This morning as I was at gym had to witness something that made me contemplate grabbing the rifle and looking for a convient bell tower. It is a nice gym with TV's everywhere. So you can run and see the highlights of your team not covering the spread. There TV's even in the Locker Room which is nice, except when I have to hear the crap that is FOX News. I cringe when the TV is not on either ESPN or CNN. I have noticed ever since the Tech Stock Meltdown they do not have Bloomberg and CNBC on any more. Just an observation. Most times I can zone it out between whitewashing Bush's policy and calls for the destruction of the U.N. But today, I had to witness a god damn short film about the First Family's Dog Buster and that they be adding another little Scotty to the family Mrs. Beazley. They spelt that with a Z! Seriously! But I would have been fine with Laura Bush playing with the dog and the playful motage of Buster running around with special effects thrown in. (Hey, who is paying for this little movie anyway. Great use of tax dollars.) But seeing that our fearless leader and members of the White House Staff involved. Hey, do we have time for this. Hey George ask the damn dog where Osama is. He may have a clue. Don't you have anything better to do. Didn't you tell me that this job was 'hard work'. Well then work damn it. I am not bringing home the crapitude this tour de force as well as I should. But I was so angry that I was subjected to that, that I wanted to go out and kick a dog. Thanks George. But sitting here I am getting angrier since that this a lot of this country will eat it up and think wow this great. I was just surprised they did not some how twist it to show that Clinton's dog was some how involved with Whitewater and Monica. Enough of this or I will punch a co-worker for no good reason.