Sorry I have been away, but I think as you could tell by my last post "Angry Boski" had returned and with a good deal of vengeance, and it was not pretty. I just let myself get overwhelmed by work and by working on my Mother-In-Law's house. Which took up so much time over the last month in half, with really the only breaks being a trip to Vegas and our anniversary. Other than that it was work, Mother-In-Laws, sleep, work . . . and so and so on. It because a confluence that lead to me going on the self-hate warpath.

But that is now done with. I am still fighting with my issues, but I am miles from where I was a week ago. Never the less the house is sold. We still have a lot of stuff to deal with, but it is not pressing. We are going to take some time to decompress.

So where does that leave this blog?

I am not sure.

When I am not either working, perfecting my self loathing, caring for our "kids", or stalking John Davidson, I have been spending a lot of my time on those wacky internets on Facebook and FanIQ. I have not had the patience to settle in and give one of my lengthy diatribes. Oh there has been a lot of things to rant about. Let's just say McCain/Palin make TimeWarner Cable look like a weekend of watching nothing but football. I am going to stop since I really do not want to throw this keyboard. Instead, I have just been honing my witty sports and pop culture references and connecting with old acquaintances and former co-workers. Fun, but I still think about the Ol' Blog O' Fun. Grammar and syntax at least had a holiday from my constant assaults on it.

So I am back to where I was at a while back wondering if I wanted to keep blogging. Right now I am pondering getting to 900 posts and moving this blog over to Wordpress just to try it.

I don't just know.

Thanks for listening.


Silliyak said...

If you end this blog, I can't rag on you about it because I'm seriously considering the same thing. No inspiration=rare posts=VERY few visitors/NO comments. I'd still hate to see you go, but I understand.

Boski93 said...

Silly - I am trying to hang on, we will see how it goes.