Hello everyone. I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. I did, but I must have been bad this year since Baby Jebus left me a cold for Boxing Day. Maybe he is still pissed about acing him out on the movie rights.

Well I am here slaving at the old hospital. I was here yesterday, but I sadly yesterday I think I obtained a black belt in slacking because I got nothing done, not even blogging.

I hope everyone had a good holiday haul, I had a good one. Got a messenger bag to replace my ESPN the Magazine bag with a huge hole in it. Nothing says professionalism than a dingy, ripped-up bag. Got the DVD of the History of the Denver Broncos, it's only two DVD's, it will just have to do. Got some gift cards for Sirius, Costco and the most delicious of gifts, Wahoo's. We also got a battery charger for the car and a VHS to DVD player, but we may take that back and look for something else. We know that there is something out there that saves VHS to the PC.

So what else is going on.

Sadly, the Hardest Working Man in Show Business has gone to that great stage in the sky. You will be missed James. I can not give this man a proper send up. I will leave it to this man to.

Today we lost Gerald Ford. A man who held two distinct presidential titles of note. One was he passed Reagan as the oldest living president. And he was the only non-elected president. If he could of lasted a little longer he could have punked Hoover for longest post-presidential life. Also a better football player than Eisenhower, Nixon and Reagen put together. He had the most upside of any president since William Howard Taft, who would have been a great 3-4 nose tackle, only if they had an NFL draft. The man seemed like a nice guy. He had a tough gig. Having to come in and clean up Nixon's mess and you were not elected. Was he perfect? No, but he was likeable and he did make the 76 election close. He was the last surviving member to Warren Commission. So this will mean the JFK nuts will say Ford was silenced to keep him from spilling the beans. Speaking of bumping off Presidents, can we make sure about the whereabouts of Squeaky Fromme when Mr. Ford passed. Hey she tried once before.
But I will always think of the Former President in most proper of ways. I will think of his "appearance" on the Simpsons. The Episode was "Two Bad Neighbors"

Gerry: Hi! Pleased to meet you, I just moved in. My name is Gerry Ford.
Homer: [gasps] Former President Gerald Ford? Put her there! I'm Homer Simpson!
Gerry: Say, Homer, do you like football?Homer: Do I ever!Gerry: Do you like nachos?
Homer: Yes, Mr. Ford.
Gerry: Well, why don't you come over and watch the game, and we'll have nachos? And then, some beer.
Homer: Ooh! [they walk across the street] Gerry, I think you and I are going to get along just --[they both trip]
Both: D'oh!

Also I will think of this picture:

Billy Preston you had the fro working!
His will not be as lavish of a state funeral like the Reagan funeralpoluza. I am not saying that Reagan did not deserve a big state funeral. The man served two terms and was larger than life, and I respect his place in history. But back to my point, to me it seemed that there were some who made it more about themselves than Reagan himself. Yes, I am talking to you Nancy, W, The Fox Network and anyone else I forgot to mention. The only funeral that topped that for show was Carrol Rosenbloom's funeral. I am scared to think what it will be like when either of the Bush family pass on, and that is only after a long, long life. Will we even still be able to have state funerals at that point, maybe the Chinese or whomever owns this country in 20 or 30 years. I just have visions of a cross between Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen, the Passion of the Christ, and Hewhaw. Hey, I hope I am wrong.
Wow I had a lot of Presidential in me today. Let's see what else is on my mind.
I know they are not as cuddly as they are portrayed on the Coke commercials, but someone has to help out the Polar Bears. I feel the administration is just going to pay lip service to this. Again I hope to be proven wrong, if not by this group of morons running the show and to how come next. I can almost here W saying we are "winning the war in the Arctic". Thankfully Rumsfeld is not around to say that the "Polar Bears are in the last throws". Because on that issue Rummy might have been right.
What the guy's problem, it could have been worse, he could have been stuck with Mongo.

Mongo, like you I am too just a pawn in game of life.

Who has not had this thought run through their heads. Hey I thought about this morning.
Mr. President you can hide in your tree house for so long. You need to wake the F up, and start working on getting troops out, and not into Iraq. You also have to swallow to stupid pride and talk to regional powers. Because you have screwed this up for too long, for once be an adult and do the right thing. Oh you probably won't do that, since you and your horde did this to the New York Times (Thanks to You Should Have Asked Me).
I love sports movies as much as the next sports nut, but did we need a movie on either of these guys. What's next, the Buddy Biancalana Story.
Okay I have done enough damage for one day. Good night all and a Happy Kwanzaa.


Silliyak said...

Did you know that Squeeky Fromme,Sara Jane Moore and Bill Clinton had a threesome? Or maybe they were witches with Hillary. You KNOW that he is SOMWEHOW responsible

Boski93 said...

All the while burning the American flag, snorting blow and selling nuclear secrets to North Korea. Well that is what the Fox Network told me to think.