Last night I came home from Volunteer Night for Habitat. When I pulled into the driveway I came to the realization that his family has moved and we will no longer get to see him bound down the sidewalk to our home looking for some petting, or find him napping in the yard.

We knew this day was coming, but still it hurts. Especially since we didn't really have a chance to say our goodbyes, or give his owners the brush we had for him. Maybe it was for the better since I more than my wife would be blubbering uncontrollably and probably making a scene. I know it is silly to be upset about a cat, but I don't care he is a great cat. Also I have a ridiculously large soft spot for pets, so stuff like this gets to me so easy. I know it makes me a some whack job.

For the past three plus years he adorably stalked us and tried as hard as could to get into our home. Only succeeding a couple of times. Never the less he kept coming back, he never came looking for food, which we never gave him, he just wanted petting and to sniff new things.

Whenever he would catch us as he arrived home, or leaving the house, he would scurry up the path and get to his "petting table", which used to be the his "petting tiki". He would hop up and eagerly await the petting, while listening to us heap praise on him and advising him to stay out of the street.

I have to remind myself that we at least got to hang with him for so long, and we should be thankful for that since his owners picked him up at the pound. Which blows my mind since he such a friendly cat. The birds and lizard in yard would disagree however.

So Adorable Stalker (aka Frisco or Frisco the Cat) thank you for all the great times and all the happiness you brought us. We will miss you, but we hope that you enjoy your new home.

Here are some shots we have of him as he tried to batter us with his adorableness.

Okay, thank you indulging me and my insanity.


Silliyak said...

Sorry for your loss.

B. Freret said...

How sad! And even worse, you've got better quality photos of not-your-cat than we have of our cat of eight years.

I'm going to go pet him now. My cat. Maybe take his picture.


Boski93 said...

Silly - Yeah it sucks and still sucks, but as I wrote, we at least got time with the Adorable Stalker.

b.freret - Thank you sir, the amount of photos we have of him you would think we were the ones stalking him, which may have been tru. It is an honor to hear from you.

B. Freret said...

I don't know anything about photography, but to paraphrase Justice Stewart, I know what I like when I see it.

I love the photo of (you?) and the cat. Every element, every texture, color, gesture, depth, everything. Your expressions, the fact the cat is giving you the ass and yet you pet it anyway (the cat, not the ass)... I just think that is a great, great picture.

(Not in either a creepy or inappropriate way.)


ps Added something to the blog today, hope you find it to your liking.