Catching up.

Well, I am just trying to dig out of mound of work I missed while being at an off site workshop.

It was an uneventful field trip. I had to drive out to a hospital in San Bernadino for said workshop.

This little sojourn only sucked on a couple of fronts:

It was in San Bernadino.

It was in San Bernadino in August.

Having to take and hour and a half to drive to San Bernadino.

It was stupid hot and when I got to the hospital I could not find any covered parking so getting into the car that was baking from 9AM was a joy.

Had to fight myself when I got to the I-15 Interchange not to want to say "F it I am off to Vegas". Had to repeat at the 215 Interchange as well.

Did I mention it was in San Bernadino?

(Note I would like to take the time to apologize to any or all of you who make the Inland Empire your home for my elitist attitude. Look I mean no harm and I know that things can't be as horrible as I make it since I have not lived there, but since I am not going to take up meth, grow a mullet or get a SeaDoo, I will never know.)

On the plus side:

My work day was done at 3:00 PM

Sure the material discussed was a bit dry, but it not a total waste of time. Interesting to hear from people at different hospitals.


I got to drive the BMW, which made the not taking the I-15 North even tougher. I could have been in Vegas by Noon damn it. Never the less I had a good time driving that car.

So there is a recap of something all of you could care less about.


Michael said...

"since I am not going to take up meth, grow a mullet or get a SeaDoo"

Too funny. I have a friend who would blow his money on things like a hot tub, resouping his Miata and getting a SeaDoo. Not from the IE, but the OC. Same thing?

Boski93 said...

The OC is not IE! Sure we have our share of idiots, but we walking upright and use culterly.

Now if your friend is putting twenty inch rims and a nitrous blower on the Miata, then you must contact the authorities ASAP. Now a flame paint job on the Miata okay.

Boski93 said...

That is supposed to be "are walking upright".