I am employed, I am employed!

I have gone from feeling like Jake Plummer to Jay Cutler.

Okay, I am almost employed, it is just a physical and background check away from the being the a freshly minted PI Specialist for Quality Management. So right now I must remind myself that the night before/day of that physical that it would not be the best time for NyQuil daiquiris and Poppy Seed muffins. As for the background check I hope they do not find out that I provided Scott Baio with the "Clear", so he could set the record for the Obstacle Course on Battle of the Network Stars, or that I was the Mole.

Wow I kinda feel like Pinocchio but without having to deal with the creepy old guy who says he makes toys. I feel like I have gone from Jake Plummer on the way out, to Jay Cutler and on my way in. Like Cutler, my performance may be like that of a rookie QB. I am hoping it will be more Marino and Big Ben than Akili Smith and Ryan Leaf.

Since they told me that I would have to interview for this position, I had been sweating it out. It did not help that the past week and a half, I have been in a really strong, "I am going to kick my own ass for all of my faults" kind of moods. Today felt like it was going to stay on that course. I woke up this morning still in that self-loathing funk. Adding to the misery was I felt like crap when I got into work. I felt like it a cold coming on or maybe just maybe it was Dengue Fever, who can tell these days. Around 11, I noticed my office mates where not around and my supervisor's door was closed. So I did what any good employee would do. I tried to listen in. I heard them mention my name and talking about me, and about what I am doing. I would have heard more but someone was coming, so I had to fain the whole, "I am just deep in thought and not trying to listen it" move. It worked.

So from what I heard, I thought, "nothing gets the Holiday's going like being laid off". Maybe I could still get a gig at a Christmas Tree lot, since there is no dog track near that I could bet on Santa's Little Helper. So, I sat and sulked and plowed through some work. Till around lunch and I just had to get out of the office. When I returned, my supervisor asked me to come into their office. Ah crap, I am going to get punked right here, right now. So I walked in and took a seat. I got the offer for the position, and not the bums rush.

So it took almost 2 years, but I may have health coverage again. Next to me, my dentist will be very happy, I will be able to send his kids and his grand kids through college and grad school now, twice.

I know the weeks ahead will be tough, but I will find a way to excel at this job, blog, watch football and holiday shop to the best of my abilities.

So I want to leave you with these words,

"San Dimas Football Rules"

You get a mint if you know where that is from.


Silliyak said...

There is never any need for you to kick your own ass. That is what we, your faithful readers are here for. They were bound to hire you since the Dems took back Congress, they need to have a token liberal on board. Congratulations.

BubbaRayGracie said...

Bill and Ted! Now give me my mint!

Totsie said...

Hey hey, good news on the Boski front.

Shouldn't "blog" be ahead of "excel at this job"?

Boski93 said...

Silly - Thank you sir.

BRG - I was on way to get them and when I got there I noticed that there was strange things afoot at the Circle K. I will tell Rufus to get on it.

Tot - You are so right. I need to get on that.

Anonymous said...

San Simeon