I have let myself get distracted, yet again. Which is not a shock to my ADD addled mind.

Right now I have been busy with the the following: Getting the Better Half's Mom's house ready for sale, work, football in all of it glorious forms, cheese production in Denmark, futzing around on my Internet crack site FanIQ, the Idaho Art scene, watching the White Sox limp along in September, air hockey stars of the 70's, Calmatto, trying out Facebook, Dutch Elm Disease, and keeping my rage in check anytime John McCain or Sarah Palin are on TV.

I will be back to this blog to give you the underwhelming material you have come to expect here. Right now Boski Industries is hard at work at making this blog not suck as bad as it does.


Silliyak said...

And yet your output far surpassed my own in both quantity AND quality during this time.