Border fence design blasted as causing flooding.

So how is that fence going?

Hey Mr. Chertoff what's you gut telling you now? Hey why listen to people who may know about the effects of that kind of fences would have if there was a weather event. They don't know what is best, but then this is probably all Obama's fault anyway. That it was his high taxes causing all the mischef.

I hate to say, but I have let my guard down on Bush the past few months. I must have G.W. Fatigue, since I just thought all he and his cronies were doing was playing out the string. Then I see a story like this, and I remind myself, this administration can still do a ton of damage from now until January 20th, that is we have elections, whoops sorry I got a little too conspiratorial there.

Right now it makes me look to Denver and ask two things.

1. Will the Broncos defense improve enough to get back to the playoffs . . . sorry reflex. But I send out this plead that the convention goes smoothly. The G.O.P is licking it's lips over this possible Obama/Clinton alley fight. If it gets ugly then the G.O.P. will play it up like 1968 lite. Look I understand there maybe some issues to smooth out, do it behind close doors and do what is going to be best for country. Also let us not have another Jimmy Carter/Ted Kennedy 1980 moment where it looked like Ted was only out there because he was forced at gun point.

2. That when the convention is over Obama get that momentum back? Not just a temporary bounce from the convention but real momentum and get back some ground in the battleground states. He needs to get back to hammering away at McCain and what will be a continuation of the wonderfulness that is G.W. We need to keep this country from going through another two, three maybe four years, depending on if McCain wants to go after Iran, Russia and probably China.

Okay enough of my nonsense, back to the grind.


Silliyak said...

Put your chromium/platinum nose protector on and get back to the grindstone.

Boski93 said...

Aye aye Skipper!