I would now like to add the CVS that is next to the JuiceItUp.

Last week I got over a cold that hit me hard Monday and Tuesday. I feel better but since Wednesday, but all the crud and crap of my cold decided to find shelter in my lungs so I have been coughing and hacking. I have been hacking so much I may change my name to:

I miss you Hackman, in fact in honor of you I am going to go one flap down to the copier.

But I have been having coughing fits and it is driving me up the wall. It just seems what is ever in there does not want to loosen up and get out. So at time I sound just lovely, between coughing and wheezing like a broken accordion. I don't feel bad, well expect when the coughing make my head hurt. The coughing hits me when I get up, when I got to sleep, when I finish my walk and when right before I get ready for bed.

So you asking what does the CVS have to do with this. Well the Better Half went out and got me something for my cough. We followed Mr. Chris Rock advise, it was time to get some Tussin on it. So when she gets to the CVS, which is supposed to open at 7:00 AM it is still closed. She waits and now it is about 7:15 AM. So it looks like they are taking a cue from JuiceItUp. So I am adding them to the list of firebombing. So CVS "you are on notice!"

Now that was bad enough, here is the topper. At 7:15 as my wife waited, here comes Suzy Snoozebutton from the JuiceItUp. She had abandoned her post, to come over and get $1's from the CVS, which I can understand, but then these pearls dropped from her mouth,

"Wow I thought they were supposed to be open at 7:00AM."

I don't know how my wife did not hit her with a rake or any blunt object near by. I on the other hand would have gone across the street to the equipment supply company, and run her down with one of those Bobcats.


Silliyak said...

If I'm on the jury, you'd walk!

Silliyak said...

Also I changed the tag for Guaifenesin to show the allergic part and brand names. I see you looked at it. On the other hand maybe you could use the famous Guaifenesin defence if you assault all those kids of store owners who are out to make your life miserable.

Boski93 said...

Excellent. Mental note, get trail moved to Bay Area.