as well.

Did I mention it was in San Bernadino?

(Note I would like to take the time to apologize to any or all of you who make the Inland Empire your home for my elitist attitude. Look I mean no harm and I know that things can't be as horrible as I make it since I have not lived there, but since I am not going to take up meth, grow a mullet or get a SeaDoo, I will never know.)

On the plus side:

My work day was done at 3:00 PM

Sure the material discussed was a bit dry, but it not a total waste of time. Interesting to hear from people at different hospitals.


I got to drive the BMW, which made the not taking the I-15 North even tougher. I could have been in Vegas by Noon damn it. Never the less I had a good time driving that car.

So there is a recap of something all of you could care less about.

Border fence design blasted as causing flooding.

So how is that fence going?

Hey Mr. Chertoff what's you gut telling you now? Hey why listen to people who may know about the effects of that kind of fences would have if there was a weather event. They don't know what is best, but then this is probably all Obama's fault anyway. That it was his high taxes causing all the mischef.

I hate to say, but I have let my guard down on Bush the past few months. I must have G.W. Fatigue, since I just thought all he and his cronies were doing was playing out the string. Then I see a story like this, and I remind myself, this administration can still do a ton of damage from now until January 20th, that is we have elections, whoops sorry I got a little too conspiratorial there.

Right now it makes me look to Denver and ask two things.

1. Will the Broncos defense improve enough to get back to the playoffs . . . sorry reflex. But I send out this plead that the convention goes smoothly. The G.O.P is licking it's lips over this possible Obama/Clinton alley fight. If it gets ugly then the G.O.P. will play it up like 1968 lite. Look I understand there maybe some issues to smooth out, do it behind close doors and do what is going to be best for country. Also let us not have another Jimmy Carter/Ted Kennedy 1980 moment where it looked like Ted was only out there because he was forced at gun point.

2. That when the convention is over Obama get that momentum back? Not just a temporary bounce from the convention but real momentum and get back some ground in the battleground states. He needs to get back to hammering away at McCain and what will be a continuation of the wonderfulness that is G.W. We need to keep this country from going through another two, three maybe four years, depending on if McCain wants to go after Iran, Russia and probably China.

Okay enough of my nonsense, back to the grind.